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  1. I have a stack of books on shooting and archery that are free to anybody that wants them.
  2. Hello All, Please let me know if I'm out of line putting these forestry videos up here. Just figured hunters who own their own woods might find them interesting.
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. I wound up ordering socks from Darn Tough. Two kinds - the Hike/Trek and the Tactical. Turns out the Tactical are the ones I am looking for - very thick and cushioney. Also, they are the only sock company that makes very big sizes (I am a 15). It's hard to order clothes online when you can't hold them in your hand to judge the feel and materials.
  4. This may seem like an obscure topic, but it is important to me. Do any of you have favorite socks for doing lots of walking in the woods? I work outside, with lots of walking. for years the absolute best socks in the world were Bass Pro Shops' Red Head brand. They are thick, but soft. I wore them summer and winter because they cushion your feet and prevent blisters. Before they came around I would often double up on socks for a day in the woods, which makes you go through your sock drawer quickly. I am ready to order another batch, and I noticed that the RedHead socks didn't get good ra
  5. In my interview with the lady from the research clinic, I asked, "Now, you're not going to infect me with Lyme to see if the shot works, are you??"
  6. Hello All, I just signed up to be a test subject for a vaccine that is being developed for Lyme disease. This is something I think about all the time, because I work outdoors and pull at least a couple of ticks out of myself every season. They still would like volunteers, so I will post the info for anybody who wants to sign up. Brief details: it is 18 months long, you go in once every couple of months to get a shot, they do pay you $800 for your involvement. There is a 1/3 chance the shot you get is a placebo. This is phase 2 of the clinical trials. I figured hunters and anybody w
  7. Well that's understandable. We have shagbark, shellbark, bitternut, pignut, and mockernut hickory. they can be diffficult to differentiate. And in the logging world, There's shagbark and everything else, as far as the pricing is concerned, giving loggers little incentive to discern between them. Believe it or not, when bitternut hickory grows real well, you can veneer the butt log.
  8. With each new video, I'm whittling away at all of New York's tree species. Our woods are pretty diverse!
  9. Hello All, Please pardon this video for being a bit off topic. But any hunter ought to appreciate these awesome views of the New York countryside.
  10. This property isn't in the 480-a. Some folks manage their land outside of the state program. I believe woodlot management is intrinsically worth doing as a long term investment as long as you have fertile ground and a decent stocking of timber.
  11. Hello All, Last week I met with a client who had a woodlot owner's worst nightmare.
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