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  1. Pete Collin

    Hunting Leases - Southern Tier

    Yes, you can gun or bow hunt anything that is legal. I had only one guy in the past ask about trapping. It was a fair question, so I asked the landowner, and he said no. It isn't my place to question his reason or argue otherwise.
  2. Pete Collin

    Hunting Leases - Southern Tier

    Because the landowner said so.
  3. Pete Collin

    Hunting Leases - Southern Tier

    No, nobody will be trapping fur on the properties.
  4. Hello. I have three hunting leases available for sale. The first is 29 acres in the Town of Wirt, Allegany County, NY. It is mostly a grove of acorn-bearing oak trees. We are asking $590 per year. The second is 250 acres in the Town of Lyndon, Cattaraugus County, NY, It is woods and fields right behind the main farm, has been posted and patrolled for years, has not been hunted in over a decade. We are asking $4,500 per year. The third is 426 acres in the Town of Lyndon, Cattaraugus County, NY. It is woods and fields, swamp, contains a grove of acorn-bearing oak trees. It has a cabin that you may use, but it is derelict and has no electricity. We are asking $7,242 per year. I am a professional forester, working on behalf of the owner. My website is at You may email me at if interested. I will send you maps of the properties, you may inspect them, and can phone me if you are ready to sign a lease for one of them. These are all the leases I have. A lease gives you exclusive rights for all wild game hunting seasons for one calendar year. (excluding fur trapping). You may put up tree stands, but only commercially made ones that do not put screws or nails into the trees. We are managing intensively for sawtimber, so we don't allow cutting of shooting lanes or making feed plots. No camping is allowed on the 2 leases that don't have the cabin on them. ATVs are allowed only for deploying or retrieving tree stands, or for retrieving downed game. I have never hunted these properties, but have a long working experience on all three and can attest that deer and turkey are abundant on all three.
  5. Hello All, Many of you are woodlot owners. I made an instructional video that discusses the difference in price between retail lumber and standing timber.
  6. Pete Collin

    Stevens Court - A Fishing Story

    Nope, wasn't me! Did he have my checkered coat?
  7. Pete Collin

    Stevens Court - A Fishing Story

    That's the old sign! I wonder what they did with that? If I could get the old sign, it would be like a Beatles fan swiping the "Abbey Road" street sign!
  8. Pete Collin

    Stevens Court - A Fishing Story

    Hello All, I made a video that tells the story of a great, secret spot I knew that no longer exists. hope you enjoy it.
  9. Please disregard. I think I already have a leassor.
  10. Hello, I have a hunting lease available on the Catt/Allegany county line. It is 123 acres of fields, and hardwood forest. We are asking $1,260.00 per year for all hunting seasons. Please write me at if interested. I will send you a map, and you can have a look and let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Peter Collin
  11. I really like the Audubon guides, the ones with the vinyl cover.
  12. This lease has been sold.
  13. Hello All, I wanted to make another tree I.D. video that would cover all of the species I missed in my previous ones. Spent so much time on black walnut that I made it into its own feature. Another video to follow that will make use of the rest of the footage I filmed.
  14. Hello. I have one large lease available in the Cuba/Rushford area that has suddenly become available. It is 426 acres in the Town of Lyndon, on Rawson Road. It has hills, some cropland, cattail swamp, oak forest. There is a derelict cabin on the property that you may use. I have personally hunted this property and know that it is a haven for turkey and deer, as well as waterfowl. Price $7,242.00 per year for all seasons, exclusive rights. I am a consulting forester, and these leases are for a client of mine (a dairy farm). This lease is all I have available. Because I don't earn much by doing these leases, I have a streamlined process in which I do them: email me at if you are interested, and I will send you a map, and you go look at it at your convenience. If you like what you see, you can write or phone me and I will get you a lease agreement. I can't hold the lease for anybody until you come to look at it or come up with the money. So many people look at a lease before they buy, that it is a race to the finish line for your signature and check. Sign the lease, send a check, and you are signed up for a 12 month contract. the lease comes with the following stipulations: You have exclusive hunting rights for all game animals. You have first refusal if you wish to renew your lease. No use of ATVs other than to deploy tree stands or retrieve downed game. Only commercially available tree stands allowed. NO nails in trees, or cutting of shooting lanes. No camping on property (other than the one with the cabin) You can have as many people hunt on property as you wish, but all hunters must sign lease. Peter Collin