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  1. NFA-ADK

    Primary Rifle and Back-Up Rifle

    Probably have the same Savage as you, was my primary gun for years. Now I use a 44 Mag simply because it fits me well, I shoot well with it and love the light weight of it for going a few miles back. Does it have to be the same round, no but if you reload it makes things much easier. If not any caliber you picked above would work. I like common type rounds so getting ammo is easy. Pretty much anything in 308, 30-30, 35 or 30-06 will work, pick the one you feel will shoot the best and feels perfect when shouldered and is easy to follow up with. More important than what caliber you use.
  2. NFA-ADK

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    What a great success story! Way to give back! Hats off to all who helped out, looking forward to reading the full stories!
  3. NFA-ADK

    View from the new home

    Congrats, looks great... Except one thing! Where is my tree stand! lol Best of luck with the new place!
  4. NFA-ADK

    Visited again by DEC

    I would hand some orange clothes in the woods and leave them so you can't tell its not a person. Let him call the DEC on nothing and see how they like that. If asked tell them you leave them in the woods to keep scent off.
  5. NFA-ADK

    A Catskill Mountains Buck Video

    Cool video, congrats nice buck!
  6. Wow some of you have low populations! Here in Suffolk we have many, very high population areas. I did all public this year, some properties simply have much more deer than others. I estimate 35-70 per square mile in some high area's I hunt. It is rare that I do not see deer every outing, this year my opening day was the only day I saw none and it was a lower population area. Often the properties I hunt have at least 30 plus deer in the area of 400 acers, we do a good dent to the population in these areas but outside where private properties are located holds even more deer. I would second that vote for G-Man. Making your habitat suitable and preferred for deer is key to having a good deer population, all my hunting friends who do this have really good success. Like this one.
  7. NFA-ADK

    Taking down ground blinds

    LMAO I ran out of likes, thankfully because I would have used them all up here! We need some video on this one I think! Also an editor to bleep out the cursing!
  8. I don't know but now I have to go and get some certification to train women! What was I thinking with NOT having this certification! I am so stupid!
  9. NFA-ADK

    Tough critters..

    How they survive was one of the first things that peeked my interest in deer as a kid. Other animals can burrow, hibernate yet deer are exposed to the elements. They also can not store food for later use. On top of all that the females have babies to maintain, bucks have to try and recover all the fat reserves lost during rut activity. Simply amazing animals. I always thought cats where the perfectly designed predator yet deer seem like the perfectly designed prey. JMO
  10. NFA-ADK

    Poachers Busted Near Partridge Run

    Really really hate poachers, BIG THANKS to all the officers who keep our woods protected!
  11. Instead of who is the best hunter how about who is the best hunter they can be? I have studied deer for years yet I always try to learn regardless of how many years a person has been hunting I always want to hear there story because they might have seen something I never have or experienced something really cool! Do I worry that someone knows more than me, hell no, I actually hope to meet and discuss with people more knowledgeable than myself and people with less knowledge still have information that always interests me. I do like the idea of hunting multiple locations to see how you compare to other hunters but it still would not always prove who is a better hunter. Simply put too many factors go into how well a person hunts and the style they hunt, weather and current patterns are also big factors. Is the guy who shot his first deer the fist day out in the first hour a better hunter than someone who has been hunting the area for years and has never taken a shot? Is a big ADK 8 pt less of a deer than a 150 class 12 point taken from a tree on Long Island? Would that deer mean more if I shot it with a long bow vs compound vs gun vs crossbow vs muzzleloader? Would it be considered bad if I was up in a tree vs on the ground, ground blind vs stalking? Some of things we argue about are really trivial. Don't worry about what the other guy does, worry about how well you are doing! Buddy tells me he does not like all the snobs at my archery range then tells me I am using training wheels on my compound bow, lmao! We seem to love a good fight even if its with our brothers and sisters! Carry on!
  12. NFA-ADK

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    Wow that is crazy, glad you are ok now. Always make a float plan, even if just letting a buddy know where you are planning to hunt and when you should be out. Hope it was just dehydration and nothing else!
  13. NFA-ADK

    Deerview mirror

  14. 3 different ways. 1) Don't cut anything except what needs to be done 2) Open the chest cavity 3) brake open the connecting hip bone I open the cavity from the chest to the genitals, place on one side and scrape or cut connecting tissue flip over for the other side and do the same. Cut esophagus remove anus keeping ass end up so not to puncture bladder. Pull everything out cutting any connecting tissue. Usually less than 10 min for me. You get a bit more bloody doing it this way but it only requires one knife. Did one of my deer with a 2 inch blade, worked great except the esophagus was a bit of a pain.