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  1. NFA-ADK

    Getting Winded by Permethrin

    Permethrin is a natural substance found in nature, has that scent ever caused a deer to know I was present? All the deer I ask say no, lol. Honestly I would not worry as much about getting winded using this as I would be worried about ticks getting on me if I did not use this. Simply put I will not enter highly infested tick area's without this protection!
  2. NFA-ADK

    New member - rookie hunter

    Welcome aboard, great to have you! Any questions just start a new topic, great members here with a broad range of experience and knowledge.
  3. NFA-ADK

    Anyone run cams with sound ?

    LMAO WNYBuckhunter! Thanks I needed a good laugh this morning!
  4. NFA-ADK

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    No worries we have bow and arrows and guns! Bring it on!
  5. NFA-ADK

    A thought to start the long week

    WOW I though I was good with saving 18 or so days for the year, you have me beat by a mile! Best of luck! I hope you tag out the first week! lol
  6. NFA-ADK

    Tuning question,again...

    If the bow is set up right and level I would leave it and adjust the sight. Sometimes a level tool will do or testing with paper tune or even better both. Otherwise I usually see broadheads hit lower for some reason 4 inches seems excessive. JMO I am not bow tune expert.
  7. NFA-ADK

    Big ol' hooter

    Amazing Wooly!
  8. Thanks for the good laugh. All I can say is with the exception of a big bear or moose, people with guns are the most dangerous thing in the woods, not big foot. Thousands if not millions of camera's in the woods now along with millions of hunters yet we never get one on film, one hit by cars or shot by a hunter. And this above video proves the fake issues of comparing DNA from an unknown source to a supposed big foot DNA sample. Just another gimmick to fool people into coming to a lonely town with no visitors and promote spending. Love the "GET OUT OF THE WOODS BEFORE DARK" analogy. I have hiked many times in the dark and have yet to encounter anything that would threaten me especially when I am hunting and have a weapon! Bow or Gun. Maybe they all live together in NY? Big foot, Mountain lions and wolves. lol
  9. NFA-ADK

    This will drive ya crazy

    Shut it off when you leave for the day, just the monitor itself, it will still record.
  10. NFA-ADK

    The Shot That Counts 2018

    Just got my new cam and strings for my Elite Ritual set up about a two weeks ago. Was not too concerned about hitting slightly right because I had to replace the string and cams and reset everything back up. First 2 shots where Aug 25th (30 yards) and Sept 4th (about 17 yards), 3rd is our new apple buck (about 20 yards) just a fun target and last was today (30 yards). All first shots except the apple buck. Sorry for posting the apple buck but its just a cool target!
  11. NFA-ADK

    target buck

    Tarsal gland.
  12. NFA-ADK

    target buck

    Good luck with him! Welcome aboard! Looks like a good 3 year old, know his age?
  13. NFA-ADK

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    Best of luck to you this year! Great job on the bears!
  14. NFA-ADK

    Lets Age Some 8 Points

    That could be a 3.5.
  15. NFA-ADK

    Lets Age Some 8 Points

    Larger one looks like a 2.5 but the other buck looks a bit thinner like a yearling.