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  1. NFA-ADK

    Tough guy

    That is a great pic!
  2. NFA-ADK

    Glory Lighted Nock

    Different. Used about 4 different sets till I stopped using them.
  3. Urban habitat can be ideal for deer, it is usually why they thrive in those areas. Cool pics!
  4. NFA-ADK

    deer in Nassau County

    They like antlers I heard, shot over 60 on a farm out east and many where good bucks with big racks! Shame they just get put in the dumps, wast of meat!
  5. NFA-ADK

    deer in Nassau County

    They use parkways, greenbelt trails, roads and can swim across the sound (7 plus miles). We have them at our archery range again, tried calling in a doe for the seminar but she would not come into view, if she was even present. Good luck getting snippers in those locations! Wait till Nassau gets overrun THEN they will open it up and say how come you hunters are not helping enough? Like Lloyd Harbor, Eatons Neck and the Hamptons... We keep taking the land they use and wonder why they keep moving into other areas. Lyme map gets bigger every year!
  6. NFA-ADK

    Glory Lighted Nock

    Stopped using them after I learned my arrow was not flying properly, imbalanced. I could have evened it out but it was just easier to use with out for me as I pass most deer anyway.
  7. NFA-ADK


    Good card, did not see it all but enough highlights to see it was a great card. Good to see Diaz back just wonder if 170 is a good weight class for him, he was a big lightweight but a small welterweight! Romero and Costa was interesting, wonder who Costa will fight next? Strong fighter but looks to still need some experience and better cardio but they where throwing bombs! Miocic wow hats off, surprised DC did not attempt more take downs and stood up for so long. I think DC would have a better chance if he worked his ground game more but Stipe was good at keep it standing, hell of a fight! I think Jones would be a bad matchup for Stipe, he is simple more athletic and I think it would show the age gap does make a difference especially at the top levels!
  8. NFA-ADK

    Hunting my land just got 10x easier

    Just don't forget to remove it at the end of the season before spring thaw out! Good job, looks like the drag will be 10 times easier now! Good luck hope that is covered in red by the end of this year!
  9. NFA-ADK

    Age these deer

    8 will be in the high 130's might even brake 140! Not sure about the other one as pics show he still has more to grow. I would think the 10 would be in the mid 140's. Both look like 3 year olds and both are shooters, good luck with them! Get out early season to get a shot at them as they will change patterns.
  10. NFA-ADK

    This Happened To Me.( Scary Story).

    In the woods while hunting I feel very little fear, I have a weapon! lol Nothing wants to mess with me. Came out in the dark with 2 400lb plus bears in the area multiple times, with my bow only. LOL the cop who owned the land always had his pistol, he said he did not care about laws not allowing it when 2 big bears are in the area. Came out in the dark and went in the dark so many times that dark does not bother me, and most animals seem to think it's better to be quiet around me or run when they spot me. lol Had me on the floor with him "running to my truck, fumbling with the keys!" lol. Only thing I really fear up North (Not much to fear down south except liberals!) is big bears, most run the other way and Moose! Moose don't seem to think I am a threat and are probably the most dangerous thing I have to worry about.
  11. NFA-ADK


    I would imagine they are irresistible to them at this point! Just starting to ripen?
  12. Sounds like me! I go up high and they go into a swamp! I go into a swamp and they go up high! They never want to follow my plan! lol dumb deer!
  13. NFA-ADK

    Is it time to put in for rutcation yet?

    You SUCK! lol just jealous. I have 17 days left for the year. Think I will get some time opening day, late October but I always miss this time getting called back into work. Then the big Adirondack trip early November. Should leave me with 2 days left for the year possibly taking off thanksgiving or late season for tracking. Larry I hope your shoot a slob opening day and have 2 months to gloat about it! Good luck!
  14. NFA-ADK

    practice with field points?

    Check that shaft you hit! If its damaged bad DON'T Shoot it! When they brake they tend to go into your bow arm and would end your season! Not worth risking your arm for one 10-15$ arrow. I twist and turn the shaft then give it a good bend to see if it will snap, better off braking in my hands vs shooting it and braking. Guy at the range shot a bad shot into the ground then the next time he shot that arrow it broke off into his bow arm! Now he wears a protective glove on his bow arm. Be careful!
  15. Most who have properties like this use it to the fullest and don't want to worry about others not in the group shooting game, getting hurt or possibly hurting someone else or disturbing the game the owner so diligently set up for his hunting party doing food plots, stands etc. Hard to do all that hard work, pay for all that land and allow another person on to reap the benefits. If you did not hunt it, whole different story. Then often times you are helping the land owner out by removing some of the deer to allow forest growth and expansion of native species. And not having the garden and flower beds decimated...