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  1. Keep positive don't let work get you down and get out into those woods! Best of luck to you this season!
  2. I want one! Soon! Can't wait, best of luck with him!
  3. NFA-ADK

    New here

    Welcome aboard! Great to have you!
  4. Nice buck! Congrats!!!
  5. Sorry but that is assault and I would not tolerate it! I am with Red and would be in a fight. I can tolerate to some degree but that is crossing the line.
  6. Heading up for the first week in November, have an open spot if you want to come. We always have extra room if you want to bring a friend. So far I have 5 total coming up. Let me know if you are interested. I will go up the 31st of October or the 1-2nd depending on weather and set up base camp, the boys will show up on Tuesday, Wed the next week so if you wanted you could hunt for as long as you want till we leave on Sunday the 10th. You could even do a day trip, I have a few spots I can set you up in that are good deer runs not to far in the woods if your interested!
  7. Sounds good doing a week long trip in Moose River again, looking forward to some deep woods!
  8. Good 2 year olds usually range in the 120 range. Great food, genetics and little stress and they can go higher especially those 10 points. To get above the 130 mark most deer need at least 3 years of growth. In deep woods it is usually 4 years till they get a good rack. Here is some info.
  9. Very similar to the original post, close to the 120 range.
  10. I scored this myself, granted I am not an official scorer and I did underestimate. This is about 133 inch 8pt. To give an idea of what a 130 is roughly. 2010 His G2's are not even close to this, G3's are close and possibly larger, no way those main beams match this buck, thickness is unreal. Not quite can sized but still thick! A 130 buck is a stud in most anyone's book, that deer above would need another year to get into the 130 plus range.
  11. Welcome aboard! Good luck this year!
  12. NFA-ADK


    Welcome aboard! Great to have you!