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  1. I hate and love swamps! The deer seem to like them as cover. I would do as stated above and find some entry and exit points to set up on. They are magnets for deer especially when they find out how much food is in them! I just don't like them because I tend to get stuck in them till after dark and usually have a hard time finding the exit.
  2. Don't ever do this! Guy on the other side of the mountain might want to be the first to get one and take your friend out!
  3. One of the reason's I look for cheap is they get stolen on state land often and would hate to loose an expensive one and I would be a newbie if I ever do get one.
  4. Taking the laws of average to score a buck by New Hampshire Data. I have a 2.5, 3.25, 3.5 and 5 inch all ADK bucks measured at the H-1(Base of the antler). Estimate the first was 2018's 6 pt to be a 2.5 year old, second 2 deer where figured to be about 3.5 and last deer was estimated over 5.5, sounds pretty close to me even if it is an estimate. Thanks dbHunterNY for showing the Data!
  5. On a side note this is my main site, love talking about deer! This site gives me the needed fix for my deer passion! Think we have a great group of core people who are willing to share ideas and thoughts which over the years has changed my view on multiple topics.
  6. I joined facebook years ago but only because my twin sister stated how everyone from school was asking for me. It is nice to keep up with friends and family through it. I get to see cousins I would never even know existed and friends who are far away can keep in touch. I also love posting political stuff simply because it is so fun to get people taking about how bad ALL our politicians are along with the corruption and how they are basically pawns to those who donate to them. I am not on it enough to care about changing settings. I go on it 2-3 times a week usually to see someone's post or news feed. I also like the deer hunting info and pics! When election time comes I get to post about the snowflakes and idiots who think we should be a communist country. And that is always fun! I usually get someone to argue with me, lol. Sometimes it is family other times it's friends who went off the deep end or need money so they claim the wealth should be spread out! LMAO
  7. Any history with him? Hard to tell but looks like a good 3 year old! Always nice to have something to look forward to!
  8. Looks like someone needs a time out and a safe space for a while and some more medication. Hunting O my, how could you horrible people do it! Mitchell your an idiot like most idiots you have no clue! Who started Hunting? First man probably. What a leader!!! Why did he hunt? He wanted to eat and survive. Then he found it was fun and tasty and choose to do it all the time and start a family. Years later his offspring where taught to hate hunters in the hope of stopping what they can not control and hate that fact. So they go to the supermarket and protest the meat section because they know they can not stop hunting. When nothing changes they must go to the doctor to get more medication and a psychological evaluation. They need to be coddled and told everything is ok, so they go back to college. They hate God, liberty, and anyone who hunts and loves freedom. They want all guns banned not for protection but to stop all hunting. They hate the USA because we are so (insert any reason). 1) Who started hunting and why? 2) Who bullied you in school because you have obviously suffered for a long time! Or did your poor parents spank you, or was it quiet time? 3) You must be college educated, being that stupid and narrow minded is only taught in schools. 4) Many of us hunters have faith, something many of you "Students" lost when your teachers told you not to believe. I see why so many lose hope... 5) We love and support our president Mr.Trump! We know you hate us for that but we also supported that lying guy who was in before him that we suffered for 8 years of his slick talk with shady work and giving our hard earned money to our enemies and spying on the next president to stop him. 6) We don't expect you to understand us or nature. Your experience with nature probably only consist of nature walks and camping so the reality is you really have no clue but love to sit on your high horse and beat the drums of anarchy to defeat what you see as unjust which makes your cause so righteous, lol what a joke you people are! What a shame these are the morals that are taught in school. Your morals are so twisted that you feel if a person is killed that is a hunter, it is justified because they hunt. You think this logic is ok. Hate guns, republicans (Including our president), hunting, freedom, free though, religion and anything else that offends you! These are the values being taught today and if you do not agree with us you are the enemy and we will not talk to you. But we might create a list of stupid questions to show how morally righteous we are as we look down upon you all. Even if they have nothing to do with the subject we just want you to know how morally right we are and you are not, OK. LMAO this was fun! OK time to shower and go kill some animals! This was a fun rant, lets do it again! Sorry so long I was bored and was having fun!
  9. For 35$ it is hard to resist! Probably spend more on the flash cards and batteries.
  10. The real question is does anyone have any experience with this cam and is it worth it? On sale at Dicks, I still hate going to that store but I have a bunch of gift cards to use so I am forced. Online sale only. Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme Trail Camera – 14 MP Is it worth it? I hate cams with a flash, if I could turn them off I would buy one!
  11. NFA-ADK


    O Hell NO! ! ! I don't go back onto the water until thaw out! And DAM that water is still cold! No way I would be out on any water right now! But I also live on Long Island where we have not gotten much of a winter so far! As is typical for the area. One year it was so cold even the salt water was frozen! Guys out on sail boats with ice skates on them! lol crazy! I only go on ice if a truck will hold it and I am NOT in it!
  12. Site issues lately. A few of us have had issues.
  13. I was also getting the same image and also a web page to install free Dock to PDF converter. I tried to block in in the browser Chrome and to no avail. Cleared internet settings and reset to defaults, still did not work. Waited for a while and tried to type in the site as and it finally came up. Looked like the site was getting redirected. I also tried it in Edge and had the same results.