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  1. Well I think I have more toilet paper than ammo. lol I have mabe 8-9 rolls and did not shoot anything last year so I still have some ammo, at least enough for this crisis. Not worried, been out everyday as usual. Nice with no one on the roads. I have no food in the house so I still eat out everyday. Work closed till next month, luck for me I can work from home. Now that most of the remote users are set things are starting to calm down.
  2. Panic is setting in I already have multiple people requesting remote access. Not because we have anyone infected at work but because of fear. . . Now everyone wants to work from home. And guess who gets to set up the computers, lol. I need gloves!
  3. What a warrior! Amazing work and what a stud off state land with the BOW! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  4. 10 days is my typical max in the ADK camp. One day of rain does havoc to them that's for sure! I try to dry and oil but they get hit pretty hard. Always loved the stainless A-bold my friends had because they stayed in great condition despite horrible weather. Mine did not make it out as well that's for sure! If I ever buy another gun it will have to be set up for rain as I love hunting bad weather buy my guns do not! Full synthetic and stainless all the way! I will have to keep an eye out for Benoits pump action! Good luck with the new gun, should last you a long time!
  5. Why not a bobcat? Fawns are small enough for them to get that's for sure. Size difference is more than likely a female vs male. Had you just posted the second pic we would be arguing about it being a mountain lion! Biz might be right, the legs seem the same size, might just be the angle making it look larger...
  6. Welcome aboard! Great to have you!
  7. Something very special about the bond we have with our pets especially dogs. So many are in shelters, the next time you think about a new pet try saving a lost soul in the shelters, they really need it! I know it's hard when we loose a close pet but never let that stop you from having another pet! You are both worth the effort!
  8. Anything to slow down or stop hunting is what they want, letter sent. Thanks Rattler!
  9. Hope the results are good, prayers sent.
  10. I use the same one, works good enough. Just wish the glue would work better, I always loose one on a shaft in the cold weather, I did about 10 and I think I am down to one. I might just try to add the one missing fletching instead of doing all 3 next time. I never seem to get it perfect as one fletching is always closer than the space between the other 2. Still have a few dozen Datourch arrows for hunting but might switch over to hex this season as Datourch is discontinued.
  11. Do that again and I will break your legs.
  12. Welcome aboard! Great to have you!