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  1. NFA-ADK

    Dumb Things You've Seen At A Boat Launch

    Left the E-brake on trying to get the boat out of the water! Left the back straps on the trailer to the boat when launching. First time I unhooked the boat (Brand new center console!) and asked my buddy to drive back into the water slowly. When he hit the brake the boat started to slide off the rollers! I was about 4 ft from the water! I yelled back it up! Back it up! He starts to argue with my why he should do this! Lucky for me at the last min he backed up a few more feet and the boat just made in the water with a big splash! After that instance I do everything myself, including that drain plug in the back! Forgot to put that one in my bass boat and was wondering why it was so low! Pull it out! Pull it out NOW! He listened to me that time! lol Seen so many unskilled drivers trying to backup a trailer, a few times I just asked if they wanted me to do it, most said yes, big time saver especially when trying to get onto or out of the water!
  2. With the 44 Mag I usually have no exit wound. In so far as using a lower caliber to hunt with I do not think I would use anything less than that for deer and recommend higher calibers for most hunters. Simply put its effectiveness is limited even in a rifle. Most game lost is not due to caliber and more to an improperly placed shot regardless of why. This is why practicing with your weapon is more important than the actual caliber used. More deer are lost due to shot placement vs caliber used.
  3. NFA-ADK

    Unique still hunting idea

    lol good one Left Field! One of the tricks some of us have used is going heel to toe, imitating a walking deer, it does work when not in view. Purposely making it noisy as to imitate a walking deer. 1-2, 3-4 , 1-2, 3-4 the cadence is very specific and we have all heard it when they approach. Believe it was posted on here by another member. Have used it a few times when deer are close but can not see me. Works till they see you, the expression on there face is funny! What are you doing here sounding like a deer? This is usually the impression I get before they bust out of the area lol.
  4. 44 Mag: Most don't go past 60 yards with average around 50 yards.
  5. NFA-ADK

    Unique still hunting idea

    I do not believe it is the outline of the horse that makes deer feel safe it is the pattern of the foot steps and easy nature of the horse that seems to relax deer. They also do not seem to acknowledge that a person is on the horse and seem to pay more attention to the animal. Personally I would not use anything that might look like a deer in the woods even during bow season. A horse could be real easy to mistake for a deer, the outline and color are very similar. Goes back to Identify then place shot but we all know how that first step can be skipped in the heat of the moment especially when "I have a tag for anything" (brown and down) hunters. Storm914 Yes they are called Ghost blinds and work awesome!
  6. NFA-ADK

    It took me second or two...

    She promises to use lower case letters to fight capitalism!
  7. NFA-ADK

    It took me second or two...

    Sad how many like this idiot! And voted her in!
  8. NFA-ADK

    Getting back into cars

    Sick car best of luck with it!
  9. NFA-ADK

    Turkey hunter shot

  10. NFA-ADK

    You Guys With Boats Be Careful Out There

    Always attach the kill switch!
  11. NFA-ADK

    Happy birthday Culvercreek hunt club !

    Happy Birthday!
  12. LOL 2 thumbs up! Poor woodchuck!
  13. Shortest about 3 ft longest about 90 yards. Gun.
  14. NFA-ADK

    Happy birthday Dom !

    Happy Birthday!
  15. NFA-ADK

    This is very cool! Two bobcats.

    Cool video! Couple of males trying to be dominant?