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  1. Good advice from all. I would also try calling him in, if that does not work go after him! Ghost blind would be the way to go, perfect for that situation.
  2. Even worse is finding a nice dark spot to take care of business and jumping out a nice 8pt buck! At the moment I did not care and did what needed to be done but after I was a bit upset. Bet he did not bed in that spot again for a long time! lol
  3. I am not an expert but rotating crops has been done for years to keep the soil good, different plants use different nutrients out of the soil so rotating them keeps the soil from degrading. I would like to plant a arrow into a 10 pt buck or better!
  4. NFA-ADK

    2nd Rut

    In addition to doe not getting pregnant the first time we get fawns that will cycle for the first time. Between the fawns and doe coming back into heat it is a good time to be out hunting. Note: Fawns have to gain a good amount of weight to cycle the first year and some do get pregnant. With Nov 10th selected as peak rut the 2nd rut activity should be good this weekend, get out if you can! I missed this entire month except for the ADK trip so I am longing to get back into the woods with my bow! Good luck to anyone going out! Sorry Biz, this was the post I was trying to post IN! lol
  5. I have a 8pt in my garage I passed multiple times. Think a car got him. No wounds found. Still need to clean him up a bit, bugs got most of it. Thanks for the tips!
  6. Yes that's me on the radio calling for help after I get a deer! lol
  7. 28 days after the 10th is what I was thinking. Had a horrible November, hoping December is better! Have yet to get back into the woods since the ADK trip. Almost a full month of no bow during rut is killing me! Hope to get out and have some action this week! Good luck all!
  8. That extra room makes a big difference, 2000 gram WOW that is crazy, I understand why some complain it's to warm. Those toe warmers work very well, also good to keep some in your gloves. (Note they need air to work properly!) A blood thinner like aspirin also helps with circulation, check with doctor, don't take if using any blood thinners. A good pair of thin socks like stated above (Polypropylene) work good for me along with a thicker pair on top.
  9. Feel better Jerry! Only about a inch or two in western Suffolk, most will be melted by the end of the day. Sucks I was hoping for some tracking snow but it will be gone by Thursday when I go out. Typical of my season so far.
  10. 0 Suffolk county, just starting to accumulate, still 34 deg. Just starting to get cold enough to stick, say it will get to 32 by 2 am so we might get a few inches. Early morning travel will be hazardous, be safe all!
  11. 5.5 possibly older. Those are worn! Possibly 6 wow! Congrats!
  12. Why check facts if the Democrats can make lies, post it, then feed news feeds with the lies why is it not ok for me to do the same?
  13. No this will never hit the news so spread it like wild fire!
  14. Now you know where they get it from if the MOM is a possum stomping crazy lady that thinks everyone tortures animals.