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  1. NFA-ADK


    Best of luck, take pictures!!!
  2. NFA-ADK

    Resurrection- King Of Kings- 1961.

    Happy Easter and Passover!
  3. NFA-ADK

    Good Luck to all the Youth Hunters Tomorrow

    Best of luck to all! Be safe!
  4. NFA-ADK


    I'm kind of a knife enthusiast so I understand buying them as they would have been sold to someone eventually anyway. The way I see it he took a bunch of assault weapons off the streets, why not take them! Sorry but you stick a box of knives in front of me with what is mentioned above for 20 bucks and I will bite! Touchy subject as drugs put decent people in bad places. So many affected by them today you do not have to be a criminal to get hooked on pills, often a sports injury or accident cause people to get hooked. In addition to this you have the heroin epidemic that has spread like wild fire and shows no sign of stopping, affecting all with no regard to sex, race or religion. Real easy to sit back and say they just made a bad choice and can fix it but the reality is the struggle they each face is individual and the demon usually wins. Not so easy to say throw them in jail or punish them when a close family member or friend is affected. Real issue I believe is how to stop it from getting to our youth, spreading and figuring out better help for those in need. Shame we as a country have such an epidemic but we are not alone. Big thanks to all our first responders and Police for doing a kick ass job at saving so many of these people in need! Prayers for good will this Easter weekend to all!
  5. NFA-ADK

    Most Accurate 7mm-08 Factory Ammo

    American Whitetail, Hornady and Federal are my prefered brands depending on the gun. All seem like very consistent and reliable ammo, Federal has been my choice for high power (30-06), American Whitetail for 44 mag and Hornady for the 30-30.
  6. NFA-ADK

    Woodland poetry

    October 1st I can't wait, hope to take a big buck anything over an 8. Love to chase and talk deer even if none are near! Months till it starts yet I fear ticks even in March! Would love to go and scout but Lyme keeps me out. Come on September so I can set up some stands, in hopes the big one will fall in my hands. Over thirty years of hunting since 88 I hope my buddy Shawn finally connects with his first, anything nice including a big 8!
  7. They don't make it like him anymore! Broke the mold!
  8. NFA-ADK

    New Video - Look In His Eye

    Another great video, keep up the good work.
  9. Best of luck to you both this year! 7 miles, nice hike!!!
  10. Wow just a baby! Very cool!
  11. NFA-ADK

    Kinda cool

    Mile marker and numbered post maybe? Ahh that sounds better dbHunterNY.
  12. NFA-ADK

    New eagle WIP

    My buddy has one of those it's like a JET its so loud! Amazing as always Wooly!
  13. NFA-ADK

    Weird !

  14. NFA-ADK

    C&B Archery Closes - LI League Help

    Smith Point. We don't have leagues at Suffolk Archers but we shoot most nights till dark and sometimes after dark. 2 year waiting list now. Tournaments most weekends and this year we will be hosting the NFAA field archer tournament. Most tournaments are open to public, if your interested send me a PM and I will give you a tour of Suffolk.
  15. NFA-ADK

    One of my favorite Dan Infalt stories ....

    Wow amazing, thanks for sharing!