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  1. Always SOMETHING...<<SIGH>>..

    Good luck and be safe!
  2. In Hand? Hung? Or Just Laying To The Side?

    Too many times a deer pops up by me with no sound, most times I am ready, except when the big buck comes in lol. Murphy's law! I always try to have it ready if not in my hands and close by, always happens when you least expect it and the dam weapon is 3 ft away!
  3. One month of antler growth...

    Real beauty, good luck with him.
  4. Winchester model 94 in 44 mag Savage 30-06 my first Marlin 30-30 from my dear friend Chris RIP
  5. Happy Birthday America

    God bless America! Happy independence day!
  6. Happy Birthday "goosifer"

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday Paula

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Potential or no?

    Keep the camera's up and you will know in a couple of months. Look like yearlings.
  9. Buck rubbing already?

    Porcupine? I don't think its a rub, look at the location and where the buck would need to be to get a rub on that side. Just does not look right, too low. Bucks don't typically bend down to rub a tree and the bottom is real low to the ground. Animal looks like it has done this for years, look at the bottom R/S of picture, same mark on an older tree. JMO. Any porcupine in the area?
  10. Interesting deer - coyote observation

    I saw a bunch of yotes chasing 2 doe, looked like a mom and yearling into Canadarago lake a bunch years back. Those doe swam into the middle of the lake then headed for the other side then came back. Yotes did not follow across the road. Exeter state park I think we where hunting. I think we where just past the boat launch heading North on 28. Crazy sighting while driving. I made my buddy pull over to see if the yotes would keep up the chase but that road stopped them in there tracks.
  11. Remember these ?

    They where fun!
  12. Onto something new!

    Good luck, catch the big one!
  13. instinct? sixth sense?

    First, it is a trait that some seem to have more than others and I do believe you can learn it by watching game or at least some can. (Prey ID) Some people seem to have the ability to do this, others not so much. Same w/deer like stated, some are real keen on knowing when something is not right and others just seem to not pay attention or ignore the sign. I think experience is a big factor with deer learning what is danger, the more they encounter the better they can identify. Second, we as hunters do this more than probably any other people on the planet so we tend to have a better idea on what to look for like the straight line of the back or white patch movement or even ear flickers and tail waives. Third I think all mammals have an instinct when danger is present, kicking in that sixth sense, again some have it more than others. Last but not least, population is a big factor. I have gotten that feeling more than once but it tends to happen in area with large population and or good movement in the location like a farm field. Typically the deer come out at varied times and I am usually predicting when it will happen. I think it all adds up to both, instinct more than 6th sense due to past experiences but that 6th sense is crazy how you know something is present when nothing is visible or audible. Or when you know something is watching you!
  14. Wish my phone took better pictures

    A couple of long range blurry pics is of little value at this time of the year due to velvet. Get some trail cam's out and see what they look like after they shed they still have growing time. Not sure what you mean by 170 unless you mean live weight.
  15. Holy Heat wave

    Wow this will be bad! If you have to work outside really hydrate yourselves! I will be doing a field shoot again on Sunday at Suffolk Archers this will be interesting to say the least. Open to all if you want to sweat off 5 pounds, lol. Be careful with your pets! Keep them hydrated and watchful in this weather they have a fur coat on!