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  1. Anyone have any luck with dogwood cuttings? How did you do it? When did you do it? Soak in water? Rooting hormone? I plan on taking a bunch of them and sticking them in the ground but I am not sure if I can do it now or have to wait until spring. Lastly, anyone ever try frost seeding blackberries or raspberries? Or any other kind of berry or bush. Seems those little seeds would work about the same as clovers or grasses. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, that definitely changes things if you saw him and he did that. He probably didn't go far before laying down again.
  3. You said, "came up on him bedded down" but you also said you don't know where he went and he didn't run. Are you sure you bumped him? He may have gotten up on is own. Get someone with a dog. Honestly, it looks like bright red, watery blood to me and I am leaning with a low hit.
  4. Yeah, we need rain in the worst way and I am hoping this stirs them up. Seems to be pretty hit & miss the last week.
  5. Took a 10 point in 2015 on second day of gun season. Saw him twice before that in bow season and within range one time but he wouldn't stop (chasing does). Never had a picture of him on cam.
  6. 8N Two sits (last night and tonight). First time in trees this year. No deer seen. Surprising. Pulled a card today and had 3 cruising last night. One nice one and another 2.5 and one yearling buck. Scrape not too far from camera was hit last night. No daytime action right now.
  7. Me too. Been here since Saturday. Other than one chase sequence on Sunday afternoon, you'd never know it's that time of year. It was cold Saturday and Sunday. All day. But little activity. Oddly enough, I have moved to the bottoms as well. Nothing seems to be up high. With the rugged terrain I am in, I am opting for the ground until further notice. Good luck.
  8. Hey Guys No concrete or stone. I am talking about a dirt pad. I may gravel the inside floor at a later time (after built) but I was not planning on laying any type of a concrete foundation under it. Just a dirt floor. To my understanding, you come in a with bulldozer and build up a pad a few inches for drainage and then the pole barn gets built right on top of the pad. I was not looking to pur a concret foundation. Am I way off? I don't want to pour concrete. Just a dirt floor and then maybe add gravel later.
  9. Howdy I have a question regarding the pad for a pole barn. I have a little excavating work I want done and in that same general area I would like to put a pole barn one day. Since the bulldozer will already be there, why not put the pad in now? Is there anything wrong with putting the pad in now and then waiting a couple years before I put the barn there? Thanks for any help you guys might have.
  10. Sounds like you had a great hunt. I don't think it is a big deal. There is plenty of people passing small ones and it sounds like you have passed your share. Sometime I believe there gets to be too many older bucks in one area and they just will not balloon. So you may have helped yourself out and reduced the herd stress. Not sure how many deer are in your area but if there is a lot then you probably made a contribution. Don't feel bad. I have accidentally shot button bucks and one time I accidentally shot a yearling buck during MLoader. Remorse? None. Unless you keep doing your part to keep them in check then who is going to do it? They are here for us to eat.
  11. Just something to keep in mind folks. There was a lot of human activity in the woods this year with the COVID. A lot of people were home and they were out and about. I believe the deer were subjected to a lot of human pressure throughout the summer when they normally are not. I know a lot of people who have struggled to see deer this year across the state. Things were very different where I am at as well (Finger Lakes). The deer were very skittish and hard to see until about the peak of the rut. Once gun season opened, everything seemed to stop around here. Same for others I have talked to in various places. Some years are like that based on food sources, water, etc... But I don't think it should be lost on anyone that there was a lot of human activity in the woods last summer.
  12. Amazing. 9-year old Missouri hunter shoots a 201" deer. https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/ozarks/2020/11/11/missouri-deer-hunting-season-9-year-old-bags-massive-whitetail-buck/6233102002/
  13. Unfortunately, that's the way it goes. It is his property. If it were me, I would stop complaining. It's his property. I learned a long time ago to just do what I want on my land because everybody else does what they want on their land. It be great if everyone respected hunting season. Having good neighbors is huge in life. But that is not reality for many of us or in certain situations, as in your case. No disrespect but one day it may be you who has to do something during hunting season.
  14. Hey Don. Way yo go! It's bigger than I thought he was from the ground photos. Your video looks like a high-tined 9-point and that's what you have sir. Great job!
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