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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqG7hXwXXv4
  2. Just throwing this out there. Seems stumpage prices have not gone all that high with the demand for lumber. I have some to log. Not a lot but some. It was last walked 7 years ago and they said I was 10 - 15 years out. But if prices go up then I might take it now. Anyway, I am hardly an expert on this. I went through the DEC stumapge reports and seems prices have not gone up as much as I would expect. Anyone have any insights on this and where stumpage prices may go soon? Thanks!
  3. I'd plant winter rye or clover. I would probably lean with winter rye. If it gets 40 degrees or warmer that stuff will grow.
  4. Same here. You need to let the deer talk to you. My deer like it tall. Never had much action in it until I gave up on it and then the deer were in it. Some of it gets mowed twice because of trails but most of it I mow once in June.
  5. Already munching on: Peppers / Onion Sausage. Cajun Sausage Red Pepper & Mozz Pepperjack Dogs Jalapeno Cheddar Slim Sticks I had another batch that I actually took to Wilson Beef Farm. I had never been there before but heard many good things from close friends. They have a sample tray of their hot dogs and sausage. I thought it was every bit as delicious. The slim sticks are not as good. But they're not bad either and they don't cost $11 / lb. LOL. I may just go to Wilson now. I really love their hot dog and sausage products.
  6. He's a nice buck. Congratulations.
  7. Clear separability between the neck, front shoulders, and hind quarters. Very muscular and that can be clearly seen. Each is it's own entity. The neck is big and clearly defined. The chest is deep. Perhaps a slight dip in it's bag. Definitely some belly sag. The lower legs are thick and also muscular. He is not front heavy coming up to a tight waste in the back (as a 3 year old would). He does not look like a big block on stilts (as a two year old often looks). My guess is he is at least 4.5 years old.
  8. I think first snow of the year freaks a lot of them out. Seems some folks are seeing deer but seems slow, doesn't it?
  9. LOL. I with I had time for them all. I am pretty much married to spruce.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. moog - I will definitely let you know in the spring. As far as the deer browse, I have had Norway spruce browsed on before. Never white or blue. I will have blue but not for a couple more years. Thanks again guys.