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  1. Doesn't look like you are going to have a lot of treestand opportunities. I'd probably stay inside the property border 100 yards and make sure you practice - A LOT - all year. I don't know, it looks to only be 200 yards wide. And then there is the handle, which is probably useless for hunting unless you aim for the head. It is a little barren and given how skinny it is you may be waiting a few years for it to be what you want. Only one way in too. That's OK because I have the same problem but my land is L shaped. If you can find a piece of property that is L shaped then it opens up a world of opportunities as you are certain to have a wide section of it. You also said it is next door to a farm. They might let you hunt BUT how many people do they already let hunt? You may have some border huggers and that would suck on something that narrow. Going across property borders to track deer sucks. It starts a world of drama. That combined with how skinny it is and the uncertainty of the farm next door makes this a thumbs down for me. If you have the money to buy property then make sure you get the absolute best thing you can. Just my .02
  2. If he hasnt stopped bleeding by now the he's not gonna. I bet he's expired. Sounds like you have a good chance of recovery. Good luck!
  3. Holy crap, holy crap! What a beautiful perfect even buck! Way to go! I'm buyin stock in Skittles.
  4. LetEmGrow

    A scoring challenge.....

    Here is the official guaranteed score --> Damn nice buck! Congrats bro
  5. LetEmGrow

    Weather for Opening Day STier Gun 2018

    I am in the southern portion of 8N. The rails on my deck have 8-10" on them. That is more than what we were supposed to get or at least more than I thought we were supposed to get. It is heavy and wet too or there might be a lot more. Be safe out there people.
  6. LetEmGrow

    Gawrysiak 19 pt buck

    Starving people in the world..... and you want a Go Fund Me page to pay for your deer mount? LOL. Make a replica of the rack, sell it to Bass Pro, and then you should be able to get a full body mount with some left over to put in a more meaningful GoFundMe account.
  7. LetEmGrow

    What we're in this game for....

    Thats a helluva buck. Way to go. Congrats!
  8. LetEmGrow

    My list

    Good luck bro. That first one is a slammer.
  9. LetEmGrow

    LI buck green scores 205

    Not a damn thing wrong with public land. Not a damn thing at all. Congrats to the hunter. What a buck!
  10. LetEmGrow

    Score Guesses??

    I will say 132" inches. He's a beaut. Congrats! Nice shooting.
  11. Be careful what you send to your "buddies".
  12. We don't live there. If we had bamboons and they were a nuisance round here like stated above then it wouldnt be odd to see people shoot them. Still, he should have known better with the day/age we live in and the job he has. I don't post anything on forums and I don't do social media. Just too much B.S. anymore.
  13. LetEmGrow

    where have all the bucks gone........

    I am disappointed as well. Saw/had pics of some decent bucks last year. More than ever. Was expecting a damn good year and it may still be. But I am not seeing the deer I normally do. Agree about the cameras but I don't think that is the issue. Might wanna keep in mind how much snow was on the ground during gun season last year with the two previous gun seasons being very warm. Guys didn't get much those two years. They may have made up for it last year. Just sayin.
  14. LetEmGrow

    plea deal...wth

    $1500.00. LMAO. In most other states it would be $25 - $50 per inch. I would say that buck is ~120" Bare minimum, it should be a $3,000.00 fine. Don't believe me? In Ohio, a guy poached a 142 and 144 (total 286). His fine was $7,100.00 and I still think that is too low. 7100 / 286 = $25 per inch. Some states are much more especially for elk out West. Plus this guy shot it where you are not allowed to hunt. That fine is a joke.