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  1. Already munching on: Peppers / Onion Sausage. Cajun Sausage Red Pepper & Mozz Pepperjack Dogs Jalapeno Cheddar Slim Sticks I had another batch that I actually took to Wilson Beef Farm. I had never been there before but heard many good things from close friends. They have a sample tray of their hot dogs and sausage. I thought it was every bit as delicious. The slim sticks are not as good. But they're not bad either and they don't cost $11 / lb. LOL. I may just go to Wilson now. I really love their hot dog and sausage products.
  2. He's a nice buck. Congratulations.
  3. Clear separability between the neck, front shoulders, and hind quarters. Very muscular and that can be clearly seen. Each is it's own entity. The neck is big and clearly defined. The chest is deep. Perhaps a slight dip in it's bag. Definitely some belly sag. The lower legs are thick and also muscular. He is not front heavy coming up to a tight waste in the back (as a 3 year old would). He does not look like a big block on stilts (as a two year old often looks). My guess is he is at least 4.5 years old.
  4. I think first snow of the year freaks a lot of them out. Seems some folks are seeing deer but seems slow, doesn't it?
  5. LOL. I with I had time for them all. I am pretty much married to spruce.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. moog - I will definitely let you know in the spring. As far as the deer browse, I have had Norway spruce browsed on before. Never white or blue. I will have blue but not for a couple more years. Thanks again guys.
  7. Greetings If you are looking to planting Norway or white spruce on your property this fall then I have some available. Right now I have the following: Norway Spruce: 18 - 22". Three years old. 50 available. $12.00 each. White Spruce 17" - 19". Three years old. 30 available. $12.00 each. These are in a convenience pot where they have been roots trained. They are tall, stout, and well branched. All of them are at the end of their third growing season. They're nice trees and should hit the ground running. In the spring I will have larger ones in one gallon pots and then should have them from there on out. If you are interested then get in touch with me on here. And to everyone, good luck hunting this fall!
  8. Agreed. Big think to pay attention to are restricted ATV units or portions of units where they are not allowed. I hunted in a non-ATV area one time with my rifle near Meeker. Very few people. I got a raggy. I hunted another time with my bow around Gunnison. It was so loaded with people that it wasn't even funny. And don't forget - there is a muzzleloader season right during the middle of bow season. I dealt with that too. Needless to say - tag soup.
  9. Here is a list of the price changes https://cpw.state.co.us/aboutus/Pages/Our-Story-2019-Changes.aspx#ParkFees Elk and deer did not go up a penny for non-residents unless you plan on entering a draw. It is the same price as last year. Most of the increases were for Residents. The Qualifying license means that you must buy a Turkey license or a Small Game license in order to apply for the big game draw. If you are hunting over the counter then you don't need to worry about it. "Qualifying License" is a really bad way to describe it. But they're all on dope now anyway, eh. You can read some at the first link but it is best explained in the second link (page 6). https://cpw.state.co.us/qualifyinglicenses https://cpw.state.co.us/Documents/RulesRegs/Brochure/BigGame/biggame.pdf The small games license for non-res is $81.75. If you enter a draw then you could say the price went up $81.75. Salty but probably not the difference between going and not going. But it would burn my ass to buy it, not get drawn, and never use it. Hell, would you end up using it anyway? It's like Cuomo thought of it. He's probably jealous. Instead of just saying, "we are raising our rates", they force you to buy something you will likely never use - drawn or not - unless you live close to Colorado. This has to be the worst example of marketing I have ever seen in my life. By the way, I believe I read that this is the first time licenses have increased (in some fashion) for non-residents since 2006. Don't quote me on it but I am pretty sure I read that. So if you are hunting OTC (over-the-counter) not much has changed. But it does really stink you have to buy the turkey license or small gamed license to apply for a big game draw. Doesn't make much sense but..... toke toke.
  10. Doesn't look like you are going to have a lot of treestand opportunities. I'd probably stay inside the property border 100 yards and make sure you practice - A LOT - all year. I don't know, it looks to only be 200 yards wide. And then there is the handle, which is probably useless for hunting unless you aim for the head. It is a little barren and given how skinny it is you may be waiting a few years for it to be what you want. Only one way in too. That's OK because I have the same problem but my land is L shaped. If you can find a piece of property that is L shaped then it opens up a world of opportunities as you are certain to have a wide section of it. You also said it is next door to a farm. They might let you hunt BUT how many people do they already let hunt? You may have some border huggers and that would suck on something that narrow. Going across property borders to track deer sucks. It starts a world of drama. That combined with how skinny it is and the uncertainty of the farm next door makes this a thumbs down for me. If you have the money to buy property then make sure you get the absolute best thing you can. Just my .02
  11. If he hasnt stopped bleeding by now the he's not gonna. I bet he's expired. Sounds like you have a good chance of recovery. Good luck!
  12. Holy crap, holy crap! What a beautiful perfect even buck! Way to go! I'm buyin stock in Skittles.