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  1. OtiscoPaul


    I found a young Mennonite breeder who was not a puppy mill in Penn Yann (I went there did not ship the dog or meet anywhere) dogs were raised in a really nice heated barn very clean mom is the family pet...reasonable price relatively, shots and wormed and “pedigree” 3 gens back (she is 3/4 poodle 1/4 golden). ”Reputable” breeders vary in degrees of jerk (a few are not) and prices range from 1500-5000 from said breeders, not many in the NE. You can find them as comfort retrievers, Dakota retrievers, toy golden retreivers, mini golden retreivers, flat coated mini golden doodles...etc As I said before mine is a mini golden doodle that results as often as 25% in the F2 crosses. So we got lucky to find her despite her being non desirable for most golden doodle seekers.
  2. OtiscoPaul


    In this case she is technically an F2 Mini Goldendoodle which can result in several different types. So she expresses mostly golden traits especially temperament but has a lot of toy poodle in her. Most people who want a doodle want the poodle fur for hypoallergenic reasons and most F1 are, we did not and the F2 makes it possible. There are also Mini Golden Retreivers that are produced by breeding with spaniels mostly Cav or Cockers. They look like tiny Golden’s more often than not. We needed a small dog to fit in the rv with the big dog, but we did not want typical small dog temperament...she acts 100% golden maybe the best puppy I’ve ever had after 1 full day and night.
  3. OtiscoPaul


    New Mini-golden pup will top out at 25lbs...we are in love:
  4. OtiscoPaul


    Confirmed...had a cookie with it
  5. OtiscoPaul


  6. OtiscoPaul

    sum up your season!

    2 young kids + 2 good harvests = tired
  7. I’d sell my children for 1/3 your access
  8. Probably the last sit of 2018 definitely the last pm good luck all
  9. Shit happens only one way to get off the schnide...get zeroed then put 2 holes through the long ribs
  10. Wife has a meeting or I would be feels like the right morning for a bowkill... Maybe the pm shift...
  11. Dmps are good in their respective wmu all seasons... go drop a couple more and that elusive buck edit:sorry i just saw it was already answered
  12. OtiscoPaul

    Would you support an early MZ season?

    No I’m down for Primitive Winter Season: Flintlock or recurve/longbow 12/26- 1/31