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  1. Wife has a meeting or I would be feels like the right morning for a bowkill... Maybe the pm shift...
  2. Dmps are good in their respective wmu all seasons... go drop a couple more and that elusive buck edit:sorry i just saw it was already answered
  3. OtiscoPaul

    Would you support an early MZ season?

    No I’m down for Primitive Winter Season: Flintlock or recurve/longbow 12/26- 1/31
  4. Who’s ready to sz bow hunt?!? I couldn’t even get my butt out there today I’m guessing 1 or 2 more bow hunts is all I got left if that. Long year and been a long time since i was satisfied with 2 tags punched...getting older fast. Way to go everyone who connected
  5. Agreed...dragging (and processing) is my time to “reflect” on the harvest. Prolly what’s kept me out of the woods the most the past couple weeks has been my satisfaction with family life now that a couple are in the freezer... Hunting, dragging, hanging, skinning, butchering are time consuming labors of love I don’t like to turn into obligations...I guess I’m maturing (getting old). I think I’ll give it one more sit with the deerslayer this pm and maybe 2 more with the bow...long season good luck all nice harvests as well
  6. OtiscoPaul

    Shooter from the great room

    I thought it was a sapling behind him pass btw spindly...ha
  7. I believe yes as it’s technically an ml ha seriously tho I believe yes again as long as you already purchased the bow/ml privilege
  8. Yes and is either sex
  9. Yes and the reg tag becomes an either sex but you must harvest with a legal implement either ml or archery Several years ago the reg tag was all I had left in the late season and I punched it as my 8th harvest (4 dmp 2 archery/ml 1 DMFA and the reg tag) of the year the last Monday on a yearling doe with my bow.
  10. Also known as “alreadygotabuckitis” I had it yesterday and likely for the rest of the season despite still having the reg tag. I like cold snow hunting...but we been doing it since last full week of bowseason
  11. 2 great harvests...some folks forget harvest means kill + recovery.
  12. I was authorized to hunt this am...no thanks good luck all