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  1. I’m saying there’s my ticket to your huntingny circle jerk... Sucking trumps Dick is not the only way work your way into this “Elite” NYhunters only convo
  2. You aren’t chasing me off...I’ll be back but I’m tired if you for now again I’ll put my freezer full against anyone’s here this was archery season
  3. You guys cultivate this circle jerk environment where you often make veiled threats with your 2nd amendment rights, and some times it just pops out and one of you calls fir Cuomo to be hung or some other such bullshit. This is the type of environment rich with hate that eventually leads to beer hall rallies and brown shirts marching... throw in a global health and economic crisis and now you have all the ingredients I’m out fuck off
  4. Appreciated... These outbursts are clearly when I’ve given up hope of reaching anyone...sorry to shit post but I feel it’s my last resort to make any impact
  5. I know I’m out of control...I said fuck i didn’t suggest we should hang Cuomo that was one of you guys 20 pages ago yesterday I’ve never even suggested trump should be impeached let alone physically harmed Ive put as much venison in the freezer as any one of you jokers...I’ll stay thanks
  6. Dude if me acting a fool brings you out then I don’t know what to say many of these guys have been playing the blame libtards game all the while dancing around or plainly stating they would like to see violence come to our elected officials Fuck anyone here who thinks I’ve takin things a bridge too far when 60 pages ago the “lib” hate train left the fucking station
  7. Help what im enjoying telling you to fuck off as much as you enjoy repeating anti Obama/Cuomo/Pelosi slogans it really is a treat to act like an ignoramus...thanks again to all you dolts for showing me the way cant wait to get my cool shirt we can all JO together
  8. If that’s gay republican code I’m not familiar with the Larry Craig toilet stall foot signals you guys have No thanks I’m a heterosexual man
  9. I’m reacting intentionally like a child because that’s how the game is played here and Ive resisted long enough fuck you very much
  10. I’m just filling pages with shit the way you guys do with your partisan nonsense from the word go not that fun or interesting to see people acting like children huh? Crisis thread even less appropriate right?
  11. You are a natural asshole but once you try it all falls apart and then you just sound silly
  12. No you come by that naturally...when you make an effort at it is when you look so dumb
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