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  1. This happened 2 miles as the crow flies from the county parcels I hunt in bow season or occasional weekdays in December. Just found out about it yesterday when my buddy told me after I gave him my routine safety lecture people endure when they gun hunt with me. 1 of the many reasons I prefer bow season
  2. I have some sweet uphill skiing alpine touring gear I used it one season for late season hunting and i seen zero...with xcountry gear you prolly would wanna pack snow shoes incase you get one or need to get burly uphill. these pics are from a 5’ February in 2015...I skiid 3/4 mile across the lake up 500 ft of lake bank vertical and down switchbacks and thru trees several runs a session it was fun
  3. That was a busy day at the butcher shop or that bird would gave been evenly brown...I did the deers skin job after the bird went in the oven. Speaking of that deer I took it back to the shed again and made a good sled run fir my kids in the process...I hope those temps stay closer to 30 than 28. Quartering in the morning and getting the block and knives out tomorrow regardless.
  4. Buddy had to go I’m in a stand there is a big buck nearby killing trees no tag hope he pushes a doe
  5. Just had my folks over to help us finish...nice harvests all
  6. I’ve shot ones I saw crossing the street Into the county land as I was pulling in new exactly where they were going...that was crazy action Good luck out there everyone
  7. Had to move from the shed to the messy garage before he froze front shanks were almost...used a game bag and disc sled fir the transfer it went smooth:
  8. Successful tree hunt and some fresh tendies for lunch why not sit in a tree an hour or so before starting the fire and putting the lights on...Good luck all
  9. Heading that way for an Xmas tree hunt this am... Good luck hope you end a big set of tracks!
  10. Put that old deer slayer in his mitts...good luck!
  11. Got my meat sticks from my buddy shaking hands over another harvest on thanksgiving, sweet! Butchering to Christmas carols is my fav can’t wait we get our tree tomorrow!
  12. Not a ton of motivation to gun hunt but my parents were heading to my grandparents today and I wanted to send a bunch more meat down to them so I resolved to shoot anything but an obvious button-or-yearling buck to keep the freezer at max capacity. Same stand as my archery buck this guy came in just after legal and gave me a bit of time to check out his half rack at close range which I thought was whitetailope like and cool and his body was excellent. I dropped him at 10 yards with 20 ga light fields out of the DS2...I’m on an 11 year NY gun harvest streak never been skunked in NY, still got a dmp I love it. His face was messed up and he had puss at the broke pedicle almost definitely lost in battle..cool. First Thanksgiving deer for me. First 2 buck year for me as well. Congrats all on the great harvests everyone, biz’s dad, stud for Grampy, another bruiser for Moog, treeguy, tall ones Jj and Lawd, great mass enigma!