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  1. I tried both the 320 spline and the 390 and didn’t notice much difference but went with the 320...there are plenty of calculators and other tools to help calculate proper Arrow weight/balance. I believe Ashby shoots over 600 over 20% FOC on Cape buffalo and Grizzleys so 520’s with like a 15-17% FOC is nothing outrageous but does give a bit of heavy bone insurance on whitetails.
  2. Fact IMO (ha) IME Light setup w/Rages send em on a blood splattering 80-120 yard trail even when you hit the heart because they make a loud pop as that big split opens em up. Most of my harvest with the heavy settup (all that I hit through both lungs) wobbled and dropped in their spot, including shoulder pass thrus
  3. FMJ 6mm w/stricklands 125 + 75 insert is 200 upfront out of 522...shooting almost 70lb Will go through any part of a 2yr old (up to like 140 dressed) deer but I don’t suggest Fred Bear shots on mature whitetail do yourself a favor and still hit em thru the long ribs, blood trails will not be good if the hit is high or if the exit plugs these are not rages...I got lucky with my buck this season. Also I shoot under 25 typically so I can still use one fixed pin (with judgment)...but if you want range you need multiple or sliding pins...this is not fast, just mighty
  4. My marina guy has the boat now he is selling it for me on consignment...$17,300 but I am willing to negotiate. Plugged in the motor...60hrs! No fault codes as expected. https://syracuse.craigslist.org/boa/d/marietta-2014-lowe-fs175/7069557372.html
  5. This is damn crazy I love it...vet fixed him up so someone could harvest him...DEC shot one on thin ice here last week...the things people do, ha Look, feel, smell...then taste...If it passes all four in that order I’m eating it... anyone think cattle are healthy in contrast?
  6. That’s the one... I’m considering serious offers rather than sell it on the lower end to a local marina, which may be what I end up having to do.
  7. If you have any left in April/May I’ll grab some Norway’s
  8. Sweet Rig Rob...Great time to buy a boat guys!
  9. $17,000 Negotiable...It's not a bad time to buy a boat it's a bad time to sell one! Trolling motor is not part of the deal (malfunctioning), but I will be having the entire rig inspected by my marina guy at my cost before I hand the keys over! If you aren't buying this I hope it is because you are saving your Scheckles for @TreeGuy 's property
  10. +1 Old orchards...multiflora rose, cherries and wild grapes with tangled vines over downed trees helps if mixed with pine stands.
  11. I don’t remove the chest organs until I get home also leave the liver inside, just cut the diaphragm and peal out dump the guts and blood (good clean lung blood I will use to rinse the cavity if the guts were nicked) and then tie off the hoses...ready to drag. The rest gets done once it’s hanging upside down in the shed on a winch prior to the skin job all within a few hours of the harvest. x2 washing myself up in nearby water
  12. Congrats, really cute newborn Enjoy the quiet when you get it!
  13. Beginning of the end...end of the beginning...I’m feeling really profound. Hope all goes well for your family today Biz! I’ve never had a 2-1 doe to buck ratio in my house...again good luck!
  14. The land deal is beginning to move forward now regardless of the boat sale but I am even more motivated to sell it now...serious offers considered!
  15. Thanks fir the compliments I’ve never had it anywhere but Otisco but I think It’s better suited for the bigger finger lakes...or Ontario! Trying to free up some extra cash towards buying some land nearby...We will probably buy a small pontoon for our young kids to enjoy after the dust settles on the land deal fingers crossed.