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  1. It was early and I meant to state for an arrow cut to 28.75” and a 300 spine.
  2. With more weight up front, it will help stabilize the arrow faster. And a heavier arrow will penetrate much more. The Triads are over 550 grains with a 100g broadhead and Nocturnal installed. I think they were about 14% FOC.
  3. I saw 2 groups today with about 2 dozen total. They were all about the size of my fist.
  4. I’m on another gun forum and recently there was a scammer on there as well. He would always say that he had a friend who was selling what you were looking for.
  5. Honestly, it sounds like you’re the one freaking out.
  6. Maybe. But there are many ways to check an address and a name. The easiest that I could think of would be my OnX app or by doing an online search.
  7. A good move before sending money to someone is to ask for a pic of their drivers license. If they’re legit, they should have no problem with that.
  8. I’m your huckleberry @bruno1 Maybe you should give these a try. I could drop the price for local pickup.
  9. I’ve done all of my own work. You’re right, he couldn’t be bothered.
  10. I have 5 Triads in 300 spine that are cut to 28 3/4” finished length with the inserts installed from the end of the outsert to the inside of the nock. The inserts/outserts are not glued in yet, so they can be cut down further if need be. These are fletched from the factory. Both ends of the arrows also have been squared up using the Lumenok jig. I also have 3 nocturnals that I’ll include with the arrows. $120 shipped. After doing some very extensive testing last year and finding an awesome combination for my bow, I decided to give these a try this year. However the combination from last
  11. I thought I’d try something new this year and ordered some Carbon Express Triads 300’s. They come with a 97g insert/outsert and with a 100g point, I’m at 543g and 14% FOC. I only put one together so far, but boy does it fly sweet! I have to put a new sight on and get a new target before I do any more testing. The Triad just blows right through both of mine.
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