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  1. I haven’t been out yet. Been busy getting caught up on things and waiting for the right time. A friend of mine got this pic yesterday on his cam of a good buck starting to chase. It wasn’t all out, but it’s a start. We’re starting to get to that time where the unexpected can happen at any time. I’m sure as the moon goes away this week, we can expect action to continue to increase. I’ll be out this weekend finally.
  2. I wish that some of them down here would close and have Sportman’s Warehouse move in. I hope that it’s only a matter of time.
  3. Really cool buck! Good luck with him. I shot a freak a few years back that was aged at 6.5. I never saw him before, but I would’ve guessed that he probably was in decline.
  4. Do you have any pics of him from last year? I’d be curious if he has declined, or is this year his biggest?
  5. Not out today but I’m seeing a lot of activity on my cams this morning. Should be even better as the wind lets up. Good luck to everyone that’s out.
  6. This 8 has been hanging around my stand for the past week hitting the acorns. I had decided to pass on him as he’s probably 3.5 and there are 2 of his older brothers in the area. I might have to rethink my decision, but he will be a stud if he goes another year. He did have a matching set of brows with hooks on the tips before he broke his right one off
  7. This buck worked over the overhanging branch for several minutes. But I’ve never quite seen this move that he does before. I’m not sure what exactly happened here. Maybe he got a stick in the eye?
  8. And that right there is the reason that I won’t drink coffee before a morning hunt. I have 2 cups every day first thing, but not if I’m going in the woods.
  9. Out of velvet and tearing it up.
  10. I plan on making a Xmas tree out of my pile one day.