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  1. I didn't bow hunt this morning, but I did get a pic of one of my target bucks hitting a scrape. A big 8 that I haven't seen since October 19 decided to show up at almost 8:30. I was very glad to see that he's still around. I'm sure that he was very busy for the last couple of weeks. I would have loved to hunt the same scrape this evening but the wind just wasn't right. I hunted a new tree just off a green field. I saw plenty of deer as they filtered out to the field. I even had a good 8 point chasing a doe back and forth for about an 30 minutes. Just at last light, I got another pic from my cam that is overlooking a hot scrape. This time it was my other target buck. A really nice 9 point that I haven't seen since November 16. I have no regrets about not hunting that spot this evening as I knew the wind wasn't right for it. It seems as though we are well into the second rut as big buck activity has picked right up again.
  2. Actually there are plenty of fields with a variety of food sources here. Winter wheat, rye, alfalfa, and cut corn to name a few. If you choose to hunt closer to the homes. There is no shortage of fine shrubs for them to feast on.
  3. Come on. We've just passed the halfway point down here. Some of the best is yet to come. Very little pressure and very predictable deer as bucks put the feed bag on. It's like the early season without the bugs.
  4. NonTypical

    Later rut?

    Plenty of new rubs here in the last week or 2. Scrapes have been getting hit again and been getting a lot of pics of bucks squaring off. Even got 3 bucks having a 3 way match last night. With the new moon on Friday, I would expect the peak of the 2nd rut will be in full swing this week.
  5. Not at all. At least down here on the Island where there is no shortage of does to go around. I was going thru pics last night from the last 2 years. I had pics of bucks going at it on 1/29/17 and also on 2/5/18.
  6. NonTypical

    Later rut?

    So it appears that chasing is getting started again now, and I would suspect scrapes will start getting hit again with regularity in the next few days. I'll be sitting over some community scrapes next weekend.
  7. NonTypical

    Later rut?

    So I had a chance to review pics from a cam that I have watching a scrape. Last month the first sparring that I had on cam was on the 23rd. On the 24th I had chasing. By the 27th, I had big bucks hitting the scrape until Nov 6. Then scrape activity went cold, with the exception of some small bucks and does. From Nov 6 until Nov 13, big bucks were non existent. I believe they were on lockdown. On Nov 14,15, and 16, one of my target bucks was on cam daily looking for does again of course while I was 300 miles away upstate. For the last week or so, it seemed like classic post rut activity. Just yesterday I had some sparring on camera again. Today I have been getting pics of bucks trailing does, but not chasing yet. Scrapes are still cold, but I would expect that to change very soon. The second pre rut is about to get under way. That's just my observation.
  8. NonTypical

    Long Island Goose guides?

    This^. They also do deer hunts on some great properties around here. Our season runs until the end of January here, if you weren't aware. In addition to that, they have a lodge as well to stay at if you wanted to do more than a day trip.
  9. NonTypical

    Later rut?

    It was an early rut this year, IMO. You will start to see signs of the second rut begin on the backside of this full moon tomorrow. Action should steadily increase over the next 2 weeks leading up to the new moon.
  10. It’s on. The buck bred this doe this morning.
  11. NonTypical

    Federal power-shok sabot

    I used to shoot the Federal Barnes when they made them. Now I shoot the Federal Trophy Copper. They are just as accurate and just as lethal as the Barnes. In fact I just ordered a case of 10 boxes from for $11.19 a box. They will ship to NY.
  12. I can’t argue with that. A wet spring will definitely help with antler growth. That giant buck put on almost 60” of growth since last year. And maybe the market penetration is only 1-2%, but from my experience as well as others that I know that use cell cams, the opportunities to harvest a mature buck have definitely increased with their use
  13. It could be. It could also be with the invention of cell cams and how they are becoming more popular and widely used. Think about it. Now you can get real time pics without have to go in once a week and pull cards and spreading your scent. It makes it easier to pattern big deer without alerting them that they are being hunted. Compare it to reading a week old newspaper or going on the internet and reading about a news story as it happens.