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  1. It’s going to fall on deaf ears Grouse. He’s already been brainwashed. You could show these libs cold hard facts on paper and they will never get it.
  2. It really is a great cartridge. Plenty of energy and low recoil in a lightweight gun with an 18” barrel. What’s not to love. I was really impressed with it when I built my AR, but this bolt gun is something else. And knowing that it’s not a factory gun makes it even better.
  3. I have a Leupold VX3i 1.5-5x20. It should be plenty for where I hunt.
  4. 100 yards. This will be my new deer rifle.
  5. A little overdue but I finally had a chance to send a few down range to see how it shoots. No complaints at all and I’m very happy with the results. I was shooting 115g HPBT. When I go back, I have several different hunting rounds that I’ll be testing to see what it likes.
  6. As nice as some of the Vortex items are, I will only spend my money on products made in the states whenever possible. I have several Leupold products with zero complaints. Trijicon is made in the USA as well.
  7. I will second anything made by AR15Performance. Harrison makes match grade barrels at a very reasonable price. He knows his stuff and many other manufacturers have followed his lead in innovation.
  8. What did the dog cost if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. bruno1
    2. NonTypical


      That’s not bad at all. I’m definitely going to have to consider it for a birthday present next spring for her.

  9. I just found his website. It doesn’t look like any are available until next year anyway. Some real good looking dogs. I think once I show it to her tonight, she will melt. Thanks.
  10. I’m sure. We’ve been breeding our Cavalier and I know all dogs are in high demand right now. I don’t think it would be for this year, but maybe for spring in 22. We are just getting through the puppy stage with our latest addition.
  11. Hey Steve. I was showing my girlfriend pics of your recently. She had one growing up and wanted to know where you got yours from. I’m thinking it may be time to add another pup to the clan.
  12. Finally got it all finished. Just waiting on a new set of rings for the scope. These Savage rifles are very easy to work on and a barrel swap actually takes less time than my AR. I can’t wait to send some rounds down range to see how it shoots.
  13. I recently came across an aftermarket barrel made by ARP for a Savage bolt rifle in 6.8SPC. Nobody makes a bolt gun in that caliber and ARP made a limited run of barrels recently. ARP makes a lot of barrels for the AR15, mostly in 6.8. I have 3 of them and they’re great shooters. I missed out, but acquired it from someone who had one and couldn’t find a good donor that he liked. Savage was making the 110 Prairie Hunter in .224, but they’ve become nonexistent. The .224 uses the same case as a 6.8, but it’s a longer round. I ended up picking up a Savage 110 Tactical in .30
  14. Fake news. There are no big deer on the island.
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