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  1. They no longer make any hunting ammunition. http://www.litfld.com/products/hunting/
  2. No longer available. Please close or delete. @WNYBuckHunter
  3. This was done by Fins and Feathers. This was done by Danny at Fish and Wildlife Unlimited. You get what you pay for...
  4. I have a .223 Wylde AR that I’m looking to sell. It has a complete upper that was purchased from PSA. It has a 18” SS barrel, 1/7 twist. 15” M-lok handguard, and MBUS sights. I also have installed a LaRue 2 stage trigger and an AR MAG Lock with Kingpin. 5 10 round mags are also included. The lower is a brand new Anderson lower that I just swapped out. I couldn’t part with my Trump Punisher lower. Lol. I have only shot 40 rounds in this gun at the range, and have decided to concentrate on a different caliber. I also have 960 rounds of .223 that I will sell with the gun if wanted. Mostly Fiocchi and Federal. All brass. Ammo comes with 1 steel ammo can. I won’t sell the ammo separately unless the gun sells first. I prefer to sell face to face. Not looking to ship at this time. Located on Long Island, but will be heading to Ithaca in a few weeks if that helps. $1400 for everything or $800 for just the gun and mags.
  5. I’m starting to hear that it’s becoming pretty widespread around here. Have you seen any in your spots Steve? @bruno1
  6. Danny at Fish and Wildlife Unlimited has done all of my deer, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. He does awesome work and always gets it down pretty quick.
  7. I took a quick walk today and found 3 more dead.
  8. Try using DuckDuckGo as a browser. I don’t see any ads on this site or others that I frequent. If I use any other browser, I see ads on just about every site that I visit.
  9. All of the state parks were notified to look out for it. I heard that they found some in Caumsett State Park in Huntington.
  10. I’m sure that there will be many more found once hunters start getting out at the end of the week unfortunately.
  11. I did a little walking today at a preserve near where I hunt. I came across 3 dead deer. I would suspect that it was EHD as they were very far from the nearest road and didn’t show any signs of being shot. DEC was notified. This was on the east end of Long Island. I would think once more hunters hit the woods this week, numbers of dead deer found may increase. I was just wondering if anyone else has found any dead deer as well lately.
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