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  1. I was at dmv yesterday getting my enhanced license. I had my passport, birth certificate, and a bunch of other paperwork, including my USCG captains license. It looks almost identical to a passport. The lady asked me if I wanted the boaters safety endorsement on my license. I said sure, why not. She then asked if I had the paperwork showing that I took the course. I said no, but here’s my captains license. She gave me a dumb look, and after asking her supervisor, she said that it wasn’t good enough. Lol.
  2. It seems that everything that the Democrats accuse the Republicans of doing, they are guilty of. I’m sure during the last election, Russia would have rather seen Clinton win as well. They probably are in the market to purchase some more Uranium. And didn’t Obama tell them that he would have more flexibility after the next election? Lol
  3. This is the buck that I killed at the end of November. I put one over his back on November 3. I wasn’t sure that I was going to get a second chance at him. I had plenty of pics of this 12, but I never saw him on the hoof. Not long after this pic, he broke off his left g2 that has a split. I have pics of him as late as the end of January, so as long as he doesn’t play in traffic, he’ll be on my list next year.
  4. Maybe. Maybe not. If you watch the video from ‘88, he was pissed about how this country was being taken advantage of. If it was a power trip, he would’ve run sooner. He waited for 28 years for someone to right the ship. After the horrible 8 years of Obama he finally made the decision to run.
  5. You’re right. I meant to imply paid speeches from the establishment. He didn’t get involved for the money. He did because he loves this country. I think that the only reason that Bloomberg, who was a Republican, got into it was for a power trip. He figured that if Trump could do it, so could he. But he’s an idiot. Trump once said, either you have it or you don’t. Bloomberg doesn’t have it.
  6. That’s part of the reason that politicians kiss everyone’s ass while in office. So they can get a big payday when they get out. I don’t see many people willing to pay Trump millions to give speeches or book deals when he’s done. And if they do, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he donates those fees to charities or causes that he supports.
  7. If you’ve never seen the video of when Trump was on Oprah in 1998, watch it. I’ve never seen any other politician call out people the way that he does. This man loves this country more than anyone else in politics. Before he decided to run, everyone wanted to be his friend. Including most Democrats. Bloomberg, Chuckie, The Clinton’s, just to name a few. Then he came down the escalator and the Democrats panicked. You know why? Because they knew that he has balls and he’ll call a spade a spade.
  8. I prefer the horizontal as well. I have an impact archery single pin and I love it. You can rotate it from vertical to horizontal. Unfortunately they went out of business, and I’d like to buy another one. My buddy just bought an alpine that is almost identical to the impact archery sight, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’m going to call the shop where he purchased it in hopes of getting one.
  9. Take a pic of the branch structure. That will usually be a dead giveaway if the leaves aren’t present.
  10. I’ve been using Seresto for years with great results. Each collar is good for 8 months. I rarely even find dead ones on him. Usually they get hot foot and jump off immediately. I buy them from Chewy and set it for auto ship so that I don’t have to remember when to replace them.
  11. I’ve gotten pics the last 2 nights of 2 different bucks still holding. I’d say the majority has dropped though here.
  12. The ladies are having a get together with other women hunters who are interested in April.
  13. Took a quick walk today. Changed out some batteries and walked some thickets on the edge of the marsh. No sheds for me today, but I did find this Diamondback Terrapin shell. They are endangered in Rhode Island and threatened in Massachusetts. They are also a species of concern in several other coastal states, but I guess they are doing pretty good in New York. I have seen them on 2 other occasions in the past laying eggs in my backyard.