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  1. NonTypical

    Raccoon double

  2. NonTypical

    Raccoon double

    Getting a double is a high probability right now. They are in rut. I got pics the another night of 2 breeding for over an hour.
  3. NonTypical

    Online Ammo Purchases ships to NY and has great prices.
  4. NonTypical

    Bucks are still at it

    I got video of my buck sparring just last week as well. Last year I got pics of sparring on Feb 2. As long as they have hard horns, they will always be sizing each other up.
  5. NonTypical

    2018 HuntingNY Gun Harvest Thread

    I forgot about this thread. Here is my harvest from yesterday. I posted the full story in the Live from the woods thread.
  6. Without a doubt, he’s the most satisfying buck that I killed because he was the hardest of many.
  7. I’ve had my eye on this buck since last year. He really blew up this year, and I’ve been watching him since July. I had one close encounter with him on October 1, but he stayed just out of bow range. I got many pics of him through the first 3 weeks of the season, but I never laid eyes on him again. For 3 weeks he disappeared. I thought he was dead. Then I headed upstate for gun season and I got pics of him 3 days in a row, while I was 300 miles away. Figures. He disappeared from my cams once again, only showing up once or twice before making an appearance on Christmas morning. I didn’t hunt too much in December after going at it hard in October and November. I was worn out. After seeing him on Christmas, it lit the fire again. I typically enjoy hunting the late season as they usually become quite predictable in their movements. But not him. It turned into quite the chess match for a the next couple of weeks. I finally saw him again on January 6, the first day of shotgun here. He came out to the field at 180 yards. I let him walk. Since Christmas, I’ve been hunting every weekend and even getting out after work now and then. I got another pic of him on January 18, and he was grouped up with a few other bucks and even sparring with one of them. I knew he was big, but watching him spar with this other buck really put it into perspective on how much bigger he was. I hunted this morning without seeing him and planned on hunting tonight and tomorrow night. I was getting burned out and decided that if I didn’t get him by tomorrow, I was going to pack it in. At about 4:30 or so, 3 small bucks came out of the corner of the field 20 yards from me. They had all shed their racks. This was my biggest fear that he would show up having dropped his rack. Soon after, a nice 2 year old 8 pt joined the party. He was in the last pics that I got with my buck last week. Then a small spike showed up. I got into shooting position behind the tree that I was using for cover. Once the 8 came out, I just knew that my buck was going to show up finally. Sure enough, after several minutes, he walked out at 20 yards. I let him have it and watched him go down in the field. Talk about coming down to the wire. I set my mind on harvesting this buck, and without the use of my cell cams, it probably wouldn’t have been possible. I’m pretty sure this was him last year. Last week.
  8. Got it done tonight. Finally! I’ll post the story later or in the morning when I have some time.
  9. They tried unsuccessfully to put some across the street from my buddies place on Black Oak Rd. That should be just west of you, right? Are you off of 79?
  10. NonTypical

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Even better, how great would it be if the big one showed up for me tonight? I’ll be heading in shortly.
  11. NonTypical

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Not quite post season pics, but late season here. Still have almost 2 more weeks to go. The one on the left has been dodging me since October.
  12. NonTypical

    Interesting article regarding bucks dropping early

    I scouted a heavily used field from a distance last night. With a spotting scope, I only saw 3 bucks that dropped both sides. They all appeared to be young bucks. I also saw several other young bucks and mature bucks that were still holding both sides. It seems to be on schedule here, as I’ve seen them hold until February or March around here.
  13. NonTypical

    NY says to kill...

    I used to see them all the time. There is a high concentration of them in and around a county park that used to be a private hunting club years ago.
  14. What a damn hypocrite. I hope Chuckie rots in hell.
  15. Good luck to all the guys in 1C tomorrow for the gun opener! Get it done! Only 26days left!