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  1. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos. I even ordered a test kit from him. I’ll be doing some experimentation in the coming weeks. If things go well as far as getting heavy, I’ll be looking to try something other than my Montecs. I was looking at VPA broadheads and they really look badass. The Magnus heads are on my short list as well.
  2. I’m planning on going to a stiffer arrow, I’m just not sure yet how stiff it will be. I’ll be testing different spines and weights. I was looking at those broadheads and I’ve read really great reviews. Do you know what your overall weight of your arrow is? What about the FOC?
  3. I’m looking to increase my FOC as well as increasing the weight a bit with my carbon arrows. I’ll be doing some testing soon as far as my arrows go, but I was just wondering if anyone here shoots a fixed blade head that’s more than 125 grains? If so, what kind? Does anyone add more weight up front with a heavy insert?
  4. It won’t be long before you’ll find the need for more cell cams and realize your other cams are like reading the newspaper from last month. The best thing about the Spartans is that you can share the cam with friends who also have Spartans. In my small circle of hunting buddies, we have 15 cams now that we can all view. We all hunt our own spots, but being able to watch the overall deer activity from many different areas really adds a whole new dimension to learning about deer movement before and during the season.
  5. I’ve been giving antlers to my dogs for years with no issues. They don’t splinter or break. They tend to shave them down with their teeth. Real bones and rawhide are no good.
  6. Very nice! I’m in the process of building one myself. Just waiting on some parts. What barrel is that?
  7. I hung a new stand on Friday morning. This guy along with 2 others walked right under my tree Saturday afternoon. They are really coming along. Can’t wait to see how much more they put on in the coming weeks.
  8. I ordered the the upper in 6.8 from Blackstone last night. 18” mid weight with ARP barrel and super bolt. I also ordered everything else that I’ll need to complete the build including a Larue trigger.
  9. I thought about building it myself, but the barrel that I want and the super bolt are both out of stock right now. After pricing everything out, it doesn’t really seem that it’s that much more buying one complete from Blackstone. After looking at the different hand guards, I think I’m going with the BCM MCMR M-lok.
  10. That’s kind of what I’m trying to avoid by going with a completely assembled upper. I would think that Blackstone would be able to set it up properly so that an adjustable is not needed. Any preference on the different hand guards available? Troy, SLR, Midwest, or BCM? I was thinking the Troy M-lok in 15”. I was also contemplating doing the cerakote in flat earth on the hand guard and the upper.
  11. So I’ve been looking hard for a 6.8 complete upper. Not many to choose from and I’m seriously considering taking your suggestion and getting an ARP mid weight upper from Blackstone Arms. Should I get an adjustable gas block or is the standard low profile good enough?
  12. This guy is going to get interesting as he grows.