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  1. I’d say right around Halloween would be their peak weight on average.
  2. What arrows are you using? 350 spine? What about yours inserts and tip weight?
  3. Been shooting a biscuit for almost 20 years. No complaints here. It’s never failed me with no moving parts. I even shot a Robin Hood tonight with the first 2 arrows I shot.
  4. Here’s my first bow buck. It was opening day November 1. Pretty sure it was 1997. He was a tank. Dressed out at 205. Not only was his right g3 snapped off, but his entire left main beam was broken off as well. He still had a split brow on his left side with a kicker off the base. I could only imagine what he must’ve looked like before. I was shooting an Oregon Valiant Crusader with some heavy ass aluminums at the time.
  5. Finally got to the range today and I am super happy with the way this thing shoots. I shot Some Federal 90 gr gold dots, some hand loads from Druid Hill Armory which were also 90 gr gold dots, Nosler 115 BTHP, and finally some Hornady 120 gr SST. They all shot great groups, and if I use it for deer, I’ll probably shoot the SST’s. If Cavity Back Bullets ever decides to sell loaded ammunition, that’ll be at the top of my list. I also shot my .223 Wylde for the first time as well. What a tack driver. I can shoot that thing all day! I might have to get into hunting yotes now.
  6. I think you are right grampy. I get some cool pics in this spot. I always see Northern Harriers cruising this field and even got a few pics of them this year in mid flight.
  7. Just got this pic and thought it was a pretty cool looking bird. Anyone know what it is?
  8. I have an Icon as well. You’ll love it. It’s a great bow for the money.
  9. Chiggers are mite larvae. I’ve had them. First time I had them, the Dr gave me a cream to kill them. Clear nail polish works good too. Permethrin works great at keeping them off of you in the first place.
  10. I have noticed that the bachelor groups are starting to disperse. Less than half of the bucks are out of velvet where I’m at. I’m sure the rest of them will be out this week. I was getting a lot of mid day pics with the moon earlier in the week. Bucks included. BTW, I’m not on that property to your east anymore. Since the farmer put up that deer fence, it kind of screwed everything up. Still on the fork, but much further east.
  11. Been getting pics of hard horned bucks since last week. Got my first pics of 2 of them doing some sparring tonight.
  12. If it’s an AR and 6.8 caliber, I don’t see why not. It’s a mil spec BCG. If you do a search for ARP superbolt, you’ll see that it is an extremely strong bolt with great reviews.
  13. $125 shipped. Someone please buy this so that I don’t do something stupid and buy another barrel...