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  1. Even though there are quite a few fox around this year, there is no shortage of rabbits around.
  2. My buddy got pics of this owl yesterday. The first time was at 6:40am. It’s hard to tell if he caught anything or not. Then he came back again at 2:45 pm. This time it definitely looks like he drilled something. I think it was a rabbit, but not sure. I’ve gotten owl pics at night, but never during the day. And especially when one is making a kill.
  3. This is going to be our newest addition. It’s Henry’s daughter. She was born on March 3rd and we will get her at the end of April.
  4. Now is the time to do it. I did mine yesterday right before the rain.
  5. I think that if they move anyone, it’s going to be patients not infected by the virus. From what I heard these alternative facilities are going to be for regular patients.
  6. So I ended up going with the spitfire. I’m very impressed with it so far. Can’t wait to get it sighted in now.
  7. Yes. There are several that will ship to NY. and are just 2 that I’ve used. They ship right to my house.
  8. I just bought 1000 rounds online this weekend.
  9. Speaking of the Chinese, they are required to use cell phones for everything related to identification for health care. I read an article that 21 million cell phones have been deactivated in the last few months. I have a feeling that you’ll never get the truth on how many have died over there.
  10. I hope nobody was offended by the pic I posted. I edited it before posting. If it offended anyone, I’ll delete it.
  11. Luckily I was able to find 1000 rounds of 223 online the other day. Not much left anywhere.