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  1. If you’re not hunting it today, I would get out there with some binoculars before first light and figure out exactly where he exits the field and figure out where you want to be. He may or may not use it he same trail if the wind changes, but you never know. You have him patterned, you just need to fine tune it.
  2. Sometimes the best chance to kill him is when you are borderline of getting winded. A mature buck is almost always going to use the wind in their favor, not when it’s in your favor. Set up in a steady marginal wind.
  3. I think they implied that bucks were on their feet more during a windy day, not so much that they were easier to hunt. There were actually 3 factors that dictated increased movement. High pressure, cold, and wind.
  4. Mossy oak did a 20 year study. More big deer were killed on windy days than calm days. As the wind increases, so do the kills.
  5. I have a fawn where I hunt that still has spots...
  6. Been getting pics of bucks on their feet for the last 4 days. The prior 9 or 10 was dead. The second rut is here.
  7. Thanks guys. I had a feeling that he was a very mature deer when he was on the hoof. I figured 5.5 at least for sure. I’m good with that. There’s no need for any further analysis. I’m just happy to be able to have harvested a fully mature buck, and especially one that I set my sights on at the beginning of the season.
  8. Im actually thinking 6.5 now due to his third molar being so worn that it was dished.
  9. I cut part of the last molar off when I trimmed his lower jaw, but is it safe to say that this buck was at least 4.5? 5.5? I’ve never aged a deer, but from what I saw online I was thinking 5.5.
  10. For the price of the Link S, I’d rather spend another $20 and get a Spartan. I believe it’s also cheaper than Spypoint for the service, all said and done.
  11. I decided to head upstate for the opener last weekend, and shortly after I left I started getting pics of a buck parade past my stand for the entire weekend. All good bucks, but not the one I was really after. I left early Sunday morning and rushed home for the evening sit. Unfortunately it was just a few does that night. Then on Monday, my target buck started showing up across the road on another cam. Up until this point I had only got a handful of pics of him since early October. Now he was showing up daily and during the day. It was a long week at work knowing that he was becoming killable, and I was stuck at work waiting for Saturday to get out again. Friday was warm and activity was nonexistent, but I saw a small drop in temps forecasted for Saturday and I had a feeling that it was going to be a good day. The plan was to do an all day sit, but after sitting in the emergency room with my dad until late Friday night, I decided to sleep in a bit. I woke up Saturday morning to a flurry of activity on one of my other cams overnight. I had 4 different bucks chasing a doe late Friday night until Saturday morning as the temps dropped. So I decided to change my plans and jumped into my ground blind for the day. I got in just after 10. Around mid day, I had a small spike come in, then a 4 point. Late in the afternoon, 5 does came through. Then right at last light, he showed up on my left and entered my lane at 15 yards. I let one fly, but I didn’t stop him as he walked. I hit him a touch back. Tracking was a little tough as it was a slight uphill shot, about mid ship, with the exit hole just slightly higher. I tracked him about 90 yards before the blood trail really opened up. It was then that I realized that it looked a bit dark and it might be a liver shot. So at that point me and my friend decided to back out and get some dinner. We came back about 4 hours after the shot and started tracking again. At the point of last blood, it entered a thicket of thorns about 6’ high. So I got down on my belly and tried to crawl under as it was about a foot off the ground underneath. I shined my light ahead of me and there he was about 5’ away in the middle of the thickest nastiest stuff around, dead. I probably never would’ve found him if I was doing a grid search. Turns out I hit liver and one lung and he bled internally for quite a bit. He has a very similar rack to the previous buck I shot in the same area. He is a mainframe 9 with 3 kickers, and has a very dark chocolate rack. I spoke with another hunter in the area that has been targeting this buck as well, and he confirmed what I thought that he was 5.5 years old. He has plenty of mass throughout and I have a feeling that he’s been the one busting up some of the younger bucks racks. #fromtheground
  12. It’s been a long day. Been in the ground blind since 10am and just got home. Buck down #fromtheground. I’ll post more in the harvest thread tomorrow.
  13. Haven’t been on in a few days. Last week was on the slow side for buck movement. On Friday things really seemed to pick up. I started getting numerous daytime pics of bucks again, with a few mature bucks that I haven’t seen in a while. The last 3 days it appears that the biggest bucks are out of lockdown and are on the move again looking for one last doe to breed. It appears that we have now entered the post rut phase, at least from what I’ve been seeing.
  14. I’m in my third season using Spartan. Couldn’t be happier. Takes great pics and the app is very easy to use.
  15. I was told that the glue was changed and that was the problem. But it must’ve been all types because I tried several different ones with the same result. It’s not the rest. The feathers would pull away over time. Using a wrap with the glue definitely helped. I shot aluminum for almost 30 years, until I bought a new bow last year.