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  1. That is what I’m planning on doing. Just wondering if anyone has had any encounters with any law enforcement while using a pinned mag, or an AR Maglock.
  2. I have an AR mag lock on mine, but I plan to pin the mag before I hunt with it. For those of you that pin it, has anyone been stopped while hunting and how did it go? I spoke to a local gun shop and he said that just pinning the mag isn’t good enough and it somehow needs to be permanent so that if you were to remove the mag, it would destroy the lower. I really can’t see this being the case. I would think pinning it and putting some epoxy on the pin would be good enough. So who has been stopped?
  3. Where did all the socialists go? I figured by now one of them would’ve chimed in and called me an idiot, moron, or a conspiracy theorist. Looks like the walls are closing in...Can’t wait to see these libs loose it for the next 4 years. Can’t we all just unite like Joe said?
  4. They are providing evidence to the ones that matter, the courts. There is no reason to tell the media anything. The media has been the enemy for 4 years. They will continue to drop hints about what’s going on for everyone, but as far as laying everything out about what they have, you’ll hear about it when it goes to court. Even then the media will withhold and spin as much as possible.
  6. Haven’t been posting much. Been trying to stay focused on my target buck.I snuck out of work early tonight for a sit in my ground blind as the rain is about to stop. On my way in, I saw a fresh rub that wasn’t there yesterday. Hopefully he shows before dark tonight.