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  1. My guess is, you no longer have a rifled barrel.
  2. I use Brenneke KO's, and they blood trails are freakin' awesome. I've never had a problem with them. Love 'em!
  3. If that deer was on my land, I'd call him "The Freak!"
  4. Wait, wait, wait - you carved "Baiting is illegal dip shit" into a tree? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  5. I didn't see one negative comment in his thread about his buck. That was a hell of buck, and he should have just left it at that. However, forums are forums. Just like in real life, you get people who won't always agree with EVERYTHING you have to say. He needs to get over it and move on.
  6. Read the entire OP. I tried talking to him, he wouldn't listen. I put it down in words, and he called me last night and apologized and said he was very appreciative of me pointing these things out. Everyone is different. Not everyone can talk about things, or listen to things in this case. By writing it down, he was able to read it, a few times, digest it and realize he screwed up, big time. Why judge? Why question what other people do? Does it make you feel better?
  7. Then you might as well be allowed to shoot out of your hunting cabin or camper. What's the difference?!
  8. Good eye. It almost looks as if it's super imposed over the deer head itself. Definitely looks photo shopped. Just look at how the rack seems almost 3D from the rest of picture, especially against the guys camo.
  9. Holy @#$%@#&%@$^%$!@#$@!#$&%^*!!!!! I about fell out of my chair at work.
  10. The no orange in the tree stand bothered me, but then when I watched him lower his gun loaded, the rage and furry inside my was unbelievable.
  11. ...but there comes a point when you have to. I tried talking to my buddy about this, and he wouldn't listen. I proceeded to send him this email (see below). I just don't get ignorance.... Hey man - this is not a lecture, by any means - but I do hope you listen. I sat on this for a couple days, and let myself calm down a bit. As a hunter, and your friend, I was extremely disappointed in the choices you made hunting on Saturday morning. When I got close to your tree stand, I had a hard time finding you, because you had no orange on. When people shoot at a deer, they are suppose to identify their background. Had someone shot at a deer from down below you, or up above you, they never would have seen you in a tree, including myself! Just look at the school bus accident that happened here in Randolph. Then, you proceeded to lower your gun, loaded. Not only did it put yourself in danger, but it put me in danger too. Had the rope broken, the gun accidentally gone off, or ANYTHING else, that gun could have discharged, hitting you or me. I value my life, and my friend's lives, and take every precaution necessary to ensure my own safety and theirs. I don't want to be another statistic, and either walk up and find you dead, or the chance of me being killed by someone else's poor decisions. I tried calmly talking to you about it below your tree, and you quickly dismissed me. This is why I walked away from your tree, and am now sending you an email. I don't care what "god's plan is," as you mentioned to me earlier in the weekend, when I was trying to be safe and make sure nobody got hurt or shot, walking around your land. There's no room for ignorance and complacency with hunting. Just take a look around you, and read the news. Another hunter was killed last night in Stockton. I enjoy hunting with you, but if you're going to continue making these decisions, then unfortunately I can't hunt with you anymore.
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