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  1. Anyone see #10 or 11 percussion caps anywhere? I've been playing with BP revolvers a lot lately, and I have more than enough powder and ball but I can't find caps anywhere. It's a sad day when the ammo shortage has extended to early 19th century technology.
  2. Congrats. Beautiful gun. I just picked up a 1981 Super Blackhawk myself. I can't wait to get in the woods with it, though I'll just be shooting Buffalo Bore offerings.
  3. I can still get on, but the site had a major remodel a few weeks ago. I don't know why you would bother though. That site is largely dead, in my view. I think most of the former members migrated to nygunforum.com a while back.
  4. My parents are getting it tomorrow. The single-dose option seems like a solid development. I got the first Pfizer shot yesterday and now I have to take another Saturday morning to get the second dose in a couple of weeks. I'd trade some potential efficacy to avoid the inconvenience. Then again, I am young and healthy, so your mileage may vary.
  5. After I bought enough land to only see people when I want to, I'd use a substantial portion of it to screw with the people in my life. I'd create a trust to make an annual donation to the NRA/GOA in my anti-gun mother-in-law's name. It would be complete with a statement and thank you card mailed to her every year. I'd also pay someone to put something slightly sticky on her door knob every morning. Not overly sticky. Just enough to be annoying. I'd buy a small chunk of land next to my dad's house, erect a billboard, and put "Trump 4 Ever" in 8-foot red letters. It would have flood
  6. This one has been making the internet rounds almost as long as the Tex Grebner leg shot video. A true classic.
  7. One of my fondest childhood memories is watching old westerns with my dad on Saturday afternoons. I bet I can quote most of John Wayne's movies by heart.
  8. I'm not an HVAC expert, but my personal philosophy is to have an expert out any time there are issues combining gas and electricity. It's not worth blowing up my house to save a $200 service call.
  9. It's amazing how stark the snow band border can be, isn't it? Back during the November surprise I was living in Amherst and I could see my lawn. My parents 15 minutes south in Cheektowaga had over 7 feet of snow.
  10. Had the driveway down to dry pavement last night here in Elma. Woke up to just shy of a foot and still coming.
  11. "A regular season deer tag is valid for use only during the regular big game seasons and is valid for the taking of an antlered deer only, except: . . . (ii) During the late archery or late muzzleloading seasons hunters authorized to hunt in those seasons may use a regular season deer tag for a deer of either sex." 6 N.Y.C.R.R. 1.18(d)(1)(ii).
  12. I saw this in the paper this morning. It's a small parcel, but hopefully more public land will reduce some of the pressure on other parcels close to Buffalo.
  13. Has anyone in WNY been out for steelhead in the tribs yet? I made it out for a few hours this past Saturday on an Erie County tributary. Visibility was awful where I was, but we did see one guy land a nice fish. Of course, our group got skunked.
  14. I think you are both partially correct. There are four degrees of Criminal Trespass in NY, and all require that the person "enter or remain unlawfully" on the land in question. A person "enters of remains unlawfully" upon property when he/she "in not licensed or privileged to do so." N.Y. Penal Law Section 140.00(5). However, the definition of "enter of remain unlawfully" also states: "A person who enters or remains upon unimproved and apparently unused land, which is neither fenced nor otherwise enclosed in a manner designed to exclude intruders, does so with license and privilege unle
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