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  1. I see you hunt in Catt. County...
  2. Caveman


    I smoke Montecristo No. 4s whenever I can. As much as I smoke, I'd be broke if I smoked them exclusively. Now, I smoke them on special occasions and with clients (since I can get them reimbursed in that case).
  3. My group has been shooting TTSX for a few years now. I have seen 7 deer shot with them in .308, .270, and .30-06, and all 7 deer combined for a total of 40 yards travelled after being shot. I highly recommend them.
  4. Caveman

    Red neck

    Let's see... I grew up in a suburb and got an education. I work as a commercial litigator in a large-ish law firm. If it's during business hours, I am probably wearing a suit and tie. My truck is pretty clean (though there's no carpet in the bed). I generally use proper english. I prefer scotch to beer. I am politically conservative, but probably not for the reasons that you think. I haven't been to church since I was 14 and I don't intend to go in the future unless someone gets married or dies. At the same time, I love the outdoors, fast cars, big trucks, and immature jokes. When I'm not wearing a suit and tie, I wear greasy jeans and boots. I sometimes chew Redman. If I'm going to drink beer, its the cheapest stuff I can find and comes in a can. I fix my own things, and do my own work around the house. If I see free pallets behind a building, I take them...just in case. I turned my shed into a duck house and there are currently 6 ducks in there laying farm-fresh eggs. So, am I a redneck? Who the hell knows...
  5. If you were dressed for work, I wouldn't be surprised if they thought you were another suit they could take advantage of. I went to TSC for poultry feed yesterday in my work clothes (suit and tie) and they looked at me like I was from another planet. Meanwhile, last winter I went to Jos Bank to cash out a gift card in a greasy sweatshirt, jeans, and boots, and the salesmen asked me if I "had ever worn a suit before." lol
  6. I am not shooting instinctive. I am gap shooting/point of aim shooting. I would like to shoot a fixed crawl, but everything I have read says that's tough without an ILF bow. My in-laws are actually fleeing Amherst for the Carolinas in the next few months (retirement), but I live in Elma and work in Buffalo, so I may just take you up on that.
  7. Ha! I can guarantee I am overbowed. I bought 45 pound limbs thinking that it was much lighter than my compound, and, in any event, I'm a fairly strong guy (granted, not moog-level, but I can hold my own in the gym). I wish I had seen Moog's advice on this forum ahead of time and bought a light bow until my form was down pat. Drawing is not a problem. But drawing, holding at full draw, and concentrating on form throughout the draw cycle is humbling.
  8. 8 inch brace height. Hitting square in the middle of the forearm. Halfway between the wrist and elbow. What does a proper release look like? I've only have to touch off a release for the last 12 years and I haven't shot a recurve since cub scouts.
  9. I recently switched from a compound bow to a recurve. Bought a Samick Sage. I have noticed since I started shooting it that I hit my bow arm with the string about half the time. This was never a problem with my compound. I know it is obviously a form problem, but I have no idea what I am doing wrong specifically. I grip the bow so my bow hand is at a 45 degree angle and the throat is resting in the meaty part of my thumb. I know it isn't my grip. Originally, I was trying to draw too far. It took some getting used to not having a back wall like a compound. Once I corrected that, I cut down on the frequency significantly. So, what other form problems would lead to string slap besides grip and overextending?
  10. Caveman


    Mind if I ask what county? The cheapest I see it go for south of Buffalo is around $1k an acre.
  11. Maybe, maybe not. A 4-4 loss is a non-precedential affirmance. Sure, you lose, but it has no bearing on future cases, including a subsequent repeat challenge to the SAFE Act.
  12. Financing vacant land is going to require more down than a residential property because it is of uncertain value as security for the loan. In my experience, the three best options are: 1) buy in cash; 2) find a seller who will take back paper; or 3) find a small, rural credit union that will offer more conventional financing for vacant land.
  13. I have a 2013 F150 with 70k miles and no problems at all. If I were buying a new truck today, I would look very seriously at a Nissan Titan. I've heard nothing but good things about Nissan trucks in the past. Now with the 5.0 Cummins in the Titan, they may have actually made it better.
  14. I actually just upgraded to a FF flemish twist from the original Dacron string that came with the bow. I'm pretty new to traditional archery. I'm not planning on hunting with it until next year, so I'm really just learning the ropes at the moment. I don't think I've shot a bow without cams since cub scouts. I've been meaning to look into Steve B's strings. I read your review on here a while ago and it piqued my interest.
  15. I'm on a mission to make my recurve as quiet as I possibly can. I've read good things about the bow hush and hush puppy. Unfortunately, the site is temporarily closed and I can't order them. Anyone who has tried the bow hush, how does it compare to ordinary felt where the string hits the limb coupled with some old fashioned beaver balls?