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  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinmurnane/2017/01/08/guess-how-many-people-will-survive-a-zombie-apocalypse/#1e6d91845e40
  2. interesting, first time I've ever heard of anyone being concerned with this...I think they evacuated 1.5 million people before Hurricane Katrina and they didn't need to force anyone to open their homes to any evacuee's.
  3. I've never felt the need to carry any gun for bear protection in NY, more of a chance tripping over a stump and getting hurt.....although neither is ideal a few well placed shots from either would more then likely stop them. If anyone has ever seen a 9mm in action, it's far from impressive as far as stopping power.
  4. jjb4900

    deleting this profile

    does someone keep contacting you to come back on, or do you just keep logging on to see whats going on? log off and be done.
  5. not sure those are udders, if it has the correct sex organs it is what it is.....pretty sure all male mammals have nipples.
  6. jjb4900

    MEGA lottery

  7. jjb4900

    870 youth stock

    it's not, gave it away awhile ago...
  8. jjb4900

    New!! Awesome Crazy Arab Wheel Change!

    Is it just me or does it look like none of the tires are turning, not even the ones on the pavement...and how is it that none of the drivers side tires are turning, and do they make cars that you can disengage the drive to one side?
  9. jjb4900

    Lack of small fish around Buffalo on Lake Erie

    you're in luck, there's a full section on BBQ'ing and smoking as well..
  10. jjb4900

    Lack of small fish around Buffalo on Lake Erie

    it's in the back between the field dressing guide and the recipe section....
  11. jjb4900

    Having a bad day

    luck was definitely on his side, he could have really gotten hurt if it didn't.
  12. jjb4900

    Meat or Antlers

    I would say that's pretty accurate.
  13. jjb4900

    Footage from a scary hole....

    savage, in the beginning of the video, you can see where the young ones are trying to rip the guts out of the mother......horrible.