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  1. First off your prick president is no longer a private citizen Secondly, there is nothing within a tax return that will give anyone an unfair advantage over another person. Once again your defense of the is laughable
  2. Sounds like you might be talking about Rob and his whining about his neighbor
  3. https://nyti.ms/2lP6Oke What a great place to plan protests from, won't find any Trump supporters there considering the average Trump supporter probably has a second grade reading level
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about members of the NWO order being your neighbor, they have way too much class and dignity to ever be caught living in a trailer park
  5. Why don't you go cry some more about your neighbor who can afford to have his driveway shoveled
  6. This is exactly the dysfunction one gets when one moron appoints other morons to positions both are completely incapable of fulfilling
  7. Why do you care who shovels his driveway? What another person does or doesn't do is no business of yours. Sounds to me that your jealous that he can afford to pay someone while you can't
  8. Being ONCE AGAIN your president was struck down by the court, I am guessing the real jackass here is your idiot president, but then again everyone with brain all know what a raving POS the current president is.
  9. There are many things laws prohibit people from buying
  10. Well considering the whole "online shopping" thing did even exist ten years ago, you didn't have any problem buying ammo then, so why the sudden problem now?
  11. Yoiu renew your driver license and car registration don't you? No difference.
  12. Then maybe you should consider buying a gun in a caliber you can afford to shoot, The first thing I do before buying any new gun is to see what the price of ammo for it costs before I purchase the gun,
  13. I am well aware of the need to have a valiod pistol permit in order to buy ammo for a pistol
  14. Because The Safe Act has zero negative effect on my right to own the guns I own and in purchasing the ammo I need for those guns
  15. I buy whatever I need whenever I need it, Safe Act has zero effect on my purchases
  16. I/m sure one of the large box stores can order for you any ammo you want
  17. Well you all claim there is no difference between an AR and other semi-auto rifles so while not buy one of the many other semi-autos still available?
  18. Your handguns are all registered, have those been confiscated?
  19. You can buy all the ammo you want in any store
  20. I'm curious to know exactly how has the Safe Act interfered with your ability to own/use a gun in NY?
  21. Call him what you want but he over-ruled your idiot president's executive order putting the fool in his place. It's great having Liberal judges overturning the jackass policies of conservatives
  22. NO, no, nothing will get better under Trump's administration, being I live in NY the violence in Chicago isn't an issue for me, its mostly gang related anyway.
  23. Still doesn't change the fact that this judge smacked your president down
  24. Early Signs Suggest Trump’s Actions Are Taking a Toll on Trump Brand https://nyti.ms/2k7NugG
  25. The federal judge who blocked President Trump’s immigration order is described by former colleagues and acquaintances as a “mainstream” Republican who went from a career as a highly respected corporate lawyer in Seattle to an appointment by President George W. Bush to the federal bench. https://nyti.ms/2k8MCbC Just goes to prove, not that i ever had any doubts, that you too are just another ignorant Trump supporter
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