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  1. That's impressive. That was some of the toughest terrain I've ever hunted. Congrats to your cousins
  2. I decided to give it a try this weekend and those are some of the steepest hills I've ever climbed. If you manage to tag something in the catskills park you've definitely earned it.
  3. Anybody have any luck for the opening day of the early bear season in the southern zone? Heard a few shots in the catskills
  4. It's a shame that a few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch and that's sort of my viewpoint as far as crossbows go. I'd be willing to bet that is true for many others too. Even though I know it will benefit many deserving individuals it also benefits the slobs and that's a tough pill to swallow. I have to admit that you make some very good points and I do agree with much of what you have to say. I can't say that I'm all for inclusion yet but your comments have swayed me to dislike crossbows a little less.
  5. There are definitely plenty of them out there and there's unfortunately nothing that will change that but inclusion would be giving them a reward for being incompetent. And I don't mean to lump all crossbow hunters into that category because I know that is not the case but I don't think it's right to make it easier for someone who doesn't want to make an attempt to be proficient.
  6. To me, not holding any weight back or drawing is the game changer. For me personally that is the dividing line for what I consider archery. I'll make no arguments as to what the definition of archery is or wether a crossbow meets the dictionary's definition. There are many people that I think should be allowed to use crossbows for physical reasons but there are many more that I see just trying to buy their way into a season that they feel they are entitled to participate in. Full inclusion would help many people who deserve the use of crossbow but also caters to slob hunters who will put forth little to no effort. I don't think that's a good compromise. Unfortunately there's good and bad with all changes. I will just continue to roll with the punches.
  7. I still can't rest my modern bow on a shooting rail and wait for a deer to walk in to range and then just squeeze the trigger to take a shot. But other than that, yeah a crossbow is pretty much exactly a bow. It's so close that I don't even see why anyone would waste the money to buy one if they've already got a decent vertical bow.
  8. There are exceptions to everything but I see most of this as nothing more than entitlement. Kind of like "how can I get the benefits of archery season with the least amount of dedication and work?" I think archery season is something that should be worked for and earned, not just given to everyone who thinks they should be involved. If it's truly not that different from modern archery, why not just shoot a vertical bow? And before I get the arguments about being physically unable, I said there are exceptions and I do believe everyone should have the "opportunity" to enjoy all seasons. But able bodied individuals who chose not to put forth the effort for whatever reason should not be entitled to be involved.
  9. How does the rust away come, is it like a spray on thing or roll on? Something you do yourself or take somewhere to be done? I'll try to look it up some more.
  10. Buying any used truck I'm sure there is going to be some rust somewhere. I was thinking of going to zeiberts no matter what I get and have them use what they're calling "rust eliminator" and then undercoating. Has anyone ever gone through them for this. It's pretty expensive but if it will slow the existing seen and unseen rust down then I'm all for it.
  11. Budget isn't really dead set at the moment. My truck is mostly used as a daily driver and for around town. On average I put less than 10k miles per year on it so I expect the body to rot long before I hit too many miles. Normal wear and tear isn't a huge deal as I do my own work on them, I'm just looking for something that doesn't have major mechanical problems like engine or tranny.
  12. I've gotten a lot of mixed opinions on the warranty. Unfortunately with the price on even used trucks being so high, I'm sure I'll have to finance. In the past I've never been worried about 75k miles. The last few trucks I've had went past the 150 mark strong. Is that wishful thinking for newer trucks?
  13. I'm guessing the warranty is only for trucks bought new?
  14. I'm looking to get a newer truck in the near future and was looking for real world recommendations and experience, not opinions. I'm looking to get a used half ton in the 75k mile range and have a few I'm considering. Top on the list right now are the ram with the 5.7 hemi and the f150 with the 5.0. If you own trucks with either of these engines I'm curious how many miles you've put on them and what maintenance you've had to do.
  15. Thank you, that was a pretty good article. That would be a good one for a lot of people to read.
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