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  1. Can u imagine wtf would you do if you got the goliath even remotely close to boat.
  2. Isn't he a PBa bowler too?
  3. That's an awfully long buggy ride!
  4. Enjoy your time sounds like fun. Did u fix that toilet problem?
  5. You need to keep trails mowed to maintain the clover or they will be competing with native grass. I would mow this year and frost seed over winter and then keep them mowed.
  6. Just trying to fire up the rivalry biz. You dont need to follow my logic. enjoy the series
  7. cool interactive fishing map DEC put out. not sure on how accurate, but kinda cool nonetheless.
  8. Do you free dive or use traps to catch them? Nice!
  9. Red sox are like Matthew's bows. They used to be good, they are popular, and biz loves them.
  10. Corn has been so modified now a days they can grow it rather quickly. I have even seen it harvested in January if field conditions are appropriate. I would say yes
  11. Thanks for sharing. Pictures look awesome.
  12. kpkot

    Academy 2019

    Your funny you should see my bank account! I'm not afraid of identity theft if there's nothing there.
  13. kpkot

    Academy 2019

    When I grow up I want to be like Biz
  14. I bet he leaves after this year and opts out to shop other teams.
  15. I blame the one that started this thread!