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  1. Isn't a "leased land gobbler" that's not on public, essentially a "private land tom" as well? Asking for a friend.
  2. Thought it was what's for dinner haha
  3. We did a charter. What a blast. Everyone got a lobster too we checked pots at end of trip. 400 pollock the boat caught. Cooked everything st the rental we got.
  4. Watch him. I love #wolcisms they are one of my favorite things to read on this site. @wolc123 don't take this personally
  5. It's chilly but not awful. I swam in it. Fueled by a few beers it's not terrible.
  6. Vacation in Maine for the week. Caught it on a spinner bait. No idea what I'm doing haha
  7. kpkot


    Wtf I'm a buy once cry once, but those prices I can buy 2 sets of danners haha.
  8. kpkot


    I'm kinda with you here. I have fallen out of it a bit . Vodka and Miller lites have filled my iPa void latley.
  9. kpkot


    I'm a lazy stand hunter. I let them come to me. Sitting in a funnel with some snacks, they are bound to come. On a side note I had a pair of Minnetonka mocs with a decent outdoor sole on them, I think they were "driving moccasins ". I would recommend a sole like that if you do decide to stalk in them.
  10. I believe it was a form I registered with that came with the safe at the time of the sale.
  11. Interesting fact I didn't know until a couple years ago. European butter, cheese, dairy is required to be organic.
  12. Best butter hands down. Crazy pricey but good stuff. I like it salted
  13. Don't forget to add this in your price per lb of venison tally this year. I hope your rewarded for your kind gesture.
  14. Sounds like a great deal. I have a lower end liberty. I registered with them and they have my combo in a secured account if I ever forget. My lock is manual not digital. It has a decent fireproof rating and does what I need.
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