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  1. kpkot

    Happy birthday SmokinTN !

    Happy birthday have a great day
  2. kpkot

    Steve Rinella.......

    My mom makes this dip called "braunswagger"(idk spelling). She uses liverwurst and I think horseradish and some other spices. That dip is amazing.
  3. kpkot

    The Closet

    That's what I call a walk in closet.
  4. Going to try the afternoon sit. They are finally cutting the corn by me.
  5. kpkot

    Ok entertain me here..

    Just had them surrounding me Saturday. They are fun to watch.
  6. kpkot

    What's your ML load?

    100 gr of triple seven powder. 290 grain barnes. seems heavy in comparison with everyone else's weight. Haven't taken a deer with the barnes style yet.
  7. That is a big doe. Since weighing i think my biggest is 123#
  8. kpkot

    Visual or audio?

    In all honesty I think I hunted one day where you could hear them coming. lots of rain or the ground just stayed moist and quiet.
  9. What meets the "positive reply" criteria? It seems only the opinions that match your own, are "positive". You should have more of an open mind, its a discussion.
  10. kpkot

    Live from the butcher block

    How do you prepare the shanks? I always ground mine.
  11. What's your opinion on the fall wild turkey take changed to one bird? If you look at it from a conservation standpoint g man makes sense. Even financially it would be beneficial if the population rebounded and less restocking is required.
  12. kpkot

    Where can I buy lard?

    Where are you located? My brother owns a pig farm in WNY
  13. kpkot

    Flying squill pics

    Only seen one before once. they infiltrated my uncles cabin. that squill shit is nasty
  14. kpkot

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Roasted a chicken