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  1. kpkot


    I would agree it's a great beer. I like to try different beers , but if I don't see anything that PEEKS my interest I'll grab ole reliable (HB). Plus it being so popular it's fresh all the time. I can usually find it brewed within a couple weeks of current date.
  2. kpkot


    smooth like butter
  3. kpkot

    What's for dinner tonight?

    @2012_taco Tim I could not send picture via email for some reason. Here is recipe.
  4. kpkot

    Finally dropped something !!

    Your dog could pass for a snow decoy
  5. kpkot

    Stupid Truck/car mods

    Like someone else said to each his own. Definitely made me wonder. the skis idea seems logical.
  6. kpkot

    Stupid Truck/car mods

    Lol I had a 87 & 91 cavalier. Ha ha Kaufmans store in background. I remember that place.
  7. kpkot

    Stupid Truck/car mods

    I saw this at car wash today. WTF? A car top carrier over bed??? Anyone else see anything out there not making any sense?
  8. I get awful cell reception with sprint at my property. Verizon isnt that much better. I would be nervous to purchase one and have no coverage. That's why I haven't taken the plunge.
  9. kpkot

    protecting tree stands from theft

    I use cheap stands on perimeters and put cams towards middle of property. I'd say half my neighbors I would trust the others are either scumbags or people that hunt but dont own the property. I have had one stand with climbing sticks also two cams stolen. People suck sometimes
  10. kpkot

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I found out they have a williamsville location. I found it better personally
  11. kpkot

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Outstanding job there