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  1. The pistol sets go for crazy money. My 357 is a full set and I think it's doubled in value since I bought it.
  2. I own 4 revolvers a .22, .357, .44 and a .177 bb replica. I love their accuracy and forgiveness. Its a heavy framed revolver so it absorbs alot of the recoil. The hammer is a bit unique as is the cylinder release after you get used to that it's a great revolver. I think @Buckmaster7600 could speak on the semi automatic pistols.
  3. What kind of meat is on that sandwich? That's alot of snails to eat.
  4. I have the pitboss only because there were no black stones left. I like it
  5. I am hoping Bill is right, I don't need any sly turkeys here. I'm on private land looking for a stuuuuuupid tom to walk in front of my gun. So far a beautiful am .
  6. My first bird ever was 1 3/8 . I didn't realize at all what I had at the time. I'm still "chasing the dragon".
  7. Happy Mothers Day. Looks like a heavy bird. Way to go
  8. Stop! These are how legendary stories begin.
  9. kpkot


    I agree completely. I felt like it tasted like the pineapple rind more than pineapple.
  10. Just curious why you did the back wall in metal. Looks good nice job
  11. Not to derail thread but another use its great for is prying old fence posts out. Pulls them out like butter. Edit didn't see above post
  12. They are great if you ever get your atv stuck. 2 straps and you use it like a come along. I've used it to jack up tractors many of times too. If you own property it's a useful tool.
  13. Yesterday was a perfect day for a little hike and some burgers. Zoom in you can see 4 seasons treestand down below.
  14. Yes treeman is. My kids loved it water was a bit chilly in June but still alot of fun.
  15. I camped at treeman state park 2 years ago. Very nice trail system in that park. We hiked Taughannock Falls , an easy but very enjoyable hike. Cool history on how they named the waterfalls. Have fun
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