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  1. kpkot

    Earth Day

    also this posted sign. love to know where this floated from. Murray marsh.... never heard of it
  2. kpkot

    Earth Day

    Never saw a gar before in lake Erie. That's cool
  3. kpkot

    Earth Day

    Anyone able to ID this fish? How about the duck?
  4. kpkot

    Earth Day

    Filled two black garbage bags with junk from lake Erie shores today. A few cool things I found: Lots of shotgun wads. Lots of bait containers for worms. Too many straws...
  5. kpkot

    And on Easter this happened.....

    Lol! I have seen foxes all over our hood lately. I had bunny fur all over my lawn two days ago- I know my old labs can't move fast enough to catch them. old lady across street is out of her mind- she has a little dog. She talked it up like a rabid blood thirsty beast was on the loose.
  6. kpkot

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Lmao what's to be proud of?
  7. Make sure you shoot that bad boy. Buddy got a new Remington 870 lemon that's been back to factory twice. congrats
  8. kpkot

    Hide tanning instructions

    Very cool that your utilizing this part of the animal. Our local conservation club sells hides to a buyer every year. It fetches a decent amount when you have a couple hundred hides. Love when the animal is given proper respect, and all parts are used.
  9. kpkot

    Deer meat this year.

    That looks like the inner loins for sure
  10. kpkot

    Deer meat this year.

    I am with you 100%. I find at times that although it can be the most tender, it also can pick up a gamey taste. For best results remove asap. I remember leaving a doe overnight once and the tenderloins tasted like the smell from gutting the deer. Couldn't even eat them- live and learn
  11. kpkot

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Q: Whats the difference between the Boston Red Sox and a mosquito? A: A mosquito stops sucking.
  12. kpkot

    2019 Baseball Thread

    "A win is a win" -BizRoworld
  13. kpkot

    2019 Baseball Thread

    really excited!
  14. kpkot

    2019 Baseball Thread

    please bizzy. all their talent? we are missing 5 starters and just ran the table on you!
  15. kpkot

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Just thought I'd give this thread a bump @Biz-R-OWorld