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  1. As long as there is not a bolt loaded you should be fine lowering or raising to the stand... As far as decocking I used to use the heavy decocking bolt but they sometimes skip off the ground and can be a pain to find if it's dark... But the bag with a field point you just walk up point blank and shoot it in and it's done... Always decock after hunting even in the morning if you plan to go out in the afternoon. It is not good for them to be cocked for extended periods.
  2. I paid $750 for a full strut on a wooden base that my son shot 4 years ago. I am sure it has gone up since then as everything else has.
  3. Remember he is more afraid of you than you are of him.....
  4. Does Dish Network have MSG yet? We dumped them years ago only because we couldn't watch hockey on MSG and it didn't seem like they were ever going to make a deal to get that channel back. Would consider switching back if they have MSG back.
  5. I just got some Hornady SST 12 gauge delivered this week from Bud's $13.25/box... Didn't think that was too awful bad in today's day and age.
  6. I had a hen with a few poults, that could not have been more than a week old, walk across my yard this past weekend. Really strange to see this late, but better than not seeing at all. First ones I have seen all summer.
  7. Pop a fireball in your mouth. You get nothing whatsoever. No burning, no cinnamon, no nothing. That's what definitely confirmed no taste for me when I had it.
  8. I picked up a 33hp hydro Kubota with a front loader and brush hog a year ago. No complaints so far. Actually enjoyed using that for snow over the comfort of the pickup but I am sure that will wane over time. And for $35k I am sure you could step up to the 39hp model if you wanted.
  9. With mine it seems the double yokers crank out pretty frequently when young chickens first start laying then the doubles peter out.
  10. I just have a lamp with an 8 watt LED bulb on a timer that comes on early am through the winter months to give them the artificial light to keep them laying strong. Not saying I have never put a heat lamp in there when it was extremely cold, but it really is not necessary and haven't done that in years. If they are fully feathered they will survive the cold.
  11. Prices have doubled from a year ago. Go to a local feed store. You can get generic Roundup for around $80 for 2.5 gallons of concentrate. Works just as good. Wish I would have bought a couple cases last year.
  12. Packers play the 49ers and Bucs the Rams
  13. Should be put out of his misery... Having to walk around with all that weight on his head.
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