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  1. With mine it seems the double yokers crank out pretty frequently when young chickens first start laying then the doubles peter out.
  2. I just have a lamp with an 8 watt LED bulb on a timer that comes on early am through the winter months to give them the artificial light to keep them laying strong. Not saying I have never put a heat lamp in there when it was extremely cold, but it really is not necessary and haven't done that in years. If they are fully feathered they will survive the cold.
  3. Prices have doubled from a year ago. Go to a local feed store. You can get generic Roundup for around $80 for 2.5 gallons of concentrate. Works just as good. Wish I would have bought a couple cases last year.
  4. Packers play the 49ers and Bucs the Rams
  5. Should be put out of his misery... Having to walk around with all that weight on his head.
  6. Make sure you locktite all the screws. Lots of vibrations with every shot.
  7. Bummer for sure but hopefully that big 9 will still give you or your son a crack at him, not to mention all the others that just seem to show up with never being seen on a camera.
  8. Get some NAP thunderheads. Rinse the mud off and slap 3 new blades in and he can let it fly again. Found that to be the easiest route for young hunters. My kids have stuck more than a few in the ground while the adrenaline was a rushing....
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