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  1. Yes I agree that video vs pictures makes all the difference. I use IMovie for all my editing. Thanks for watching and commenting!
  2. https://youtu.be/Z6flgan1xsk This is a collection of 1 years worth of trail camera videos from our property in the Southern Adirondacks. Almost got every critter at one time or another. Thanks for watching!
  3. I hope to do one on it before spring. Thanks so much for watching and commenting.
  4. Thanks so much that was fun to do. One of my most popular video was the one I did of my dad’s BLR and I carried around an old deer head with my GoPro on its head. I guess maybe I had too much time on my hands lol Thanks for watching and commenting!
  5. https://youtu.be/1ZUdbRiHoLQ This past deer season I was blessed to take this buck in 3A of NY. Not many bucks in that particular area but we managed to find a nice one. Thanks for watching!
  6. https://youtu.be/kbhUmjTbmDY I was very fortunate to spend the morning with Wildlife Encounters Taxidermy in the Hudson Valley of NY. McKensie Turner did a fine job explaining the ins and outs of mounting my wife’s 2021 buck. I hope you enjoy the video! I never knew how much work went into taxidermy!
  7. Thanks so much! I was just thinking about that too! It’s crazy timing because I’m in the market for another one since my wife likes it and I want mine back lol! I swear 1/4 of the comments are about the rifle! I think I’ll do the video soon but maybe I’ll add another to the gun cabinet first lol!
  8. We are almost neighbors then. Yes there is some tough country in our area
  9. Thanks for watching and commenting- my favorite is what my wife borrowed from me. CZ 550 FS in 270 with 150 gr. Bullets. Weaver fixed 4 scope
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