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  1. Congrats! I hunt across the ridge in Greene County, always nice to see people get the big ones on the mountains !
  2. Great video of your Buck and your fathers as well. I hunt over in 4R so I know exactly the challenges of hunting in the mountains. A buck is a trophy in the big woods where they are few and far between!
  3. Happy Birthday G-Man! We have the same birthday and first name too ! LOL
  4. I have a few on my cams all summer long but, I prefer to go later during the season when its colder and their winter coat comes in before they den up.
  5. I guess I'll take one for the team and post up where the crappiest camera is...
  6. Sounds like the LIE in the background. Just hope they don't get hit with a car before a broadhead!
  7. Looks great! Just gotta move the cam a tad closer so we can see those racks!
  8. 1. As a NYC resident who grew up hunting, drop me a line and I'd be more than happy to discuss at length your questions. Now for a quick guide to some of your questions: Locations- anything above Westchester Co (Bow only) is good for a beginner with a rifle or shotgun. Get a DEP permit to hunt watershed areas. Between that and state land, you'll have 1000s of acres to hunt. Field dressing/Skinning/Quartering/Taxidermy- Youtube to field dress and skin out. Its NY not the midwest so man up and drag that trophy out! If you have to quarter out a deer then you're physically just old, weak or lazy. Being that you're on public land no ATVs to assist so don't try and get cute with that move either! As far as taxidermy then its all relative to the type of mount you want. I know a few real good ones that I use. The same applies to butchers. Neither are near the city but, are in between the hunting areas and here. Its worth the trip back up after the season, trust me. And just a few very simple and basic words of advice: Patience-don't get discouraged. You have to let nature come to you sometimes, not always that person out there seeking. As a beginner its best to sit back and learn through observation. It takes years and experience to master the walk and stalk. Keep your hunting gear and clothes completely separate from your other stuff. Leave in a garbage bag if you have to and use odorless detergent. Scientifically will only give you a 10-15% advantage but, maybe that's all you need to score. And the 3 most important words of advice......give thanks for the opportunity to go hunting and harvest wild game. Appreciate that organic, free range, no GMO meal better than anything else you ever ate. Respect the environment and leave it better than when you walk in. Just being out in the woods, smelling the fresh air and away from this rat race is all you need. Hunting is multi generational sport that builds some of the best bonds between, family and friends. It also becomes super addicting if you don't score in your first year. Buck fever is real!
  9. I've shot a few in my day in the Catskills. They're animals built to survive outside. You can literally drag them through anything with anything and the hide will be fine. Just don't test that theory down I-87 though !
  10. Border Collies? Sorry but, not the right breed for the job. Anatolian Shepards are wolf killers and have been protecting herds for 1000's of years......Border collies are the size of coyotes...LOL
  11. The best venison comes from the deer you harvested.
  12. I would recommend Delaware County. Its 3 to 3 1/2 hrs from Brooklyn. Decent bucks and a wide variety of wild game. You can still get a decent plot of land at a reasonable price. I'd hurry up though, over the last 5 years the NYC DEP has bought up a lot of the old farms. Which is great if you want to hunt more land. However say good bye to your own food plots and hello to pressured hunting.
  13. I just cut out the back strap of the first one that walks by, grill it for lunch and set the carcass up for coyote bait.....on good days Apples, sandwich, all of my nieces candy left over from halloween, home made venison jerky, water and a 5 hr energy drink. Love the coffee but, boy does it make me have to take a dump, and piss every 2 hours.
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