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  1. Perfect as a starter and the 410 adapters are pretty slick allowing the youngster to start with 410 then progress to 20 gauge...kinda 2 guns in 1
  2. Im in Ontario,NY just outside of Webster,NY
  3. Thanks for the Thanks for your interest.I will be adding pics soon. Not sure if my FFL will ship.I will ask him if he will ship to another FFL and get back to you. If not looks like you are in Buffalo,NY so the ride wouldnt be too bad.They are perfect for the youngsters and the 410 adapters can get them real comfortable with the shotguns if they are just starting out.
  4. I have a twin set of Hatfield 20 gauge single shot shotguns that I bought for my boys last year and they have no interest in them. Both come in factory box,one has never been shot and the other has less than a box of ammo field tested through it by me. Folding style,very light,mild recoil and also has a ventilated rib. I am also including a set of bore adapters which allows 410 ammo to be shot also. I use an FFL super close by in Ontario,NY that does long gun transfers for $15 per shotgun. First $200 cash for the pair including adapters or $125 cash for one including adapter. Ron(585)626-8814
  5. Yeah its an awesome setup and Ive priced it well.Thanks and good hunting!!!
  6. I have a 28" Prohunter Encore 209x50 muzzleloader barrel for sale.It is stainless/fluted and has been shot very very little and is in excellent condition. Included is one piece scope mount and 1.5-4.5 x32 camo Bushnell scope(circle X reticle). This barrel has the easy twist off breech plug requiring no tools and makes it super easy to clean bore. Very,very accurate barrel. This barrel fits the original encore frame,prohunter frame and endeavor frame. I no longer muzzleload hunt so I have no need for it. About $450 invested in whole setup.......first $275 cash. Ron(585)626-8814
  7. ATTENTION: I have 2 of these crossbows left so if you are still looking I can set one up ready to shoot.Thanks
  8. deerhuntNYhard

    Hunting with the Airbow

    Received my new toy on Friday.Can't wait to shoot it!!!!
  9. deerhuntNYhard

    Hunting with the Airbow

    Shawnhu I saw that and cancelled my preorder for the Airbow and repurchased it w/15% off w/free shipping on leap year/day.These days every little savings counts.
  10. deerhuntNYhard

    Hunting with the Airbow

    Is the air bow a gun or a bow? Neither. Should it be allowed to hunt with in only regular big game season or any season including archery?When it comes down to it the DEC will make its decision by determining whether they consider the air bow as a firearm or archery equipment.The DEC has already classified the crossbow as archery equipment.The air bow fires an arrow which means it has its limitations(less than 40 yards) and is a close encounter type weapon exactly like a 400fps shooting crossbow.With the air bow the arrow slides on a tubular rail that guides the arrow while the crossbow has a grooved rail that guides the arrow.Both the air bow and crossbow allow the hunter to have a preloaded weapon that has a stock and requires the pull of a trigger to release the arrow.One does it with the force of air and one does it with the force of limbs.Both the air bow and crossbow kill with a broad head through blood hemoraging.It is pretty obvious that this air bow will eventually be considered archery equipment just like the crossbow and not a firearm.A firearm has much greater range as it fires an aerodynamic bullet at blazing speeds down a barrel through ignition and kills with the shock of the bullet.In fact I think the crossbow resembles the air bow a lot more than the crossbow resembling the compound or longbow.Just my two cents.
  11. deerhuntNYhard

    Hunting with the Airbow

    Grouse Obviously you think hunting is a test of one's skill and I agree with you to an extent, however there are many hunters who could care less about the challenge involved in taking a deer and would jump at any advantage they could as long as they put meat in the freezer.We all hunt for different reasons so as long as we satisfy our own love for the hunt let's not worry or bash the others who hunt for whatever reason.
  12. deerhuntNYhard

    Hunting with the Airbow

    We can go on and on with this but the fact is that is my opinion and I respect your opinion.I have been hunting many years and that is how I feel and it comes down to the individual on what hunting means to that person.I have NO issues with someone hunting with an air bow during archery season when obviously you one is right or wrong but don't be surprised when that air bow is legal to hunt with during archery in NY state.Remember the day when the long bow archer was ticked about the compound? then came along the crossbow which shoots an arrow propelled by limbs but fired with a trigger now an air bow which shoots an arrow propelled by air and fired with a trigger......change is inevitable so we must accept it and continue to enjoy our love for hunting.
  13. deerhuntNYhard

    Hunting with the Airbow

    Really???? I stated sales of licenses in NY have been down in past few years,looks like the data pretty much proves that to me (NY resident only): 2008/2009.......545,731 2009/2010.......483,723 2010/2011.......482,743 2011/2012.......483,187 2012/2013.......531,815( a positive year from the previous but still almost 14,000 less sales than in 2008/2009) data however I was told directly from a DEC officer that numbers have been declining. Doesn't this trend show you that there were LESS hunters in 2012/2013 than there were in 2008/2009 with stable to declining numbers in between.????? Pretty straight forward.
  14. deerhuntNYhard

    Hunting with the Airbow

    No I didn't say that, what I said is if someone puts in the time they will eventually see deer.I put in the time because today hunting is a lot different than it was 10 years ago.Ten years ago I saw more deer in a weekend than I see in a whole deer season now.Now on opening day I might here 15 shots where 10 years ago on opening day it sounded like a war with ongoing shooting all day long.Why is this happening???? Because the deer aren't pressured like they once were when there were more hunters in the woods.It's pretty simple...LESS HUNTERS=LESS DEER MOVEMENT=LESS INTERESTED......if we can attract more of the younger generation to become hunters by implementing new/different weapons that increases everyone's odds then so be it.Why does it matter to you what another hunter uses during the archery season as long as you are happy using your choice of weapon? I have no problem with this air bow simply because it still requires the same basic principles as hunting w/bow/ need to be very close to the deer with a clear shot because it still shoots an arrow.The only thing it eliminates is one being proficient with the aiming and shooting of a bow thus increasing the odds of a harvest.