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  1. https://newyorkcrossbowcoalition.salsalabs.org/crossbowsupportletter/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3BgrmJS6BHZXSrShqI3CMNnOHcOc7WwblUCVdQAJmWfEPneoRFVSQotHY
  2. CAMX crossbows are manufactured in Rochester and carry a full lifetime warranty that even covers the scope! Join or renew and you are not only helping the effort for Full Inclusion, but you are entered this great member only giveaway!
  3. Something that helps to get the arrows out is to wax the arrows prior to shooting. If you don't have one. get an arrow puller from the shop. The help you get a better grip than your bare hand. If you can figure out how to hang the target off the ground, that can also help slow penetration, as the target moving upon impact dissipates some of the energy. You should be fine and good luck!
  4. NYCC will have a table at this Seminar. If you are there, stop by and say Hi!
  5. There is a limited amount of time and resources to be able to take on County Fairs at this time. If someone wants to take on setting up at an event, they can reach out to us and we can discuss it. [email protected]
  6. Of course there will be, It took over 25 years to get the season we have now. We gained legislators supporting full inclusion and NYCC grew by 20% in 2016. Things will never change if we give up now.
  7. The legislative session ended in late June and there was no movement this year
  8. Visit nycrossbowcoalition.com for more information
  9. Reading this I can understand what you are getting at moog. I am taking things to extremes to try and make points of how silly some of the comments are, but in doing so I am stooping to the levels of those I am trying to point out how ridiculous their statements are, but really what difference does it make. To answer the poll one more time, YES I Fully Support Crossbow Full Inclusion! The rest of this dribble is useless. Enough Said, Carry on folks! Over and out!
  10. What difference would it make? I am not promoting crossbow because of the ease or difficulty. I promote crossbow to grow hunters and hopefully keep hunting alive for my grandchildren to enjoy. Is a compound bow easier than a longbow?
  11. Yep, they get the bow season and all other implements are jumbled together.
  12. To me it is not an issue of ease. If easy is the benchmark, then archery season should be for self made bows only, no synthetic or man made materials, no recurves, self made arrows and self knapped arrow heads using real feathers attached with hide blue and wrapped like the indigenous people made. Why isn't being a bowyer part of the program?
  13. Jason Luck wrote, "I used a crossbow for the first time last year and for me it was not easier. " He already expressed his opinion to you.
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