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  1. Senator Mannion's bill, S5802 that allows those 60 & over to use a crossbow full season passed the Senate yesterday by a margin of 59-3. Although its not the bill we have been pushing, it's the first sign of movement since 2014 and is movement in the positive direction. The Woerner "Same-As" bill A6815 is stalled in the Assembly. There are still people working hard within the Assembly to get it to the floor for a vote. When you look at the margin of support in the Senate, it should easily pass if it's put up for a vote. PLEASE CALL THE SPEAKER OF THE ASSEMBLY'S OFFICE AND REQUEST THEY MOVE BILL A6815 TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE!! 518-455-3791 There are only a few hours left before they end the session for 2023. Please don't put this off, there is no telling when they will conclude!
  2. The 2023 Legislative Session is scheduled to end on June 8th. These final few weeks is when 90% of all legislation will be moved to the Assembly and Senate Floor for votes. Now is the time to make sure we reach out to the EnCon Committee members and Leadership in both the Assembly and Senate, your legislators and the bill sponsors to move Crossbow Legislation, A2940 & S3191, to the floor for a vote. But time is limited and IMMEDIATE ACTION is imperative! Some of the oppositions past friends are no longer in Albany, giving us the opportunity to show the vast support for crossbow inclusion that exists. But this will take everyone, and I mean EVERYONE to reach out TODAY! I know there are many that believe we can not overcome NYB's efforts. That is only because of their HYPE. The fact is, NYB membership has consistently shrunk since 2005. Their financial reports from 2005 through 2020 indicate their membership income from membership has declined by at least 54%, while NY Crossbow Coalition's 2019 income from membership exceeded NYB's 2005 income from membership. Although there are many factors that prevent a direct correlation from membership income to total membership, it does show the trend in their support vs ours. Don't believe the NYB chest pounding rhetoric! NYCC membership far outnumbers NYB membership. Why are they perceived to be so big? Besides having had entrenched allies in Albany for a couple of decades, NYB's diminishing membership is LASER FOCUSED on contacting legislators when needed. And not just 25% of them. ALL OF THEM! Crossbow supporters need to SPEAK UP IN UNISON NOW! We Need EVERYONE to follow the appropriate link, resident or non-resident, below and submit your support letter. These letters will be delivered to the Leadership, all of the EnCon Committee members, the bill sponsors and your representatives in both the Assembly and Senate! After submitting your letters, please follow up with a phone call to the offices of the Leadership, Encon Chairs and Bill Sponsors, requesting passage of A2940 & S3191 before the end of the session! NY Residents use this link. newyorkcrossbowcoalition.salsalabs.org/salsa-a2490-s3191 Non NY Residents use this link newyorkcrossbowcoalition.salsalabs.org/salsa-a2490-s3191copy1 After submitting your letters, please take the time to call the following offices and request bills A2940 & S3191 are reported out of committee to the floor for a vote. Senate President - Andrea Stewart-Cousins 518-455-2585 Assembly Speaker - Carl Heastie 518-455-3791 Senate EnCon Chair - Pete Harckham 518-455-2340 Assembly EnCon Chair - Deborah Glick 518-455-4841 S3191 Bill Sponsor - John Mannion 518-455-3511 A2940 Bill Sponsor - Carrie Woerner 518-455-5404
  3. https://newyorkcrossbowcoalition.salsalabs.org/crossbowsupportletter/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3BgrmJS6BHZXSrShqI3CMNnOHcOc7WwblUCVdQAJmWfEPneoRFVSQotHY
  4. CAMX crossbows are manufactured in Rochester and carry a full lifetime warranty that even covers the scope! Join or renew and you are not only helping the effort for Full Inclusion, but you are entered this great member only giveaway!
  5. Something that helps to get the arrows out is to wax the arrows prior to shooting. If you don't have one. get an arrow puller from the shop. The help you get a better grip than your bare hand. If you can figure out how to hang the target off the ground, that can also help slow penetration, as the target moving upon impact dissipates some of the energy. You should be fine and good luck!
  6. NYCC will have a table at this Seminar. If you are there, stop by and say Hi!
  7. There is a limited amount of time and resources to be able to take on County Fairs at this time. If someone wants to take on setting up at an event, they can reach out to us and we can discuss it. [email protected]
  8. Of course there will be, It took over 25 years to get the season we have now. We gained legislators supporting full inclusion and NYCC grew by 20% in 2016. Things will never change if we give up now.
  9. The legislative session ended in late June and there was no movement this year
  10. Visit nycrossbowcoalition.com for more information
  11. Reading this I can understand what you are getting at moog. I am taking things to extremes to try and make points of how silly some of the comments are, but in doing so I am stooping to the levels of those I am trying to point out how ridiculous their statements are, but really what difference does it make. To answer the poll one more time, YES I Fully Support Crossbow Full Inclusion! The rest of this dribble is useless. Enough Said, Carry on folks! Over and out!
  12. What difference would it make? I am not promoting crossbow because of the ease or difficulty. I promote crossbow to grow hunters and hopefully keep hunting alive for my grandchildren to enjoy. Is a compound bow easier than a longbow?
  13. Yep, they get the bow season and all other implements are jumbled together.
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