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  1. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Reading this I can understand what you are getting at moog. I am taking things to extremes to try and make points of how silly some of the comments are, but in doing so I am stooping to the levels of those I am trying to point out how ridiculous their statements are, but really what difference does it make. To answer the poll one more time, YES I Fully Support Crossbow Full Inclusion! The rest of this dribble is useless. Enough Said, Carry on folks! Over and out!
  2. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    What difference would it make? I am not promoting crossbow because of the ease or difficulty. I promote crossbow to grow hunters and hopefully keep hunting alive for my grandchildren to enjoy. Is a compound bow easier than a longbow?
  3. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Yep, they get the bow season and all other implements are jumbled together.
  4. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    To me it is not an issue of ease. If easy is the benchmark, then archery season should be for self made bows only, no synthetic or man made materials, no recurves, self made arrows and self knapped arrow heads using real feathers attached with hide blue and wrapped like the indigenous people made. Why isn't being a bowyer part of the program?
  5. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Jason Luck wrote, "I used a crossbow for the first time last year and for me it was not easier. " He already expressed his opinion to you.
  6. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Well since I know we haven't paid anything, according to you, someone must have given them something to keep it from getting any traction
  7. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    FYI, You are entitled to your opinion on this, no matter how wrong you are. I myself did not reply as this is not my senator. I did not forward it to our membership. I am fairly positive NYB received a copy of it from me if I did as I know they have trolls on our email list and they receive every correspondence I send. I know there are NYB officers in the Senators district and those individuals would have received it directly from him. Blame them and the other NYB leadership if they did not get it to you, not me. You are more than welcome to keep track of what we send our membership by signing up for our emails! Email Sign up form
  8. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Jason Luck wrote, "I used a crossbow for the first time last year and for me it was not easier. " The only use of the word HARDER is in your reply!
  9. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    How will they guarantee all lifetime license holders are heard from when their tags are mailed to them and they don't have to pick them up at a licensing agent? Why stop at hunting license purchasers? What about hikers, bird watchers, foliage viewers, dog walkers, bike riders, horse back riders and all other people this will affect across the state be included in the Democratic process you advocate for? Why don't you have it put on the ballot in November and allow all affected parties voice their opinion?
  10. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Are you implying crossbow full inclusion is not happening because those opposed to it have paid to stop it?
  11. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Totally understand you points, but also take into consideration, the poll here does not break down the detail that the Senators does. His original question shows 66% support expansion, and 19% oppose. Yet 52% support full inclusion and 29% support DEC regulation with separate "Traditional Archery" season which adds up to 81% support some form of "Expansion" although only 52% support full inclusion. The purpose for posting the Senators poll is because people here said this poll means nothing to legislators. I merely posted another poll from a Legislator that shows the numbers are not exact, but trend in the same direction. If the DEC was permitted to regulate as they should, Full Inclusion would have already been here as indicated in their 5 year deer palns and also in their NYS DEC Department requested Bill S5301
  12. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    How many others would also be willing to pay? Not just those here, but across the board? My money is on the fact people would oppose it.
  13. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Believe what you want. Are you willing to add a dollar to your license to pay for the survey? nobody works for free.
  14. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Hmmmm. A few years ago the argument was that no bow hunters want crossbows in archery season! What changed, or were people misrepresenting the desire of the majority of bow hunters and the majority does support crossbows in Archery Season?
  15. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Last I knew, 52% is a majority. You also left out the 9% of unsure votes. Another interesting point is 29% believe that there should be a separate season for "Traditional Archery". So is that stating that 29% believe that crossbows should share the same season as compounds, and long bow and recurves get a separate one?