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  1. Do You Vote? Are You Registered?

    I will throw the the bullshit flag on this. People will eventually get fed up, and when both NYC and Upstate only turn out 30% of the voters in November, NYC is not a shoe in. NYC says Upstate can't beat them so no need to try. Upstate believes they can't beat NYC, so they don't try. When Upstate people finally realize the power of the vote, and they decide to engage, I will get behind this kind of movement, but not today. Nobody gave Trump a chance either, but the rest of the country made it happen. NY would have gone for Trump is 10% more of the LAZY people that claim to be fed up had got off their asses and voted. In high stakes poker, you have to know when to play your hand and when to get out. Today's NY is not the time to make that move. Thank you for your thoughts, but I will not vote yes for CC on the November ballot.
  2. Do You Vote? Are You Registered?

    The key word! When less than 40% of 6000 signatures on a petition from a SAFE ACT rally were registered to vote, and they refused to register while at the rally because "their vote doesn't count" I am not willing to bank my kids future on "HOPEFULLY"
  3. Do You Vote? Are You Registered?

    That does not answer my questions. When less than 30% of NY residents vote, apathy runs rampant. I am not willing to take the risk on the CC when history shows that not enough people will stand up and work for change by making their voices heard, which only allows the party bosses to remove more of my rights all at once. Constitutional Convention, in a different time and political climate, YES. In today's NY. Not just NO, but HELL NO!
  4. Do You Vote? Are You Registered?

    How are Convention Delegates selected? How many wind up being politicians that work to protect their gravy train and take more away from the people? How many are selected by the Party Bosses? How many are actually going to work for the changes the people believe should be made?
  5. This was posted on Facebook yesterday. Almost every reply is how great a shot it is. Anyone that replied that shot should not be attempted with any archery tackle received a bunch of pushback. People even said, hey, it had to be a good shot, he got the deer. And I thought you anti crossbow people claim only crossbow shooters take unethical long shots. Not only did this guy do it with a compound, he has being praised for doing it.
  6. How many people are not registered to vote? If you are not Why? Voting is the biggest thing everyone can do to ensure their part of the process and their voice is heard. I hear all the time "My Vote Doesn't Count" "We Can't Outvote Downstate" Well the truth of the matter is only 30% of NYers vote. That holds true Downstate as much as Upstate. If 10% more upstate people voted, the tide would turn. The myth that upstate can't beat downstate is part of the media hype that keeps people from the polls. If you are not registered, tomorrow is the deadline to be eligible to vote on November 7th. Please register. It takes less than 5 minutes online. Lets make 2017 a year that upstate begins to be heard. Please Register and Please Vote. https://www.dmv.org/ny-new-york/voter-registration.php
  7. Just 19 Days left to enter the New York Crossbow Coalition 2018 Early Bird Membership Raffle for the winners choice of an Excalibur GRZ2 or PSE Fang Crossbow package. Additional details on this offering can be found at nycrossbowcoalition.com Deadline for entry is November 1st
  8. Otto, Your link is to the New York State Conservation Council or NYSCC NYCC is the New York Crossbow Coalition. NYCC's web site is nycrossbowcoalition.com We only have ONE Position!
  9. Length and width are arbitrary numbers. Length is there to prevent crossbow pistols, which don't have the necessary energy to do the job. As for width, what difference does it make if it is 13 or 17 inches wide? I talked about max draw weight because that is what produces the energy in recurve crossbows, as it does in traditional equipment. Width is no different than axle to axle on compounds. The short riser compounds of today are achievable even 5 years ago, but that technology continues to evolve too. No matter what, arrows are all subsonic projectiles. The have similar flight trajectories and the KE is not that far off. KE is also not as important with an arrow as a bullet, as the arrow is not looking for knock down power. but for penetration, it is killing by hemorrhage, where KE in a bullet has a greater effect on the because bullets kill by shock, not hemorrhage. As for the deer numbers being killed, Ohio has had full inclusion crossbow for 40 years. It was only a year or 2 ago that crossbow take equaled vertical bows. And they also have no more accidents with crossbows over vertical bows, nor do they see any increase in wounding rates than vertical bows. My point about the other items involved today over even 20 years ago. Hunting in general has changes over time, and will continue. Even though you have to draw and hold the bow, the other technologies have increased the effectiveness of the hunt over the years. Crossbows will become part of that evolution someday, and everyone will go on doing what they do, and hunting as they choose, and very little will change.
  10. As for the mandatory bow course, NYCC has always pushed for that. It is certain legislators and NYB that do now want crossbows to use the bow privilege, which inorder to purchase, requires a bow course. All legislation since 2012 has included using a bow privilege to make sure everyone has to have taken the bow class. there is too much difference between harvesting a deer with a broadhead and a bullet. That info is taught in the bow class!
  11. Why leave the restrictions? A compound crossbow shooting 185 lb draw can achieve 455 fps where a recurve at 290 lbs is only 405 fps. What good does a 200 lb draw weight do in slowing crossbow superiority as you stated before it does?
  12. And I hope he doesn't hunt from a tree stand, use cover scents, camo clothing, deer lure, game camera etc. You need to learn to read the woods, scout with your eyes, and understand the wind. In 1956 when the first NY bow season was created, this is how the tradition was born. No carbon fiber arrows. and most people had to learn to make their own arrows, and fletch them. There is nothing left today that even resembles the origins of the sport.
  13. FYI, This is not the DEC's doing. DEC support's full inclusion crossbow as stated in their last Deer Management study. The laws need to be changed to allow DEC to put into effect any expansion of crossbow use. Just Sayin!
  14. Gonna Throw the BS Flag on that one. The Youth Season was implemented at the same time the Bow Opener was moved from October 15 to October 1. It was not arbitrarily slammed into bow season. I will NEVER throw kids under the bus for my own benefit. If I had to choose, I would say move bow back to the day after Columbus Day before I would ever say KIDS DON'T COME FIRST. They are the future of hunting, which if you haven't noticed, is diminishing in this country.
  15. NO, far from that. I am not interested in a poll, I am interested in trying to get those that want Crossbows Full inclusion to engage, join us and help see this to the end. I have to laugh, because this whole thing reminds me for the Rolling Stones song Satisfaction. Just change the words a little. "He Can't Be a Man because HE does not Shoot the Same Bow as ME