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  1. I call bullshit!! You see an awful lot of deer for being blind in 1 eye... that or you gotta lock that gate behind you as soon as you enter your deer compound.
  2. Breezy morning in 8f but it's beautiful out. Alot of action around me so far. Seen 4 diffrent bucks all with in 30 mins. Let this guy pass. See you next year maybe
  3. Just left jerry's deer processing to pick up my doe from yesterday. He does really good job. Everything is packaged good and the meat is clean. Very pleased will be going back there again. His shop was quite a site to see too. Who would have know that man has an operation running like that in a garage. Good for him. I backed out with my meat and another guy was pulling in with a deer on his car carrier. A+ Jerry!
  4. Surrounded by all the apple orchards just off county line
  5. You guys are more then welcome to come sit in my video stand and tape me if all your looking to do is see something....ill let you take a doe. I see deer daily. I sit and watch this thread all day in the stand(also float Craigslist always looking for that deal) and see that you guys never see anything and feel horrible. I'm not trying to gloat I just feel bad for you poor guys that put so much time in. I dedicate that doe to this fourm in hopes that you all have a great luck this season. Stay tuned for my monster buck tomorrow! Taking my 8 year old out with me. Hope he's my little rabbit foot.
  6. It was an after gutting pic. Lots of blood. Not for this site. Lesson learned
  7. No I hunt in Ontario. No snow in Henrietta today
  8. I apologize i will take it down. I don't realize I was just excited. I'll post clean pic later. Again I'm sorry
  9. 11:30 15 yard shot. Ran about 70 yards. She's not huge but she gonna feed my family! Thank you for your sacrifice. I am a forever believer of 10-2 sit. Back in my stand for an hour or so.
  10. Just got into my stand 20 min ago. Walked up on a doe and her fawn in the local grazing station. First deer I have seen in a week. I sit in my stand sun up to sun down faithfully and that's the first movement. I'm in 8F. As I'm typing this o had a nice 8 in that same field. About 100yrd out. Tried to give him a rattle he did not like that at all! Took off complete different direction. Bummer. At least they are on their feet
  11. Thanks everyone. I don't think any of us are doing anything wrong cabin, I just think the deer are doing everything right!
  12. Hey all. My name is Jon jon I have lived in Rochester my whole life and have no plans of ever leaving. I have been hunting since the crisp young age of 12 (31 now) and it all started in the southern tier where my family has 45 acers in Belfast. My father recently just purchased a beautiful 6 acer plot of land in Ontario where I have been doing all my hunting this year. I own my own lawn/plow business so I get plenty of time in my stand. Crests a field in front of me and all swamp beds behind. I have been watching the site the past couple days now to see what kinda activity has been going around. After about 2 days I decided to join the site seeing as how many of you are having the luck I am lately. NONE. Attached is a cam pic of the guy I'm after. Seen him Oct 1 150yards blazing thru my field and have yet to see him again. Good luck this year everyone!