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  1. Nytracker

    From the woods to the wall...

    Wife has the same problem with her rack
  2. Nytracker

    From the woods to the wall...

    Hmmm taxi messed up ... horns are shorter on one side ...nice mount... nice buck.
  3. Nytracker

    Ruger Bearcat or Single Six

    Smacked him in the back of the head while he was running down a log . Notice he still has the acorn he was carrying in his mouth. That was not staged.
  4. Nytracker

    Ruger Bearcat or Single Six

    My favorite squirrel getter. Ruger 22/45 hunter addition.
  5. Nytracker

    Ruger Bearcat or Single Six

    this is my single six liberty.
  6. Nytracker

    How long is to long

    Waiting sucks . I'm still waiting on my European mount from my gun buck . Was suppose to be done end of December. Still no call. I would just call and check in . I'm giving my guy until March 1.
  7. Nytracker

    Near miss truck transmission problem.

    Glad to see they are doing something officially. In the beginning I think the service manager thought I was making it up. I can see how a person could get whiplash from it happening at highway speeds . It was pretty violent.
  8. Nytracker

    Funny animal pics

    Lmao I like it.... and I'm a dog owner
  9. Nytracker

    Ruger Bearcat or Single Six

    Single six for me . I picked up a liberty model a few years back it's a shooter. Came with original box paper work and original bill of sale . Was sold from Ray Hotchkiss gun shop . I played more than double what it cost originally.
  10. Nytracker

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    Was at the bench myself tying some steelehead flies .. need to work on some dries. Short on sulphurs,olives, and caddis.
  11. Nytracker

    I bought a tractor

    Worst one I did was a tractor tire in a field of fresh spread manure. Farmer tried to drive off a field and got stuck in a low wet spot. Blocking a tractor up in the mud took longer than tube and calcium chloride combined. Culprit for that tire was a deer shed . Took 4 of us 6 hrs to change.a tire on a scraper. That was just solid bull work .
  12. Nytracker

    I bought a tractor

    Did commercial truck and farm tires for a couple years back in my late teens . It's a young man's job for sure . Guy I worked for was in his 50s . He was all beaten and broken from years of abuse. It's a no brainer to hire it done.
  13. Nytracker

    If only it could talk........

    I use to hang all the spent shotgun shells on the branches . There was quite a few until the neighbors grandkids collected them all up. I dont leave the brass as I reload .
  14. Nytracker

    If only it could talk........

    When we got our property it was clear cut. Very few trees left standing. The stands that were left behind made the trees not desirable. After 26 years of hunting the poplar trees have grown up thick and have started to choke each other out . The old logging roads I have done my best to keep open . It is so thick the deer travel the logging roads . I have no stands near the old ones . I have 6 ladder stands and they are all on logging roads . I have cleared small spots around trees that were big enough to support stands. My favorite stand I have killed over 50 deer from it . It's on its 2nd ladder stand in this time. I accidentally let the first one grow into the tree. Can't get it out . I use the seat part that's left to hang my day pack. Funny thing I have let multiple people take my spot and i can't recall a single person killing a deer from it other than me . Guess if my old stand could talk ....
  15. Nytracker

    Why No dove season in NY ?

    I think they are protected song bird in ny.