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  1. I was more into duck hunt asteroids on the Atari
  2. Never reach in a net with bare hands to remove a spoon from a laker...
  3. I miss my gsp . I had 5 once about a time . Labs are a little more house friendly... not much .. but a little.
  4. Depends on which gun I'm using ... how far the bird is ... and what kind of shot is presented . My older guns all tend to pattern a little high. My Franchi is nuts on out to 35 yds. I pattern all my guns to 50yds . You would be surprised how many older guns pattern high. I killed alot of cardboard to learn that . Middle of the neck with my browning a5... Ithaca mag ten middle of the neck . Franchi on the head .
  5. Not an expert ... but ... the only way to be sure is to taste it ......if it tastes like crap then we know it's not raisins...
  6. Called mudhole on my rod dryer it's back ordered . Talk to a guy today and he said they have the components only takes 5 minutes to bundle it up and make the kit . All apologies ... said he would put the kit together today and get it out tomorrow .
  7. They must be holdovers or wild to have that much color
  8. Those are some real pretty browns .
  9. Love a big pile of shiny clean brass .... almost like Christmas lights when I was a kid .
  10. You proposed because you didn't want to give the rod back if you split up ?
  11. Thinking about it that was the last rod made for sale ....
  12. Oh I still sold it a few months later. Got back the money . I'm a bit of a soft touch when it comes to a single mom with 2 kids .. l just dont to this day understand how she thought she could afford that rod on her wages to begin with.
  13. I made some for sale ... about a dozen . It became work. I was much more a perfectionist when it was a rod I was selling. Took longer... alot of rework. Rewrappingn because I didn't like something . Just didn't enjoy it anymore . The straw that broke the camel's back was a 4 piece rod I built for a coworker . It was a gift for her boyfriend . High end components sage blank. They broke up 2 weeks after she gave it to him. She.begged me to take it back she needed the money. I nocked off my labor which I didn't charge enough for to begin with . Gave her the cost of materials .
  14. I'm happy to be working ... butttt.... I wouldn't mind a week or two off to catch up on things and fish .