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  1. Black walnut husks.. pine pitch and paraffin... we never let the water boil ... just got it hot enough to steam . Make sure your in old clothes and gloves ... you wont get the stains out
  2. RIP.... heavens just above the trees...
  3. Have I ever told you guys how much I hate snakes...
  4. Cool . I have a camera up I forgot to pull yesterday .. still taking pics since December.
  5. Friend of mine who is a police officer in Rochester put his retirement papers in 2 months ago . Says it's not safe anymore to be a cop. He is African American. Actually had a previous customer confront him in a store while off duty. He is always cc. It was unfortunately in the presence of his wife and kids . All he could do was try to get his family out of the picture . When the on duty showed up the guy was gone . They are currently looking for a house back down here . He doesn't like the idea of raising his family where he has to worry everytime they go grocery shopping .
  6. Dont think he is going to be a hunter ... it's a shame he is big enough at 8 months to handle a big goose with no problem . He is a nervous dog . I think he would be gun shy . He didn't like the local fireworks last night. I haven't hunted water fowl since I lost my lab Rhemy.
  7. Lol looked at that one today ... obviously a scam ... same outfit was running a John deer earlier this week . If only a person could find those kind of deals.
  8. I was looking at a camper on cl in Rochester. Called on. Pics were awesome. Probably 5k less than it was worth. Set up the deal to look at it in the mall parking lot in Henrietta on Saturday morning . Then I got a call back asking me to come up on Friday night 9 pm meet them at a friends house where it was parked .... oh and it they wanted cash. As I recall it was Clinton street . Dont know anything about the area . Told them no way i could do that. Guy kind of got mouthy on the phone . I told him that if it was suck an inconvenience he should sell it to somebody else. Told him goodbye hung up . They left messages 4 times over a week lowering the price 1 k each time. Started looking for campers on cl again and the same camper popped up in Syracuse.. Albany ... Fishkill. Glad I didn't fall for that one ...
  9. Up at 5 am loaded the tractor and on my land by 7 am ... muggy morning . Took the brush hog but didn't use much .. actually wish I left it home this morning . Makes it hard to maneuver with fel . This is my kill plot. It's pretty over grown and not getting much sun . Haven't planted on it in5 or 6 years . But there is still some clover 4 hrs of running fel ... chainsaw and this was all I could get done ... dry and hot
  10. Happy birthday to both of you Does that mean Paula is old enough to drink now ?
  11. Grilled back straps .... onions and shrooms .... homemade onion rings ... done in the deep fryer. Steamed broccoli.... no pics as its alllll gone .