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  1. I almost never use a sling as a shooting aid . As a matter of fact I can't remember last time I did . I keep a sling on all my rifles even while still hunting . The only rifle I don't have a sling on is a browning blr . Dont want that in the way when running the action. Not saying it will be a problem but just don't want a problem as I'm not use to the action type. All my rifles have a claw sling on it . The claw locks onto your clothing doesn't slide around . Best sling ever.
  2. Talk about a chitty day. Must have stepped in yote chit in the dark on the way in . Sitting there in the dark I could smell it. Got light enough to see its on every rung of the ladder stand and the platform. Had 3 groups of deer come in and stop in the brush just off my shooting lane . Turn and run away not giving me a shot . Packed it in at 8:30. Washed boots and camo. Have to sneak back up and clean ladder at some point . If it weren't for bad luck ...
  3. Stayed home myself . On the way to church we had near white out conditions. Watched a car spin out at 40 mph . Dumb ass.
  4. Imagine that ... love the fusions . What grain bullet and how far . Shot placement ?
  5. Heck of a hole in that buck . 10 gauge slug ? Congratulations.
  6. Not hunting gear but the warmest jacket I own is a fishing jacket with primaloft insulation . I dont wear it stealhead fishing unless the temp goes below 20. Wish I could afford the browning hells canyon suit made with primaloft. When my son was stationed in Korea he had suit made for me. Had a tailor measure me and and sent the numbers to the son. Its warm but heavy as hell. Parka/vest/bibs. Cost more to ship it home than it cost to have it made . As I recall it was 70 bucks to have it made.
  7. Walking builds character. I have never ridden a 4 wheeler to hunt . I did have a friend drag a huge doe out with one. I was thankful for that . I hat to drag it a long ways to get it to a spot off of state land. I couldn't have dragged it back up and over that hill to my truck.
  8. Left 2 cams out through the winter . Pulled these cams in spetember. Just got around to looking at the cards.
  9. 22 f this morning. No deer seen. Nearest shot was 1/4mile or so away. Back in for the afternoon. Wife said i lied about the wind laying down .
  10. Went up and pulled camera cards . Cleaned out wifes shooting shack and put in the buddy heater and a full 20 lbs lpg tank . Have some interesting photos on the one that got left out all winter. Found quite a bit of old sign a few new but small scrapes. Wife is questioning going out in the morning . Wind was whipping 30mph a little bit ago . Told her Its suppose to lay down over night . Should be good to go .
  11. Big changes . We use to hunt all day now its a few hours in the morning and evening . Someday I will sneak out and hunt midday. We don't drive deer persay as much as we will sit a couple guys on escape routs and we will still hunt into an area for an hour or so then the the sitters will work towards the first group of pushers while they sit. Only do that one or two days a season . Back when I started hunting never heard of tree stands . Had a cousin that use to pull himself up into an oak tree. All the old timers would admonish him for doing something so unsafe. We use to cover miles while hunting now its hundreds of yards. Use to have drive days dozen hunters or more. Drive entire hill sides. This year it feels off for me I want to hunt wife is going . We are not prepared like years past. I didn't get out for crossbow . New job and home things kept me out . The warm weather didn't put me much in the mood . I will be happy if I get 2 meat deer in the freezer. Monday I have a steelhead float trip planned on the salmon river. Hopefully the snow storm doesn't shut that down.
  12. Wife will be in her hut . I will be in my stand and my best friend of 45 years will be in his blind . He won't hunt past noon and wife will want to go for breakfast around then . Then I will hop back in until dark . Been the same thing for 10 years now .
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