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  1. Now if we can keep the deep freeze off for a month
  2. Last dich effort disked in 20lbs of cerial rye on my wifes food plot last night . Deer have eaten most of my radishes. Clover is popping up nice finally . Just need rain . My kill plot is chewed down pretty good and needs rain . Has been sprinkling here since 7:30 am.
  3. Didn't see pygmy or robc on there... what gives?
  4. Would have had to of been bred in March... where was the picture taken
  5. Now you have me wondering on this one. Picture was 9/14
  6. As this was a youth event there was over 20 kids shooting . Theresa's one true double . Station was set up as shooter was above looking over a small ravine . Shots were straight up almost . Seemed very easy . My first pair came up close together and broke together on first shot. Next pair crossed early and I played catch up,shot behind both birds . All other stations were on report. I did get an offer to buy my old cheap double . Embarrassing to say it's a 80s stoger side by side. I shoot game well with it . Not as pretty as some of the other guns and I gave $125 for it back in 90.
  7. So i shot my first round of sporting clays at a charity event for the boyscouts. While I didn't do as well as I expected I did better than 3 of five in my group who had shot sporting clays before. It was a ball ... humbling at times ... I used my old side-by-side 20 guage. Improve cylinder/modified. By the time we hit the end I was clean on last 3 stations only to miss the last clay do to delay release. I picked my head up to see why the bird didn't release at report and as I did the guy on the button managed to fire the machine. Thoroughly enjoyed the game . Might have to make this a regular thing . I have shot skeet and trap in the past . It was ok ... but this sporting clays thing was a ball.
  8. This weekend I will pull that card ... hopefully I will have better pictures . Rumor has it there's a giant on the hill . Bear in pic is big ... but the pic of the giant i was shown was a much bigger bear.
  9. Any body want to guess a weight on it ? Lol
  10. Congrats ... nice buck ... nice mount
  11. If its smooth a finish mower works ... that said if its rough a brush hog . If your reclaiming brush areas ... you will get more use out of a brush hog . A flail mower will work but i have no experience with them.
  12. hard frost last night ... even covered it took out the last of my tomatoes and peppers . I have a bushel of Sanmarzonnos still in the garage . Making sauce still .