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  1. Water looks low by a foot or better for junction pool at this time of year . Willow doesnt get very deep most places compared to most rivers .
  2. Dang ... nobody fishing ? I love fishing the willow. I have caught some nice browns out of it . Probably the best stream to get a triple on . Brookies brown and rainbows .
  3. Been a while since I got to the bench here are my first try at the check nymphs and jigs .
  4. I can tell you where I am at they won't. They are working on finding the proper testing for a 24 hour under the influence. Not a doctor so I don't know . All that are hired have to sign a zero tolerance no drugs . We don't do random testing . Tested for initial employment and at time of an injury. They also test after an absence of 30 days or more .
  5. I have 3 stoners fighting over the last slice of pizza.
  6. Bullhead as soon as you hear peepers come out. Nightcrawlers above a sinker .
  7. Scored 2 boxes of 17 hmr at big box store... first I have seen them in months .
  8. My son just picked me up a lbs of varget at a big box store ... I text him a wish list with a max amount I will pay for an item then we stop at every gun shop ammo store we pass .
  9. Looks like a nice hold over fish.
  10. Probably last steelhead trip of the season. Water was to low for swinging spey but nymphing was good . Landed 6 for the trip buddy got 2 .
  11. 48 hours after second pheizer ... outside of shot site tenderness mild headache .... all good ... perhaps I didn't notice any symptoms do to the fact I spent 2 days fishing steelhead...
  12. The amish kids up here in southern tier sell pigeons on Craigslist. Check pultry auctions as well . Yea I know ... amish and Craigslist... who knew...
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