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  1. Just heard a flurry of shots on the swamp up the road . For the life of me I cant believe they can see what they are shooting at . I cant see 20 feet from me .
  2. I was thinking the same thing .
  3. Is that pygmy back there ?
  4. After a lousy morning at work it was nice to come to this thread and get a few chuckles ... thanks for posting them.
  5. Shotgun market down here hasn't been good for the seller. I'm talking rifle area. I would say with scope in 90 % or better $450 to 500 . Retail probably get 350 to 400 from a shop.
  6. I understand your just starting . And they are just picture of your setup. Something I was taught and have read multiple times and should be followed. No powders ... primers or components other than what your loading at the moment on or near the bench. One lesson I learned the hard way is never put multiple loads in the same box. I was working up a load for my revolver. I had 3 different charges one grain of powder difference in each . All below max . While at the range a friend of mine accidentally knocked my bullet box over. Mixed up around 50 cartridges. Had to shoot or pull bullets . I shot them took them home and started over. Not dangerous but a pain in the butt.
  7. Dang pygmy you told me you were at the Alamo with Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie .
  8. There has been a pretty steady hatch of October caddis the last few weeks
  9. Guess I have to amend mine to 3 I recall conversations of the word telephone prefix . Watched old movies with news reels but not current at the time . And I am 51.
  10. Great video. Congrats . More info on the camera please.
  11. Almost there I missed one . Never heard of butch wax .
  12. I knew a couple of guys that didn't like the direction dicks was going and they had already left . There were a couple good guys there still . Hope they got an good deal to go with sportsman's warehouse.