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  1. Nytracker

    Todays chuckle

    I got it ....but they say I'm old .
  2. Nytracker

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Between rain .. floods and trees ... I'm ready to blacktop it all or let it grow over.
  3. Nytracker

    Genesee County CWD?

    Beat me to it ... warm wet =bugs = ehd Blue tongue
  4. Nytracker

    From The DEC

    LEAD KILLS !!!!!
  5. Selling a hardly used mission menace lost camo. Left handed Grandson didn't take to bow hunting probably only shot it 5 times . It's been sitting in the cabinet last 4 years. Asking $250 Has sling ,cobra sights , whisper biscuit rest, no gloves,.stabilizer.
  6. Nytracker

    Best Youth Bow options??

    I bought a mission menace for my grandson . Great little bow really grows with a kid . Sadly he didn't take to bow hunting . Sits in the cabinet collecting dust . I should sell it . He is into video games and sports.
  7. I almost never hunt squirrels early 8 or 9 am is when I start. I dont think I have ever moved in on a bow hunter. Then again I dont hunt public land much.
  8. Nytracker


    Well guess we got lucky . Water came just short of coming over the banks last night about midnight . On the way back down this morning .
  9. Nytracker

    New view.

    Nice yard..... I can picture a McKenzie target out there .... and a fire ring .
  10. Nytracker


    Down here in Chemung county we justngot slammed by rolling thunderstorms.. Creek behind the house went from dry to almost 4 feet in a little over an hour . 2 more feet until it's over the banks again . One year and a day from this
  11. Nytracker

    Ghost History..

    Great story. My monster I never had pictures . Many encounters over 5 years. Only ever had one shot but there was another oblivious hunter on the other side of him . He ended up getting hit by a car . People that hit him didn't have a clue what a nice buck he was . Trooper ended up with him . He had the rack repaired when he had him mounted. I occasionally still have dreams about him . My hunting partner and I called him Crusher. That was 30 years ago. Biggest buck I ever seen on the hoof.
  12. Nytracker

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    Only 16 more days until squirrel season opens
  13. Nytracker


    Always hated them damn left handed scissors ... . I have scissors with blue tape on them nobody is allowed to use . Pressure on the cutting edge will change how they cut .
  14. Nytracker

    This Happened To Me.( Scary Story).

    That's ok we lefties think right
  15. Nytracker

    This Happened To Me.( Scary Story).

    Not sure I have a clue where that is but there was a bar restaurant out there called nars that had some pretty scary people .