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  1. Nytracker


    First 2 in the 45 colt is rat shot ... followed by 4 250grn fn hard cast ... got it covered.
  2. Nytracker


    I know they are protected ... I still would have busted a cap in his ass
  3. Nytracker


    Could be cant see if it has the lateral stripes along the side of its head in the pic. I thought they were found around southern lake ontario shores around Rochester area .
  4. Nytracker


    Looks like a water snake.
  5. Smallest legal would be a 243 .Shot a couple .
  6. Nytracker

    Came across this boat for sale

    Now that looks much better than a car !
  7. Nytracker

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    I made my nephew a true trout bum. Started him tying at 12. Seems it helped his ADD/OCD. Got him fly fishing at 14. When he was 16 and driving he was caught cutting school to go fly fishing. He graduated associate degree this year .and has been fishing every chance he can get. His mom just stopped and asked if I had seen or heard from this morning . I was on the back porch sipping coffee at 5:30 am when he drove by with his fishing buddy this morning . They were headed in the direction of our home trout stream. Apparently the was suppose to help load hay in the barn . I was informed this was my fault . I have created a monster . I'm ok with it ... I will take the blame . Kid has to get as much time on the stream now as he is moving on to a 4 year school this fall and wont have time to fish much. Probably a good thing I haven't gotten him on the great lakes tribs for browns and steelhead yet . He wouldn't go back to school.
  8. Nytracker

    6/19/19 Hiking Amid The Hillside Pignut Trees.

    Wouldn't known pig nut ... hickory nut trees however..... wish I could find a huntable grove. Love still hunting with the 22/45 for squirrels in September.
  9. Nytracker

    Father's Day Deal

    Nice price.
  10. Nytracker

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Love a challenging night ... you know they are making you work for it by how many times you had to tie on new tippit .
  11. Nytracker

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Just a thought could the trout have been working an emerger or perhaps a diving caddis? Or even an egg laying caddis?
  12. Nytracker

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Lol been there . Had a fish feeding slashing rises... figured it would be a rainbow or a huge brookie . Worked across stream had to cast under a tree . Firrst cast and it slams it like a monster ... turned out to be a rock bass.... wtf.
  13. Nytracker

    Came across this boat for sale

    Congrats... .. and thank you. Didn't want you to say you weren't going to buy it and then I would have to ask where it was .....so I could .
  14. Nytracker

    Alzheimer's disease

    Sorry my friend . Enjoy every minute and I hope the disease progresses very slow . The disease took my grandmother 20 years ago. There has been many advancements in treatment since we went through it . I pray they find a cure.
  15. Nytracker


    Have used a canoe... got rid of my old one back when my back was really bad . Big gruman aluminum 16 footer. Pain in the rear to travel with .. terrible on my back and impossible to paddle by myself.