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  1. Still haven't recieved mine ... I wonder if I should call .
  2. Thanks for the information guys ... but I don't want to spend any money if I can't draw it efficiently with out pain . We all know that in order to be proficient with a bow one must practice . What I was looking for is information on a smooth draw cycle bow that I can draw with a damaged shoulder. I know I can still draw my bow at 64 lbs a couple of times . I currently own a mathews dxt . Probably the smoothest drawing bow I have ever owned .I dont know if I can draw 50 lbs 2 dozen times daily . I hate to spend money on another bow if it's not going to work out . I know I posted lookin
  3. I looked at this bow but it was way to short .
  4. 30 give or take depending on the release I use.
  5. Do to shoulder problems i can't shoot my 60 to 70 lbs bow anymore . Stopped at my only local archery shop and perused the new bows . Sticker shock ! Shot the mathews v3 in 27 and 31 . Shot 6 arrows out of each 50 lbs draw. I was pretty sore. Haven't shot a bow in 5 or more years . Hate to spend $1000.00 and decide I just can't do it . Surgery is a while off as Dr said it wasn't bad enough and insurance wouldn't pay for the MRI. Hell they don't even know whats causing the pain . Problem is they think its a possible partly torn rotator. Need to find a cheaper smooth drawing bow .
  6. My neighbors are calling him a shooter .... would love to let him get another year or two. My BIL says we should let him grow and I agree . Neighbors will kill him for sure . Problems of hunting on postage stamp properties.
  7. If that has a spring in it,should be deep enough for trout .
  8. I take the dog hair that’s collected in the vacume cleaner. Spread it around the garden . I was late getting it on and the neighborhood whitetails picked on a couple of my bruslesprouts. Put hair on the day I found it and they haven't been back for 3 days now. We have 2 labs so I regularly vacume up a 3rd dog . Not saying it will always work but it has worked for me .
  9. That's a shame he was a great guy .. very knowledgeable .... and breed some great tracking dogs .
  10. This guy has taken up residence in front of my camera for the last 3 nights. I think he is 3 years old .
  11. Shame its so damn far away i might be interested. Wife wouldn't move but after 24 years I would welcome something new .
  12. Beer fridge in the garage doubles as a place to cool quarters on warm November days . Butcher block countertops for butchering deer... I don't need much more than that .
  13. Think those prises are a little outdated .
  14. A Biden moment relived.
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