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  1. Would this be spam ?
  2. I have been a hunter all my life . 41 years since I got my first hunting license . Tag along with family bb gun kills .. not sure when I got the itch or what you consider starting . Think my case was genetic at birth perhaps ..
  3. Green .. is the color in the southerntier have one small maple with one branch showing some color .
  4. Sorry for her family ... hope they can find out why or what happened . If ... it was the boy friend...and they catch let him fry.
  5. Wife canned 2 batches of crushed tomatoes. We still have a bushel and a half in basket. More on the plants . Cut the number of tomatoes planted in half only 12 plants. Picked the last of the squash. Picked a peck of peppers all sliced up and frozen . Leave the plants until frost . Have been cutting bruslesprouts for a while and they are still going strong . Cukes got mosaic virus and I pulled them in August. In a month I will be planting garlic .
  6. Funny but not funny .. see them laying in the parking lots all the time now . Counted 7 last time I went to sams club .
  7. 12 quarts of crushed maters done today .. bushel and a half in baskets to be processed. And to thing we cut the tomato plants down from 25 to 12. A peck of peppers picked sliced and in the freezer. 3 more zucchini and one summer squash... squash plants are done .
  8. Awesome job ... some backstraps for the grill and great memories... take lots of pictures.
  9. Been a few years since I hunted geese. BIL and I use to hunt early season alot . He herniated a disk.. compression fractures when the hey wagon he was stacking on broke free from the frame and threw him . We haven't been since . I miss it . Looks like you got the birds dialed in . Still waiting for them to cut corn and oats . Things are still very green .
  10. And with that post I'm officially a rookie .... what a warm fuzzy feeling ....
  11. Yup .. starting over sucks ... sucks more for some that had more than me .. not going to change much for me I never posted for the likes or validation . Posative feed back was nice.
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