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  1. That rig is my retirement plan . If only I was in the position to buy it .
  2. That's an " I'm going to pee on your shoe" look if I ever seen one .
  3. Hard to yell at him and not laugh..
  4. Wife keeps reminding me we got him early . He is still only 9 weeks old .
  5. Another first .... first full night he slept through. Didn't wake up until my alarm went off..
  6. I remember that mount when I was in the shop ... pretty sweet.
  7. Wife says I spoil my dogs .... I dont see it .
  8. My new pair should be here this week
  9. Dont remind me ..... bifocal fishing glasses are expensive. Almost 400 bucks.
  10. Back in the day they use to say there was no family tree in woodhull it was a family stick.