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  1. Nytracker

    Local Poachers Busted

    I'm a little older than that.... was it near the cemetery ?
  2. Nytracker

    Red neck

    I are a factory worker union shop. I own a house and a small piece of land. Grew up working dairy farm. Turned wrench Drove truck worked in retail. Wife and I are fortunate to own our home and land. 30 years of making payments. Raised 3 kids . I voted for trump. I am a conservative. It's about God guns and babies. Raised to work for it. No free rides . Fix it till it can't be fixed no more then hold on to it for parts.
  3. Nytracker

    Local Poachers Busted

    Oh I'm proud to be a redneck.... I take it as a complement. Np just wanted a chance to use a hurt feelings report ... feeling like a snowflake today...must be the fact deer season is coming to the end .
  4. Nytracker

    Local Poachers Busted

    Not sure I remember a store might have.been before me
  5. Nytracker

    Local Poachers Busted

    Oh I had family out route 100 and woods corners.
  6. Nytracker

    Local Poachers Busted

    Hey now I'm from that area ....
  7. Nytracker

    Wild Kingdom-- Anaconda.

    Dang I thought it was a snake gun thread.
  8. Nytracker

    Near miss truck transmission problem.

    Not sure about skill but back in the day I use to drive commercially. Not first time I ever got sideways.
  9. Nytracker

    Stop using Doe Pee

    Wife showed me that 5 minutes ago and I told her they probably sprayed doe urine on themselves.
  10. Nothing except squirrels a grouse and housecat . Deer all over the fields on top almost ran over. Doe because I was watching deer on the field edge.
  11. First time out for myzzloader in years deer all over open fields 1/4 mile away probably 20 deer or more not a single horn. Sit until dark.
  12. Nytracker

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    Yes to elk ... no to hogs. Yes to elk only if they have full inclusion for crossbows..
  13. Nytracker

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I see what your posting . Last year was hot didn't have any snow and rut was earlier. Year before that we had snow storms 1st afternoon and high winds. Cross bow will go up to until anybody that wants to is in it then it will level off and go down like the rest as population stops or doesn't care to hunt any more. Same thing happened in PA. Good hunters will kill deer. A crossbow wont make a poor hunter better. And as we know it's not a rifle so it won be the magic cure for poor hunters . Might make it easier for them to get lucky .
  14. Still have muzzloader/crossbow season