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  1. I ordered my truck with rubber floor . When I recieved the outline from Ford it showed a carpet interior. I called the salesman ... my BIL. He tried to delete it but it wouldn't allow it . So he called Ford and asked for it to be deleted. They informed him that with my choice in the upper interior package they couldn't do it ala carte. Oh well weather techs.
  2. I don't think I would be very happy if they shipped my truck that I ordered with a set trim package minus anything . Im not sure I would except delivery without a lot of compensation and it wouldn't be 300 bucks.
  3. I for one would love it if they brought back the 444 in the stainless gray composit.
  4. Round 2 has started to ramp up ,winds out of the north-west now .
  5. Sunday last week I had all the symptoms. Didnt test for it. Didn't think I had anything that bad . Sister came down with symptoms Thursday Friday trip home . As of yesterday she is normal . Cold or covid who knows .
  6. Almost bought a kioti but the dealer is 30 miles from me. Kubota I could drive it too them as its 3 miles . Mines 26hp only thing it lacks is weight .
  7. I usually plow 5 drive ways on a heavey storm ... all my neighbors paid to have their driveways plowed today.. good for me as I don't have to do it but not a one of them ever paid me all the times I did it in the last few years . Not that I wouldnhave taken there money ... its what neighbors do for each other.
  8. Yup almost thought that but it looked more red than orange.. too dark for kubota orange.
  9. 13 on the yard stick . Drive .. front walk back walk deck is done . Now to widen the ends of the drive way and hit the neighbors . Still snowing and the wind hasn't ramped up yet . Hadba false start this morning as I had a broken shear pin . Have a dozen pins no lock nuts . Trip to hard ware store .
  10. Yup ... except they are wrong most of the time . Especially the wrong side.
  11. Signature bite of a crappie.
  12. As we say at work ... "where else can you work and be wrong 50% of the time other than meteorology and management and still keep your job".
  13. Just out with the dogs first inch is in the books .
  14. Not even going to bother wife isn't going to work tomorrow . With the wind coming off the corn fields and cow pasture acrossed the road we will get buried if it wraps around like a true nor'easter. I will get out tomorrow morning .
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