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  1. I like it ..... wonder if Pachmayr will come out with a decelerator seat for those day after white castle trips.
  2. Unless you have the Hershey squirts....
  3. Both. I personally try to pick my shot given a choice . Neck or tuck it in the crease. In the end it's about a quick kill and the meat. That said nobody is a perfect shot every time . Shots get forward. I want a bullet that's going to be the best of both worlds or as close as I can get .
  4. I had a similar discussion about this with a couple of hunters recently. 2 I will refer to novices one a veteran hunter with well over a hundred deer kills . I was kind of amazed at the opinions . Novices were only concerned with accuracy. The other wanted accuracy and penetration. None were concerned with bullet through penetration ... All 3 were ecstatic with the thought of fist size exit holes.
  5. Ok so this is not a caliber ... gun bashing thread . Just honest discussion of bullet performance on deer and bear size game For me I want a bullet that gives decent expansion without shedding weight ... gernading... fragmenting . I want 2 holes .... every time . So penetration . Above else the bullet has to be accurate out of my rifle .Said bullet should perform from 30 yds to 300. These are my requirements for my style of hunting . I understand that some calibers are limited for distance ... I have limited experience as far as calibers . 30/06 , 308 , 270,243.. So what are your thoughts and expectations.
  6. I shot one when I was an teenager out in Woodhull . Had to pull into deer check station on the way home . Biologist said I had a huge doe . Turns out it was 169 and ounces dressed . Haven't seen one that big since. Wish I could find the Polaroids my gramps took ... dont know who in the family got them .
  7. Well how ya making out ? Any progress . I imagine dr is going to be layed up a while .
  8. Wife and I talked about getting a streaming device... but we would be at the mercy of the kids to set it up ... we haven't a clue .
  9. Got it done last night finally . Went and sat just off a horse pasture butting up to a swamp . Cut corn at one corner . Narrow strip of brush bordering the swamp . Slipped in with crossbow followed deer tracks until I found an opening where 3 heavily used deer trails intersected . Eased back into the brush about 15 yards down wind of intersection. I had 2 shooting lanes I could use . After standing for an an hour I started second guessing the spot . Seemed silly to be standing in such thick stuff . But the deer had to use it or be out in the open cornfield...or the horse pasture. After a little while longer I heard a splash followed by the squish of something walking through mud. I dropped to one knee and start scanning . I catch movement coming my way . First a leg ... then another leg . I can tell it's small. Then another small one walks through my first opening . 3rd one looks bigger. Looks to be a doe . I track the larger deer into my second opening and squeak with my lips . As it stops I send the rage to the cage . The deer crashes forward making a small loop circles back to where it came from . After A few seconds I hear a splash. Not what I wanted to hear. It was getting on towards dark so I gave it 20 minutes and started track. . Handful of hair and a ton of blood . Found the bolt just past the spot the deer was standing . Great hit full pass through. Tons of blood . Looked like a scene from a horror flick all the blood on the snow . Tracked the deer to where it fell through the ice in the swamp. Not wanting to take chances I backed out drove home grabbing my waders and a rope . Tying the rope off to the biggest piece of brush I could find I waded in to my waist and tied off the deer . I went back to shore and pulled the deer out with the rope. Deer was covered in mud so I loaded it and drove home . Hosed it down and dressed it into a contractor bag . I don't think I have worked this hard for a spike in my life . But I'm thankful for the meat.. flash froze over night made skinning kind of tuff. I didn't take any pictures but it turned out to be a buck. One horn missing and the other was 2 inches .
  10. Got it done last night finally with the crossbow . . Went and sat just off a horse pasture butting up to a swamp . Shot a small buck had a small spike and missing the other side .. Story in crossbow harvest thread
  11. Everything is a little late this year .... got to love a big brown in spawning colors
  12. Going for an afternoon set beteen a small horse farm and a housing development. Crossbow only . There has been a small buck and a couple does in there in the evening . Haven't been out much after tweeking my lower back a few weeks ago. Spent more time at chiropractors than in the woods. Perhaps I can get lucky . Good luck everybody that's still pushing to fill tags.