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  1. again, same main street, where do you you think I live? do you see my Copyright on them? another moron.
  2. same wolf same day where do you think I live ...
  3. didn't I just say the obvious newspaper ones... even though they are taken in my front yard. no one in ny ever took a photo of the empire state building or the statue of liberty and said here, this is ny/ theres a lot of dummies in the world. let's go gut shoot turkeys and drink zima
  4. wife trying to sight in her new rifle and scope, but pronghorn herds keep running up to see whats going on, curious to a fault they are. headed over Turkeyfeathers brother's way to make some deliveries to friends and family now that the roads are open. grizz, bison, moose, deer, bighorns, elk, ....the usual nice ride.
  5. looking back on this thread I don't see any photos other than the obvious newspaper ones that aren't ours, so bizro world can go Westchester himself, you're an expert apparently only in your own little neighborhood pal. coon photos on the abandoned trail camera, they are not found here but started showing up a few years go, some say hunters from back east in iowa brought them to run with their coonhounds. like many critters here we can shoot them trap them no license needed no closed season like fox, coyote jackrabbit, etc
  6. electricians found trail cameras I had forgot about on one of the hitching posts next to the front deck. my eyes are going batty from flipping through 1,000s of photos, mostly of nothing. some are very fogged up full of water.... and a sleepy elk cow by the medical clinic in mammoth where we had lunch yesterday.
  7. fisher and wolverine are protected here now, and mountain lions still can't be trapped we hoped that was changing this year but the libtards from LA have plenty of money to hang everything up in court. treat them as you would a strange cat and you'll be fine. animals aren't looking to get hurt and will avoid a fight if they can.
  8. you don't have to touch the fisher to release it a V notch board for legholds and a cage trap just open the door. people release lions and grizz anyone should be able to let a big weasel loose.
  9. mmmmmm......That doesn't sound like me you're brother have any snow of by hebgen? I'm supposed to go to Bozeman to drop some stuff off but finding an open road is hard right now, I don't want to get stuck in montana.....
  10. I figure less than 0.1% of the population are real idiots, but they sure make themselves known, technically by bell curve, half the people are below average in intelligence and they seem to congregate in bars and gun shops, but people hit them there or ignore them, the internet gives them free reign. on the fisher live trapping, we have fellas north of us that live trap marten and to ensure the population they check the sex of each catch and release the females....their best tip is to grab it on the first try after a missed grab the marten figure out what's going on and are tough to grab.
  11. me too, especially the ones b the deck, keep hanging around wolfies Oct1 isn't far.... Cody enterprise story; folks are a couple miles from us. Mike Darby was armed with a .45 when he approached the rogue mountain lion outside his house trying to kill and eat his dog. “I shot it from about 3 feet away,” Darby said. The late-night caper at Darby’s home Sunday night began with a surprise confrontation and ended with one dead beast and the happy survival of a family pet. But not without unexpected drama. Given Darby was snoozing when the adventure started it all could have been mistaken for a dream, but the suspense was real. At 11:30 p.m., Darby, a co-owner of the Irma Hotel and president of the Cody Stampede Board, was asleep in his home near Wapiti when his teen son Beau woke him to say he sensed something was going on outside. Calls were shouted to Ringo, the 45-pound, 8-year-old family border collie, but the dog, which has its own swinging door entrance, did not come in. Darby investigated and about a dozen steps from the back door saw Ringo embroiled in a life-and-death struggle with a mountain lion. Darby asked Beau or wife Kim to get him a gun. He watched the animals rolling around in a struggle with the lion’s teeth grabbing at Ringo’s very furry neck. Although wildlife, mule deer and often bears, inhabit the North Fork, people more rarely confront mountain lions in the Cody area. “I see more eclipses than mountain lions,” Darby said. At first he could not get a clear shot at the thrashing lion since it was totally focused on the dog. So he warily stepped over and yanked on the lion’s tail in hopes of turning it over so he would not accidentally shoot Ringo. That created a much better target and Darby fired one shot into the lion, then another. He squeeze off a third shot as a make-sure round. Darby reported the kill to Game and Fish and the department sent a game warden to the house Monday morning. After peace descended in the backyard, Darby looked the mountain lion over more closely and his off-the-cuff observation about the cat: “It was thin. But it seemed to have pretty good canine teeth.” Official preliminary indications were the mountain lion “was a really emaciated old female,” G&F spokesman Dusty Lasseter said. The attack was likely motivated by hunger. The mountain lion’s body was shipped to a laboratory in Lander “to do some pathology,” Lasseter said. Darby was within his rights to shoot the lion. “In Wyoming you have the right to protect your property,” Lasseter said, “from mountain lions, bears, wolves.” “Mountain lions eating house cats is not that uncommon,” Lasseter said. “Mountain lions eating dogs is pretty rare. Generally speaking, they’re afraid of them and avoid them.” (this is the second dog attack in town this year) The Darby mountain lion literally took on more than it could swallow. Ringo has very thick hair around his neck and although the mountain lion drew blood, the wound was far from fatal. The encounter did scare the heck out of the dog, however. “He crawled underneath the bed and we couldn’t get him out,” Darby said.
  12. well you aren't thinking it through, its pretty simple really, we do the same thing with spike deer, a half dozen spikes will eat food that would otherwise turn your 6 pointers into 10 pointers, we shoot every spike we see in the guts with 22s so they run off and die, then all that extra food goes into making the big bucks even bigger. Its just common sense plus you get to hunt and shoot 20 deer without ever using your tag up. its a win win. youre not thinking it through
  13. I like the pronghorn in with the elk, I realize there exist other photos of elk with pronghorn but it doesn't bother me you know its west when there is a pronger in it. love the buggers. ferris wheel is scheels, I don't believe they exist east most sporting goods stores here don't go east or to California, why put up with the hassles? they are neat stores though. we often kill a day at the height of tourist season when millions are piling through and go to scheels, rocky mtn, big bear and maybe even stop at cabelas which is the poor second cousin compared to the rest. Scheels is fun, and their aquariums and photostop spots are really cool the photo stops have neat mounts that you stand next to and they have camera stands so you can take a photo there, but I wont show those