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  1. Just read it online and thought Iwould share. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2020/04/dec-offers-complete-online-hunter-safety-course-for-limited-time-only.html?outputType=amp
  2. I have my 2004 Mathews LX 29/70 for sale. I am asking $200. I am original owner it has never seen rain or snow. Used it for target and one season of bow. It is all set up with sight, rest, quiver, stabilizer, and new string. Also throwing in some arrows and plano pro case. Local pick-up close to Greene and Albany county.
  3. Nope try to take a selfie with it cause no-one would believe
  4. It is getting close and was curious what everyone will use. When you get into the woods will you be using a ground blind, treestand, climber, or ladder stand?
  5. Wac em 3 blade expandable and slick trick fixed
  6. Thanks for letting us know of a place with good customer service. Have not been there yet will put it on my list of a place to go.
  7. What craftsmanship!!! They look awesome and great job.
  8. I want to take my kids now they are a little older and understand hunting and fishing. Plus I want to check out Rush Custom Calls.
  9. Was wondering if anyone is going to go to it. It's this weekend at Dutchess County fairgrounds in Rhinebeck NY.
  10. Looks really nice good job fixing it up
  11. I was there also. My 2 kids loved the class and learning. They could not wait for that Saturday to come to shoot outside. I am going to get them both the genesis mini bow to start out with and learn basics then will put a sight and peep on it. Wow it is a small world.
  12. Overtkill

    New bow

    Nice bow congrats