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  1. Still haven't been out either between weather and work.
  2. No, thought they would but all 4 area's are open.
  3. Just picked up new multi color headlamp.
  4. Its 4S,4H, and 4B. Siver Creek East and West is 4S. HB area is 4S. Indian Fields is broke into 3 groups. South of 32 is 4S. Across the road is 4H and the section to the east of that on 32 is 4B.
  5. I to was lucky enough to get picked. Still have to go and scout. Was able to get a dmp for 4s.
  6. Been seen floating in the Hudson River by Athens and going up on shore
  7. Thats good info from all. I am used to hunting areas where there is lights in the distance so you can see to get in. This year I am in a new a spot where there is no lights around and always dark so I think I will try red in spots where I need light to help get in safely.
  8. Just curious what color light everyone uses to get into there spot first thing in the morning. White led, green, or red?
  9. I use HME archers ground blind holder.
  10. Was thinking about going to bass pro good to know they have stock. Was thinking about climber but with the knee these days ladder would be easier. Thanks everyone for honest reviews and thoughts.
  11. I have used them when a vane gets torn i strip the rest and replace with the quick fletch. Haven't had a problem and arrow shot the same.
  12. Looking to take drive up with kids so they can practice with dad.
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