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  1. Overtkill

    1st Time in Over 21 Years

    What craftsmanship!!! They look awesome and great job.
  2. Overtkill

    Northeast Outdoor Show

    I want to take my kids now they are a little older and understand hunting and fishing. Plus I want to check out Rush Custom Calls.
  3. Overtkill

    Northeast Outdoor Show

    Was wondering if anyone is going to go to it. It's this weekend at Dutchess County fairgrounds in Rhinebeck NY.
  4. Overtkill

    21 Year Old Turkey

    Looks really nice good job fixing it up
  5. Overtkill

    Youth compound recommendations

    I was there also. My 2 kids loved the class and learning. They could not wait for that Saturday to come to shoot outside. I am going to get them both the genesis mini bow to start out with and learn basics then will put a sight and peep on it. Wow it is a small world.
  6. Overtkill

    New bow

    Nice bow congrats
  7. Overtkill

    Happy New years

    Happy New Year everone
  8. Overtkill

    31 pt beast taken in Columbia County

    Well I guess the saying is true that you can never believe everything you read..
  9. Overtkill

    31 pt beast taken in Columbia County

    Very nice.. I grew up only 15 minutes from there. Never have I seen a brute like that.
  10. Overtkill

    Late Bow Season

    I will be going out during the week.
  11. Overtkill

    Archery/bow hunting blind?

    I have the Ameristep Brickhouse Elite Ground Blind. It's a 3 person so I have room for my swivel ground blind chair and bow holder. Windows have magnets so it's quiet and it also has hole in mesh for shooting thru. It only took about 4 times of setting it up and down to master it. They still got a good price on it at Field and Stream for cyber sale.
  12. Overtkill

    Had someone say...

    Had a guy ask me why I was not out with my bow hunting. Told him early bow is over til Dec. when late starts. He then tells me no no you can hunt all season with a bow except during muzzleloader. I know NY has bow only areas, so just wondering who is right?
  13. Overtkill

    What harness is everyone using?

    I use the Gorilla harness.
  14. Overtkill

    Hunting shows

    I like Red Arrow
  15. Overtkill

    Was it just me?

    Well the early season is over. Did anyone else notice that they seen more deer on the ride home then they did in the woods.