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  1. Our trees in Steuben county were hammered this year making two years in row. It’s really devastating to see what has happened and I hope they can recover. When I see 100 + year old white oaks barren I can’t even put my feelings into words. Our land is all but void of wildlife I just hope they have found greener pastures and we can put this behind us .
  2. The one time I called them I gave everything I had in my wallet which was only $60.00 wish I had more with me.
  3. Little guys were frisky this morning would not leave my stand
  4. I’ve been told Bass Pro and Cabelas have blocked off the ammunition and aren’t selling it in NY as of today per there legal department. Has anyone witnessed this ?
  5. There’s a pier at the east end of Hamlin Beach. We used to fish for browns in the fall do really well. I would have to think there’s bass around it this time of year …
  6. Homemade longbow 62” zebra wood riser, hard rock maple limbs under green glass great northern quiver . Homemade 8125 string , heritage cx 150 shafts with three 5 “ fletch from turkeys I have taken, VPA 250 grain 2 blade broadhead.
  7. Yep no system to issue permits so no sales, wonder how long they will drag there feet since no sales must make them all happy.
  8. Agreed I don’t need any ammunition but have some gift cards that I may burn up on ammo just in case …. I can imagine the outrage if September 2nd the shelves are bare. Just looking at 35 REM prices on gun broker guess I have $2500.00 of that alone !
  9. We are getting close to all of the new laws going into effect and this thread hasn’t had any momentum since August 2nd … A local gun shop has made it known he can’t sell any semiautomatic long guns after September 1st until the new semiautomatic long gun permits are available. I’m wondering if all ammunition sales have to stop September 1st as well until the background check system is set up ? Anyone have any factual information on this ?
  10. I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion of this here as it’s going to effect anyone with a gun . Gun owners should be up in arms trying to figure out how to fight this. We shouldn’t just except it and become complacent or they will continue chipping away at our freedoms .
  11. I can see why some might give up there permits. If it costs a bunch of money every three years , it’s a pain and expensive to get ammo and you only carry/shoot a few times a year is it worth the hassle? If you turn in your permit they win , only the criminals will have hand guns then .
  12. You should check on GB for the price they actually sold for. Then remember with gun broker you have fees they charge, you have to box and ship them , hope the buyer sends payment etc.. If you can sell locally and do transfer at a gun shop you may come out ahead even if you sell for less.
  13. This just keeps getting crazier, by the letter of the new law guns will be illegal in the Adirondack Park. No more gun hunting in the Adirondacks! The governor is trying to back peddle that this isn’t the “intent” but it’s written very clearly. I will be following this one from Senator Dan Stec’s office .
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