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  1. The year I tore my rotator I couldn’t shoot my 57 lb recurve so I hunted with a 43 lb longbow. I was a little leary of the poundage but it zipped an arrow through a fat 3.5 year old buck like a knife through butter. I’m back up to 57 lbs but feel better about the future knowing how well the light poundage worked. Good luck and don’t over do it
  2. I use a Code Black and can’t believe how tight it shoots number 6 long beards. Not cheap but haven’t missed a bird since changing chokes
  3. Seems to be doing better in my area of region 8. Lots of hens around, there’s a tom over at my daughters still strutting (actually right now) that always has 2-3 hens with him I wonder why there not on nest or with polts ?
  4. Yep I didn’t draw my deer tag and had one point, I should draw it next year. I have 14 elk points which puts me a “ no man’s land “ not enough for a great area and the number required keeps going up. It will make you appreciate how good we have it.
  5. I have several recurves and long bows even one I made, l will have to take some pictures. I was just shooting my Morrison Cheyenne tonight it’s a takedown with macassar ebony riser , I have three sets of limbs for it 41lb carbon foam long bow limbs, 52 and 61 recurve limbs. This buck I shot with the 41 lb limbs at 9 yards , complete pass through with eclipse two blade broadhead.
  6. Nice job Cynthia that’s a huge bird at 26 lbs !
  7. If you want a custom try Headhunter he’s in NY and makes beautiful calls that sound great
  8. Birds didn’t gobble much after hitting the ground this morning but I got to see a beautiful show with five Tom’s four hens and a Jake for a couple hours before this one came close enough. Even got to see two hens get breed !
  9. I bow hunt with a longbow , after many years hunting with the compound it just became routine to kill a buck and my interest started to wane. That was about 20 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I make my arrows using feathers from turkeys I kill, make my own strings , hand sharpen my broadheads and the flight of arrow is so fascinating I shoot for hours and never get bored. I’m now shooting a bow I made myself with guidance from a friend that’s a Boyer. I have brought many people into traditional archery and I can’t describe the smile on someone’s face the first time they hit the bullseye it’s really magic.
  10. Airedale I’m pretty sure I saw you with that rifle very good buy . Does anyone know who the guy from camilus was that had a couple tables full of guns? Wishing I had picked up the 141 he had …
  11. I went today and the show was pretty good, picked up a bunch of little things I needed, an old Stevens box call for my collection and some turkey ammo. There’s a Remington 141 that I’m kinda regretting not buying and may call the vendor and buy it. The 30-30 was assorted brands most I looked at were in $35 a box range.
  12. It would have to be fishing for me as well, used to love trout fishing hell I knew every hole in the creeks and practically had the fish named. Just busy and want to spend my time at home with my wife and dogs. A couple times a year I take clients on my buddies boat and let them catch all the fish (walleyes) clean them and give them too the clients.
  13. My daughter bought a new chest freezer it quit working in two years , my venison freezer I got from my in-laws in the 80’s they bought it in the 60’s and it still works like the day they brought it home !
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