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  1. What a great idea ! Congratulations on job well done
  2. I have the Leupold Alpines a little heavy but excellent value , I bought them after leaving my Leupold Yosemite’s on a mountain in Colorado ..
  3. I enjoyed it , no turkeys taken but enjoying the time woods , the turkey is just the icing on the cake. I’ll eat cake with no icing over work anytime! Thanks
  4. I have a female black lab and her name is Jenny also have her 1/2 brother who is a silver lab named Jake. My wife thinks I turkey hunt too much but I liked the names.
  5. Interesting topic , when I was younger two of my buddies and I were standing in a tributary of Lake Ontario that was before the first barrier impassable by fish however both steam banks were posted. We thought because we were in a navigable water way we were ok , the land owner saw us and called the state police. The officer came down to the water and walked us back to our car and had us follow him to the troopers barracks where the Encon officer was waiting. The Encon officer explained the someone had recently shot the land owners pet ducks while they were in the creek and left them so he was pressing charges on anyone who was fishing there. Everyone was very good about it and I still have a picture of my and the largest steelhead I have ever caught standing in front of the troopers car before the Encon officer confiscated it. We received tickets and had to appear in town court. The judge fined us $10.00 each . What I remember the most was both the judge and Encon officer told us not to let this discourage us from our love of the outdoors.
  6. Two of favorites are The Tenth Legion - Tom Kelley and East of the Slash - Wade Wineman
  7. Ok my dad is just got an in-line and bought a bunch of these primers at Runnings in Canandaigua. We haven’t shot it yet but are going to be shooting white hots , sounds like they will work. I shoot a flintlock and a percussion sidelock so it’s all foreign to me.
  8. I love hunting the west, my buddy and I went this October on a DIY in Colorado and both got bulls and a coyote chased a mulie fawn by me too close. This is my fifth DIY out west and second bull , also took a nice mule a couple years ago. Can’t wait to go back.
  9. Yes it’s a 1980 444s with no cross bolt safty and a Leupold Vari X III 1.5-5 20 mm scope.
  10. I shot this buck last Saturday with my 444 and hand loaded 265 grain flat nose bullet, he dropped in his tracks!
  11. Left my Leupold binoculars on the mountain in Colorado this year, that hurt
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