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  1. Zeek just do it. You are a good hunter and will work hard at it. I have gone four times and next month will be my fifth I’m hunting rifle season. I have taken one bull and one nice mule deer and have been in animals every time. It a great experience and once you go you will want to go back , we have millions of acres all public land , enjoy it ! Here is the deer I shot two years ago , messed with a bull all week but only had a split second shot opportunity and didn’t take it but the bugling was worth it alone.
  2. I have several of the 1.5-5 and 2-7 Leupolds that are the older ones before the Freedom series, you can’t go wrong with either
  3. Bill have you ever read East of the Slash ? It’s my favorite compilation of turkey hunting stories from the south.
  4. Very nice Bill . I have a signed Ben Lee super hen I keep at home as well as a prototype super hen . I too broke the lip off my old Lynch 101 glued it up and plays as good as new . I should count them as I have several dozen calls ...
  5. Bill I have read a bunch of stories from guys in Virginia or West Virginia dogging them and it has always intrigued me. If I remember correctly they have been hunting them with dogs down there for years and it’s a tradition.
  6. No gobbling today for me , big difference from last weekend I shot a bird Saturday and my daughter shot one Sunday.
  7. If it fooled a hen it will certainly call a Tom. I believe that’s leopard wood very nice .
  8. If hadn't just bought mine I would be all over it , I think my wife might skin me if I buy more than one a month ! Your price is more than fair , it shouldn't last long. Hope you don't end up with sellers remorse.
  9. We have a bathroom that doesn't get used much on the first floor and the wood stove in the basement seems to make the water in the trap dry up then it gurgles loudly I just pour a picture of water in and the gurgle is gone .
  10. Hoyt riser Border or Morrison limbs ?