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  1. What I don't understand is that there are hunters on Long Island that would pay for this opportunity. Why not generate some revenue instead?
  2. I just finished up an Elk hunt in Idaho last week with Kuiu gear. Worth every penny. I have a Guide DCS Jacket and Attack pants. Material is very durable, comfortable and the camo patterns are cool to boot. Worth the money. I like the attack pants so much I may purchase a solid color and wear them for work / everyday chores.
  3. I'm planning on purchasing an in-reach mini for my Idaho Elk trip in September. I plan on utilizing their app on my iPhone to text back home. I've read nothing but good things on it. Hopefully it performs as well as they say it does.
  4. Qthehunter

    Why a bow?

    It's the challenge for me. Rifle hunting can also be challenging. But the elation after you've harvested any animal with a bow cannot be put into words. Getting so close to animals also makes you appreciate them even more than you do. Man they are smart..
  5. Sorry if I missed this, but what is the draw length? Thanks.
  6. I own a 2011 Elite Pure and it is one of the smoothest drawing bows I've ever shot. Hell, it draws a lot better and smoother than my 14' Hoyt Carbon Spyder. I would be interested to shoot this one. These bows will keep getting better and better. As far as the price is concerned, to each their own. It is expensive for an AL riser bow IMHO. That wouldn't stop me from shooting it and owning it if I was completely in love with it. I'm sticking with the Hoyt for now. Who knows what the future holds.
  7. That looks like two different deer. The right side of the first deer looks like a long spike. The second looks like hes got a crotch on the right side..
  8. Listen buddy, do whatever you want. I'm just giving you my opinion. If you want to be a cheapo and buy knock off broad heads to save a buck that's your prerogative. They may work fine, who knows. I personally won't invest in a non-brand name broad head from ebay. That's just my feelings and I am not telling anyone how to feel here. Not sure why you cannot comprehend how saving money by investing in a no name ebay broad head can effect ethically killing a living animal. Most items are cheap for a reason. I wish you luck. Let's keep this moving.
  9. Try NAP Killzone's. I've been using them for three years now and probably won't use another broadhead ever again. Similar design, very strong / stout head. You won't ever have any issues with blades coming lose as well as any rubber band issues as there are none. Price wise I am sure is close to the Rage however you owe it to the animal to make an ethical kill and not risk their suffering because you saved a few bucks on eBay. Just my honest opinion. Steve
  10. IMHO I would harvest him. No brow tines means cull in my book. If he hasn't grown any by now he probably won't be growing them anytime soon. While he will get bigger every year i'd rather have a buck mating does with better genetic potential. Beautiful buck either way.
  11. When they refer to "active" law enforcement I am assuming that means "on duty"? I have a friend in the NYPD that swears its legal for him to have an assault rifle with all the bells and whistles as well as a 20 rd clip. I told him no, it's illegal but he swears it's not. It's a travesty if off duty law enforcement are allowed to "break" the rules. Are they allowed to shoot cocaine and smoke marijuana too?
  12. 14' Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo 70 lb., Easton FMJ's, QAD Drop Away, HHA Single Pin, 10" Carbon Blade
  13. Yes. I've used them since they came out. Fly just like fields..
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