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    PA trip

    this all started as treeguy said back in early Oct. and unbeknownst to me there was a surprise birthday party planned on the same weekend that the pa youth hunt was happening and being nice weather and pre rut timing it would of been perfect timing and i almost blew it for Andrew, but an out of the blue phone call one night from a fella named duke who explained that i couldn't invite them down "that" weekend because of the party.... lol so i rearranged my schedule and tried to make it happen. it was fun seeing the excitement in all of your eyes while you guys were there. the deer did not play nice, the real kicker was the buck that walked 10 yards from the blind 20 minutes after i had picked you guys up. I am sure the wacky weather did not help matters either. I would love to see Kaiden get his first deer, and I want to see duke there with him. so lets make this happen!! It was a tough weekend for me emotionally as Saturday was 3 years since i lost my best hunting buddy ever, there is not a day goes by that I don't think about him and I miss him terribly. I am trying to follow his wishes by passing on the hunting opportunities. For those that still have your dad spend every moment you can with them because you never know how long you will have them. thanks for making the trip and you guys are welcome anytime.
  2. Mine from last week doesn't count.. lol Sent from my SM-S127DL using Tapatalk
  3. happy birthday tree,, glad i was part of the keep it a secret team. LOL
  4. generally speaking overnight camping is not permitted on most gamelands in pa. state forest and national forest lands generally allow overnight camping in designated areas. best advice is call the regional office in the zone you plan to hunt and talk to them. depending on the area you should be able to find a private campground within a reasonable driving distance to the area you intend to hunt. where are you guys planning on going in pa?
  5. I would agree that the issue probably lies in the gfi. If you have power on the load out side of the gfi I would then suspect you have a dropped neutral. When you looked at the outlet or switches did they wrap the screws or use those push in holes in the recepticals and switches? If they used the push ins and you have power on the load side of the gfi I would bet you have a loose wire at 1 of those devices. Also may want to check all the breakers and make sure they didn't stack 2 commons on 1 breaker. Not sure if this helps but good luck and if you are unsure of anything seek experienced help. Sent from my SM-S127DL using Tapatalk
  6. Well not live from the water as it was pretty hectic on the boat but we spanked them on erie yesterday morning out of geneva ohio. Worked all day Monday putting up another pole barn. Drove to geneva ohio Monday night arriving at the hotel at 130 am ( we had a 2 hr. Meeting in filmore NY on the way to ohio) Up at 430 to get licenses,ice,food etc. At the dock by 615. We were supposed to be having a meeting with our everlast metal reps...lol. We ran about 9 miles NW of the harbor in 2-3 foot side chop as we had a stiff sw wind. Turned the boat e/se and tried to set lines....tried as in we couldn't get 3 lines in for the first 2 hours and by 930 we were really about limited out. We saved our last 3 on the limit for bigger eyes and ended up with a couple bonus steelies. We were back at the dock by 11 and sent the fish to be cleaned and headed to a local diner/bar for lunch and our meeting before heading back. Our 4 packed gallon bags of cleaned fillets and cheeks were delivered to the bar for us and we were back on the road by 3 and home by 7pm. It was fun as I got to help set lines, hand off fishing rods,, net fish, and I even got to reel in 2 water filled pillow cases...I mean walleye. Sent from my SM-S127DL using Tapatalk
  7. while I know this question was directed at Bill I will give my honest 2 cents worth for a response. when we were doing the trap and transfer here in pa back in the late 70's, 80's and releasing birds into areas where there were small populations or no populations it seemed that the "new" resident bird numbers increased very quickly. the numbers seemed to explode to the point where just about every woodslot had birds. I know up along the lakeshore counties of NY the numbers did the same fast increase. It seems the numbers reach a maximum carrying capacity ( I don't believe its food carrying capacity, its more population driven within the species) once they plateau they seem to stay at remarkably high levels for 8-10 years and then the numbers drop back to a lower level. so once the numbers fall back any fluctuation in flock numbers is far more noticeable and along the same lines when you have fewer hens nesting and you have a bad nesting season resulting in a poor hatch it is once again more noticeable. also I believe that the poult recruitment is much more successful with 2 +yr old hens -vs- the 10-13 month old jennys it just seems the older hens are far more successful in raising a clutch of poults. We all know that no matter what late spring early to mid summer weather plays a huge role in nesting, the weather we are forecasted for here in PA and NY this weekend will certainly be detrimental to any of the poults that have hatched in the last 3 weeks. with all that said,,,, what has changed in my eyes.... 1. hunter numbers,, with all of the hunting shows, forums, everyone wants to be a celebrity channel (youtube) there are FAR higher numbers of hunters now hunting turkeys than when I started hunting them 43 years ago. higher numbers of hunters generally equates to more pressure which can cause birds to be less vocal and certainly less responsive to calling. As I have always said the birds go 11 months and hear very little hen talk on a daily basis, then they wake up one morning on their favorite roost branch and it sound to them like there is a hen behind every tree it doesn't take them long to figure it out. 2. habitat, its remarkable how much the habitat has changed everywhere in the last 20 years, there are hundreds of thousands of acres that used to be good wildlife habitat that is now housing developments, malls, parking lots, business building sites. farms are being sold weekly to only become housing tracts. 3. food, with the demand in lumber and people wanting all the $$ they can get from their land the oaks, beech, wild cherry trees are being hauled out of the woods at alarming rates. these are not fast growing softwoods these hardwood mast bearing trees can take 10-15 to even 20 years to produce a mast crop. current farming practices are NO comparison to those of 20-30 years ago, the way the land is managed and crops. The harvesting machines of today leave very little spilled food while harvesting... rotation crop fields are being turned into orchards, vineyards, nursery stock fields. 4. Predators.. as we all know the predator numbers have increased 10 fold in the past 30 years, when I was a kid and ran coon hounds a 6 coon night was talked about for weeks, today you can do that in 1 field.. skunks, possums, yotes, fox, fisher, bobcat, mink, weasels can and will raid nests, kill poults and will even kill adult birds given the opportunity. these are all predators we can help control. hawks, owls, eagles, we can not control legally but they are certainly killing poults if given the opportunity.
  8. recap of this mornings hunt and some history with this bird. as I said I made a not normal for me mental mistake on this bird back on 5/13 when he bought my fly down and soft yelps hook line and sinker and knowing this bird has been hounded relentlessly since youth season I knew I should of got across the little part of the field to get closer to the outside corner and roll of the hill because my sixth sense told me he is going to come down that edge drop down the hill then come up the finger of the field I was at the end of and when he didn't see a hen there he was NOT going to come in.....had I scurried over and set up I would of had him dead at 25 yards. Monday I heard him and played cat and mouse over 2 miles and I swear he was part road runner because i could not get ahead of him., at 10 am. I unloaded the gun and took off for the vehicle to try and get around him and by the time i got over there he was another 1/2 mile farther on the power line. Tuesday i got in super early and when he gobbled he was almost a mile away across the big hollow so off I was and just simply could not get caught up to him. Wednesday he was back in our playground but he somehow got around me and out to the hens and then he off to the races again. today, walking in at 230 am was like walking out at 6 am,,, man it was bright! I had a hunch that today the back finger of that field above the river was going to be the spot. it took a long time to walk in there when using the periodic clouds to block out the full moon as I knew I was going to be in with the hens. Finally got settled up against a double trunk apple tree on the outside corner. It was pretty light when I heard the first gobble WAAAYYY behind me and i knew immediately it was not road runner, 5 minutes latter a gobbble WAAAAAAAY out front and across a 80 foot deep ravine with a big creek at the bottom. As much as I didn't want to do it as I had hens right above me in a oak tree 10 yards away I knew i had to let him know there was a hen there waiting on him. so I hammered a flydown cackle into some short hard cutts. man did the trees light up around me with one hen being extremely harsh with her response. He gobbled again from the same spot and as the hens all calmed down some when he gobbled a few minutes later I could barely hear him but knew he was on the ground and on my side of the creek. he gobbled 3 more times the last just before entering the field directly across from me, the one really sassy hen was coming down the edge looking for that first hen to talk and she was going through the entire hen vocabulary from putts to kee kee's, purrs....and she was getting close now at less that 5 yards. He had worked across the field half way and was now at 25 yards but in full strut with nothing but air between us and he finally broke strut as the hen is now 5 feet from my right knee, my thumb was already on the safety so when he broke strut I eased the safety off settled the crosshairs on his eye and it was over. he was a lightweight at 16 lbs, sported a paintbrush 10.5" beard and 1 3/16 needle sharp spurs,,,,,and 6 copper plated #5 shot in his left thigh and lower left breast muscle. I put a jr. hunter and his dad on a pair of 2 year olds yesterday morning and.........well lets just say the JR hunter learned there is way more area around a turkeys head than on a turkeys head as he promptly missed him with a scoped 20 gauge at a whopping 7 yards... I told them how to walk in there, what tree to set up on, where the birds were going to come from......I just failed to tell him to let the bird walk out 20 yards into the field before trying to shoot him LOL. at least it was an absolute clean miss. I put those birds to bed tonight and tomorrow morning its Jason's turn at trying one of them, while he is trying those birds I am scouting for a back up for him or intell for next year.
  9. Finally after being under my skin since I made a mental mistake on this bird the day after I killed my wv/pa double and for the last 6 days playing chess he made a mistake. Story later. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  10. What a day! Got to camp last night in time to check on some birds. Woke up at 145 am couldnt get back to sleep so I said screw it and threw all my gear in the truck left a note on the table and off to west Virginia I went. Got to the WMA land at 420 am nobody there so off to the top of the mountain I trudge(them hills were not that steep 40 years ago) I get up on top by 520 and find thetree to set up on that I found 2 weeks prior. I was not set down 10 minutes when the first gobbler fired off 150 yards out but he sounded jakey. Soon a second bird started gobbling 50 yards to his right. Now both are gobbling and they both sound mature but the closer one now sounds throatier. Finally it's getting light enough a bird should feel comfortable flying down. I was sure these birds were the same ones from 2 weeks ago so i knew i needed to be the first bird on the ground. I did a hard flydown with the wing right into some soft clucks and yelps, both birds double gobbled and i catch sight of 1 bird flying down. I make another soft cluck series and when the second bird flew down it sounded like he took out 3 trees on the way down. A couple purrputts a scratch in the leaves brought another double double gobble. In under 3 minutes I could see 2 snow white heads coming through the dark woods. Both birds stepped out into an open area both full fans but the only one strutting was the lead bird. Finally he broke strut at 35 yards looking for the hen and I eased the safe off put the crosshairs on his eyeball and sent a load of tss 7 on it's way. Dropped him like a bag of potatoes and never even flopped. The other one stood around for a minute then walked back the way they came. Got him tagged and reported grabbed a quick pic. He is a lightweight at 16 lbs. 1.25" spurs and 10.5" beard. Headed back down the mountain thinking if I get a move on I can get back to camp early enough to have 3/4 hours to hunt pa. So needless to say I beat feet down the mountain and may or may not have ran with the flow of traffic on 79 and may or may not of been the lead vehicle in the draft lol. Was back at camp by 830 am and off I go. First spot trolled thru and nothing so I head to the second spot and see no fresh tire tracks anywhere. Gear up and I ease up to the top of the hill and set up against one of my favorite trees. First 3 series of calls are met with dead silence. Setting there contemplating my next move and figure 1 more series and if nothing I'm outa here like a herd a turtles. Soon after I yelped I get a reply from a hen and she gets vocal and consistant with yelps and clucks so I kept talking and it took her probably 45 minutes to get to a point I could see her on the bench below me. She was just content now to talk scratch and eat whatever she was scratching up. Every so often she would purr,cluck and I would answer and do a few leaf scratches. I was watching her when I hear wings dragging in the leaves way off to my left, I look as far left as I can with my eyes and can barely see a black ball strutting towards me 30 yards away. He walks behind a big wild cherry tree and I snap the gun to the left and the hens head flies up and she's looking like what's that.. leafy wear dont fail me now. He steps out from behind the tree right into the scope and I can see a good beard and full fan, ease the safety off and lights out on gobbler number 2 of the day in 2 separate states 5 hrs. Between shots. West Virginia bird. Pa bird ( the one with the small tree log) Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  11. Busy day headed to wv. 2 am hiked up the mountain roost to roasted now headed back to pa to hunt the rest of the morning. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  12. Fishing in the rain is cheating, everyone knows fish are easier to catch in the rain from a boat.....you just drop a line next to the boat cause all the fish are hiding under the boat so they dont get rained on. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks Larry, no fishing time, started framing another house yesterday. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  14. Passed on 3 Jake's Sunday morning, Monday passed 3 Jake's a bearded hen and a satellite 2yr old waiting on this bird that was 100 yards out until a guy in a truck stopped on the road and spooked him intentionally. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  15. Well this was a short season. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  16. And that's a wrap. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  17. Holy crap man ya need to trim that white beard Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  18. Ka ching Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  19. A good day in the pa woods. Now back to west virginia. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  20. What an intense 33 minutes. 2 longbeards came in. Had a know down drag out fight feathers flying hard purrs.... they settled down and addison shot him at 18 yards. At 1140 he had a nice full fan, now not so much. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  21. Addison's up and game on. We got 35 minutes Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  22. 3 longbeards ran in to the bomber 2 left. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  23. Roost got busted. Crosses the road to another farm and just had one cut me off. Game on. Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  24. Had a fun hunt in west Virginia yesterday. First time there in 40 years.. was on birds from dark till noon. Chased a lot of gobbles, passed up a jake and a 40 yard shot on what looked like a 2 year old with a small fan,,, new he had hens with him and couldnt see them so I waited for him to strut out into the open woods to my right but he got behind a big oak and walked directly away from me.. Tried getti g ahead of another bird but ran outa time...at noon I was 7 miles from my truck. Had a good chat with the local game warden on my way back to the truck. Got more good intell fro the next trip down Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  25. Memories Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
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