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  1. Already posted, didn’t see it...
  2. Do you have sources for this? I cannot find anything about him being a Democrat or Biden supporter... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.delawareonline.com/amp/4160104001
  3. You may not have hit the lottery, but pretty darn close. Nice find.
  4. They are W.R. Case, it’s a Russlock pattern. Case makes a few other one hand open patterns, but the Russlock is my favorite.
  5. I got started collecting when I was in my late teens. Between my dad and an uncle, I learned a lot about US made folders, though there’s still a lot to learn. I primarily collect “carry” knives, ones that I’m not afraid to throw in my pocket, with my favorites being Case and Western. I’ve got to say, trappers are one of my favorite patterns, but hard to open with my nails. I have an old Western “Raccoon” single blade liner lock trapper style with a skinner blade that has the EZ open cutouts that I carry quite often.
  6. I keep hearing guys talk about practicing with BB guns, and I think that’s a great way to keep sharp. My issue has always been finding a pellet rifle that felt like a hunting rifle. Well, today I got to mess around with a couple of our new program guns, both are cO2 pellet guns. One is an AirVenturi Springfield Armory licensed M-1 style, and the other is a Umarex Ruger licensed 10/22 style. They have built these guns to look and feel like the real thing, both in size and weight. I’ve not messed with M-1s much, but it really felt good. The 10/22 style really felt like holding and sighting an actual 10/22. Even though I haven’t shot them yet, I’d say that they would make a great practice tool. I didn’t take any photos, but I just googled a few.
  7. It's a gold mine that I hope eventually loses value though, prices are plenty out of hand.
  8. I've been on a big Russlock kick lately, and since my new stag handle showed up today, I figured I'd share. As a nail biter, I find nail nicks almost impossible to operate, however, I'm a traditional folder type of guy, so I don't go for the the tactical, assisted opening knives. I've found that the Case Russlock is my favorite one hand opener. I do like my full size Sodbuster, as well as my EZ open trapper for pinch opening, but now that I have the knack for opening the Russlock, I usually have one of these guys in my pocket. I also like that they are a liner lock, making for easy one hand closing as well. My favorite blade is the drop point, but I couldn't pass up the pretty stag on the clip. The others are an antique smooth bone, and a saw cut molasses bone.
  9. We sold some at our 4-H auction in October for 30 cents a round, but I kind of figured that was a mix of lack of supply and charity. Looking like 30 cents or more might be the norm before too long.
  10. 22 cents a round for .22lr? I'd rather throw rocks. I'm glad I have enough to last me for a while.
  11. No, I don't know the name of the group. I tried looking him up on Facebook, but I think he took down all of his social media. I haven't talked to him for a long time, really since I left that band, but at one time we were pretty close.
  12. We're talking about 2 entirely different things here, so I'll bow out and let you have your argument.
  13. That probably was the case, but what does that have to do with white supremist groups?