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  1. Redemption Jake. First week of May , I was chasing some birds and on the third day I had a Tom come snuck up on me . I wasn’t able to shoot him at ten yards , so I let him go away pick up my gun to shoot and I hit a tree. Today I came up to my family farm and 3 turkeys were gobbling their heads of across the road. I Yelp at them from across the road and about 30 minutes I hear a gobble on the side I was. I move to the field edge and call , but nothing responded. As I was getting to ready to move, I looked into the field and their stood two Jake’s. I call to them and they came my way and I blasted one of the Jake’s at 15 yards. I think these birds ended up crossing the road to my calls. These turkeys seem very lonely the second week of May. God always gets the glory. Sorry guys for the long story.
  2. I had a hen at 10 yards of my decoys , but not Toms behind her. I did hear lots of gobbling. I did notice that there was a lots of pressure around me. Crazy because I would expect that on Saturday but not on Wednesday. Congrats to those who punched thier tag.
  3. Went out this evening saw a young doe cross about a hundred plus yard in front of me . I knew she was going to a field I could put a sneak up to and possibly get a shot. I decided to not chase her. It’s that time of year that my motivation to harvest a deer is very low. It was good just to be out in God’s great outdoors
  4. Put the hammer down on this doe this evening. CVA Wolf does again
  5. Packed and ready for tomorrow opening day of gun. I decided to take my Remington 1100 for the first day Good luck to all going tomorrow
  6. Shot this 4 point this morning at 9:00am on the ground. This late in the game meat matter more to me than unedible horns. Thank you Jesus for this deer
  7. Hunting my in-laws property in 9k . I am hoping for a doe or a buck. Good luck to all out there today.
  8. Things are slow here in Ontario County. This farm I am hunting has corn still standing. I wonder is this is the reason for not seeing deer . Good luck to all those out today.
  9. My camera has some bucks moving at 2:00pm yesterday and today at 8:00am . Hopefully I can make a trip to this property.
  10. No rush to hunt in this hot weather for me. Salmon season is heating up , so I will continue to do this for now.
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