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  1. Well that all folks . I tried to move a Tom and two hens , and at the last moment the Tom saw me and I shot miss. This morning I heard two birds in Ontario County. To summarize my season it was tough, but fun. Congrats to all who gotten done this season.
  2. Well Bill and Cynthia should have their own turkey show. Congrats to you both
  3. 3 jakes and 3 hens so far this morning. Moving on to another property.
  4. Way to go Bill and Cynthiafu Late season turkey harvest are the best .
  5. At my mother law’s place. Called in a hen about 20 minutes ago. It feels good to be out in the outdoors.
  6. Going tomorrow morning out close to my house. Ontario county weather report is calling 20 %rain in the morning. The only thing I am taking within me is a mouth call because I don’t want my stuff getting soak on the first day of the season . Good luck to those going out tomorrow morning.
  7. Went out this morning turkey scouting. At around 6:15am I hear hen yelping of the tree , then I see her fly down and another starts yelping. Five minutes later I hear a gobbler go off and he was about 20 yards from where I standing. The Gobbler and hen went right by at about 20 yard and they never saw me. I was thinking to myself that was to close for comfort.
  8. I hope everyone is staying safe out there.