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  1. Breakfast is for dinner. I did the bacon in my new air fryer. Plus home made maple syrup from a friend
  2. Venison sausage, egg and sweet roll. Now to online church
  3. Only four ingredients need for tonights dinner
  4. Tonight’s harvest brought to you by CVA Wolf Giving God all the glory for this muzzleloader harvest
  5. Evening hunt with my friend at his property Good luck to those out there this evening
  6. Got invited from good friend to hunt his property this evening. We saw 3 bucks and at least 10 does. I had my muzzleloader ready, but didn’t feel the need to shot . It was fun hanging out with him
  7. Out this morning in 8J. On my way in I could see to standing watching me go in before legal shooting time. Staying put to 9 then heading home for online church
  8. Well done Cabin Fever Waiting on Rob & Turkeyfeathers to punch buck tags Congrats to all who where able to fill their tags these past 3 weeks
  9. I think muzzleloader season is going to the ticket to tagging a buck. Muzzleloader season is when I am going to the effort to harvest deer
  10. Got this one just before 7:05am of the ground. 308 does the job again As always giving God the praise for this harvest
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