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  1. Personally, I don’t have have a need to hunt bears. I can still hunted this property. I just don’t want to drive 2.50 hours to my in-laws. Have noticed the bucks in this area have more age than the places I hunt closer to my house. That may change this year.
  2. This camera was in the woods at least 7 months in the woods. First bear for me on camera. Also this nice buck. Crazy thing I never was able to hunt this property.
  3. Best chance of killing a buck during gun season is the first two weeks of gun and the week of muzzleloader season. By them they into hiding and are much harder to kill.
  4. 3 does and small buck for me this year. I am always grateful to be able to harvest a deer. I love bow hunting and muzzleloader, gun is my least favorite
  5. Congrats to the young man He has a great teacher
  6. Lots to be thankful, when God blessed us with these magnificent animals Congrats
  7. Not the biggest buck in the world, but I take him. Back to life It’s been a good season for me this year. Praising God for this harvest Happy Thanksgiving
  8. Hunting 8N this doe pass by me at 15 yards. No doe tag so she gets a pass
  9. Someone shot around 6:15 it was pretty dark
  10. Doe down @715. Thank you Lord for this harvest
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