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  1. First, I am glad you are okay friend and second thank you for the reminder. No deer should be more important that our life. My friend is the hospital right now because last week he fell 20ft. He has broken leg, broken rib and he puncture his lungs. I am grateful he survived. The other day I spoke to him over the phone and he sounded depressed. I am pretty sure his deer season is over this year and his accident will change his hunting career forever.
  2. Not that I am aware off. This spot is at my in-laws and I usually don’t drive up there because it to far. I may get up there during the rut.
  3. Smoking wings and a pork butt. Taking sometime this morning to sight in my rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader.
  4. God is good all the time. We need to remember He is charge our hunting season as well:)
  5. This camera was in the woods for 6months. First Bobcat on trail camera for me :)
  6. Great opportunity to take the young hunters out. To many cons vs pro for me , so I will not be out. Good luck to those going out in September.
  7. Keeping my self in shape is a most Arm exercise today:)
  8. Live from Canandaigua Lake :)
  9. Not the best fly fisherman in the world, but I got it done :)
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