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  1. Awesome turkey killer :) Enjoy it this spring season:)
  2. Bills Coaches playing calling was not the best on this game. Colts would have destroyed the Bills with the tight end alone
  3. It wasn’t pretty, but we take the win :) Buffalo Bills better come with their a game to the next game.
  4. I use the Hawk Helium sticks are afforded , easy to set up and light weight.
  5. With the amo shortage last year , and people to waiting to the last minute to buy everything of the shelves. I decided to buy turkey amo early, so found these Winchester Supreme for 14. 49. I remember when turkey amo was cheap , now it’s very expensive to buy turkey amo. I will have to start buying frozen turkey , which is much cheaper than wild turkey.
  6. Merry Christmas to all :)
  7. Congrats on your harvest :)
  8. Freaking blood trail What load are you using on your muzzleloader?
  9. Awesome way to close the season cabin fever, Chrisw and Cynthiafu