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  1. 7:55 two young bucks . Nice Monday morning to be out. I was able to get pic of the basket rack 6 points.
  2. There times , where I just sit or stand my hang on stands back start hurting after a few hours. I use the saddle twice this year and my back feels much better hunting from a saddle. So far it feel comfortable, but I think it would take me sometime for me to find my comfort zone
  3. First year using my saddle and I love it :)
  4. Congrats on that public land buck Also congrats to those who put the smack down on deer this week
  5. I grew up in the city , so I pick up hunting 20 years ago from a good friend. I think the reason he got me in to deer hunting was to push the nastiest thickets for him. :)
  6. Putting meat in the freezer is the main objective for me . A mature doe will always get an arrow if she is within range early in the season.
  7. Shot this last evening and had to let her lay until this morning. The shot wasn’t the greatest, so I back out. She was laying 50 yards from where I saw run to. Meet the freezer for team 4. Enjoying God’ s great outdoors.