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  1. You put the karate chop on that tom Well done fellow turkey hunter
  2. Crazy video and amazing story. Due is giving God the glory for helping him get through this life and death situation. You never know when your last day is on this earth, so have your house in order .
  3. Had two gobbles of the roost this morning. I had a jake coming in this morning at 20 yards. Jake move away from me and about 30 minutes later someone shoots and five minutes later I see that Jake running at me. I guess the other hunter miss the Jake :) Congratulations to all who are going to get it done this week. Good luck to all fellow turkey hunter.
  4. The_Real_TCIIII a true fisherman in my book
  5. 1. Have more than one more located is most. 2. Like Blackbeltbill said go in later. 3. Don’t educate birds .
  6. Slug gun is coming out or retirement this deer season because I have tons on slug
  7. Way to go guys : ) Great start to the 2021 hunting season :)
  8. Good luck to all the youth and mentors going out this weekend I hope you guys make awesome memories
  9. Scouting mission one in Ontario county I heard two in the distance this morning I talk to the farmer this morning and said he heard them Tuesday in the property I hunt It’s good just be out getting my exercise before online church
  10. Thanks for sharing your hunting and fishing adventures. Welcome Back TF Two weeks again until the big date
  11. Raining outside today, so I decided to get my turkey gear ready for the big date May 1, 2021 I will be using this old Mossberg 500 this season
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