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  1. Got this one just before 7:05am of the ground. 308 does the job again As always giving God the praise for this harvest
  2. On my way to work look at what I found Get them boys and girls No hunting allow
  3. I got access to 5 acres piece in 8n and hunted this evening. Nothing seen , but plenty of dropping and tracks. I will try it in the morning Congratulations to all who harvest a deer these last two week
  4. Congratulations to all who harvested a deer today and thank you for sharing your stories
  5. Hello little guy Crazy I sprayed doe pee around the tree in this guy came to check me out
  6. Plenty of shooting here in 8j. I saw 4 does in the neighborhoods fields. One decided to head my way and I took 10 yard shot with the .308. Meat in the freezer before they go into hiding. Now waiting on the buck
  7. Best luck to all the forum members on tomorrow ‘s opening day of gun Buck or doe are on the menu tomorrow
  8. I was introduced to deer and turkey hunting about 21 years ago by good friend.
  9. Congrats man on your harvest , and thank you for getting this forum back on track live from the woods
  10. 10 minute hunt of the ground with my crossbow Sharing this deer with my in-laws Now house chore and enjoying my vacation Thank you God for this harvest
  11. Started my hunting career in these woods about 20 years ago Had about 6 does this morning right behind me. The one doe keep trying to wind me , but eventually move on.
  12. Saddle time Bump one on my way in and doe spot it at 8:00am . 8n slow this morning
  13. Congrats awesome buck
  14. Biz waiting on you draw some blood today or anytime this week Going out for a quick sit this afternoon in Bloomfield Ny . Good luck to all out there
  15. Meat in the freezer it’s better than tag soup. Congrats
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