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  1. I go up there every year and September can be hit or miss depending on the weather. I will highly recommend using light fishing line because the Salmon up there get mess with and they get line shy. If you go to the Douglaston you have to pay , but you have a better chance of hooking a fresher Salmon. Good luck
  2. Place two trail cameras in this farm in 8N. On the background you can see Canandaigua Lake
  3. Breakfast from Canopy Hotel in Palm Beach Florida
  4. Chautauqua County velvet buck
  5. I purchased a 6.5 and a 870 this year and finally got sighting them in during our family vacation. Deer season is around the corner and it’s never to late to sight in your guns boys and girls:) I hope everyone is having a great summer:)
  6. Plenty of goblin this morning. Two hens cross the field and 3 Jakes. Jake’s ran into gun this morning. Not much of a decoy guy, but I now there is a tom who is call shy in this property.
  7. Awesome morning, I had a Tom gobbling of the roots, but it soon it pitch down it headed to the cut corn field with the hens. As I was watching the Tom , I hear a few gobbles behind me. I began to call and five Jakes and a hen came and at about 15 yards. I decided to take one of the Jake’s, which I am happy about about Primary weapon- God Secondary- Mossberg 935 County of kill - Yates
  8. The hens had the upper hand on me this morning , and took both birds away from me It feels good to be out here on this nice morning
  9. My cheap trial camera is beast It took 5,000 pictures from October2021 to April 28 , 2022. I had all kinds of wildlife on it :).
  10. My brother in-law just sent me this picture of these two Toms on his farm. My wife and I are going on a road trip Saturday.
  11. Finally got out to do some turkey scouting this morning. I heard 4 different birds gobbling and some domestic turkey as well I had 8 deer checking me out It felt good be out in God’s great outdoors
  12. This guy I got in 2009 at my in-laws. Last two years have been challenged to tag a turkey in the areas I hunt
  13. My two options are Gazelle 12 gauge or Mossberg 935 12 gauge. I usually use number #4 or #5
  14. Caught this youngster today
  15. Blackstraps with onions butternut squash, onions and homemade applesauce Last nights dinner
  16. Wife requested chicken fried rice tonight for dinner
  17. Morning breakfast for the wife.
  18. Breakfast is for dinner. I did the bacon in my new air fryer. Plus home made maple syrup from a friend
  19. Venison sausage, egg and sweet roll. Now to online church
  20. Only four ingredients need for tonights dinner
  21. Tonight’s harvest brought to you by CVA Wolf Giving God all the glory for this muzzleloader harvest
  22. Evening hunt with my friend at his property Good luck to those out there this evening
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