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  1. Congrats to the young man He has a great teacher
  2. Lots to be thankful, when God blessed us with these magnificent animals Congrats
  3. Not the biggest buck in the world, but I take him. Back to life It’s been a good season for me this year. Praising God for this harvest Happy Thanksgiving
  4. Hunting 8N this doe pass by me at 15 yards. No doe tag so she gets a pass
  5. Someone shot around 6:15 it was pretty dark
  6. Doe down @715. Thank you Lord for this harvest
  7. What a monster This is by far the best buck posted on this live forum this year Congratulations
  8. Short sit this evening in 8n. I saw a buck and five does
  9. Yesterday , I set up a stand for Saturday opener. Tonight I washed my orange gear and hung it outside until Friday. Still undecided on what caliber gun I will be using Saturday
  10. Thank you for your service
  11. Pretty good day for me in the woods. This morning I saw a doe and three bucks in one property in 8N. One buck gave me shot ten yards , which I miss. My crossbow bow limb hit the tree and it mess my shot. This evening I went to another property in 8H. I see a doe coming up the field and it disappears. 15 minutes later , I see six does coming up the lane and they head into another lane that I couldn’t shoot. Eventually, two decided to come back into my shooting lane. I took took the biggest doe of the two. Like always praising God for this harvest
  12. Very crunchy walking in the woods this morning. Off today and tomorrow
  13. Good luck tomorrow. I hope you find him .
  14. Wife and I did this morning Keep this site alive fellas
  15. My bad Let’s get back to live from the woods forum
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