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  1. Although there is a place called scampi which is by far the best shrimp scampi I have ever had if you like that...
  2. Door to door as much as possible.... As far as food i personally always thought NYC food is slightly overated... Stay away from little italy, highly overrated... As far as steak houses most are very overrated especially lugers unless you like there steak sauce which I dont... Smith and wollensky is by far my favorite but the only thing that blew me away in NYC while eating is the chinese food and WO Hop being favorite... Always thought you could get italian or steaks just as good anywhere else in the tri state area but not the chinese... And sorry people Carmines is totally overated.......
  3. I do not want to throw shade on your trip but there is a few things you should know before you go that they are not showing on news... Was there last weekend and will never be back... Stayed at the millennium times square where we have stayed in the past and they literally have homeless staying there on our dime. All restaurants and bars in hotel are closed( I wonder why) ... There use to be 2 to 3 cops at every corner... We did not see a single cop... The heart of times square is very very sketchy right now and all the stores were closed by 8pm
  4. No........ Ive seen bucks lose there horns right about now and have bulbs couple weeks later
  5. 2006 98 wins with not a single bonified number 1 pitcher... And please nobody come back and say glavine.........
  6. Alot of great qbacks went to shit football colleges
  7. Just the way life is..... Once your sex appeal is gone nobody is gonna gawk at you anymore... I bet if elvis was still alive he wouldnt have to go to amusement park at 2am when its closed or same for his favorite restaurants.......
  8. Last year was weird.. most bucks in my area were carrying till april and this year most lost by jan
  9. game changer from what I see striper fishing 2 when drifting
  10. Forget about NY.... Our goose is cooked forever , especially with all the republicans fleeing NY. Lets just worry about controlling senate nation wide.......
  11. Looks like hershel walker ( huge republican) is running in georgia in 2022... Thats a guaranteed victory
  12. There was a rumor of a guy years ago that was keeping bucks from an early age in a small high fence and pumping them with the good stuff and harvesting them when they were at peak. he shot 160s in an area where seeing a 110 was like seeing a white unicorn. Now I could see that going on whether it was true or not.
  13. I know alot of people would do alot to shoot a trophy whitetail but buying a live one and putting on your property... You know how much those deer cost?
  14. I would say it is possible especially if your moving at a speed of 0ver 6.5 mph... You might have to change arm angle and keep your forearms more upright... 40 minutes is long jog....
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