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  1. cbyzerman

    Stop using Doe Pee

    Looks like a tame deer to me that has been fed since he was a fawn looking for food..................
  2. cbyzerman

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    Maybe its an inconvenience .... Im dropping my deer off at butcher before I go to work or before i gotta pick my kids up from school and DEC wants to see my gutpile almost 2 miles into woods. I got nothing to hide but I am gonna say NO.........
  3. cbyzerman

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    Do you people realize the amount of non hunters that feed the deer? Just about every other development in my area has atleast one house feeding deer corn just to look at them........
  4. cbyzerman

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    Nothing........... You dont have to show them anything........ tell them to beat it.............. Plus you do not have to gut the deer where it died you just have to tag it there..........
  5. cbyzerman

    trail cam - hiding vs spooking

    Your cameras must be making some sorta noise........ Either get different cameras or put them high......... Deer do not care about a camera in the tree if it is not making a noise or it smells...
  6. cbyzerman

    Deer Near NYC

    There is some giant bucks in van cortlandt park.......... right off 9A
  7. cbyzerman

    the unwritten rule of claiming a hit deer

    That deer goes to the original shooter. That is a dead deer that would have been recovered. Why would you want the deer cause you finished him off? There should never be an argument over something like that.........
  8. cbyzerman

    Gawrysiak 19 pt buck

    Guys a total loser............ case closed
  9. cbyzerman

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    It is not the same thing.... i had one hovering 4 feet above my back deck last year..... That is creepy
  10. cbyzerman

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    It is a friggin drone not a 747. If one is flying over my property, it is going down. One was shot down last year right down street from me and the guy did not get in trouble... Felony.... lmfao
  11. Word on the street is she had it in a pen that she made... it was like a pet..........
  12. fleetwood mac was better before nicks and buckingham? come on now........
  13. cbyzerman

    Score and age?

    2.5 100
  14. cbyzerman

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    Have him arrested? lmfao .. It is not against the law to feed your chickens......
  15. cbyzerman

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    Yea and do you also call the cops for someone rolling a stop sign? Feeding deer is a minor infraction and legal in a lot of states. Your not doing the right thing cause you were raised properly, your mad cause someone might shoot the buck your after. And if the guy has as much money as you say and he is feeding the deer he might get a slap on the wrist and then he might screw with you. And as for the drone mentioned in above post it is illegal to fly drone over someone else's property............