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  1. cbyzerman

    Hiking At Goosepond Mt. State Park.

    yea, ask the hunters bordering pound ridge reservation......... When they opened that up to bowhunters there were 150 PITA protesters at main gate.... A few of them were actually hunters... LOL
  2. cbyzerman

    Hiking At Goosepond Mt. State Park.

    Plenty of husbands have talked there wifes to moving to places bordering properties like that..... " the schools are great, the view is great, The kitchen is great "
  3. cbyzerman

    Hiking At Goosepond Mt. State Park.

    Believe me..... There is plenty of hunting going on in there..... there are some slammers in there..........
  4. cbyzerman

    AeroSmith-- Dream On.

    Kind of like KISS... Kiss was great in 74 75 and 76... After that it was all commercial radio garbage but they were making tons of money.......
  5. cbyzerman

    AeroSmith-- Dream On.

    Not a big aerosmith guy but dream on one of greatest anthems ever......
  6. cbyzerman

    Unusual deer mount

    Is it me but i do not like euro mounts cause antlers look much bigger on regular mount? Anyone else feel this way.......
  7. cbyzerman

    What's Wrong with Shooting Young Bucks?

    I personally would never shoot a young buck. Let them grow is my thoughts but i also get to hunt every day if I want. I know lots of people that could only hunt a few days a year so I get it and I probably would also...........
  8. cbyzerman


    Believe it or not it is much worse in the mid western states...... I can not believe what goes on over there. On the highways everyone is driving 90 mph. I do not see the point in going that fast. I go 70 mph in right lane and people are right on my ass flashing there lights..... WTF
  9. cbyzerman

    Service dog scam

    Cause I know for a fact some these people do not have illnesses as you mentioned they are literally getting them approved cause they are lying just so they could have there dogs with them. I know some of these people.... they think it is funny that they are getting away with it.......
  10. cbyzerman

    Service dog scam

    Yup totally agree.... Also cant stand the " My dog died today, feels like I lost a family member" ... It is a dog. I have had plenty of dogs. It hurts when they die, but go have your brothers or cousins die in tragic accidents when they are children and tell me if there is a difference......
  11. cbyzerman

    Service dog scam

    Dog is not hurting anyone? My wife is severely allergic to dogs... Ruined the first day of her trip cause there were 4 dogs on plane. It is a disgrace... Animals do not belong in confined areas with humans....... If it was a legitimate service dog my wife is so nice she would suck it up but it is a disgrace that some snowflake weirdo cant handle turbulence so gets to bring a giant shepard on board....... Sorry it is not right...... And now even the best hotels have to accommodate for these animals...
  12. cbyzerman

    Service dog scam

    It Is a disgrace.... Dogs do not belong in stores on planes, period unless someone is really really really disabled. Just got back from miami.... 4 friggin dogs on plane. They were not disabled they were snowflakes....... Few years back there was a doberman barking at me at home depot. It is a joke........
  13. cbyzerman

    Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Most of my friends are still beer drinkers... I don't see the point in drinking a dozen beers and still being barely buzzed. Drinking beer to me is like having a pillow fight... Whats the point.. Have 2-3 whiskeys have great buzz with out feeling bloated....
  14. cbyzerman

    Shock trade: OBJ going to Cleveland!

    Browns finally got a qback so I am not gonna say it is impossible... But not happening this year.... Taking vernons contract was a total browns move.... The guy stinks... Just wait...
  15. cbyzerman

    Shock trade: OBJ going to Cleveland!

    It honestly does not matter if he is there this year cause he will not be there next. They will have a ton of money next year. I think you will see eli play half a season and his replacement play second half........ I Eli plays whole year and new qback does not get anytime then yea it is a waste.......... They still may cut him or make him take huge paycut to stay... We will find out by Mon