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  1. Millions and millions of pills could be made a day if need be....
  2. All my friends left at halftime to play pond hockey.. afterwards I went to pond and of-course no one believed me.... We all had money on bills and I think we still lost our straight bets but hit our teasers.......
  3. From what I hear is you could stop there unemployment when work resumes and they would rather collect unemployment... Isnt that the way it works with union employees when they get laid off from time to time?
  4. The fact that they are using fedex over ups now is a disgrace.......... They were offering free 2day shipping... I ordered last friday night and got my stuff yesterday
  5. intelligent enough to know that people are gonna lose there house over this if it goes on for a few months...............
  6. I agree but there are actually fools that want to shut down till october.... That can not happen unless we are under attack of aliens or some shit.... We would never recover from that... EVER
  7. Why dont we stop driving cars and walk or go back to horse and buggy... That would save millions of lives..... The economy is our lives........ GET REAL
  8. Did it once and they forgot like 5 items... Guy got out of the truck and put everything on garage floor, no gloves, no mask, slobbering all over my shit.... You do it your way and I will do it mine.... If I get it with all the precautions I take, handling mail with gloves, dust mask and etc etc then a good majority will get it... I am not breaking any laws, and doing my part to flatten curve... You wanna sit inside for 2-4 months then thats your prerogative....
  9. It is like a 4 day wait for delivery by me... If everyone got delivery it would not be possible... If you go to the grocery store wearing a mask and gloves and with all the precautions hand sanitizer and this thing is that contagious and we still get covid then all this is a moot point....
  10. Your 100 percent right although this virus is 100 percent real and a few weeks I thought it was complete joke...
  11. No way they will shutdown till july or even june.... It would be completely devastating to the nation... It is horrible what is going on... My father had triple by pass surgery and in his 70s and dr called a few days ago and told him not to come in for his check up and not to go anywhere and not to have any visitors. The grand-kids and I talk to him while he is on back deck. Told him covid is wiping out people in is health risk, donors , severe surgery's, diabetes etc lung issuesi.. But also told him when they lift the stay at home period that will not apply to him... To stay home, period until he gets vaccine or there is cure... That is what your gonna see going forward... Anyone at risk or elderly staying home... People will be going back to work, with masks gloves on and so on.... Now that being said I doubt you will see restaurants and stuff like that opening anytime soon.........
  12. I have had walking pneumonia in my early 20s that started with the flu.... Probably would never gotten that bad but My scumbag boss at IBM told me I better get back to work soon.... Anyway at the peak of it you would wish you were dead....... Never gotten sick again and that is over 25 years ago....... knock on wood
  13. Do not care whether the dicks are on here or not... Not gonna lie some of it is funny... Just cant stand pussys that think we should play by there rules cause there on work computer... Gonna tell you the same thing a friend working for FBI ( work phone)told us on group text when he would get mad when we cursed and stuff.... " use a personal phone, jerkoff"
  14. Once again not our problem... Do not log on from work and if your such a rule follower your probably not allowed to log onto sportsman sites anyway.......
  15. Now we have people complaining we have to be PC on a hunting forum.......... Whats next???