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  1. Hunt vosburg swamp in coxackie I swear it's the worst place for hunter harassment people are allowed to walk in there with no orange nothing as long as they ain't hunting and make all the noise they want.
  2. The end of October is the magic time around here it seems..
  3. Without the site owner participating it's hard to grow the site ...one way to help the site stay alive is to create new sub forums to get the lurkers to join the site and that itself would create new content ..
  4. It's just the start of the run but it's finally here and herring wer everywhere between 6am and 930 not long after that we caught 3 stripers back to back
  5. Alot of hunting pressure will make them go silent to....
  6. They were gobbling like crazy outback caught me off guard ...I looked out the back window and was surprised to see 4 or 5 gobblers walking around the kids 4 wheeler track . I managed to get the 2 bigger ones on the cell phone before they left
  7. Dec will replace the tag just give them a call we had the same thing happen in selkirk next to ge with a deer that was infected and had gangreen.
  8. 1cre lot next to me just sold at public auction for 15000$
  9. Finnaly able to post I tried yesterday but it wouldn't go through let's try this again..8 point from yesterday sorry for the sucky pics ...
  10. 8 from yesterday . Note to self move tree stand out of bedding area ...dam thorns lol
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