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  1. Lol Google that it's for sale for 2500$
  2. I Decided not to sell it mods can close the thread
  3. Ruger precision gen 2 6.5 creedmore comes with a 4x12x40 Nikon scope and it also has a precision armament m11 muzzlebreak . Comes with 2 10rd mags 800$ firm located in green county buyer pays for ffl transfer
  4. Right but what is your draw lenghth every inch off of 30 inch draw u subtract 10fps off the bows ibo speed u shoot 60 pounds you will never get ibo or anywhere near it all bows are done 30 inch draw 70 pounds shooting a bare shaft at 5gpi
  5. Why because I actually shoot my bow through a chrono graph lol u people are a joke bash away fellas.. u guys are like a girl scout group one person defies what u say and then all there buddy's chime in same people everytime same group but whatever it's been said before.
  6. Must of had a bad one theres multiple you tube vids of the 6 in the mid 300s the backwall on the 5 with the rock mods suck u creep a little it wants to take off
  7. I was trying to tell him these new speed bows are nasty with a 350 ibo and the 75% rock mods its adds another 5 to 7fps and at 72 pound draw weight and 29 inches with a 418gr arrow its fast I could of gotten it faster but I like having the 400gr arrows and 320 is fast enough for me.. sorry to the op for messing the thread up
  8. I have my own chrono I was trying to tell u that my chill r shoots 314 itself my halon 32 5 shoots 320 and that's slow alot of people are shooting lighter arrows faster. My bows wer chronoed at the shop and my own chrono I wouldnt spend the money I spent for a slow bow
  9. U really are u stupid when is the last time u bought a speed bow I'll wait ibo is done buy a 30 inch draw with a 350gr arrow 5grpi . My bow has 75 rock mods set at 72 pounds with a 29 inch draw ...with a 350ibo run the numbers bud I'll wait... I have my own chrono call any bow shop and ask what speeds the halon 32 5 shoots with a 400 gr arrow with 75 rock mods at 29 inch draw
  10. No he sets my bows up when I buy them go troll elsewhere kid .. a bow with a 350 ibo isnt gonna shoot 280 what world u living in. Go check the arrow calculator for your self i cut my own arrows have my own chrono do u I doubt it .
  11. Lmao u guys know nothing about bows do u my chill r shoots at 314 my halon 5 shoots 320 u dont believe me call Jimmy depart he sets my bows up I have my own chrono graph and if u really think a bow with a ibo of 350 shoots that slow u are nuts .Google the arrow speed calculator and check yourself. Go spew garbage elsewhere . U people that bored with your lives u gotta be a troll