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  1. Selling my 16 inch american tactical complete upper for 150$ does have a muzzlebreak ...its only had a couple rds through it . Located in green county
  2. Nice meeting you this morning the upper fits good and I'll let you know how it shoots
  3. Taxerdermist up here put a number on the deer my deer had number 2 on it because it was the 2nd one out the door of 120 heads he got in..
  4. Finnaly got the call this morning that my bow buck was done I couldnt wait to go pick him up .theres nothing like shooting a buck on your own property and especially around here seein a deer with any kinda horn is tuff . Taxedermist said he is a solid 2.5 to 3 year old
  5. If a coyote is on my property putting my animals or kids at risk it's getting shot. And what I mean bye putting them at risk is a coyote getting within 50ft of my kids or animals while they are outside which is not normal behavior for any coyote I have ever seen ...i dont care if the season is closed period ..any if you think that is poaching then I bet theres alot of poachers on here then
  6. No sir u said I was validating poaching read what you said
  7. I em foolish and people need to chill on this site seems once deer seaseon is over everybody loses there freaking minds. I know how the law reads I dont think he knew that though I bet he dont agree with that eathier
  8. Iam a POACHER then I'll shoot any fox or coyote after my animals or live stock .and I bet alot of people on this site feel the same way they just wont say it because they dont wanna be trolled bye people like you.. not replying to you again troll elsewhere
  9. I'll shoot a coyote on my land anytime I want I em not taking the chance of my kids or animals getting hurt call me a poacher I could care less us people who live out in the sticks have there own rule sss
  10. Go through that everytime I buy 9mm ammo for the carbine some places wont sell it to u without a permit bs
  11. Theres differant tapes for bow speeds. When you bought your site there should of been a pack of them.