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  1. Plain and simple ...know where your ammo comes from ..this could happen to anybody on armslist or gun broker buying reloads ...
  2. Seriously I get up to go to the bathroom and its snowing outside up here ..mother is confused
  3. 6.5 creedmore is my vote hardly no kick at all when u put a muzzlebreak on them my rem 700 tac kicks like a 223
  4. I Wont get my gun seaseon buck back till mid june ugh I hate the wait
  5. Was just given ya the heads up .the way shit is today ya never know who's watching
  6. Watch out your not even suppose to remove them from the water at all ..no hands on just giving ya the heads up people get in trouble all the time up bye the dam for that...if u hook one use pliers while they are sum what out of the water and get the hook out
  7. Had one pheizer shot and my throat almost closed up the next day needles to say I wont be getting the second one...I'll take my chances
  8. I wont be getting the 2nd pheizer shot I'll take my chances with one after the one reaction I had which was the only one I had and that was enough for me ...had tightening of the throat on the end of day 2 it felt like my thyroid was closing up.. it's fine now and iam glad that feeling is gone but it freaked me out enough to say screw that shit. I live to far away from any medical help for that crap to be happening .
  9. God my pheizer shot 2 days ago only side effect I had was a mild headache so far so good ...from what I hear though the second shot is way more potent and that's the one with the most reactions we will see in 3 weeks
  10. Further more.dont do stupid shit and not have interactions with cops to begin with problem avoided
  11. No but when shit turns to vigilante justice when cops.dont do there jobs theres gonna be bigger problems
  12. Honestly this is gonna make cops not wanna do there jobs anymore in fear of scrutiny do you think if floyd was white this crap would be happening nope ..floyd wasnt no angel and iam not saying what the cop did to him was right but floyd wasnt a angel eathier I mean let's not forget blm and antifa rioted over the guy cops shot when he attacked them and grabbed there tasers... when does it end because when cops dont do there jobs anymore people are gonna be in for some trouble.. all this case did was prove let's riot and tear shit up and get our way ...but I digress
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