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  1. It's funny you say that it makes ya wonder what dec is thinking.. it's nearly impossible to get a doe permit for here yet I can drive around at 5pm and see doe everywhere
  2. Today makes it 10 years on this site man time flys.
  3. Yeah at the end of the day it's really up to the land owner how far he wants to go but unless he makes a good effort we all know how shit goes in ny
  4. Yup that's what the guy I watched the property for lawyers told him to but then they told him if something happend to me he may be liable so he wouldnt do that ...in todays world it's a touchy subject
  5. After 13 years of owning the property he ended up selling it all for a loss ...1000$ a acre broke up in 80acre lots..
  6. Used the sst sabot slugs out of my shotgun and loved the holes they left in deer but it's sad to say they sucked out of the muzzloader not sure why but they didnt expand very well even using 150gr of triple seven pellets
  7. Yeah shes the hunting section manager back there the only time I ever had a discussion with her was when I was looking at a rifle scope and she didnt wanna give me a discount on a discontinued display model scope I told her she could keep it
  8. I went through the same problem with trespassers when I managed 360acres and the land owner lived up north the local cops did nothing because the owner wouldnt come down to prosecute the trespassers when I caught them so unless he rights up a contract giving you full legal responsibility to convict in his behalf u could just come out looking like a dick to the locals. One thing I know is most Cops dont like absenty landowners that dont wanna take the time
  9. The girl iam talking about has a tattoo on her arm she had dirty blond hair kinda of bitchy in her late 20s early 30s
  10. The girl that runs the hunting section i believe her name was ashley I've personally witnessed her hide ammo for somebody...a week ago they had 209 primers that wer locked inside the scope case I thought that was weird so them saying they havent had any is bs
  11. This year is gonna be good from what I've seen around so far i cant wait to see what comes around in november
  12. I was bein sarcastic lol I had back to back good seaseons the past 2 years
  13. Must be the new tags so people dont hurt deers feelings
  14. I never see deer so I guess iam out... lol just joking
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