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  1. Go through that everytime I buy 9mm ammo for the carbine some places wont sell it to u without a permit bs
  2. Theres differant tapes for bow speeds. When you bought your site there should of been a pack of them.
  3. Show a side pic of the site I have the same exact one
  4. Ours gets hit all the time all they do is contract out to a company takes the guys 2 weeks to come install a new one . I got to a point I dont even bother I just use a 5 gallon bucket with stone and a 4x4 in the center and the mailbox even that gets hit sometimes funny thing is everybody has there mailboxes like ours...
  5. The 1.2 acre lot next to my house went for 10,000 $ at public auction the town owned it I was willing to pay 5000$ and that's what the bidding started at pissed me off because the property line is just 50ft off the corner of my house
  6. Hes messaging friends pics first it's coming it's a huge bodied deer
  7. Seen deer look like that when there coats wer changing from spring to winter
  8. Up bye the south albany airport in south Bethlehem my cousin owns all the land next to it and behind it 400+acres . 8 point or more is the rule of the land there