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  1. Good luck to all those heading out...gonna give it one more go here
  2. silent death

    Better start playing the lottery

    Whatever dude....You shouldn't have to pay crap to excersize your rights period if you think there should be a price on owning a gun in ny you are part of the problem here
  3. silent death

    Better start playing the lottery

    12-1500$ a year for the insurance policy is what they are saying on the video that's if u can find a insurance company to issue a policy in ny . My home owners insurance dont cost that much and for people who have kids and are paying for there kids to go to college and they have a budget 1500$ may put a dent in expenses so no I dont see the title as bein ingnorant
  4. silent death

    Better start playing the lottery

    It's for all firearms not just ar15s if you think about it it's a good way to find out what guns one owns for confiscation because every guns serial number would have to be on the insurance policy and then they can tell what and how many guns u own its bullshit
  5. silent death

    Red neck

    I are one lol
  6. silent death

    Ten Point Poached Close To Our Property

    Make any crime committed with a gun a felony and I believe alot of this shit will stop
  7. silent death

    Mmmhmm figures

    they love that crab apple tree
  8. silent death

    Mmmhmm figures

    Lol atleast they have a sense of humor
  9. silent death

    How many acres do you hunt if it is private land .

    Sadly I only hunt my cousins now and outback of my house ...lost the 360 acres I hunted for 10 years do to the land owner not bein able to pay the taxes and not wanting to lease the property out
  10. With this wind iam goin to the blind with mr heater .Good luck out there
  11. silent death

    Age of this big 6

    Just did a card pull tonight when I got home I hate walking in the dark
  12. Clippers and a chainsaw are your friend
  13. silent death

    Weather for Opening Day STier Gun 2018

    Still snowing here
  14. silent death

    Weather for Opening Day STier Gun 2018

    We are gonna get slammed bye this storm ..I never trust the meteorologist.