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  1. Looks good ..nice wall bye the way
  2. Love mine things a tank in the snow .paid a little extra for the 6.4 and the offroad package along with the tow package but well worth it
  3. Tagged out with my 8 with the bow and a 9 point with gun and my doe it's been a good year
  4. 2015 dodge ram 2500hd with the 6.4 with the offroad package and lift kit with aftermarket bumpers and 16.5 ti warn winch. Truck weighed 7000# before the offroad package installed at the dealer so It probebly weights closer to 8000 gets more than 15000 miles per set of tires I just change them out at that. these tires are 10ply
  5. Never had a issue with my xmt tires even in deep snow they are not a normal mud tire eathier ..these tires are over a year old and getting ready to come off for new ones before the snow really starts to hit..
  6. Generally it cost me a little over 1000$ just to change tires after 15000 miles or so. You can get 18s for cheap my wifes varacruz runs 18s she spent like 85$ on amazon per tire ..if you go to a tire place and buy them u are getting ripped my truck tires I can get for 190 if I go to mavis they sell them for 240 or 250... check on amazon for your tire size....I did a quick google search and u can get 4 18s for 500$
  7. I run archiles desert hawk xmt on my new dodge they are very good in snow and mud although a bit pricey but I run 35x12.50x20s they are about 190 a tire for my size but they last awhile
  8. Holey hell that's gonna suck getting him outta there there anyway you can drag him down hill to a access point or is it all uphill
  9. Wife cooked all day while I was outside capping him out .tomarrow he gets dropped off to the taxedermist
  10. 9 pointer and more points for team weak this concluded my seaseon
  11. Shot this guy at 430 tracked him 250 yards across every valley ..iam bushed nice 9 point down and iam one happy camper what a way to end my seaseon all tags are filled besides a doe tag
  12. Not my post just to clarify I was just answering don c post .
  13. Been through this before it's his problem not yours ...we had a rotten tree that was next to our place on the adjacent property and the town made them remove it because it was a hazard...but I will say if u guys are on good terms I would just do it yourself just so no bs starts if ya know what I mean
  14. We upgraded to the kitchen aid commercial grade edition grinder with the bigger motor and have never had a issue we use to use the regular one also but it got hot after a while ...the down side to upgrading was the commercial grade is over 700$