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  1. It is a lumber yard but they sell guns and ammo to lol welcome to green county ya never know what store is gonna have stuff in it
  2. I am not the one scrounging for ammo. I have all I need and then some. I am also not a sucker and give my money away needlessly. Maybe that's why I have as much as do...I certainly ain't hurting. Whos scrounging what lmao I dont need ammo for.ateast 20 years and as far as owning stuff dont go there bud a couple people on here know what I have and own so trust me when I say iam.not hurting but to complain about 30$ for a membership when your cell phone bill is probebly double or triple makes no sense to me to each there own
  3. Tractor supply charges you 30 a year for membership? Tops? No but if 30$ a year breaks ya maybe you shouldnt be in gander mountain bud ...30$ a year isnt shit to pay when it comes to hunting and fishing supplys
  4. Honestly the differance isnt much I've been a member of Sam's club for years the discounts ain't great alot of people down here are paying a arm and a leg for ammo the local gun shop is selling 5 rds of 30-06 for 12$ ...if people are gonna complain about bein a member or not then they really dont want or need ammo especially if you cant find it anywhere else. Not to mention every store around here ask you to join there membership everytime I go to tractor supply or tops market they ask ..
  5. Gnh in greenville has powder and aero tip "green ones" bullets and 209 primers in stock as of yesterday when I was there ..
  6. ...the only differance for a member compared to a non member is that a member can get 3 boxes of ammo where as a non member gets only 1. Never had a bad expierance at the store sense they opened I bought a vortex tactical scope and the only one they had in stock was the display so I got it for 20% off
  7. It's pretty good ...if you go there for ammo make sure you get there before 10am for the pistol ammo and the exotic rifle ammo like 300 black out and 450 bushmaster because it's gone quick they have one whole shelf of shotgun ammo from 12ga and 10ga turkey loads to waterfowl that hardly gets touched so it's always full...they also have a bow section and varmint section that isnt bad I picked up a couple new traps while I was there
  8. Must be nice the Walmarts around here removed all ammo off there shelves over a month ago ...gander mountain in coxackie boat and rv has a bunch of ammo ...was shocked to see 223 there but at 1$ a round 200rd containers for 200$ and that's for fmj ..
  9. I love bow hunting that's where it came from I thought it was fitting lol
  10. I thought the same thing but theres no threading in the pics on the rods
  11. When it comes to politics it's all a shit show it's all about who's got $$$
  12. Even if more people voted in upstate ny it wouldnt have mattered with all the votes coming out of nyc the majority of upstate ny voted for astorino
  13. Still snowing here pretty good I wish it stopped this morning lol
  14. dont forget all pushrods are differant sizes for every motor especially if theres been work done on the heads you can google hollow thin walled pushrods and see them all...all I said was it kinda looked like pushrods be it for a car or motorcycle or a boat motor but who knows
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