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  1. Got mine last week ..its pretty cool to see how many people are doin it
  2. Decided to part ways with one of my vortex scopes ..this scope has the 30mm tube it's a awesome scope was on one of my varmit rifles that now has a atn on top of it so it just sits collecting dust 400$ cash only and it's yours ..face to face sale no shipping iam located in green county
  3. Just like the coyotes some wont take it seriously till it's to late
  4. Wont be long before we are complaining about snow lol
  5. Word around town was it was the lady who owns the flower shop who put it all togeither she was just doin it for attention and man did it backfire and alot of wasted tax dollars they had extra police on duty for what the 20 people who showed up . ...
  6. Never go anywhere unarmed and if it's a place you cant carry avoid those areas especially now ....truely a sad situation
  7. Cant say that no more that's racist
  8. Theres a black lives matter protest goin on in greenville right now ....I dont know why they are having it here other than to try and start problems ..this crap had gotten out of hand what a good way to spread covid 19 through our town what morons
  9. After the White House got attacked last night anything is possible anywhere at this point thats how I see it
  10. Once they put the bus route in we started shopping elsewhere we drive down to the kingston Sam's club and everything is in bulk packs mostly . Best part is theres no albany riff raff
  11. People have been complaining for years about that store after the bus route started crime jumped up alot with store theft ...i know half the cops in the area to and not everything that happends in the area gets reported ..I even have relatives that work in that store u would be surprised what goes on there with the people that come in off the buses
  12. My family is all from south bethlehem and delmar I know half the cops to whats your point. take it easy bud dont act like bad shit dont happen in that area...Someone was at walmart and saying that wer gonna tear up the store and people went on facebook warning people about it and just because nobody called the cops doesnt mean it didnt happen dont act like the walmart didnt go to shit after the bus route got started .go to a board meeting u will hear the complaints