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  1. Somehow the term "analytical mind" doesn't seem to describe the mental perceptions of Trump supporters.
  2. Northcountryman's assessment of acceptable policy behavior reminds me of the old conservative Reich mantra. "Its not fascism when we do it."
  3. Yet again you prove your point by being a perfect example of the behavior you criticize.
  4. https://www.zazzle.com/john_fetterman_kicking_authority_in_the_balls_hoodie-235004232280354423
  5. So they fixed the governor's race yet lost 4 house seats that would have given them a majority?
  6. The only flush I heard was that of the election denying Trump turds going down the tube. Herschel Walker is the only turd left and it doesn't look good for him now that he can't deliver a senate majority.
  7. Also allows for a reduced depth and thinner walled receiver hence the light comparative weight of the Ithaca M37.
  8. While the Democrats were "rigging" the POTUS election, how did they not end up with 60 seats in the Senate?
  9. Civil War era smooth bore cannon with "grapeshot".
  10. So, is it also Biden's fault that the inflation and high gas prices are a global problem?
  11. You old timers might like to know that I caught this fish on a 3/4oz Johnson Silver Minnow with a 3 1/2" split tail pork rind trailer. My son was doubtful at first but now wants to get some Johnson Silver Minnow spoons.
  12. Got my feet wet (no pun intended) fishing for Northern Pike with my son on the St Lawrence River. This is my 2nd legal keeping size Pike. 34" approximately 11#. We release all fish.
  13. I once killed deer at a paced off 155 yds with this rifle, and 2 more that were across a valley at similar yardages. 230 gr .535 patched round ball, 100 gr GOEX fffg That being said, I consider 100yds as maximum for .50 RB and 75yds for .45 RB They just don't have enough mass for retained energy at longer ranges.
  14. Get a flintlock. Mine is dependable in all but the most severe downpours and will group under 3 inches offhand at 100yds when I do my part.
  15. Not that sorry wining again. You can't stop progress. What about al the jobs lost shoveling horse manure out of the streets that were lost due to the invention of the automobile? What about all of the birds and other wildlife killed by cars?
  16. Everything is ready to go. I'm waiting for my son to come over after work on Monday. I told him if he wants to keep the bike after I'm gone he must learn the idiosyncrasies involved with working on old British bikes. The headlight will be replaced with a 9000 LM LED
  17. First, the primary drive and cases must be removed. Holding the gearbox sprocket for removal of the left hand thread nut. (ask me how I barked my knuckle) The engine will have to be jacked up a bit to allow the gearbox to be rotated and removed.
  18. Also bought a scissor lift. Work in progress removing the gearbox. First the obligatory bloodletting.
  19. Winter project started. Replacing the notorious gearbox layshaft ball bearing with a roller. I bought a Harbor Freight motorcycle lift. I upgraded the front wheel chock.
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