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  1. The 6.5 X 55 has been doing similar things for eons. In a modern bolt action it can be loaded to similar pressures and it will perform on a par with the new renditions. Given solid and repeatable headspace, once the bullet has left the barrel, twist rate Mv and ballistic coefficient will determine performance. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. First picture is a buck that weighed 219# on my scale. Heart girth was just over 46". Here is the estimated live weight of a 46" girth weight whitetail buck. That correlates to 233# dressed. The second and third picture are of the same deer. The deer in the second picture is not bloated. Picture taken after walking 240 yds to the deer that dropped in its tracks.
  3. 219# dressed, 46"+ heart girth. 4 1/2 YO I'm about 285 in the picture. 205# dressed. Rifle has a 26" barrel. I'm way over 300# in the picture.
  4. This possibles bag has both percussion as well as flintlock accouterments. On a good day, I can reload in about 20 seconds.
  5. 12ga Foster slug (2) .535 patched round ball (more than I can remember) .243 (1) 7mm-08 (many) .280 Remington (many) 8X57 Mauser with adult loads (many) 30/40 Krag (1) 8mm-06 Ackley Improved (1)
  6. Unless I was hunting in a frog strangling rain, I used my flintlock and only once did I have problems when the priming powder in the pan looked like grease. Of course I never fell for the "substitute" propaganda and only used real black powder with a tightly patched round ball. In fact, unless I encountered heavy rain that got the pan wet during my hunts, I would even leave my weapon loaded behind the seat of my pickup for the entire season. Avoiding condensation resulting from rapidly changing temperatures encountered when taking the weapon in and out of a heated structure (and using genuine black powder) was key to dependable ignition..
  7. Somehow the term "analytical mind" doesn't seem to describe the mental perceptions of Trump supporters.
  8. Northcountryman's assessment of acceptable policy behavior reminds me of the old conservative Reich mantra. "Its not fascism when we do it."
  9. Yet again you prove your point by being a perfect example of the behavior you criticize.
  10. https://www.zazzle.com/john_fetterman_kicking_authority_in_the_balls_hoodie-235004232280354423
  11. So they fixed the governor's race yet lost 4 house seats that would have given them a majority?
  12. The only flush I heard was that of the election denying Trump turds going down the tube. Herschel Walker is the only turd left and it doesn't look good for him now that he can't deliver a senate majority.
  13. Also allows for a reduced depth and thinner walled receiver hence the light comparative weight of the Ithaca M37.
  14. While the Democrats were "rigging" the POTUS election, how did they not end up with 60 seats in the Senate?
  15. Civil War era smooth bore cannon with "grapeshot".
  16. So, is it also Biden's fault that the inflation and high gas prices are a global problem?
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