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  1. I would add a drink and old hand towel to clean up after field dressing that monster buck.
  2. I'm the only one in the house that enjoys the sprouts so there all mine. The rest is going into salsa.
  3. I'm doing intermittent fasting (no food until noon) and being a breakfast guy, this thread is killing me.
  4. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get out in the AM but based on the wind and movement that I have been seeing the last week I will be sitting in a small ladder stand on the north side of the property at the edge of my field. The PM doe movement seems to be coming from the north woods into my field so I will be trying to intercept them before they get there.
  5. Having grown up poor eating Gov. PB and then spending years eating MRE PB, I now go full Extra Crunchy JIF!!
  6. You mean other than the fact that you have a highly flammable gas in an enclosed area with a potential ignition source??? And yes, there are times when a lead acid car battery puts out a spark. aka ignition source.
  7. You mean other than the fact that you have a highly flammable gas in an enclosed area with a potential ignition source??? And yes, there are times when a lead acid car battery puts out a spark. aka ignition source.
  8. So, is he going to place those cans of highly flammable gas in the trunk of his car that is filled with lithium batteries? Sounds safe.
  9. I'm in the same boat (or plane) the last thing I needed was to track a deer through the bush all night and then get up at 3am for a flight out of SYR.
  10. On demand generators typically have very little to no maintenance. Most are set to automatically start up and run once a month on a test cycle. There should be an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) that senses when commercial power is out. This switch will open the commercial power circuit and close the backup power circuit so you don't backfeed the system and kill a lineman. The ATS should have a test sequence to start up the generator and check it. Otherwise you would have to shut off the main power coming into the house before the ATS.
  11. It's warm and it seems so much thicker in the woods with all the greenery. Still feels good to be in the stand.
  12. I think it is ridiculous that the state allows the sale of (and tax of) mineral blocks but does not allow the use of them. They should either be legal or not. I know a few people who use the blocks in the spring and summer, they break them up and mix it with dirt. I don't know if it truly helps build bigger racks but I imagine it helps with the overall health as long as its not spreading disease.
  13. Not sure where you are located but Andy Luciano was taking deer last year for processing during early antlerless.
  14. The field is about 8 acres, mostly goldenrod that grew like wildfire, I would leave it alone until fall but if I didn't brush hog it would start growing sumac. I leased it to a farmer this year so he will be planting it and maintaining it moving forward.
  15. I'm honestly not that familiar with the different grains. I had to look up Triticale when he told me. The field did offer good cover but I typically brush hog in the fall to keep it under control and I have to walk right through the middle to get to the woods.
  16. Well its not going to help this year but the farmer came and brush hogged my fields and will be plowing and planting Triticale as a cover crop until next spring when he puts in the alfalfa and clover. We made our fall trip to Ontario Orchards and I picked up 2 Ida Red apple trees and an Arkansas Black to plant back in the woods for my kill orchard. The wife picked up trees for the yard.
  17. I don't really follow college football but I did get to watch a guy wearing an LSU t-shirt argue with a guy wearing a Georgia t-shirt in the produce section of Wegmans yesterday.
  18. I don't really follow college football but I did get to watch a guy wearing an LSU t-shirt argue with a guy wearing a Georgia t-shirt in the produce section of Wegmans yesterday.
  19. I will definitely be out. A chance to fill the freezer and spend some time in the stand with my son before bow season.
  20. 2 yearling doe hanging out back while the kids argue about who gets the swing.
  21. I don't know if it has really changed that much. I can see that the "Hunting Lease" thing wasn't a thing decades ago. But I also see it from a different angle. Leases can open up areas that you may never have had access to if you weren't from an area and knew a landowner. And the picture in the add looks like it already has crops aka food plots. At that point you are paying for some exclusive, premium hunting land. I'm willing to bet if someone respectfully asked a farmer about hunting their land, and they did it well before the season started and offered to do some work to earn that privilege, a lot of landowners would be willing to allow that. I know that I offered that to a landowner before I purchased my land. He gave me permission I did some clean up with the quad and I dropped off some fresh caught lake trout during the summer and a backstrap after I harvested the first deer on his property. Both he and his wife couldn't have been happier to have us there. There is still a ton of public land to hunt in NY and pull off camping/hunting areas in ADK. Again, someone needs to be willing to work for those deer, but the experience of a Big Woods hunt is what it's all about.
  22. Judoka95

    The Itch

    It's 8 days from the start of Early Antlerless Season 9/10-9/18. I resisted as long as I could but, I broke out my pack yesterday and started going through my gear, installing batteries in my flashlights and getting my hunting cloths out. There is a certain smell from the gear that now fills my office. Next Saturday can't come soon enough!!
  23. These bucks were all at one of my job sites in NJ. The first was an old double drop tine that I saw when I did the pre-construction walk. The rest were taken on the first day of the job. They didn't even care that we were there. The big buck walked around us and bedded down about 50yrds from our trucks.
  24. I hear people complaining all the time about how they HAD access to a place and now the new owners won't let then on the property. "I've been hunting here for 20 years and now they tell me I can't hunt here". Well, someone paid a lot of money to buy that property and they have to pay taxes and insurance on that property. Maybe the new owners want to hunt the property with their family and friends. If it was on the market for sale anyone could have purchased it. If someone hunts on a property free for 20 years maybe they should have planned and saved to eventually purchase that property or gone in with a few people to purchase some land. I started hunting State land, eventually I got permission to hunt some private farmland owned by a friend's grandfather. We did workdays in the spring clearing trees that had fallen during the winter. We would spend weekends to cut and stack firewood in the fall (with beer and pizza) and watched the property throughout the year. I joined a hunting club in ADK and paid annual dues + 2 work weekends a year (not to mention the 4hr drive each way) and eventually I purchased land where I now live. I work hard and spend a lot of time and money to maintain and improve the land. Now my family and friends have a safe private place to hunt. I have good relations with most of my neighbors who all hunt their own property and are like minded. When I hear people say they should be entitled to hunt someone else's property it drives me nut's. Many times, these are the same people who complain about others who expect free money from the government but it's the same thing. It comes down to "I want something for free that someone else had to pay for" There are a ton of options for hunters. State land, build relationships with landowners, join a hunting club, lease property with some buddies, purchase land solo or with some friends. It just depends on how serious you are about hunting and where you are in life. If you really want it go out there and work for it.
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