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  1. I got into my stand around 12:30 and all my neighbors decided to sight in their guns around 2:00. Nothing like waiting till the last weekend.
  2. Big 8 point just trotted along the edge of my field before ducking into the woods. They're moving this morning.
  3. I had a trash panda pass by around 6:15 and a small 4 point at first light.
  4. Up and in. Hopefully some bucks will be out freshening up their scrapes and chasing this morning. Good luck everyone
  5. So, while I was eating lunch and staring out the window, I noticed this. That buck must have made it this morning. My wife finds it amazing that I can spot a rub from 150 yrds away but can't seem to see the crumbs I left on the counter.
  6. On the "Map Editor" tab you will see an arrow with "Trace" under it. I typically start by hitting the symbol that looks like crosshairs. This will show you your current location. then i hit Trace and start moving. when you are done it will ask you if you want to save the "trace".
  7. I've heard the same thing about there being a shortage of bins for the apples. My wife works for a farm market and the owners have stopped picking because they ran out of space and could not get additional bins and many of the pickers are leaving. On a side note, I have plenty of room in my field if anyone is looking for a place to dump a few 10-wheeler loads of apples..
  8. Live from the home office 2022. I was on a conference call at 7:30 when my wife came in and said there was a buck out in the field. I jumped up grabbed the bino's and head out. It was a nice 8-point that followed a path the doe normally use. I'm glad my camera was off for while I was on the Teams meeting!!
  9. I use HuntStand and just like all the others the lines can be close but not exact. I had the land surveyed when i purchased it and I have plotted the survey markers on HuntStand. The lines are definitely different, but this probably has more to do with the accuracy of the phones GPS and the amount of cover. Most smart phone GPS' are only accurate to about a 15' radius if there are no obstructions. Once you add in thick tree cover that radius can increase quite a bit. I like HuntStand for some of the other free features, Map and location sharing is great when you are out with other hunters, and you want to be sure you are not each other's line of fire. or if someone gets lost or just needs assistance getting a deer out. I also like the "Track" feature that allows me to walk or ride a trail and accurately map it out. I have found that many times I was not where I thought I was.
  10. Got in late and decided to clear a few lanes before I sat. 15 minutes after I got situated my target 8 point walked in just out of range. I grunted it in twice but he just wouldn't come in the last 10 yards I needed. Tonight really recharged my motivation. And I found some fresh rubs and scrapes. Good luck to everyone going out in the am. I'm on Dad patrol until the afternoon. Maybe I get the kids to help plant my last few apple trees for the woods orchard.
  11. Looks like a CutCo knife. My cousin used to sell them, and I received a few.
  12. I'm in the same boat, I will be in SLC the first week of Nov. and it's killing me.
  13. My FIL has always been a fan of hunting from the ground and using natural cover. He looks for sign and finds a clump of trees or a pine with low lying branches that will break up his silhouette and tucks in there using a turkey seat. The thought process is this method is less intrusive and allows for quick adjustments based on the sign. I'm not going to lie, I'm starting to see a distinct advantage in that. Last year's buck was taken that way. I followed some fresh tracks and setup my chair behind some trees and 20 minutes later he walked 20 yards in front of me. I have no intention of putting in a stand where I found the rubs this weekend. I've already located where I will sit and if the sign changes I will move. Very low impact and I'm not alerting the deer.
  14. I spent years working security and as a bouncer, and a few things I learned over the years. Most people start fights due to low self-esteem and/or alcohol. And they both throw sucker punches Real fights are not like they show on TV, two people standing and boxing is a fantasy. If the fight isn't over quickly it is going to the ground, and it will be messy (again not like we see on UFC) If it is in a crowded space, it usually is not 1 on 1. Most people these days carry and are willing to use a weapon to win a fight. The best way to win a fight is to not engage, stay calm, and walk away.
  15. While I was out with the kids this weekend, we saw a large hemlock tree that had fallen and was hung up in some other trees. There were two decent sized piles of scat on the tree at about 25' and 35' up. Is this something that a cat does or are there other animals that do this to mark their territory? (sorry, no photos)
  16. Couldn't get out for a hunt this weekend but I did get out with the kids to mark and clear an old logging trail that leads to the back side of the property. while we were out, we found 3 rub lines that followed 3 different stone walls. they seem to be walking parallel to them. This was the one that caught our eye. The tree was 6"-8". I know where I will be sitting for gun season.
  17. I lost two cameras to woodpeckers last year. I read that they probably hear the camera and think that there are bugs inside. You can order replacement IR covers but the Browning ones for my cams were on back order.
  18. Some doe can go in heat a month before or a month after the normal mid November breeding peek. Its a a little rare but mid October isn't out of the question. He may have a good opportunity here.
  19. I'm in. Good wind for the field stand and tomorrow looks like rain all day.
  20. I started taking my son out when he was 6 or 7 to help clear trails and set up stands before the season. I learned the same lesson about snacks and the cold after our first cold morning. Now my daughter (7yrs) is dying to go out. She came out last weekend to clear a new trail and it's all I have heard about this week. They are no different than any of us. They have their gear all laid out and a plan on how the whole thing is going to go down. It's like taking a kid fishing, don't plan on getting any fishing done yourself just enjoy the time with them. If you get a something it is a bonus. And don't forget the hot chocolate.
  21. I fall in line with @dbHunterNY I use wind to determine where I will hunt and weather to determine when I will take days off to be in the woods. I always see more movement on the days right before a storm or big temperature drop. I saw an article about the relationship between higher wind and increased buck movement. So if it is going to be windy right before a storm I'm going to find a way to get out. I try to get out as much as possible but I save a few vacation days for when everything comes together.
  22. I always carry both a handheld and a headlamp. Both are made by Coast and are LED. The handheld has 2 buttons (one for red and one for white) I like red on the way in to maintain some night vision. but when I walk the property edge i will flash white because I don't trust the neighbors not to shoot at the first thing they hear in the dark. The head lamp is great when you are tracking or field dressing or any other task that requires both hands. You can focus the beam for a spot or widen it out for flood. and both are available through the Home Depot website. The headlamp can run off a rechargeable pack or AA batteries. The handheld runs off 3 AAA's and will last 2 seasons. https://coastportland.com/products/hl8r https://coastportland.com/collections/led-flashlights/products/px20
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