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  1. greensider

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Home made black bean nachos
  2. greensider

    Mid level crossbow

    My first one was a 250 dollar barnett from amazon I killed a few deer with it only thing was i had to shim the scope mount I would shop craigs list for a good used one
  3. greensider


    I didn't see anything in video
  4. greensider

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Yeah I noticed when it's really cold they make there hart stand up like birds I guess it makes it deeper
  5. greensider

    What's for dinner tonight?

    That looks great we are having something fried lol
  6. greensider

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Pull from yesterday
  7. greensider


    I can't believe this one is back people learn your stuff and stop perpetuating other people's lies
  8. greensider

    Power Lines

    Some ate owned by power companies some by private land owners in either case both are private property and unless you have permission you are trespassing just like the quad riders
  9. greensider

    New Ammo bill

    I was asked that at Walmart in fishkill ny but was sold the ammunition when I said it was for a rifle
  10. greensider

    Interesting article regarding bucks dropping early

    There is no standard its all about how hard a particular buck rutted I have seen them drop anywhere from second week in December to first week in April this picture is two days ago still has antlers and still chasing
  11. greensider

    Peregrine in backyard

    Hard to tell could be coopers hawk but either way cool
  12. greensider

    NY says to kill...

    The problem I have with this is after seeing all the mountain lion pictures and people asking if this is a what ever is on there game camera there are to many outdoorsmen that truly can't tell one animal from another and a lot of deer will get shot
  13. Honestly was to exited to examine lungs and heart when I field dressed id but all shots were right at point of front leg and all within a fist sized area bullets were magteck 240 grain solid points I have used them on deer as well
  14. I just posted about my harvest of a bear a week ago a couple years ago i shot a 200 pound bear with my raging bull at 15 yards and and after following it through laural for a half hour I put a total of 5 240 grain bullets right behind shoulder I will never use a handgun on a bear again I would rather use an arrow
  15. greensider

    I’ve gotta try this

    Funny stuff ti keep saying im gonna make a squach costume from my beaver furs and walk some of the tail trail edges around here