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  1. greensider

    Tough Decision

    Always said I could not rob my dog of a day of life but when the time came I knew it wat time it crushed us twice in a year the only healer is a new pup I didn't like coming home to no dog at the door
  2. greensider

    Hummingbirds ...

    I put trail cams by our feeders get cool pictures
  3. greensider

    2019 Fungi / Wild Eats

    Spotted these from canoe while crappie fishing today
  4. greensider

    Snow in May

    Drove over rip ban winkle bridge today looked up at catskills and it all white on top
  5. greensider

    2019 Fungi / Wild Eats

    Found a few in hydepark
  6. greensider

    What's for dinner tonight?

    That looks great I finished off the last of the potato and leek soup
  7. greensider

    2019 Fungi / Wild Eats

    I was just reading about Michigan having a hunt day the record is 900 in 90 minutes I have yet to find one this season so far but lots of leeks
  8. greensider

    Dropping Sirius radio

    Dropped them a couple years ago they do dirty business I will never give them a dime again
  9. greensider

    6 more weeks

    Most good ones take a year or more if they are good they have a lot more to do than a bad one
  10. greensider

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Smoked steak at our house tonight
  11. They are staying anyway why not put them near the ones who want there vote
  12. Maybe they can do that to democrats
  13. greensider

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Smoked chicken
  14. No ball sports allowed in our house anymore those grossly overpaid thugs don't deserve our time anymore jmo