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  1. Letting it dry out for a while before I finish it
  2. Probably hit a tree running
  3. This thread should be deleted
  4. Well since a 12 year old can’t buy ammunition and it’s now illegal to loan ammo and guns out how can one hunt with a gun lol
  5. First open water fish of the season and one for the smoker
  6. Leave is alone we already lost one fall bird and length of fall season
  7. Just went from 255-65-17 to 265-70-17 on my wife’s colorado rides better got them from Walmart delivered to my house for 420 for four trailstar at tires heavy lug look great
  8. Smoked a pork but put some on a salad came out sssoooooo tender
  9. I do not mark anything on my 90 acres we have a couple grass roads going up the hill and we have a couple spots we don’t mow very good bedding we don’t go in it and they use it we just set up on travel routes leading in and out but a ways away
  10. Don’t really care what anyone thinks lol but it’s all good
  11. Also he had 2 12 guage slugs in him from previous season
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