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  1. greensider

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Today we smoked some country style ribs
  2. greensider

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Laker and brown trout are in the smoker
  3. greensider

    What's for dinner tonight?

    i made a three pepper baked macaroni and cheese habaneros jalapeños and thie chillies with jack cheese and yes it is very hot but soo yummy
  4. greensider

    Sign of Spring

    Where are you located we have cardinals in Dutches county all year every year
  5. greensider

    Food plots on public land

    I doubt the dec would like invasive plants being seeded on public land jmo could result in big fines
  6. greensider

    Coyote hunting

    There is value in finished product look up fox or other fur blankets they are expensive
  7. greensider

    Coyote hunting

  8. greensider

    Coyote hunting

    Couple from this week one gun one crossbow
  9. greensider

    Time For A New Owl Hooter!

    I have found that a goose call nice and loud get them to respond well
  10. greensider

    Coyote hunting

    That's a big girl congrats I just ordered a new yote killer a savage trophy hunter xp in 204 ruger
  11. greensider

    Winnnndy Sunday !!

    Im in Dutches county blowing pretty hard right now
  12. greensider

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    I thought early bear was only in the catskills
  13. greensider

    Coyote hunting

    Took a walk behind my house a half hour before dark immediately had two yotes respond took a 70 yard shot I only shoot a 22 mag with v max bullets it yelled ran into swamp as I walked in i saw the second one pacing where i last saw it i almost got that one I didn't find the one i shot i fell through ice then came in i will go take a look after work tomorrow pretty sure it's right there
  14. greensider

    Any ideas what this is???

    Let me get my fourth pair of glasses lol
  15. greensider

    Any ideas what this is???

    That's the back right leg not a tail bobcat