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  1. greensider


    Either tan them myself or send them out they make good wallhangings
  2. greensider

    2017/2018 HuntingNY Predator Kill Thread

    First yote this season for me
  3. greensider


    I agree with the 4.5
  4. greensider

    Oh My.............Mother Nature At Work!!

    Cant top it but close i got a bat attacking a squirrel in trap then perched in tree over it but thats a cool video
  5. greensider

    Always cold!? What’s everyone wearing ?

    Not enough lol
  6. greensider

    Saw a big boy

    I have a adjust camera in my way out
  7. greensider

    Saw a big boy

    Just checked camera he is on it not great picture though
  8. greensider

    Rage 2 blade crossbow broadheads

    I have used them more than once but rarely do they survive impact with what's beyond the deer which is why I refuse to pay 40 for 3 heads i use knockoff rages and have never had one fail
  9. greensider

    Rage 2 blade crossbow broadheads

    I do not understand why you need special head for a crossbow i use the same heads on crossbow and compound they work the same on both no problem
  10. greensider

    Saw a big boy

    Nybowhunter hanks for nice comment its a screenshot of the video I took
  11. greensider

    Saw a big boy

    If you can't see that rack your looking at a different picture lol
  12. greensider

    Saw a big boy

    Filled my buck tag so i am just doe hunting and of course this guy comes by
  13. greensider

    Inlaws house

    Great people treat me well I usually hunt there opening week but not this season I hope they get him I will be happy for them
  14. greensider

    Rage 2 blade crossbow broadheads

    I only use rage as you will learn there's nothing better but I won't pay for a name I have been using knockoff brands for years with no problem and les than half the cost