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  1. Really no different than a fiberglass fish replica
  2. Can’t find where to order or how much but definitely cool
  3. This one got a free pass we already took 6 foxes from this spot
  4. When I pull mine from our farm I will have a better review it’s been there a couple of months it was a great camera during the season can’t wait to go get it
  5. I have seen plenty in craigslist running anywhere from under a hundred to several hundred size or points don’t seem to matter in the adds I would post for a reasonable price on marketplace and craigs
  6. Don’t know if this is real i saw it on my Facebook page
  7. I got an apeman camera last summer for 32 on eBay absolutely a great camera
  8. Logged out for a bit back on mow didn’t have any problems this time
  9. Happening now saying in the winner showing balloons hard to get past it I think this forum was hacked and we now have a virus
  10. I kept getting redirected to a security ad I kept exing screen off then coming back on and turning phone of finally it stopped