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  1. Hello to all my fellow bow hunters! Here's a question for you, if you had the chance to hunt and win $50,000, would you do it? Well your chance has come! It's the Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship! The biggest and most exciting deer hunting tournament that's ever hit the whitetail woods! Here's how it works, throughout the USA and Canada, there's 14 different regions, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey would be considered as Region 1, the bow hunter that harvests the largest P&Y scoring buck in he or she's region will qualify for a championship hunt in the land of Giants, (KANSAS) at Wicked Outfitters for a chance to win $50,000!! You may ask, is there an entry fee? Yes, there is a $300 entry fee, but here's the cool part, when you sign up, the crew at the championship will send you a gear package in the mail with over $400 worth of hunting gear! You will also have your name put in for hunt give away drawings and product give a ways! How cool is that!? You might be thinking to yourself, I don't have a big enough buck to hunt that i can win anything with. NOT the case, if you harvest a buck and enter it into the tournament, you will be put in for another drawing for the Kansas HUNT! How do you sign up? Simply go to www.nawtc.com fill out the entry form that's required for you to sign up, and your ready to go! When your filling out the entry form, you will see where it says referral, type in our email address [email protected] to let the guys at the championship know that your signing up through us! Watch the video below about the Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship and enter today! Last year I was blessed to be the region 1 winner of this great tournament, and i'm currently getting ready to head for Kansas for the championship hunt! I couldn't believe that God gave this opportunity to me! Check out the hunt that one me the region and if you want to see how the championship hunt unfolds for me, follow me on Instagram, Facebook @ Cross Over the River Outdoors! Please also Subscribe to my YouTube channel, also Cross Over the River Outdoors! Good luck to every one this fall! and as always God Bless!
  2. Lease available for 2018 in Steuben County close to town of Greenwood. Looking for a max of 2 hunters (flexible if you have kids and would like them to hunt as well). I would like to open this up to responsible hunters who have a passion for hunting and whitetails. I am trying to give back to the land and create new deer habitat every year. Looking for hunters that will treat the place like their own and enjoy the time out in the woods. Lots of wildlife (Bear, Deer, Turkey, Grouse, Fox, Coyote, etc.) 21 Acres Walking distance to State Land (Rock Creek State Forest) and short ride to Turkey Ridge SF, and Greenwood SF where you can enjoy several thousand acres of hunting land. Several treestands on the property. Fall foodplots will be going in around July/August 2018 (3 Acres) Apple, Pear, Chestnut Tree Plots established and producing fruit as of 2017 If you are interested and would like more information please let me know.
  3. Just wanted to post a video of one of my successful bow hunts this year. Something about documenting your hunt and self filming adds even more of a rewarding feeling to a bow harvest when it all comes together. *Disclaimer* I don't think I'm a "pro" nor am I trying to be just love filming and tinkering around with the editing. The audio on the video from my second doe harvest is much better than this one, I figured out a few tricks with the editing software recently and I'll have that one done by the weekend. You can skip through the talking parts if you want the shot happens around the 3:20 mark.
  4. Hey everyone. Looking to join a hunting club in light of the upcoming start of the 2017-2018 deer season. I live in Elmira and work a lot, so ideally I would like to hunt as close to where I live as possible. I almost exclusively bowhunt, but will use a rifle periodically. I just moved here from Atlanta about a year ago, so I'm still relatively new to the area and haven't found a place to hunt yet. Thank you! Neil
  5. Hey guys, It's always been a dream of mine to someday run an outfit. I know it's no walk in the park to start up a bussiness, espically in a state like NY but I was wondering if anyone on here has any information and tips they wouldn't mind sharing.
  6. 2015 Obsession Knightmare GT 27in draw, 28 ATA, 60-70 lb limbs. Sweet shooting bow with only about 100 arrows through it. Asking 650 bare, have a montana black gold rush 5 pin and a truglo slider pendulum I could part with if wanted.
  7. Well after about a month straight of hunting with no shot opportunities today I was finally graced with the opportunity to take a shot at not one but two does within five minutes of each other. My friends and father call me the doe master for a reason, I may get buck fever but does never get past me... until today. I made a terrible shot at 22 yards on the first doe very high no vitals hit. The way I was shaking you would think I had a 12 point standing in front of me. The second a clean miss hair trimming at 18 yards. I think the first high hit got me inside my own head and I subconsciously tried to compensate unnecessarily. I am thankful for the clean miss on the second as there is nothing more that I hate than putting a bad non lethal hit on an animal. Any one else experience these almost newbie to hunting jitters when finally presented with a shot during a tough season? As many times as I run that shot over in my head and think of all the times I've hit similar and tougher shots I can't believe I could blow it twice in five minutes.
  8. Hey guys, Just wondering how many of you qauter and pack your deer on ice. Usually I hang for a few days or qauter and place in a fridge but at my hunting camp that's not an option. I've heard of people packing deer on ice for a few days up to a few weeks and was wondering how many of you tried it. Also if you bag the qauters and pack ice around or just put the meat in on bags of ice? I can't imagine direct ice contact on meat would be a good thing.
  9. Hello, all. I'm the new hunter which love bowhunting ,because my grandfather was a very good bowhunter in his hometown.
  10. Does anyone have experience with odorless bow oil? I'd like to add some lubricant to the cam pins, which have a faint squeak when drawing the string. I've also read that vegetable oil is a suitable alternative, but I'm curious to learn of other bowhunters' experiences using one, the other, or both. Thanks in advance...
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anybody has any experience or advice with small throw and grow food plots and what blend is the best. And if you make travel corridors to the food plots if the deer will take them.
  12. Id like to share a story with you if I could, it may not be the most unusal story, when it comes to deer hunting, but I thought it was worth sharing. Anybody who has bowhunted for any amount of time has probably lost a deer or two. On 11/14 a friend of mine arrowed this Oswego county buck on his property in Scriba, NY. Unfortunately, thats not him holding the rack in the first picture. He tracked the deer for 1.3 miles before he lost the blood trail. On 12/08 the picture of the rack started circulating the area via text message, with the story of how and where it was found dead. My friend located the guy who found it, they exchanged their stories, and the man even walked him out to the carcus in the woods where he found the buck, which was 80 yards from where the blood trail abruptly stopped. Unfortunately the man did not want to part with antlers, even when offered money for them. As a hunter myself who has lost deer before, I can understand the sorrow of shooting and tracking a deer, only to come up empty handed, but to shoot a monster like this, and have 3 weeks go by wondering and second guessing, and then stand face to face with man who found it, and not being able to convince him to part ways with his find, can only be described one way, heartbreaking! I can only hope that this story hasn't ended yet and that in the days or weeks to come this man has a change of heart, and gives this story a happy ending! Now i know there are alot if big bucks out there, and some people have more than a few on thier wall, each having a story to go along with it, and in most cases these expensive mounts will be passed down through out generations and hopefully the storys along with them, and sometimes the storys of the ones we've lost or missed will take on a life of thier own. As of right now my friend will have to come to terms with the fact that, the story of this big eight point, aside from a few trailcam pics and picture on his phone, is just that, a story!
  13. Checked my camera at a spot I let sit for a few weeks and caught a few pictures of this guy. Four days apart mid day, and all the doe groups are finally broken up here with the exception of a young doe and her fawn. Fingers crossed he comes out pulling an all day sit today and Sunday.
  14. Well guys wish I was posting this on happier terms. Many of you may remember my last post when I shot low on a nice ten point. Well I have a friend who has been begging me to take him out as he lost his spots from last year. I took him out and he shot two deer on one of my spots. Today he asked again because he needed meat for a family member who can't hunt this year due to injury. I agreed trying to be a good friend and took him out and sat in the same tree together at the spot where I had the encounter with the ten. I said shoot whatever you want my only condition was if the ten point comes out and you have a clear shot on your side of the tree you can shoot it, if it is on my side of the tree I want to take the shot. Fair enough I thought, long story short, 10 point steps out is under thick cover on a trail that would put him at 10 yards broadside right in front of me, I get ready, in disbelief I get another crack at him. Knowing I have a history with this buck from the encounter and many trail cam pictures from scouting efforts I figured my friend would be happy this deer was making his way towards me. Then the last thing I expected happened, my friend takes a severely quartered to shot through thick branch cover and all I here is a loud pop almost like someone shooting a milk jug. Pissed he would take a stupid shot like that especially when the deer was coming right into my lane and was no where in his shooting vicinity he claimed to make a good hit. No blood, no arrow, no hair and just that loud almost hollow pop? Could this be a shot into a tree or did he wound the buck on a stupid decision? Never heard a sound like that before, needless to say I don't think I'm taking him out to hunt with me after that.
  15. Hey guys, I have recently picked up a new obsession and as with any new bow purchase, why not spend even more money and get all new toys lol. I have been tossing the idea around of trying out a single pin slider sight to cut down on the clutter. I am pretty set on the Black Gold Ascent Ambush as I have had their multi pins and they are as dependable as you can get IMO (still have one on my carbon spyder). Typically my set ups present me with a 10-30 yard shot although i do have one spot on a field edge I could shoot out to 80 if i really wanted to. My concern with the single pin is having time to range, move and draw on an animal without them closing or increasing the distance. I also like to self film hunts from time to time and am a little worried that a movable pin would just be a headache to use with a camera. Any input and experiences are appreciated.
  16. I know it's close to the season but made an impulse purchase on a bow and I don't need three kicking around so putting one up for sale. I have a 2014 Mathews Monster Chill that was only used on two hunts, shot roughly 100 times and kept in a bow safe. Currently set up maxed at roughly 72 lbs and set at a 26.5 inch draw. The bow can easily be set up to a 28.5 inch draw with the proper module, you can find them on ebay for around $20 or most pro shops carry them. Bow comes with a Black Gold Lost Camo Rush site, Trophy Ridge Revolution drop away rest, peep, kisser, loop, and I could throw in 6 27 inch easton axis arrows. For the package $850 Bare bow option available if you prefer.
  17. Any law enforcement officers out there with connections or land of their own that are willing to let a fellow LEO share or possibly lease for the upcoming 2015 season? I've been in NY for just about a year now and am still looking for some land or hunting buddies to enjoy the hunt with. I live out on Long Island in Suffolk County but have hunted upstate public land a few times last season and wouldn't be opposed to making the drive. I'm not a rookie, but not brass either, so if a lease is offered, I don't have much to go around. Any help or offers are greatly appreciated! Happy hunting!
  18. I'm looking for and would be interested in a lease in either of these two counties, any help would be appreciated. Thanks for all your help!
  19. When bow-hunting education became "mandatory" It was done so for many reasons. According to the DEC it was enacted, to promote ethical shots, to train hunters to blood trail, how an arrow actually harvests game and also to ensure the general public that "archers" were safe and ethical. It was NOT grandfathered to any archer, no matter how long they had hunted. Fast forward thirty years and now we can shoot deer with arrows with no regard to ethical shot placement, blood trailing etc. Does it bother anyone else that some sort of "archery education" class is not Mandatory to hunt with a crossbow? I work at a major sporting goods store where I sell both conventional compound, and crossbows as well. While I am NOT anti crossbow, I am ANTI hunting deer with an arrow, when no education on how an arrow harvests animals is mandatory. I must listen to story after story of 40 and 50 yard shots at deer facing the hunters, shots taken at the neck, shoulders etc. I feel it is tragic that the NYS legislation does not mandate a course on how an arrow harvests game, and blood trailing (at a minimum) for anyone who wishes to hunt with a crossbow. Do we no longer care about how archers are perceived by the general public, or has the abundance of deer in NY clouded our views on what an ethical hunter should be regardless of the type of "bow" that delivers the arrow?
  20. I have a 2011 Mathews Z7 extreme in lost camo for sale. It is 28 inches ATA, can be adjusted from 24.5 to 29.5 inches for draw length and is a 50-70 pound bow. The bow has been babied and is in great shape. It's an awesome smooth drawing bow and is one of the quietest I have ever shot. Hate to get rid of it but I don't need three bows kicking around the house. Comes with peep, kisser, and trophy ridge drop away rest. Looking for 650 or best offer. The bow is located in Putnam county.
  21. Hi - happy to be a member here! I live out in Montauk on Long Island and grew up an avid fisherman. Over the past few years, I've really gotten the hunting bug, and have been doing all that I can to get out in the woods/blind. Joined to try and learn as much as possible! Happy hunting, Rob
  22. I was wondering if anyone has any expirence with either of these arrows and if they are really worth the money. Currently I shoot the easton axis on a mathews chill but I am getting a carbon spyder and want to do a different set up for this one. Any input is appreciated
  23. I've recently been thinking about building my own arrows from the shaft up. Is there really a big difference in doing such compared to buying pre fletched arrows. I shoot the easton axis 400's with 2 inch blazers. I would most likely go with a straight offset if i were to build them anyway. Any input would be appreciated.
  24. Hello there. I'm a lifelong archer, living in NYC, and my mom got me into hunting last year. We were shooting at a 3D range and her hunting buddies couldn't believe the shots I was making at 60 yards, I had no idea I was any good, it's just something I've done for fun for a long time and I guess I got pretty good. So I started doing some reading about conservation and I love to cook and I also love backpacking, so I just put those things together and got myself a proper hunting setup and got myself licenced this year. This last weekend I just went up to the Catskills for the early bear season. I hunted out of my tent solo in the forest and holy cow I'm hooked. It's bananas in the bush. I'm so used to being on trails there's a whole other world when you're off the trails. It was physically demanding (I'm in pretty good shape but I feel broken right now), and I feel an incredibly amazing positive energy coming from this experience. Confronting my lifelong fears of bears (I've been solo backpacking for a long time with maybe my dog but usually alone) ... I went into the woods with my pack, some water, my PSE Xforce (it's a beast), Montec G5 broadheads sharpened to a surgical edge and some scents I made following the NYS rule of 1.5 oz. I bought some small glass 2oz bottles and mixed extracts of anise, caramel and vanilla. Damn it's a strong smell. I know the area I was hunting quite well so I went straight to where I knew the bears were moving. Scat everywhere. I've been doing my research and following Cameron Haines, reading his books and it all fell into place. I'll try and keep this brief here and recount my experience under the bear threads where they may help other. No luck but using the Trimble app I logged at least 3 absolutely perfect hiding spots with 10 - 40 yard shots, perfectly hidden with tons of scat and water sources nearby. Exhilarating!
  25. Hey Everyone I've recently been looking for a taxidermist to mount a wood duck drake iv had wrapped in the freezer for some time. The reason i have not gotten the mount done already is i don't know where to take it. I have used a taxidermist in Pennsylvania for my deer in the past but i cant justify the 4 hour drive down. Now his work is real good, but Its a long haul and his price has gone up a little to the point where what i save on the mount i make up in gas. Does anyone on here have someone who is reasonable in price and good on deer and birds not too far from the Dutchess / Putnam area. Any input would be appreciated.
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