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  1. You ever get any info on this? I wold love to get in on a waterfowl lease, have plenty of deer and turkey but NY duck/goose spots are hard to come by these days
  2. Thanks bud you too! Have a few buddies that hunt the Mahopac/Somers area and there is definitely some solid bucks over that way.
  3. This was in Carmel, do a lot of my hunting in Kent and Patterson but this is one of my little pocket spots right in town.
  4. Just wanted to post a video of one of my successful bow hunts this year. Something about documenting your hunt and self filming adds even more of a rewarding feeling to a bow harvest when it all comes together. *Disclaimer* I don't think I'm a "pro" nor am I trying to be just love filming and tinkering around with the editing. The audio on the video from my second doe harvest is much better than this one, I figured out a few tricks with the editing software recently and I'll have that one done by the weekend. You can skip through the talking parts if you want the shot happens around the 3:20 mark.
  5. Anyone seeing any ducks at all? Even while putting in a good amount of time behind the wheel scouting I haven't seen anything besides the occasional black duck and mergansers since the early season here in the southern zone.
  6. Yea they sparred stopped ate and sparred again. It was Halloween morning up in 4G. Other than that I had a monster 8 run off a smaller 8 on camera on the same property and that's the only signs of things heating up besides scrapes and rubs I've seen so far.
  7. Hunt 3N and 4G no signs of chasing yet, does are still with fawns. Did get pics of a decent 8 and big 6 sparring and there are rubs and scrapes popping up everywhere. I'm thinking chasing will start up sometime around mid week. Should be good next weekend.
  8. A lot of farmers grow corn for silage now so they leave it up as long as they can and then grind it up stalk and all. That's what most of the farmers do by my land in schoharie county. We let a farmer grow a 5 acre corn field in our bottom field and he leaves it up until the last weekend of October most years. When the corn comes down those next two days are on fire with all the deer coming in to pick up the leftovers.
  9. Managed to take a good doe yesterday afternoon. Got the whole thing on film, was a really cool hunt. On to bucks now
  10. Black Eagle Renegade for my Mathews and Rampages for my Bowtech. I've tried a lot of different brands and these have been by far the most consistent and hardest hitting arrows I have used
  11. I'm not one to bad mouth products and companies but this is one I do not mind doing so simply because of what I have witnessed. I quoted you because you said you saw the video that showed a steel chair and the blades staying in good shape, I can assure you this is not the case in a non controlled environment. My buddy missed a doe while hunting with me 3 times ( face palm), three arrows went right into swamp dirt, no rocks just mud and all three heads had at least two of those cookie cutter shaped blades bent out of shape. They also shot 4 inches left to his field points at 20 yards but he insisted on using them. Another friend tried them and shot a doe at 32 yards only to get 6 inches of penetration. He shoots a 29 inch draw at 70 pounds. He eventually found his doe but was not impressed at all with penetration or blood. I would not bother with them. You don't like mechanicals stick with your standard 2 and 3 blade fixed heads they are proven and just about fool proof if you are properly tuned.
  12. Here's my input. I've killed deer with both fixed and mechanical heads. I shoot a 27 inch draw at 74 lbs and a 430 grain arrow. With your set up I would not suggest the Hypos. They are a great head but have a very steep blade angle and with your lighter draw and moderate arrow weight anything less than a perfect shot could result in poor penetration. Mechanical heads get a bad rap because you get these guys shooting 375 grain arrows thinking that FPS will push the arrow through and unless you have a 30 inch draw they couldn't be more wrong. I don't care how fast your arrow moves if you don't have the momentum, forget KE, momentum is king, you will not get consistent pass throughs with mechanical heads. Now even though I have more than enough energy to push a 2 inch head through a whitetail, I've always been a fan of 1 1/2 inch mechanicals. My ulmer edges were discontinued a few years back so now I shoot Rage Hypodermic +Ps. All steel construction, field point accuracy, plus the shorter blades and better angle are better for penetration. Those would be my suggestion for your set up if you are really dying to try a mechanical. If not stick with a fixed head, they've worked for years and kill deer just fine I still have a handful of G5 strikers that put down deer just as well as any two blade mechanical I've ever shot.
  13. That alone is a huge advantage, been looking at picking one up this made up my mind for me
  14. I like the Axcel Armortec, best multi pin I have used. Micro adjust pins and its built like a tank