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  1. Rebel Darling

    Forgetting to Report

    Good link: (for Apple)
  2. Rebel Darling

    Forgetting to Report

    I report on my phone w/ DEC's HuntFish App. Super easy, and works offline, in that it'll report once connected to a network. Works across operating systems (iPhone, Android, etc.): Hope this helps some of ya. UPDATE - Wrong link...
  3. Phew... wife and I were sending up some positivity. Glad that fella’s going to be alright. Thanks for sharing the good news. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  4. Rebel Darling

    2018 HuntingNY Bow/Archery Harvest Thread

    Thursday, November 15, 12:15 pm. 11 yards, 15 feet up, stopped at my wind. I let the arrow fly. First buck I've called in. First deer I've called in for a kill. After seeing movement behind me, I used a single, light bleat, followed by a couple of quick grunts. He wandered for a bit, but came right in. I glassed the arrow from the stand, and it was bright red. I waited 30-40 mins, after having watched him bound out of site at 20-30 yards a rip. I never heard him crash, and lost his movement in the thick trees. @grampy kept my head in the game through a difficult track... I had a hard time finding blood past point of impact, and when I did, it was a couple of drops every few feet (see oak leaf in photo for example of blood trail), and then nothing for 15 - 20 yards, and then nothing at all. I searched for more blood for an hour, backed out, called deer search, and texted grampy to let him know and get his opinion on the situation. After a couple of hours, with a snow storm on the way, and a fella who was going to check in with his fiance before he could commit to bringing a dog over, grampy laid it out plain: "you gotta get out there." I stalked likely trails, and found a couple drops of blood by a pass in a stone wall. I walked across and straight for a while. It didn't feel right, and I didn't find anything. I doubled back, stood for a bit, thought about deer movement, and started walking the wall line, up the grade and towards a clearing. No blood, but about 60 yards up the way I saw the brown of his fur, back to me. In the end, he was either more quartered to than I thought, or the arrow deflected off a branch or a rib. Lungs, liver, and out through the stomach. Stomach contents plugged the exit wound. He ran a total of around 300 yards from point of impact, bedded down, and died right there, just like in the picture. Sad, but also kind of beautiful. Many, many thanks to grampy (unsure I would have found the deer without his extra push), his hunting buddy, Gary, and all the folks at Deer Search who were generous with their time and experience. I even received a phone call from John Jeanneney, the fella who wrote the book on finding wounded deer... For this adult-onset hunter who is still looking for a crew of hunting buddies, I was amazed and humbled by the community's offering of all they could to help, what amounts to be, a complete stranger.
  5. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  6. Rebel Darling

    Huge Thanks to Reeltime!

    Been out of likes for a while... This is a great story, and clearly about good people helping out. Solid, all around. That pic of Reeltime sitting behind Picket is seared in my memory, but I imagine him to be a bit taller now. Hope he still has the beard...
  7. Very satisfied that I’ll be providing for the family. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  8. Rebel Darling

    Out There - Rebel Darling's Journal

    I've been able to hunt the past few evenings. Monday at Partridge Run, Tuesday in the back, and tonight (Wednesday) at the Pine Bush. I enjoyed the P-Run hunt location. I set up on a pinch-point, a narrow strip of land that runs between two marshes. I know that doe bed along the marsh about 100-200 yards (maybe more) to the right of my set up. The wind was coming off the marsh, over the bedding and up the slope. My plan was to catch a buck scent checking that bedding area just upwind. I made a poor decision in my set up, though. I climbed into a tree with the climber, which means I need a "perfect" tree, and it left me out in the open. I should have set up on the ground in some cover. About an hour or so on stand, I heard some crunching behind me, and then nothing. And shortly after that, the barely audible sound of a whitetail bounding away. I didn't see anything, but the locale was beautiful and it was a great change of scenery. Many, many thanks to the veterans who help secure our ability to live out this lifestyle. I thought about that quite a bit on my drive up on Monday. Tuesday's hunt was delayed because power to the house went out, and I had to bail out the sump in the basement. I bumped deer on my way out that might have otherwise walked past my stand. Visibility was low due to heavy fog, so I tried some calling. A couple bleats. Waited 15 mins or so, and let out a single bleat followed by two grunts. About 10 or so mins after that, I heard something take off downwind of and behind me. Didn't see a thing. Didn't see, nor hear a thing after that. Erie evening in the stand, but I felt alive, and I loved that. Today's initial hunt plan was to head up north and meet up with a buddy for a morning and afternoon sit. He flaked on getting back to me until this morning when he cancelled. I spent the morning hanging with the boy and the wife, and keeping the fire going. Great way to spend time, but I'm also running out of opportunity to put any doe meat in the freezer this year. This afternoon, I basically scouted for next year in the Pine Bush, checking out an area that I've always been curious to know more about. Lots of buck sign from this year, but I think that the resident buck was harvested. I got deep in the thick stuff, and while all the rubs were new-ish, there wasn't a fresh track in the two-day old snow anywhere. I also found some doe bedding and some isolated early season food sources. I hope that comes in handy next year. I saw no deer. One thing I want to address about the P-Run hunt. When I first started hunting, I pounded the woods, and would be in and walking around all day. At some point, I'd find a tree to lean against, and fall asleep. It seemed that I'd often wake up to deer, or other wildlife around me. So... while at P-Run, on Monday, I kind of nodded off intentionally, letting nature flow through me instead of inserting myself in it. It kind of seemed like the woods were more alive at that point. Maybe I was dreaming, but I thought I heard more birds, and generally just felt more of a part of the experience than an infiltrator trying to hide out. I woke up to a red squirrel trying to climb my tree and getting spooked by my eyes when we made eye contact. Fortunately the squirrel didn't cause a racket, which is rare with the reds. It just buggered off chittering every now and again. It wasn't long after that, that I thought I heard the deer coming along. I hope to be able to find that same peace I found in P-Run again. I've been feeling the pressure of not yet having meat in the freezer, and I'm not a huge fan of rifle season, and that peace is, if nothing else, a nice place to be.
  9. Spent the afternoon in Partridge Run. Beautiful spot. No deer seen. Pretty sure one was walking up behind me, made me out (or scented me), and I could hear the hoof hitting the ground after leaps. That spot will be better from the ground, a different wind, and tucked closer to the marsh edge. I also think it’ll be better when the roamers need to look into other areas to find a willing doe. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  10. Probably catch something, though. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  11. I feel like I’m hunting a needle in a haystack, and waiting for that needle to walk by. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  12. Well, warmed up, stomach stuffed. Going to still hunt with a “curiosity” line dragging on the way back to my climber. Not many does around, it seems. I think three, and the rest are fawns. If yesterday’s activity is any indication, one mature doe is already wrapping up her breeding for the year, and may have that buck with her in lock down. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  13. Warming up at the house in 4L... I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  14. Dead here in 4L. Getting cold. Toes about done. I hold out a little longer, but then fuel up and think on the afternoon. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk