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  1. The Safe Storage bill was amended today. The original legislation, I was told, wouldn't hold up in court due to Heller vs. D.C. Here's the new bill language: I gave it a quick, cursory read, and it takes into account minors with hunting licenses / permits.
  2. Rebel Darling

    New bill / no more tournaments.

    This bill has been around since at least 2003. Continue to call your legislators / chairs of the EnCon committees, and make sure it continues to go no where, year after year, after year, after year...
  3. Yeah... That bill, in particular, really irks me. Given the amount of responsible firearm owners in the state, I am dumbfounded at the baseless assumption that firearm owners are irresponsible buffoons inherent in this legislation. I'm curious to know how this law (and I do think it is on its way to being law in short order) will play out at deer camps.
  4. working links to bills:
  5. Folks, these bills are on the fast track to be passed in both chambers and possibly being signed into law: Senate Standing Committee on Codes Senator Jamaal T. Bailey, Chair 10:00 AM, Monday, January 28, 2019 Room 124 CAP Printed No. Sponsor Title 101A Refer to Rules Kaminsky An act to amend the penal law, in relation to limiting educational institutions ability to authorize the possession of a weapon on school grounds 1414 Refer to Rules Parker An act to amend the penal law and the criminal procedure law, in relation to establishing crimes relating to the criminal possession or manufacture of undetectable firearms, rifles or shotguns 2374 Refer to Rules Gianaris An act to amend the penal law and the general business law, in relation to establishing an extension of time of up to thirty calendar days for national instant background checks 2438 Refer to Rules Kaplan An act to amend the penal law, in relation to access to foreign state records 2448 Refer to Rules Sepulveda An act to amend the penal law, in relation to prohibiting the possession, manufacture, transport and disposition of rapid-fire modification devices 2449 Refer to Rules Mayer An act to amend the executive law, in relation to establishing the municipal gun buyback program; and to amend the state finance law, in relation to the municipal gun buyback program fund 2450 Refer to Rules Krueger An act to amend the penal law and the general business law, in relation to storage of firearms
  6. While I wasn’t able to make it, over 30 other folks did. Unsure if any of the WNY crew on here braved the snow for beer in Batavia, but a huge thank you to those that did... I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  7. Beer in Batavia Bump... I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  8. Rebel Darling

    2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Challenge Winners!

    Congrats! Zeek and Chef had a helluva season!
  9. Shameless plug alert... BHA NY is hosting a Pint Night out in WNY at Eli Fish Brewing Co in Batavia on Wednesday, January 9. Swing through, get to know some folks who hunt public, fish public, travel west to hunt and fish the big public, oh... and drink beer. Folks who drink beer. Easy going evening full of spun up yarns about impossible hunts and fish the size of your leg. No, twice the size of your leg! You'll also meet up with folks who take preserving our public land heritage, be it out west, or here in NY, and the North American Model of Conservation seriously. It'll be good conversation on topics relevant to sportsmen and women across the country in a laid-back atmosphere. Hell, at the very least, there's beer... Indulge your curiosity. BHA NY Pint Night Wednesday, January 9 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Eli Fish Brewing 109 Main Street Batavia, NY 10420
  10. Rebel Darling

    Forgetting to Report

    Good link: (for Apple)
  11. Rebel Darling

    Forgetting to Report

    I report on my phone w/ DEC's HuntFish App. Super easy, and works offline, in that it'll report once connected to a network. Works across operating systems (iPhone, Android, etc.): Hope this helps some of ya. UPDATE - Wrong link...
  12. Phew... wife and I were sending up some positivity. Glad that fella’s going to be alright. Thanks for sharing the good news. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
  13. Rebel Darling

    2018 HuntingNY Bow/Archery Harvest Thread

    Thursday, November 15, 12:15 pm. 11 yards, 15 feet up, stopped at my wind. I let the arrow fly. First buck I've called in. First deer I've called in for a kill. After seeing movement behind me, I used a single, light bleat, followed by a couple of quick grunts. He wandered for a bit, but came right in. I glassed the arrow from the stand, and it was bright red. I waited 30-40 mins, after having watched him bound out of site at 20-30 yards a rip. I never heard him crash, and lost his movement in the thick trees. @grampy kept my head in the game through a difficult track... I had a hard time finding blood past point of impact, and when I did, it was a couple of drops every few feet (see oak leaf in photo for example of blood trail), and then nothing for 15 - 20 yards, and then nothing at all. I searched for more blood for an hour, backed out, called deer search, and texted grampy to let him know and get his opinion on the situation. After a couple of hours, with a snow storm on the way, and a fella who was going to check in with his fiance before he could commit to bringing a dog over, grampy laid it out plain: "you gotta get out there." I stalked likely trails, and found a couple drops of blood by a pass in a stone wall. I walked across and straight for a while. It didn't feel right, and I didn't find anything. I doubled back, stood for a bit, thought about deer movement, and started walking the wall line, up the grade and towards a clearing. No blood, but about 60 yards up the way I saw the brown of his fur, back to me. In the end, he was either more quartered to than I thought, or the arrow deflected off a branch or a rib. Lungs, liver, and out through the stomach. Stomach contents plugged the exit wound. He ran a total of around 300 yards from point of impact, bedded down, and died right there, just like in the picture. Sad, but also kind of beautiful. Many, many thanks to grampy (unsure I would have found the deer without his extra push), his hunting buddy, Gary, and all the folks at Deer Search who were generous with their time and experience. I even received a phone call from John Jeanneney, the fella who wrote the book on finding wounded deer... For this adult-onset hunter who is still looking for a crew of hunting buddies, I was amazed and humbled by the community's offering of all they could to help, what amounts to be, a complete stranger.