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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I took off from work the 2nd and 3rd and headed up to my farm with my cousin.  We walked and called state land adjacent to my property until about 930.  I cutt loud on my mouth call and got multiple gobbles over a hill. We setup and called only a few times and the birds reponded very close and suddenly appeared on the top of the hill 100 yards out.  3 gobblers with one that never broke strut the entire time (the bird I shot).  They were standing on the hill for a while gobbling at my calling but they couldnt see my decoys from their angle.  I kept calling to keep them excited then heard a live hen.  i called over her and cut her off everytime she spoke and eventually pissed her off so much that she had to see who the new gal was.  The 3 gobblers then lost interest in the live hen and started coming to me!  Then hen followed and they hung up for a while.  My cousin never lost sight of the strutter but I lost all 3 of them for about 15 min.  The hen suddenly appeared 20 yards away and popped her head up and saw the decoys and let out a loud series of yelps and cutts that made the 3 toms gobble and they almost blew my hat off!! The hen moved off and the strutter locked on to the dekes and came in to 15 yards spitting and drumming.  I shot him and my cousin took another one of the toms running away at 30 yards!  A double!!!!







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