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  1. The bedliner I ordered from a local guy. It’s a duraliner, so if you have anyone near you that deals in them, you should be able to get it for $100-$150 less than at a dealer.
  2. You got the same one I ordered from the sounds of it. I ordered it from Amazon. I’m going with a drop in bedliner. Ordered it last week and it should be in pretty soon. Cost me less than the tonneau did.
  3. The ‘Hawk looks great IMO. Lots of other people agree with me, as they are selling just fine.
  4. I had them on my last Ram. I couldn’t stand them when they were flipped down because of the way the mirrors are arranged, and it was a pain to readjust them every time I changed the orientation, so I just left them flipped up all the time.
  5. They do. Next year is the last year of Hellcat powered vehicles, and prices have gone through the roof. Hellcat Durangos, Ram TRXs, Trackhawks, Challenger Superstocks, etc are all selling for $130k and up. Even used ones. You will never come across a “good deal” on one again.
  6. It’s a Trackhawk. Not even the most expensive Jeep, but it is the fastest SUV on the planet.
  7. Too bad you aren’t closer. I’m looking for a nice sectional.
  8. I put that same set in like new condition out on the curb last spring. The most uncomfortable outdoor furniture I’ve ever sat on. Looked nice but that was it.
  9. And that right there is why I stay off of the ice. I went through on a sled once and lost one of my best friends to an ice related mishap about 5 years ago. If I never step foot on ice with more than 3 feet of water under it again, it will be too soon.
  10. Let’s not point fingers so quickly. FSW takes more than his fair share of cheap shots from many people on this site. People call him a trophy hunter, talk about his deer farming activities, etc out of one side of their mouth and then cry foul when he fires back. Wolc does nothing but stir the pot around here. He purposely and excessively posts things that would draw fire on any hunting/fishing site. Bottom line is, if you’re going to dish it out, or egg it on, then you better be ok with the response you get. As moderators, we will use our discretion as to what is ok and what is not. If you don’t like it, message burmjohn and take it up with him. Also, Chef, my rant isn’t directed at you, it’s for everyone.
  11. What moderator on here shames anyones harvest? Come with proof when you answer.
  12. I never sell a large ticket item to a friend or relative. Ever. Anything that goes wrong with the place for the next 5 years will be your fault and you’ll hear about it. It’s not worth the headache in the end. If I was in your shoes, I’d put it on the market and not sell it to either of them. Just my take on it.
  13. Depends on my mood. Honestly Chef, I like you, but ever since you got a time out, you’ve been acting like a child. It’s gotten annoying and I’m done entertaining it.
  14. Just because you report it doesn’t mean we agree with the person that reported it.
  15. You don’t seem to get it. Let me use my crayon. we dont have time to scrutinize every post If you have a problem with a post, report it. If Eddie or I notice something that isn’t reported, we will deal with it. It’s pretty simple. If you don’t like the way we run the site, make John an offer, buy it and toss us out on our ears. Please. You’ll be doing me a favor.
  16. None of your Youtube posts are generating any guest traffic on here. When people want to watch YouTube videos, they go to YouTube.
  17. I would never shame anyone, but I will call BS when I see it.
  18. Well, physical maturity of a whitetail buck is 5 1/2.
  19. I noticed that a couple of weeks ago when the old Chevy went empty. I traded it in rather than pay that price.
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