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  1. Absolutely it is. I’ve compared my entry level Vortex scopes to most other entry level scopes side by side and haven’t found any others that can match the quality of the glass and features available for the same price. I have A couple of higher end Vortex with Japanese glass and have compared those with a few others in the same price range, with similar results as the entry level.
  2. Yes sir. I like it so far, can’t wait to do the final sight in and hunt with it. I wasnt Sure if I’d like the red reticule with my red spotlights, but when it’s on its brightest setting, it really is nice.
  3. I got Curious and looked at Sharks site. They have an auto emptying one. Nice.
  4. I’ve had/used Roombas before. They work pretty well, but when you forget to clean them out, it can become a little bit of a pain, because they won’t run. The next one I will Get will be one with the auto emptying option. I think It’s the Roomba 7 that does that. I will have to look at the Shark ones though, I have A Shark vacuum and it’s by far the best regular vacuum I’ve ever had.
  5. I have a bunch of Vortex scopes. My muzzleloader and 308 deer rifle currently have Crossfire II 3-9x40s on them. Both are Mildot reticles, as I’m not a fan of BDC reticles. They are great scopes, especially for the money. If you were to buy a more expensive scope, look at the Viper HS line from Vortex. You simply get more for your money with Vortex when you are comparing new scopes.
  6. Winning the lottery wouldn’t have much of an effect on where I live as it would what amount of property , etc I bought there. I’m just waiting for my kids to both finish high school, and then NY will be a memory for me. Tennessee is most likely where I go unless the political and tax climate changes drastically there.
  7. I think You are correct. I added The quick release rear pin on mine Which helps. The DSI I have Already had one when I got It. 458 Socom is going to be my next one. Gonna do my own build on that one.
  8. It has a day and night mode. In day mode it’s basically regular a video scope. Accuracy has been great with it. It has different presets or profiles to allow you to switch between rifles with a QD mount. The resolution is good, but not the same as looking through a traditional scope, which is why I dont normally use it for daytime hunting, but you can if you want to. when I replace It, I’ll post on the site about it.
  9. Thanks guys. My night rig currently has an IR scope on it. Next upgrade to that one will be when I go thermal. I’m thinking before I switch that scope to thermal, my next change up will be to pick up a thermal spotter for scanning.
  10. You trust the media with anything? I dont It’s all about ratings with them. They sensationalize lots of things. I will Not be a part of it.
  11. Exactly. Thanks Virgil.
  12. Doing that would be complete disrespect for the families. I feel That they should go to the media with, but I will Not.
  13. I know Others that have gotten it with no real issues.
  14. I’ll take it. Shoot me a message. I just got a die set for this caliber, have primers and powder but not a ton of brass.
  15. The Grey one came with a lock, not sure what it is. the black one is a lower from DSI, and it’s built with no lock and no release machined into the lower at all. If I ever Move to a free state, or NY ever changes the rules on detachable mags, I just Send them this lower and they will send me a regular one with a release button.
  16. I have no explanation for why it hasn’t been covered. I could tell you names, but won’t out of respect to their families. Just passing on what info that I can
  17. You can not accept it all you want, but all 3 of them are still laying in hospital beds as we speak.
  18. From the vaccine. None of them tested positive for Covid and all of them were admitted to the ICU within 3-5 days of the vaccine.
  19. A while back I purchased a new scope for my 6.5 Grendel, which has become my predator hunting day rig. It included a mount that worked fine on the rifle he had, but when I mounted it on mine, the adjustment ring on the bell of the scope was ever so slightly touching the top rail of my hand guard. I shot It like that a few times, and just didn’t feel comfortable with it, so I picked Up a slightly taller Vortex cantilever mount. This one is perfect, just the right clearance. I also added a Vortex Venom holo sight at a 45 degree angle to handle those short range shots when critters pop out close to me. I’m just waiting on some bullets I ordered So I can Load up some empty brass and get it sighted in. This setup should be absolutely perfect for daytime hunting and whenever I choose to hunt under lights at night.
  20. Medical industry. As of right now, that person is still in the ICU on life support. Two more people that we personally know are now in the ICU after taking the vaccine. One of which is a 29 year old woman who was healthy before the vaccine. Now she’s on a respirator.
  21. No, I understood. My comments weren’t directed at you. Sorry if they seemed to be. Just so you all know, One of my girlfriends friends is currently in the ICU in Rochester after taking the Pfizer vaccine. His reactions started within hours of taking it, gradually got worse and he is in the ICU as of this morning. He was healthy and then his employer told him he would be fired if he didn’t take it.
  22. You’re free to feel however you like, but to refuse medical care to someone that has legitimate concerns over a vaccine that has undergone no long term testing would be a pretty shitty way to be, don’t you think? Honestly, that kind of thought process, of taking an extreme stance against anyone that doesn’t think the way you do, or does not share the same opinion as you do, becoming so prevalent in our country in recent years is just plain disgusting. It’s exactly what certain groups want though, to divide us in any way possible. I've said my piece on this subject. I dont care who agrees with me and who doesn’t. You do you, I’ll do me.