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  1. WNYBuckHunter

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    This is the third year for this thread, very similar to the Live From The Woods deer hunting thread. Post in this thread using your smart phone (or other device you can get to the internet with) from your boat, stream, farm pond or wherever you are trying to fool those fish with your thoughts, current conditions, pictures, sightings, etc. Don't forget, the site is accessible via your mobile device and there is even an app - Tapatalk enabled! Lets see those pics!
  2. WNYBuckHunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Yep. Generally speaking, I dont eat dinner because I dont get home until late most days, so lunch covers both meals.
  3. WNYBuckHunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I love them, I know others that dont like them. I would say you should give them a try!
  4. After tallying up the points, Id like to announce the winners of the 2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Challenger! First place goes to Gencountyzeek with 56 total points! Second place goes to chefhunter86 with 52 points! Both of you, please message myself, landtracdeerhunter and burmjohn with your address info so that we can ship your prizes. Unfortunately, none of the youth that entered the contest submitted entries, so there are no youth division winners. I will be opening up a separate youth only contest in the next week or so, and we will use some of the prizes for that. The rest will be saved for the youth spring turkey contest. The Hero Shot winner will be announced soon. I will be having my son Evan look through all of the pictures submitted, and he will choose the best one. Unfortunately, he wont be with me till next Tuesday, so youll have to wait lol. Congrats to the winners and a big thanks to everyone that entered, as well as landtracdeerhunter for handling all of the prize packages and other help in running the contest. A special thanks goes out to everyone that donated prizes for the contest. Without you guys and gals, we couldnt have done this!
  5. Post up pics of your 2018 - 2019 Predator kills here! Only pictures with the associated story will be allowed in this thread. If you want to congratulate someone, please do it by clicking on the "like this" button for the post. There will be no exceptions. Feel free to start a new thread if you wish to have comments in addition to posting the photo / story here.
  6. I decided to try my hand at growing some Dunstan Chestnut trees, so I got 50 nuts that came from 2 different Dunstans. They are out in the garage now in a tupperware container, sitting in the dark. In the spring Im going to plant them in pots and keep them in an area where they should be safe from critters. Im hoping I get at least half of them to grow. After they grow in the pots for the next year or two, they will go out back into the woods, where I have an area that I am going to hinge cut and thin some of the larger trees out of over the next couple of years.
  7. WNYBuckHunter

    CDW in the spotlight now

    Thetruth contained in that commercial is crazy.
  8. WNYBuckHunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    I can relate lol
  9. WNYBuckHunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    Things like that dont usually slip past you. Youre slacking today lol
  10. WNYBuckHunter

    From the woods to the wall...

    Looks great!
  11. WNYBuckHunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Heres whats for lunck today! Jerk Chicken, beans and rice and fried plantains!
  12. WNYBuckHunter

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    Usually we don’t do Valentines gifts, but this year I got this. She got diamonds. The only reason I knew is because she got the option to choose the sounds, so I had to do that. Good thing too, I would Have felt like an ass not getting her anything when this showed up
  13. WNYBuckHunter

    I bought a tractor

    Is that a Kioti CK series? When I bought mine, they swapped the R4s that were on it for AGs for no charge.
  14. WNYBuckHunter

    Primos Alpha Dogg E-caller

    Video of the call operating
  15. Ive had this call for a couple of years, and never had a problem with it. It has a little dirt and dust on it from using it, but other than that its in almost new condition. Never gotten it wet, just a little snow on the legs. The only reason Im selling is because I was given a FoxPro as a gift and I wont be using this one anymore. Pics show its condition and that it powers on. I will be posting a you tube of the call working as well. $175 plus shipping if not local
  16. WNYBuckHunter

    Tripod suggestions

    It could be done like the Wicked Lights gen 3 gun mount, which is the cats ass.
  17. WNYBuckHunter

    Today's taste of Winter

    We had about 6 inches up on our hill followed up by a thick crust of ice. Once I got down off the hill on the way to work, it was only an inch or two. Still icy everywhere though. Hopefully there wont be much of this crap left.
  18. WNYBuckHunter

    Tripod suggestions

  19. WNYBuckHunter

    Frost Seeding Clover

    I planted my clover plot last summer with Ladino and Winter Rye. The clover was growing pretty well right into the fall. I will be frost seeding heavily next month. Ill just use my hand seeder that I use all the time for plots. I did this a couple of years ago over at te farm and it turned out great.
  20. WNYBuckHunter

    Tripod suggestions

  21. WNYBuckHunter

    Trying my hand at glass tile

    Shortly after we bought our house we decided that we wanted to paint the kitchen and put a backsplash in. After a lot of looking, we decided on a glass and stone tile backsplash that matched our cabinets and quartz counter tops. Last weekend I picked Up all the stuff and we got started. I went Through and cut all of the tiles and labeled them so I knew Right where they would go. Tonight I started Putting them up. I think It’s turning out great so far. Not too bad to do. It’s not completely perfect but it’s pretty darn close. I should Have it down pretty good by the time I finish
  22. WNYBuckHunter

    New world record non typical

    eh, if its in the book its in the book, doesnt really matter to me. When I have ever referred to or thought about what a booner is, its 170+
  23. WNYBuckHunter

    Trying my hand at glass tile

    The paint on the walls is just about done, so I’ll be able to finish putting up tile tomorrow night. After that my gf will finish the last section of paint, then I’ll grout and paint the ceiling and the kitchen will be done.
  24. WNYBuckHunter

    New world record non typical

    For sure. I’ve screwed the pooch on a confirmed 160 and one that was 150s, killed the next season that was measured over 160 and those still hurt. 2 biggest wild bucks I’ve ever been in the presence of.
  25. WNYBuckHunter

    New world record non typical

    One is a legit booner. By quite a bit.