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  1. Depends on the gun. I’ve taken deer out to 200 yards using a similar load.
  2. I just Said yesterday that we will be bringing back a joke thread, but it will have rules set by us. Please don’t make your own.
  3. That’s a pig. Great catch!
  4. I dont Know what is going on with your live well, but smallmouth die much easier in a live well than largemouth. Out of all of our tournaments, I have only seen 1 largemouth come back to weigh in and not make it. Smallies on the other hand, it’s not uncommon for them to come in dead or die before release. It’s been better since most of the guys started learning how to fizz them, but they still die at a much higher rate. This isn’t something unique to our club either, it’s the same thing I hear from most clubs/tournaments.
  5. So make it less boring and limit yourself and re-up the challenge. There’s nothing that says you have to use all of the available options. If you have 2 muzzleloaders, get rid of the scope on one and run iron sights. I hunted strictly with muzzleloader through all of gun season plus late season for years. I loved it, killed a ton of deer and some of my best hunting memories involve hunting with my ML. Once I finally get a buck with a rifle (the only weapon I havent Killed one with yet), I’m going to go back to mostly ML hunting.
  6. A new one with rules is in the works. I just Want to make sure the rules for the thread are clearly stated. It will be watched closely and there will be zero exceptions to the rules. Kinda like the harvest threads are run. Just trying to make something that doesn’t get out of hand.
  7. Personally, I’d like it to go back to HUNTING and FISHING related discussions in this section. Most of the crap in this section turns into a headache. I hate Patrolling it, I dont Want to read the crap that gets posted, but I kind of have to. It’s annoying and makes it so I dont even care to participate, as I read crap in here, it gets my blood boiling and I log off. Its not my site though, so it’s not my call.
  8. Because you are all big boys, and should be able to discuss things and follow the rules. Anyone that breaks them faces the consequences. As moderators, the only times we decide that a topic has gone far enough and lock it down, are when too many people take it over the line, or if it’s against the rules to begin with. It should be unusual that a thread is locked.
  9. I’m not sure what part of my post was confusing. It was pretty simple.
  10. Please Remember, You cannot sell or trade tags for anything. It’s against our rules and against NYS law.
  11. Jerkman and Squirellwhisperer so far. People want to keep playing games.
  12. Anyone else want to poke the bear?
  13. Seeing as I’ve already said that this thread isn’t for memes, etc, and you guys just want to keep pushing buttons, the next person(s) to do it will be given vacations.
  14. You have been here a short time, and been warned but continue the name calling, etc. Keep it up and you’ll end up with a permanent vacation.
  15. Bring the posts like that to our attention and we will handle it. Do you guys understand that Eddie and I dont Have time to read every post?
  16. So now you think time-outs are being handed out for disagreeing with an opinion? Not at all. The guy was very new to the site and warned multiple times before he got a vacation. Long time members get a bit more leeway, kinda like you did. I dont See every post, A lot of things are brought to my attention. I’ll deal with Belo on this one. Thanks for pointing it out.
  17. 7:30 opening morning and I have Some guy wandering around 150 yards away. State land.
  18. Opening day selfie! Old school ground hunting on public land. Good luck everyone!
  19. They may or may not even send a letter, and then they say it’s your job to make sure you do it even if they don’t notify you. Setting people up to be in trouble.
  20. What will you guys and gals be carrying for Opening Day this year? I know some people are having a hard time finding ammo and might be using something out of the ordinary. My choice this year is my Browning AB3 in 300 Win Mag. I would rather have my 308, as it’s a much nicer carry and isn’t complete overkill, but at least I wont have to worry about tracking anything.
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