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  1. I have slings on almost all of my rifles, Muzzleloaders and shotguns. My deer rifle and coyote rifles all share a Magpul quick detach sling that I can take off or put on in 2 seconds. It’s really slick.
  2. I really wish I had taken a pic of it hanging in the tree. It was the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. He had jumped or flipped into the tree I circled, and his antlers were around the trunk about 6 feet high, holding him straight up with his rear hooves touching the ground. My son and I were confused as to what he was doing when we crested the hill lol.
  3. I’d like to stay around 300, 400 would be my max. I already have 2 grills (gas and charcoal) so I’m not looking for another grill. I want a set it and forget it type smoker, I don’t have time to babysit one. My old one was a Cajun Injector brand, which I think was a rebranded Masterbuilt, and it did great for me. The only thing I didn’t like was that it wasn’t wide enough to do a full rack of ribs without cutting it in half.
  4. Thank you! I never saw this buck before today, and I’m judging by body characteristics. I could be off, I saw him on the hoof for long enough to think “that will work” lol.
  5. Last year my electric cabinet smoker gave up the ghost after quite a few years of use. Now it’s time to find a replacement, and I wanted to see if anyone on here had ideas about what’s out there now. I’m figuring that I’ll stay with electric, as I’ve had good results with my old one, and I’d like it to be as large of a capacity as I can. I would love to be able to fit full racks of ribs and briskets in it. Built in temperature probes would be great, but aren’t completely necessary. What do you all use and recommend?
  6. My two for Thanksgiving week. The doe popped up when I was headed to a blind on Monday, and the buck stepped out on Wednesday. The buck is most likely a 2 1/2 year old 8 point. I’m extremely happy to have taken both of them after 2 years of basically not hunting, and with limited time to hunt this year!
  7. Thank you! Certainly has been a fun couple of days after 2 years of barely hunting and not shooting anything!
  8. I e only been out a few times. Have seen 6 deer. 2 didn’t leave the place I saw them.
  9. Thanks! I should have taken a pic of the deer right away. He ran down a pretty steep drop off and his antlers got hung up on a tree and we found him hanging there. I didn’t even think to snap a pic.
  10. This guy showed himself this morning and tripped my trigger. Another heart shot, so we’re gonna be out after another doe for the rest of the week.
  11. My son will be bummed when he finds out we won’t get to have any deer heart fajitas from this one. The ol Encore still got it!
  12. Doe down! I got a late start this morning and was starting my walk to a blind on the neighbors place. I was just walking past the barn when she stood up in the brush about 50 yards away. One shot, she made a quick dash and dropped at the edge of my back lawn. Easy retrieval on this one haha. First tag I’ve punched in 2 years. Gonna get this nanny taken care of and then head back to the blind for the rest of the morning before I go down to state land for the afternoon sit.
  13. Meh. Mine will be in the back seat. Piss on that law.
  14. Look at the noggin on that thing. I’d say 30s as well.
  15. Where’s Wolc with his girth measument when you need him?
  16. And some people wonder why I end up talking to them like children. Are you all listening to yourselves? If it doesn’t stop, and people continue to instigate arguments and problems on this site, they are going to end up gone. This dead horse subject has been beaten long enough.
  17. The area I’ll be hunting butts up to the farms I used to hunt for 10 years, so I know the area very well.
  18. Listen, right wrong or indifferent, if I catch anyone recruiting members through PMs, Ill ban that person. I dont care what anyones opinion of that is, its how things are going to be unless burmjohn asks me not to do it. We are also not going to constantly repeat the same threads bagging on this site. If you dont want to be on this site, then go away and leave things here alone. We are all adults, act as such.
  19. Oh man, glad to hear that you seem to be ok. The older Ive gotten, the more paranoid I have become about that very thing. I havent hung a stand in years that didnt have a prussik line on it, though that isnt perfect either. I hope a little soreness is all you end up with out of it.
  20. Its all good lol. Just stick close to the rules and theres no problem. I dont like suspending or banning folks. Id rather keep things light in here, as noone enjoys a stressful or negative air on a site.
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