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Solar Generator Newbie


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Hi, I was pretty gun-ho on a Honda 2200eui generator but.....I am now looking at portable solar generators such as the Jackery 1500 or Bougerv with (3) 200w panels. (we have a 550 so roof top is not feasible)
I do not know much about them with the exception of 20 hours of internet reviews.
Does anyone have much expierence and able to provide insight on performace.

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I have the Honda 2200 and an Ecoflow solar 1600 watt. They both have their strong points but if I had to choose one it would be the Honda. The smaller solar-battery generators are for light duty, unless you have a big large capacity model do not expect a lot. I use mine mostly to power my Starlink Satellelite dish when I have a power outage, it would be OK to power some small appliances or LED lights for short periods. The best feature is they can be hooked up and run inside the house. It would also be well suited for light camping duties


The Honda has plenty of power, quiet, starts easy and also works well for lighter duty for longer periods. Long term outages for keeping everything up and running I have a big 5500 watt whole house generator that hooks up directly into my power service box, it can run all the essentials as long as it has fuel.


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We went with a generac 14k unit with a 200amp transfer switch. We were out of power for 2.5 days a few weeks ago. We took showers, cooked, ran the pool pump and the central air kept the house cool.  Well worth the money spent. 

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