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  1. I'm looking to switch from rage this yr also. Not because I had a bad experience. Always killed the deer I shot. But I'm only pulling 42lbs this year, and concerned about them actually deploying.
  2. As mine. I own 8.2 acres. Have permission from all that border us to shoot. Just can't do it.
  3. Curious. If you own the land, can you legally shoot? As long as you're 500' from your neighbor?
  4. First campfire in well over a month due to the endless rain.
  5. Sounds like you have some fantastic options. Looking forward to seeing some pics this hunting season.
  6. When I hear upstate, I don't think of Worcester, lol. Either way, congrats on the property. How many acres?
  7. That's fantastic. Congrats on leaving this shit hole.
  8. Agreed. I get em fairly close, but it's a PITA, lol.
  9. I would think once a month would be fine depending on how many hrs a week your mowing. Thankfully my zerks are on top of the spindle. Would be a PITA if I had to access them underneath.
  10. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely try it.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if there's no zerks on the ferris. I know toro went to sealed spindles about 3 yrs ago because they were replacing so many under warranty. No way to tell if they were maintained or not. Now that there sealed, the amount of spindles replaced under warranty dropped considerably. The replacements have zerks.
  12. Landscape and property management is what I do. I have a 2010, 60" with about 2400 hrs. This 72” was purchased new in May of ’15. I've been nursing these along as I don't want to purchase another $14k mower. I've got 2yrs 3 tops before I retire and only keep only a few high end clients that I can complete in 2-3 days. I'll purchase a used mower at that point. Currently I've got 22 clients. I average about 16 acres mowing and trimming a week.
  13. If you sell the broadheads, you're only going to need to buy new ones to use for hunting. So keep them.
  14. My main mower is getting old. 2015 with about 1600 hrs. I maintain it well, but this crazy wet last month hasn't helped. I grease the spindles every other week, but I guess this wet crap hasn't helped, and I should have greased every week if not twice a week. I've got two stationary idlers (no grease fittings) that are making noise, and at least one spindle, but probably 2 that are starting to whine bad. The idlers and less the $100 for both. The spindle assemblies are $400 each. I've rebuilt a few over the yrs, but they never last long.
  15. He sounds like a fantastic guy. My BIL and his now EX adopted two kids from Ethiopia. Fre was 8, Finley was only 18 months. Fre is now 27 and travels to Ethiopia every few yrs on a humanitarian trip. His sister Finley is 16 and has had some struggles with the current race issues.
  16. I would swap the breaker with another one in the panel of the same amp to rule out the breaker. After that I'd check the GFI. If it is the GFI, buy one that has a little green light in the middle. If the light is off, the GFI is tripped or faulty.
  17. Client has several bushes. Last week I mowed that section several times.
  18. I tried to catch a decent salmon on my Maine ice fishing trip last March, but only caught mediocre sized. What did that king weigh? How long of a fight? It looks fantastic.
  19. The thing I'm confused about with the wifi models is does the cloud storage cost anything? Some sources say it's free, some charge a monthly fee?
  20. From the research I've done, it looks like most cams have a loop feature which overwrites the oldest file. Then there's the wifi models which saves the footage in the cloud and you can access that footage on your phone in minutes vs removing the SD card and viewing on a PC with the non wifi models.
  21. I use frogg toggs. Cheap, but noisy. If it raining that hard to require rain gear, I don't bow hunt at all. I'll rifle hunt in a downpour if I'm in a blind. Neck shots only.
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