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  1. We are aware of that. Still doesn't answer the question why. Only John can answer that, and it's obvious he doesn't give a crap.
  2. That's a question we can't get answered. Sad situation.
  3. Ok, good. So you'll be ok if I post my b-fast, lunch, and dinner pics? Oh wait. My Xmas tree? Oh oh oh.. better yet, bitch about what others post...
  4. And, what have you posted? Remember, you want hunting related. No daily BS is what you don't want to see. No daily crap. Don't care what I had for dinner. I don't post daily BS, and yet you complain I don't post enough. Which is it? Am I not posting enough? Too much? Your unbelievable. This site would be so much better without you.
  5. A lot more than you have. At least mine is positive.
  6. I'm thinking probably broke it off rather than shedding.
  7. And yet again, you proved my point. Attempting to turning your negativity into mine. I didn't " move" to another site. I joined another site, but I'm still here, so it fulfilled your requirements of those that haven't left, because, here I am. I'll continue to contribute to both sites. Wether you agree with me or not, or like it or not.
  8. And you always have to be negative, why? When going back through this site, I'm not looking for disagreements. I'm looking for information. But since you asked about the last disagreement between any of the members still here, you only need to read this post between you and I. See didn't take to long. Not a coincidence, that most negative stuff posted on this forum is from you.
  9. Got my second ever b-day buck in 40+ yrs of hunting yesterday. Not the biggest buck in the woods, but I'm very happy with him. Lot's of yrs, I was already tagged out and couldn't shoot a buck on my birthday. Ya, I know crappy selfie, lol.
  10. I'm on both. Why not? I like both, but too be honest, even though FS says this sight is the best it's ever been, I have to disagree. Can't say this forum is flourishing with content and new members. I often go back to read through old threads on this site. So much info and great advice for past yrs.
  11. 4u.. 60° now, rain is supposed to be over around 6:30. I hope so.
  12. They have been around for years. I always worry about the glare, especially on bright days.
  13. I close the mesh, but don't close the solid flap. I do think deer can notice the difference, as I feel it's very noticable and obviously different.
  14. I've been bitten dozens of times every year. Working outside has its advantages and disadvantages. I normally mix my own spray. Get it from tractor supply and mix accordingly. Doesn't smell like the Sawyer.
  15. From what I reading on other forums, it's very common, especially with the higher 400 fps and faster xbows. Mines a patriot 425.
  16. I'm sidelined.. limb started splitting while on stand. Ended up shooting that 8pt, but scared to cock the thing. Supposed to have new limbs coming.
  17. If he's coming that close, I wouldn't move it.
  18. Have a good time with your nephew. They deer will be here waiting for you.
  19. Thank God I'm several years past that. Pissed my wife and I off beyond belief that the only way to make our daughters highschool course count as a college degree was to pay $1500.
  20. I'm not a trophy hunter, but won't shoot a spike either. Yesterday I had this guy feed in to 20 yards then bed with his forward shoulder facing me. I knew I could make the shot but figured I'd wait him out. 20min later I hear my nephews truck and see him park, the buck could see him too. I knew he was going bolt as he started to "lift", so I shot. Bolt hit him just in front of the shoulder. He went 80 yrds. Arrow took out heart, lungs and liver.
  21. Well, 40 yrs ago my late brother and two cousins went there. Dan, my brother, got a nice caribou, and my cousin's bagged a moose and a bear.
  22. Absolutely. We usually take several during ML season.
  23. Congrats. Fantastic bull.
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