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  1. This^^^^^ Block out your name and address. He'll be able to see the lien area is clear.
  2. You and I can learn together. The few times I tried, I failed miserably.
  3. Never learned to fly fish. I purchased all the stuff to start 35 yrs ago, but never learned. Maybe when I retire I'll find someone that can get me started.
  4. I've taken several deer at 150-200yrds with that combo.
  5. Pm sent. Glad to help out. I enjoy helping others get their first deer or turkey.
  6. If rifle hunting, your regular season tag is for a buck only during that season. It switches to a either sex tag during the late bow/ML season. I have a DMP tag I can sign over to you for the area I hunt.
  7. The ruling is No new chuckle thread. Jerkman decided to start one, and he got a vacation and the thread was locked.
  8. Are you looking for antlers only? I've got a couple spots I can take you to if you're interested in taking a doe. I've got the proper doe tag I could sign over to you. I'm in northern Columbia county.
  9. One major flaw in your scenario. A EXPERIENCED gun owner wouldn't hand someone a firearm they forgot to unload. That would be a Un experienced firearm owner.
  10. She did all three lifts. Not sure what weight she managed on the other two.
  11. She's 25. Working on her master's degree in hospital administration. Working full time and owns her own home. Smart kid.
  12. She beat a lot of the guys lifts. From what her mom said who was at the meet, another gal was bragging about busting the state record. She failed by 25lbs. Wouldn't congratulate my stepbrat.
  13. Trust me, I know, lol. I've supported her since she was 12. It's been a challenge.
  14. No clue what grip she uses. Full disclosure. She and I do NOT get along. I've tried since she was 12 when I came into her and her mom's life. I'm so proud of who she has become, and have told her multiple times. She doesn't have to same feelings towards me. Her loss. I'm fine with how she feels, her mom isn't.
  15. Every competitor had to get piss tested the morning of the competition. No enhancement.
  16. She's into weight lifting. Dead lift, squat, and press. It was her first competition was in Utica. She dead lifted 457.6lbs. not sure what the old record was for her weight class.
  17. CNN canned the other Cuomo POS. Merry Christmas guys. Did you hear him say " I never pulled the trigger" ya, ok....
  18. Way to stick it out grampy. Solid late season buck. Congrats.
  19. I agree 100% . But this thread has gone to far. You deleted several chuckles , mine included before I knew it was forbidden. So I'm not sure why " Today's chuckle thread" is open when we can't post a chuckle? What if a new bee posts something, she/he might just go to the last page and post a chuckle. Granted, it's a unlikely event, lol...
  20. mowin


    Welcome and thank you for your service. What area do you live in and hunt?
  21. Absolutely I had paperwork showing I ordered a 3500. Yes, if a new order, they would credited for those options. But some sources said the options would be installed to be activated at a later date, but that wasn't something the manufacturer was going to guarantee. Truck I ordered was $52,800(3500). The Truck I got with every option was $51,200.
  22. Well, the week before turkey day my dealer called and said my 2500 Silverado has been produced,( ordered on May 18th) but on chip hold.. WAIT... 2500?? I ordered a 3500. Dealer told me the GM changed my order to a 2500. Bull crap. I called GM, and they confirmed that the dealer typed in 2500. So my options were to except the 2500 or reorder the 3500 wich might take another 6 months and some of the options I ordered are not being offered do to chip shortage. Heated seats, steering wheel, at some camera options have been deleted on new orders. I told the dealer I'll gladly order a 3500 if they put in writing they will honor my trade in value regardless of what miles I rack up. They declined. So I decided to take the 2500 as long as the front axle ratings were within specs for the plow I was swapping over from the 2019 f350 POS. I confirmed the Chevy 2500 had the 5600lb front axle rating, and my plow wouldn't void my new truck warranty. Truck came in the 24th. Picked it up that day. Got lots of snow the day after, so no pics yet. So far I like the truck. I rarely tow or exceed the payload capacity of a 2500, but for a few bucks more, I prefer a 3500. Won't post pics of a new truck that's covered in snow, and now that it's warm, full of mud from all the dirt roads I run.
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