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  1. Welcome to the circus. Post your question in the bow hunting forum. Where in 4F is your property?
  2. Evening. If you shoot one in the morning, your most likely not going to make it to work on time. Not sure if that's a issue for you or not. I like evening sits better.
  3. Had a fun hunt tonight. It was my first sit of the season. Had several does under my stand for about an hour. It's a Loooooong drag to my truck, so they got a pass... This didn't though.
  4. Love the 99's. I've got a 1956 in 300 Savage.
  5. Thompson pro hunter. Nikon 4.5x14. 7mm-08.
  6. I'd go look at the blood trail. If it looks good, go get em..
  7. Actually had time to shoot my xbow today. Dead on to 40. First time on stand for the yr might happen tomorrow's afternoon hunt.
  8. Got about a 1/2" at my house in 4U. Go 1/4 of a mile down the hill, and not a flake.
  9. Delmar area has some monsters. Buddy of mine had permission on several properties and shot some incredible bucks.
  10. I've made squirrel sausage before. 2 parts tree rat to pork. It was so dam good. The work to get 5 lbs of squirrel meat was time consuming to say the least. Fried squirrel in butter and garlic is hard to beat also.
  11. Have to give you a huge amount of credit for backing out and waiting. It's so easy to go take a look and bump em. Congrats on a fantastic buck.
  12. Hopefully you'll catch em while on stand. I wouldn't pass.
  13. Definitely have a great area. Looking forward to seeing what you end up taking.
  14. Just curious, what unit are you in? Nice looking bucks, and choices you've got.
  15. My scent lock suits are defective. My farts still stink.
  16. Don't worry about the videos. Those clips of them turning and moving like nothing is around is because there is nothing around. Those are cut in clips that were placed to make it look like They took place while the deer was under the tree. Biggest issues with climbers is lack of cover. Skylined is the problem. Picking a tree that has enough background cover behind you is the key. More difficult in open hardwoods than areas with some pines. Had a buddy that would get 25-30' off the ground and had great success. I tried that once, and just couldn't get comfortable.
  17. I'm usually hunting alone, so know one to pull the trigger as I hold the cocking ropes.
  18. Buck looks good back there. My grandnephew was the first to bloody up my new truck this youth season.
  19. I was going to attempt that once, but I figured I'd have a package of broken limbs wrapped up in cables. Lol
  20. It's crazy how different the hunting styles are within the state. I've only hunted in the 4U area and a little in the Catskill MTS. BTW. The mount looks great. I like the aggressive look.
  21. Nice looking truck. Good luck with it. Get it muddy and bloody on Saturday.
  22. mowin

    Jeremy k

    Neither have I but a buddy of mine actually hit a deer in the face with the bow few yrs back. Great guy. Ethical hunter. Deer was broadside, but looking at him. Hit a twig and seen the arrow hit the face. We tracked that buck for a mile. A yr later during rife, he shot that buck. Had a broken off arrow a broadhead embedded next to the jaw. So it does happen. I just don't think painting someone as a hack hunter because they hit a jaw is accurate.
  23. mowin

    Jeremy k

    No. Calling someone's post douchey before knowing all the facts is sort of douchey don't ya think?
  24. So true. Faster the arrow, the More accentuated the flaw will be.