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  1. Seems he was just driving by and seen the flock, hopped out and shot? Not thinking the flock would have stood there, watch him park, get his gear ready walk a few yards and then flush. Not something I'd be proud of, let alone share.. only watched the first part, so if I'm mistaken, my apologies.
  2. Yep.. Dress pants.. √ Dress shirt.. √ Dress shoes..√ Crap.. nieces wedding.. not opening day of bow season.
  3. That's cool. I always hesitate to put my cams on video. This has me rethinking my decision.
  4. He shot the deer on the morning hunt and his brother claimed a buddy of his heard the shot 15 minutes before legal, and never heard another shot. I got a call from my buddy at 9:30 saying he just shot the big 10 and thinks he made a good shot. 15 minutes later I had a picture of the deer.
  5. So true, and the fame that goes with it. Have a buddy of mine that shot a 147" buck few yrs back. He hasn't talked to his brother since then because he's accusing him of shooting it before legal time in the morning. He was after the same buck but had to work that day. It's been a ugly feud between them. All do to a friggin deer.
  6. He definitely made sure there wasn't anything left to chances. Sucks it has to be this way.
  7. Problem is, people think they are smarter than everyone else and keep trying. The money from endorsements, magazine articles, ECT fules that fire.
  8. Saratoga peanut butter is the best. Several different flavors. Absolutely love the Adirondack jack and blizzard.
  9. Good lord... I'm sure it's legit, but expect to hear some negative rumors about the kill causing some doubts.
  10. Fair? Would you be willing to let a third party you never met or know hold money on a 3k wagyu beef sale?
  11. Regardless if they are rolling in it or not. Would you as a business owner, allow someone you never met or know hold money. I highly doubt it.
  12. If this was your hunting ranch, would you trust someone you don't know or ever met to hold the deposit? I understand chefs reluctance to pop down the money, but it's the owners of the ranch that have the most to loose.
  13. Exactly. What's to stop him from shooting a huge/wrong buck if there no repercussions? I for one wouldn't trust anyone in this situation to follow the rules.
  14. I've got a Sony camcorder. Thing fits in the palm of my hand and has a zoom that is just incredible. Has image stabilization too. I've had it for probably 7 yrs, and filmed several hunts including my cousin Maine moose hunt a few years back. Don't recall the model, and I'm I'm Maine for a wedding, so I can't check. Think it was under $500.
  15. Ahh, opening day... where will I be. Oh ya, in Maine, in a church watching my niece get married.
  16. Buddy of mine got a trail cam video of a spike bull last week. He's in Hoags corners.
  17. I'll be in Maine for a wedding. I thought her father taught her better. Never schedule events during hunting season.
  18. Dam, I was just thinking a good dog steak would be great tonight...
  19. My hunting area definitely got a good coverage of frost. Unfortunately it got a good covering of yotes too..
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