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  1. It's only 4 days old. At least the owner is front and center, and actually answers questions and contributes to the site.
  2. I noticed your thread about the other place is gone. And some others. Thinking word got back to bumjohn.
  3. At least he stopped in front of the pet cemetery. He wanted company, lol.
  4. I went out this morning. Had 4 doe walk by. Nothing in tow.
  5. Very nice. I also use YouTube to figure things out.
  6. Definitely skipping the afternoon hunt. Monday looks better.
  7. I've been shooting mine for the past couple weeks. All set for tomorrow.
  8. From what I heard, she had a couple hundred attend. Pathetic...
  9. Went to a Zeldin rally yesterday. Over 3k people attending in southern Rensselaer county. Most of the republican candidates spoke. Great speeches, lots of energy.
  10. Where I hunt, both landowners let people walk their properties during archery season. Some with dogs. Most will limit the walks to mid day because of hunting season, and some stop completely, but some just don't care. The deer are so used to people walking. I've watched deer leave the fields only to return a few minutes later after the people are out of sight. Most only walk the field edges, but some do walk the trails. Once rifle starts, property is off limits to people walking. I've had to remind several over the yrs about the rules. Some told me they didn't care about what I said, they have permission. They learned quickly.
  11. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing. And I thought fletching my own arrows was cool, lol
  12. I was doing a leaf cleanup and was cleaning up a large garden area with my backpack leaf blower, when out of the corner of my eye, I see a deer running directly at me. Doe stops 20 yards away, looks back, and sure enough, here comes a 4pt. He chased her through the lawn and across the field to the back woods. Neither of them cared I was there with a leaf blower running only 20y away.
  13. WTF is wrong with you... Just kidding. Kinda. Hopefully it works out for you and that monster gives you another chance.
  14. Ok, I know it's warm out, but this guy is confused, lol.
  15. I believe 16 he can hunt on his own. No longer a youth hunter.
  16. Good lord.. I looked quick and thought it was something else in a toilet bowl. Did you brine/cure?
  17. Wife and I went out to b-fast. I should have hunted. Lots of bucks cruising through fields and a few actively chasing. Good luck to those out this morning.
  18. Sprinkled some doe in heat 15 yrs from my stand. Had a doe and her little guy with 1.5" horns come in. Mom wasn't impressed, but the little dude stuck his nose in the leaves and rooted around for a couple minutes. Definitely liked that smell,lol. Passed on a 4pt at 10yrds. At one point there 22 deer were in the field behind me.
  19. Used to enjoy stump shooting. Great way to get pretty good at judging yardage. I also got good at figuring out which stumps were ok to shoot. Too fresh and you could damage a arrow even with judo points.
  20. After a couple days cool down, I'm in the stand I missed the 8pt from. 71° and wind is all over the place. Did leaf cleanup all day, so hopefully I smell like a big leaf. Drove by yesterday little after 6, and there were 17 deer in the rye, and that's just in the part of the field I can see from the road. Lot more rye over the hill, and potentially a lot more deer.
  21. mowin


    Loaded in 4U. Walked through a small brushy patch with a client the other day and had several crawling on me. Buddy who cuts up deer said they are loaded.
  22. Nothing close to my area either, but hopefully I'll get a 4U tag mailed to me like I did last yr.
  23. Good luck Jay. Enjoy the day with your brother. He's right beside you.
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