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  1. mowin

    School me on tractors

    I'm sorry, but a compact tractor like my JD 3320 is far from a " lawn mower". Think you need to educate yourself on hydro tractors. NOT lawn mowers
  2. mowin

    School me on tractors

    Yes, I do landscape, mowing for a living. My Z turns a a hydro. Totally different critter. Please don't compare a mower with a tractor.
  3. mowin

    School me on tractors

    Your comparing a lawn mower to a tractor??? I've skidded logs, hauled buckets full of stone on a side hill and NEVER had to touch my brakes. It just doesn't work like your saying.
  4. mowin

    School me on tractors

    Ya, ok. Guess on the same note, you've never used a hydro tractor. And yes, I've got plenty of hrs on both. Actually a LOT more on a 8n then my hydros. Sounds like someone doesn't quite know how to work a hydro...
  5. mowin

    School me on tractors

    I have to agree with treeguy. Hydro is king. I've had 8n, 9n. Great tractors, but gears are not the greatest thing. I've never had issues going up, down, sidehill with my hydro. So what hydro looses some at the shaft. Speck your trackor to your needs, implements. Obviously budget determines what one can afford, and used geared tractors are usually more affordable.
  6. Breeding started around mid April, so it's getting close to that time. I've seen a couple hens in different fields today just standing and scanning the area. Very possible they had little ones around. Hopefully the wet weather will let up.
  7. mowin

    Key west honeymoon

    Congrats. Looking like your having a great time.
  8. mowin

    Todays chuckle

    The point is, what he said wasn't racist or un American.
  9. I like the eagle. Could you imagine the shark sneaking up to someone swimming. Lol
  10. mowin

    Happy Birthday to my Boy

    Happy birthday old boy.
  11. mowin

    Tons o' fun...

    You never ceases to amaze.
  12. mowin

    Fox predation on fawns

    I've seen too many yotes carrying off a fawn. I've never seen a fox carrying a fawn, but I'm sure it a fox stumbles on a few hr old fawn, it's toast. I've got a fox by my house that cruises the road side. I'll see her a mile in either direction walking on the side of the road. She's looking for any road kill as it's easy pickings. Keeps this section of the road pretty clean. As long as she leaves my chickens alone( there in a fort Knox coop/run), she's good to go.
  13. mowin


    I've used the original rage for yrs. Great broadheads.
  14. mowin

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    I often wondered if a deer that didn't drop his antlers for whatever reason, would push them off in the spring when growing new ones.
  15. mowin

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    Lol, if people don't like me because of what I believe, or who I like, or what I post. Oh well.
  16. mowin

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    While I'm not into high fenced hunting, I'm sure not all fenced hunts are created equal. If it's a couple hundred acres, and the hired hands constantly push the critters around, it's not going to be very challenging. Several thousand acres, and you're in for a challenging hunt. I find what fsw does for a living very interesting. Would love to take a tour of his place.
  17. mowin

    Trash Throwing Neighbor Caught + Confronted!

    I'm leaning fake. Guy just happened to be driving by at that time. And supposedly tossing out cups within a 100' of his house? No updates and the lack of swearing has me suspicious.
  18. mowin

    US women's team in World Cup finals

    Flag etiquette? Disrespect IMHO. She's representing the USA. It's doubtful at this stage in their careers they don't know flag etiquette.
  19. mowin

    US women's team in World Cup finals

    She's, a POS....
  20. mowin

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Looks great. Happy birthday
  21. mowin

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    You light the pellets. They smoulder creating the smoke. Your element in the smoker is the heat source, but you don't have to worry about the element getting hot enough to generate smoke as It's heat only.
  22. mowin

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Tracker, have you tried the a-maze-n pellet tray? It was invited for electric smokers because of the issue you describe. There's also the tube that I believe works better than the tray. I use the tube in my pellet grill all the time, as the pellet grill alone has a very light smoke profile.
  23. mowin

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Huh, I thought I put a stamp on it...
  24. mowin

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Well, you'll have to trust me that the hog came out fantastic. Severe t-storms made things challenging, and I wasn't able to get any finished pics. Everyone loved the pork. Another successful cook.
  25. mowin

    Oneida lake bad weekend.

    So sad...