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  1. Pork shots. Gotta luv em. I make em probably once a month. There definitely the first to go during parties. My favorite stuffing is cream cheese mixed with a little brown sugar.
  2. Congrats cynthiafu, and bill. Fantastic bird.
  3. Finally... wasn't huge. Just legal at 27.75". Cooking it up tomorrow. We had a bunch of runs, but lost them. This was the only fish in the boat, other than bait fish.
  4. I'm up... But not hunting turkeys. Buddy is taking me striper fishing. I've only caught one little dink 30 yrs ago, so I'm excited. Good luck to those out chasing turkeys.
  5. Not sure. I took a 5 bearded tom 30 yrs ago that only had 3/4" hooks. I had him mounted, but unfortunately he didn't know what he was doing. The thing started dropping feathers and had bugs in it within a couple weeks.
  6. Good friend in Maine sent me this pic. Friend of his got him the morning.
  7. Many a deer hunting levers have scopes, why not a squirrel gun? I do like the looks of a non scoped lever gun, but my eyes are old, and I'd scope it.
  8. It was $82 a box of 5, 3" #7 At dicks a couple weeks ago. I picked up 3 boxes last yr for $52 a box. Some don't like it, I do.
  9. WTF is wrong with you? What a incredibly stupid attitude. Do you feel the same about a wounded deer? No big deal....
  10. Got to my spot at 4:50. First gobbles were at 5:10 from what I figured was a group of jake's 75 yards out as they were all in the same tree . Several other birds gobbling in different spots within 200 yards. At 5:20, 6 jakes landed at 15 yrds. Couple minutes later I see a full fan headed my way. The jakes started after him, and I figured they were going to run him off. They pestered him for a minute, and he broke strut and rapidly headed my way with the jakes right behind him. Shot him at 5:35. 26lbs, 1 1/8 spur, 9" beard. On the way out I spotted another group across the road. I'll go after those another day.
  11. That's a great idea....
  12. Had my first bear pic last November on the same property I've been hunting for 30 yrs. Last week I was driving by, and in the neighborsfront lawn was a 250lb bear. Thats two sightings that I've seen in 30 yrs. Would love to get a crack at him this fall. But, I'm nervous about this spring turkey season. Several years ago in the Catskills, I called up a black bear that stalked my position for about a hr. Got within 10 yards of me before he(she) moved off and rubbed it's back on a tree only 50 yards from me.
  13. I hope so.. I would rather see these go to someone to use them inside, if they won't last outside in a gazebo. Too much history to let them rot if I'm not certain they will last. If i do use them, I'll definitely coat them with a few coats of whatever is recommended.
  14. I can't tell you how many times I've never heard a gobble when roosting, only to hear them going nuts in the morning. Don't give up hope..
  15. I'm getting ready for a buddy to take down some buildings that has hand hune beams. I want them to build a gazebo that the roof structure will protect them from the elements. Do you think they would withstand the elements if the roof structure protects them from direct weather?
  16. My back will be against the same tree for the past 30 yrs. My late nephew Mark took his last bird in '97 leaning against this tree with me by his side. His brother Adam, took his first bird leaning against that same tree with his brothers 870. Unfortunately we lost Adam to a house fire in 2011. Adams sons, Kayden and Dominic, both took there first turkeys with that same 870, with me by their side, backs against the same tree. I don't care if I hear a gobble. I'm there to relive the experience with my late nephews. I'll be talking to them the whole time. If from heaven, they lure a gobbler to that tree, I'll be glad to harvest it in there memory. RIP, Mark and Adam.. everyone misses you and loves you....
  17. Ask him. He's the one who entered the contest.
  18. Obviously, easy to make it seem like a bear was the culprit. But I would rather shoot a bear while I was on a deer stand then trying to defend few chickens.
  19. Good luck Bill. If I was in a contest where one hunter had to be only on privet, and the other was on public, I would want you for my partner. Your success is on par to mine, but all of mine have been on privet lands, and 90% have been on two different properties. I've never set foot on public lands, making IMO, your success impressive to say the least.
  20. In my County( Columbia), the DEC officer lives about 2 minutes away. He told me the coop better have more than a few claw marks. He would want to see obvious damage that was caused by the bear.
  21. Great morning. We were set up about 100 yards from several roosted toms. Had another group about 200 yards out. It was non stop gobbling. Had to hear a 100 gobbles. Had two hens pich down and come rite into our setup. 10 min later we see a white head, then another, and another. Couple soft clucks and they gobbled and went into strut. At 35 yards, Lila took the shot. 20g TSS #8. 24lbs, 14" beard, 1" spur. Me on the left, her dad on the right.
  22. Several birds gobbling on roost. Watched 3 toms heading to that area a couple hrs before roost time. I'm so excited and nervous for Lila. I can't remember when I've been this excited about turkeys. I've killed multiple dozens of turkeys , and I get more excited about the youth or first timers then I do when ones heading my way when I'm alone.
  23. I know... I was shocked. I did see a tom breed a few hens first week of April, which is common, but this crazy.
  24. Grass is getting green fast, and I imagine therea few bugs here and there, but ya, there in for a fight to survive for sure.
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