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Maryland Waterfowl '24

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Spent the last week in MD hunting late season waterfowl. Cambridge, MD was home base. Went on a couple guided hunts but mostly hunted from a boat blind. My good friend has a registered spot in the cove he lives on. 

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2 hours ago, airedale said:

Now that is what I call a banner day, congrats, the top retriever looks like a Chessy, they are a Hoss.


He was a three year old male cbr.

As luck would have it I found myself on the end of the shooting line in the last blind. The dog owner and #1 goose caller was to my immediate left, and then the dog sat right outside the edge of the last blind. I had a front row seat for the dog show. Good stuff. 

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5 hours ago, airedale said:

Did anyone try and eat that Merganser?, I can eat almost anything but Mergansers I have taken are something I do not care for LOL:negative:


No. The young guy that shot it was getting it mounted so it saved us from having to try and eat it lol. 

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