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Cattle Chasing Fawn

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So while I was doing my chores this morning I see my cattle fixated on something in the pasture, a cow and her calf started trotting after something and I could see something red colored running in front of them in the high grass. At first I thought it was a fox but as I got a better look I could see it was a newborn fawn. It ran up to my barn and laid down along side of it, I got out there quick and brought it into the barnyard away from the cattle. Of course it was bleating bloody murder but that was good as I hoped the mother was withing earshot and I could bring it to her. I saw nothing.

I figured it belonged to a doe that comes out in the back pasture behind my house, the fencing back there is page wire with big spacing and I have seen fawns squeeze  through it several times in years past and that is probably where the fawn got in. The problem is the fawn wandered down into my lower pasture that is fenced with small square horse fence and could not get out. Years ago I had a Coyote kill a young deer it ran into the fence down there.

So I decided to take the fawn to the back pasture and release it on the other side of the fence, while I am carrying it this little guy was bleating up a storm and low and behold here comes the doe, she jumps the fence and is staring at me. I set the fawn down and he ran back to her so I think all will be fine.

This morning there was a goofy turkey walking around in the yard going back and forth along the fence, they fly in with no problem but it takes them forever to figure out how to get back, had to wait for it to fly back over before I could let the Airedale out.

Noticed a sparrow with a nest in a hanging basket on the front porch.

Never a dull moment and always something going on here at green acres, back to the chores.;)



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We have a dog yard that is 60' by 30' attached to the house. A nice gobbler go in there and could not figure how to get our. The fence has 4"by4" opening sheep fence around it. Turkey would try to push through the openings to no avail. I tried shagging it out but did not work. Finally waited till it was at one end and I jumped out and surprised it, It took wing and flew out. Makes me wonder why these dumb birds can be so hard to kill (at least sometimes) in the spring.

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