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  1. It may take some reading, but, https://ecosystems.psu.edu/research/projects/deer study may have your answer. There is a lot of info in the study.
  2. avg. joe

    Early Christmas present!!!!

    Congrats, you will enjoy it. A few years back I got one of those for Christmas that said "Your other present is on lay-away til August". He was born while I was in Alaska and I had to wait a day until I got cel service to see his picture. Spoil the child well!!!!!
  3. avg. joe

    Track help

    Okay, let me reword this, why would "anybody shoot at 50 yards". Can you hit where you are aiming at 50 yards? Yes. You can probably sight in for 100 yards and hold a reasonable group. But now throw in the variables. Was it 50 yards or 55 yards? The further out you go, the drop increases dramatically. Was there any wind? Was there anything that could deflect the shot; branches, leaves? Then there are those nasty laws of physics. Can you get the penetration you need if you hit rib on the way in? Nothing against crossbows. So without hijacking the thread, I've stated my point.
  4. avg. joe

    Track help

    Why in the hell would you shoot 50 yards! Just because it is a crossbow doesn't mean you can shoot long distance. I limit my shots with a crossbow to the same as I would with a compound. Too many variables beyond 35 yards.
  5. avg. joe

    Squirrel goes nuts

    That hurts just watching!!!
  6. avg. joe

    Antler Restriction

    What do the adjoining properties do? If the general rule for them is some restriction, then by all means do it. If not, the second a buck steps off the lease somebody else will definitely drop it!
  7. If you research it, you will find there is not a lot of difference. Will there be some? probably, but not enough to make a big difference in the ballistics.
  8. avg. joe

    Live Every Day Like it's Your Last

    Hope all goes well for you. After this is over and done, it will change your whole look at life. Get well soon, hunting season is upon us!
  9. avg. joe

    Never Forget

    A day that I will never forget. It still brings a tear to my eyes when I think of it. Thank You and God Bless all that lost there lives and all that serve!
  10. avg. joe

    What Dropped This Scat?

    Berry picker who had no paper!
  11. avg. joe

    Malnourished spike ?

    A few years ago we had a buck on trail cam that was very thin, similar to this one. We wondered what was up also. But by the end of September he had put weight back on and was looking better, but not great. We don't know the final result, as we never got anymore pics of him after the beginning of October. Keep an eye on him and if he continues to lose weight, nature will take its course.
  12. avg. joe

    Anchorage Alaska

    A trip to Alaska is an unforgettable thing. I had it on my bucket list as "Go to Alaska". After 4 trips to Alaska now, my bucket list has changed to "Go back to Alaska"!!!
  13. avg. joe

    CWD. Are we just lucky?

    OK, so aside from the back and forth over what somebody posted, can we get back to the topic. CWD is spreading in PA. It doesn't stop at the state line, even though that would be nice if it did. If it hits NY, which it probably will, if it isn't already here somewhere, do we have any hope of stopping it again? The prions that cause the disease can remain in the environment for years. That is why I wonder how we managed to control it and nobody else has. Or as was stated earlier, is it already here, just not yet detected. If so, then what?
  14. avg. joe

    CWD. Are we just lucky?

    With New York being the only state that had CWD show up once and seems to not have reared its ugly head again, are we just that lucky, or is it still out there, just undetected so far? Every other state it has showed up in has had it spread further in the herd. Pennsylvania has an ever expanding Disease Management Area. It has been detected in Ohio and Maryland and spread through the herd. Or are there environmental conditions in New York that are helping? I would like to think (hope) that maybe we won't see it again in New York, but the odds seem against it. What do you think?
  15. avg. joe


    Amazing how we all survived with no bike helmets, drinking from the garden hose and a million other things that are now forgotten or frowned upon!!!