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  1. Having a farm puts you outside lots more than most people. I've seen lots while out doing chores.
  2. Yes, but I am out and about all the time so it isn't an issue.
  3. Mine are up all year. I have them on my property, so it isn't a problem with theft. Believe it or not, I put up some pretty cheap (Amazon Chinese specials) and get several years out of them.
  4. Factory or reloaded shells? If reloads, check the sizing on the brass.
  5. I don't think that I didn't go out because I didn't want to be bothered, but I have gone out with no intention of harvesting anything. I have gone out for deer and decided the only thing I would take would be a nice buck. I've walked through the grouse woods and never loaded the shotgun. So, I have gone out with no plan on getting anything or wanting to get anything. The older I get the more I just take my gun for a walk than hunt.
  6. Good for your daughter and those with her. Hopefully all works well for them and no problems arise from it.
  7. Looks like the Chautauqua Ridge will miss out on this one ( I hope). If it gets bad enough to shut down I-90 maybe they will close up the plant and I'll get a snow day.
  8. I have a rule for my property: When in the stands, NO HARNESS, NO HUNTING!
  9. Try to get hold of a tracking dog. If it is down a dog will find it.
  10. Vacuum packing is hands down the way to go. Depending on how much you use it, just get another one. If you do a lot, consider something made for high use. I have a Weston that we use for packing the chickens we sell at the farm. It has to be about 10 years old and has sealed thousands of bags. Only replaced the seals a couple times with no other issues.
  11. Agreed, as long as you do your part, I see no problem. I know several who have used the .22-250 and were pretty impressed with the result.
  12. First bats, now deer. Maybe they will get herd immunity! I even seen an article about a tiger in some zoo that has it.
  13. The honda marine website used to have a page that you could put the s/n in it gave the year.
  14. Welcome to life of a farmer! There aren't many years that everything goes right, or actually any years that everything goes right! I've had to hay cows in late July because of no rain and have had them nearly destroy the pastures because of too much rain. There have been years where planting was late because it is too wet and years that planting never took off because it is too dry. It's just the way farming is, you keep doing it not because it is easy, you do it because it is part of your way of life.
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