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  1. avg. joe

    Remember These?

    I must be getting old, had the worm box and the creel many years ago for trout fishing!
  2. Maintenance mechanic in a fruit processing plant and run a small farm (grass fed beef, pastured pigs, chicken and turkey). I have done a few other things, but always end up back as a maintenance mechanic.
  3. https://www.observertoday.com/news/local-region/2020/04/public-boat-launching-banned-by-state/ Is this just state/public launches, or all launches?
  4. Thanks all for the wishes, unfortunately, he lost 3-2. It was tied at the end but the opponent got a point fot riding time. I still couldn't be prouder of his accomplishment!
  5. Tonight at 8pm (our time) my stepson will be wrestling for the NJCAA 174 LB National title in wrestling (Jamestown CC). Hard to believe after watching him wrestle for the last 10+ years he would be going for a national championship. As a plus, his opponent is from Niagara CC, so either way, the 2 top wrestlers at 174 lbs will be representing WNY. Wish him luck!
  6. Have a pic from last winter on the trail cam of 3 running together.
  7. How about 100 $20 timex watches. Never have to worry about losing it!
  8. Not bragging, it was a good year. About 16 hours in NY and PA. 2 buck and 1 doe.
  9. Big thread on this at HuntingPA.com. https://www.huntingpa.com/forums/20-general-hunting-forum/302441-animal-abuse.html
  10. Barnes TSX, 165 gr. They haven't failed me yet!
  11. Gotta agree, 20 years ago climber and hang-ons. Now it is ladderstands for me. I mostly hunt my own property, so it isn't any big deal. I have 4 of them set up and use the one that is best for the condition the days I hunt.
  12. Maybe a small oil leak that drips on the hot exhaust. I have a mower that did that. Just an occasional puff of oil smoke. It was the valve cover gasket that had a small leak that a drop or two would drop onto the muffler, which was just below the valve cover.
  13. Put the feeder out last Friday after one was sitting on the hanger. Seen one about 2-1/2 weeks ago, just never got the feeder out til now.