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  1. avg. joe

    Treestand types

    Gotta agree, 20 years ago climber and hang-ons. Now it is ladderstands for me. I mostly hunt my own property, so it isn't any big deal. I have 4 of them set up and use the one that is best for the condition the days I hunt.
  2. avg. joe

    Lawn Tractor Smoking

    Maybe a small oil leak that drips on the hot exhaust. I have a mower that did that. Just an occasional puff of oil smoke. It was the valve cover gasket that had a small leak that a drop or two would drop onto the muffler, which was just below the valve cover.
  3. avg. joe

    Hummingbirds ...

    Put the feeder out last Friday after one was sitting on the hanger. Seen one about 2-1/2 weeks ago, just never got the feeder out til now.
  4. avg. joe


    Congrats to him! Did they shoot the hat for him?
  5. avg. joe

    Good choke for a Remington 870?

    Pattern the gun with several different types of ammo. Some loads pattern tighter than others. You may not need another choke. If you do try a tighter choke, again try different and ammo and see which is best. Extended or flush, your choice.
  6. avg. joe

    Sign of Spring

    The annual population explosion of potholes. And there seems to be a bumper crop of them this year!
  7. avg. joe

    The Outlaw Josey Wales

    I believe it was Stalin who said something like "If we erase the past we can determine the future".
  8. avg. joe

    I'm a proud dad of an Eagle Scout!

    Congrats to your son and yourself. I know the feeling. A scout doesn't make Eagle without support of his family and friends. It says a lot to his drive and character. Every scout who makes Eagle has an air of confidence and accomplishment that will follow them through the rest of their life!
  9. avg. joe

    Stepson just departed for Parris Island

    Feel proud! I've been through it 4 times with the family (2 daughters - USAF, 1 daughter - Army, 1 son - Army). Was proud of each. The Service makes them a person you would never think they would be. Thank you and your son!
  10. avg. joe


    Sounds great, but I am sure the cows would make short work of anything I planted!!!
  11. avg. joe

    How long is to long

    It won't hurt to check in. A year is a short time for some work, but he should have an answer as to where things stand by now. If you ever worked in the taxidermy business you would have a better understanding of how things go. Some folks used to call asking how much longer their mounts were going take after just a month or two. As was said earlier, good work takes time. That is usually because good work is in high demand and lots of people will be using that taxidermist.
  12. avg. joe

    Whatcha got for a temp ?

    -9 at 7 a.m. here on the Chautauqua Ridge this morning.
  13. avg. joe

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    Got about 16" here on the Chautauqua Ridge, plus some blowing and drifting. Took about 2 hours to do the driveways and back to the pasture gate. Snowblower on the tractor is a life saver up here.
  14. avg. joe

    Live from Professional Bull Riders Show at MSG

    Bull riding is great to watch, as long as it is not your son on the back of the bull! I was glad when my son called it quits. I think my heart stopped beating for eight seconds every time the chute opened for him!
  15. avg. joe

    Hand Loading Manual For Beginners?

    All the above is fine, but if you are just starting out, get a couple of manuals. If using Nosler bullets get their manual plus one or two others, just for comparison. Keep it simple to start with. Once you are loading good ammo and want to get into cloverleafing your groups, then worry about Quickload and chronographs and everything else. Don't rely on youtube for info. There are a lot of wannabe experts that give pretty shaky info. Some are good, some are just plain scary! If you can, find somebody who loads that you trust is serious about it. Most experienced loaders will be more than glad to help get you started in the right direction. Never rely on loading data that somebody posts or gives you. Compare it to PUBLISHED loads first. And don't rush. Take your time and do it right. As you get more experience you will find it gets to be an addiction. You will end up with many cans of powder that have only a few shells loaded out of it because it just doesn't work for you. Same with bullets. Some will give you the performance you want, other will be better suited as fishing weights. And remember, what does well for others may be terrible for your specific gun. And don't get discouraged. I have loaded for one specific gun that seemed like nothing would perform well. Then you try a different powder or bullet or bullet weight and bingo, it is a tack pounder. Good luck in your new addiction!!!