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  1. If you are in a stand with emerald ash borer mortality, don't just be careful with your tree stands, but also be careful with ground stands and blinds. The trees often just collapse, with limbs, tops and stems breaking up and falling even when there is very little wind.
  2. I always get the deer heart and usually pickle it. Will take the liver and eat it is it is fluke free (most have flukes around here). Usually grab the turkey liver and heart (either for me or the dogs). Weirdest organ meat I've eaten was duck lungs in Vietnam. Thinking back to the dusty area they were foraging in freaks me out now, but was fine at the time.
  3. Son was saying that his band will be not working for a unknown time period. Last couple of gigs he played were pretty sparsely attended (usually you can't get into the places. He is also a full time LEO so it doesn't effect him too bad, but a couple of his people are full time musicians and they will be hurting. talked with my mechanics and they are working pretty much full time, but they had less of a backlog than they usually do. They said they will probably take a hit in terms of spring tire sales. Also, with folks driving less, there will be less breakdowns and less subsequent repairs. might be more competition in the turkey woods with guys laid off/"working" at home?
  4. Had extensive experience with the program ...... 18 years ago. Back then it depended on the assesor and the town. Some weregreatly in favor of 480a and other towns were against it. Go and ask. Did you have a work commitment for this year (sale, thinning, etc.). What town/county are we talking about.
  5. You mentioned Arborvitae as a screen for your RV pad. Arborvitae = deer candy. Maybe white spruce? slower growing but deer usually leave them alone.
  6. A couple of quick thoughts: There is are several cd's called Real Turkeys (I, II, and III). "Number I- The Best Known Calls" is a very good overview and is great to practice with. I used to keep it in my car and practice on the way to work. Real Turkeys III is also good. They are recordings of actual turkeys, and sound much better to me than the recordings of guys making turkey talk. You also might consider using one of the higher density shot loads, like Hevi-Shot 7's. I have tested them and they are quite capable of putting a dense pattern on target to 50 yards and still have adequate penetration. I "accidentally" killed one at 57 yards (long story), and it went down like it was hit by a huge flyswatter. Lots of other high density shot loads out there, with some down to #9 shot size. Those seem too small to me but I have not tested them for penetration. I tried to message you, but I do not know if it went thru.
  7. guy near Glenfield (east side of Tug Hill) was putting out road kill for the eagles last winter, Haven't checked this year. Took a grandson up last year and there were 5 eagles between two locations. At our sportsmens federation meeting Monday, one of the guys mentioned that a person in southern Oneida County is doing the same this year. NOTE: Just looked at his website (Tri Ponds Taxidermy) and he is looking for carcasses and road kill. Has a picture up of 4 adult eagles and 3 Juveniles.
  8. Regarding Water Rats question, "what type of snake is this"? Don't know, but I look forward to it's shedding its skin!
  9. hope its not like the 1917-18 "spanish flu". Today people are packed tighter, we rely on steady food and petroleum supplies via tractor trailers, and our power grid is potentially vulnerable. Hope it remains a nuisance and not a major pandemic.
  10. my favorite songbird. I'm looking at our resident flock picking at a deer carcass I have hanging plus working on the bag of deer suet in the backyard. I have a bird feeder near my "shooting house", which makes the 99% of the time when no deer are present more interesting.
  11. Enigma- Looks like "Big Party". I personally like the "Polish Wedding", but both are good.
  12. I do basically the same thing. When I'm using ground venison, I drain the fat real good and then mix in some 80% ground beef or a little bacon fat. I use corn tacos or corn chips in the dish. I go light on the cumin, as I am the only one at home that likes it. And I have chopped onion and fresh cilantro for garnish for those that like them.
  13. Rattler, I call this "evolution in action". Would thin out the gene pool a bit.