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  1. All the nurses that I know always complain about their backs from lifting patients in their beds or transferring them to Hoyer lifts. Get help when lifting!!! And get nursing shoes with good arch supports. Great career choice.
  2. I had a very great career in conservation (forestry). Was lucky enough to get a job in the field. Never had a day I did not look forward to work. But over the years, I met so many folks that hated their job, or just tolerated it to keep the family solvent and provide for there kids. If you can get into it, go for it. Many of my family are in the nursing profession and all love it, although the past couple of years the stress from understaffing and Covid 19 has been intense. Have you thought about night courses that woudl work up to a LPN or RN?
  3. came to the line that said mandolin in it. Was going to post to watch you fingers, but obviously too late. When I get down low on the spud, I just toss it to the side. I've nipped myself on them before.
  4. I think NYtracker is right about the date of 2009 being when the "free" doe tags were no longer given out, because that was the impetus for my getting my lifetime licenses. Anyway, if you do not fish the the cost to you would be $62/year for 9 years or $558. Then at age 70, buy the $65 sportsmens license plus your annual bow and muzzle license. But if you fish also, then it will cost you $783 for the nine years so you might as well buy the lifetime now. If you do not opt for the lifetime you need to be aware of possible price hikes.
  5. North country man- Best way to find out about a persons character is to camp with him awhile. Hunting camps will bring out the jerkism in folks. So will spending a few days in a leaky tent with constant rain.
  6. now at 10!!!! Hopefully he hangs on to the election, so that a moderate Republican can show him the door.
  7. left field- one more thing to think about. If possible, you should leave clones of male aspen. these can be identified by there more robust buds and flowering habit. Goggle the images to tell the differences. easy to spot this time of year since they are coming into flower. Why do this? Because the larger, succulent male buds are a important overwintering food for grouse.
  8. Google maps have property lines in most counties in NY. Its the lines from the tax maps. But you need to zoom in to almost the maximum magnification before they show up. And they do not show up on the satellite background. And they do not show property owners names or address.
  9. part of the thorny question regarding navagability is wheter logs can be floated down the river, and has the stream at your point ever been used for this person as far upstream as you own. It was originally defined by commercial traffic. Has been significant litigation regarding this with canoers in the central Adirondacks. DEC might be hesitant to give out a legal opinion unless it is totally clear. But folks can not trespass across your property to reach even navigable waters.
  10. God bless all of them
  11. unless it is a designated campsite, you need to be at least 150 feet from a pond, lake or stream
  12. A favorite day for me, when the Irish all celebrate that great Welshman, Saint Patrick.
  13. some sort of a sight pusher for moving dovetail sights? A SWAG on my part.
  14. had one at the house for several years, she had a beard that eventually was about 9 inches. The gobblers did not care if she looked a little butch, as she always had a bunch of poults every spring. I would always ask the local guys to not shoot her. But one summer she was not around. several of her poults had beards.
  15. Had both of my kids on their own policy with their own cars. My ex did not have any assets to speak of so we put them as residents of her household. No problem with the insurance. My main concern was a catastrophic lawsuit if they got into a accident..... which thank heavens they never did. Might want to consider a mechanically sound vehicle, but with a beater body. They may well rearrange the bodywork in the first year of driving. the
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