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  1. The RONCO Pocket Fisherman. Had them for my two grandsons, before they graduated to Dock Devils. I think the guy that Hawked them on TV was Ron Popeil (or something like that)
  2. regretfully after the NY State Police have taken over background checks for guns and ammo. Lets hope they have the program up and running or have extended the deadline when they will take over.
  3. I'm reminded of a show of the Beverly Hillbillys where Jed and Jethro are shooting flies of a wall at their mansion.
  4. I'm covered everyday head to toe in permethrin. Hope they don't find out later that its toxic/carcinogenic. I use the commercial permethrin from tractor supply. Two things to remember: 1- If you are putting it out on deer hunting gear, give it several days to air out, outside in a breeze. the petroleum carrier will pretty much dissipate. 2- don't stress to much about getting the spray concentration exactly right. Mixing into a spray with water is to just give you more uniform coverage. A couple of coats of spray to the point of the clothes being damp is about right. hen let the breeze dry the garments out.
  5. and here in northern Oneida County. Not loaded, but most trees have a fair crop.
  6. what Airedale said, plus just recently I have acquired a 20 volt battery operated pole saw. seems to work well. I have a gas operated one, but it is pretty heavy for long hauls (as I am old)
  7. Greene Hunter- that sounds like what they used to do in the Revolutionary War. Guess if it works, no sense on changing it.
  8. might want to be careful with this plant. Some level of toxicity in the leaves, although cooking it in 2 waters supposedly makes it safe. Likewise the berries. Not a plant that I want to try.
  9. I have a bunch of deer rifles with variety of scope magnifications. My .35 Marlin has a straight 4X on it with a duplex reticule. The scope has been on it for 40 years and I am happy with it so far. I'll report back after the next 40 if my opinion changes. But there is nothing wrong with a 3x9, if its kept at a low magnification and the 40 mm objective will generally have better light gathering power for them shots at the end of legal shooting hours.
  10. can you imagine seeing that coming through the woods at you.
  11. I would get him a slug barrel with rifling and a cantilevered scope mount. the way that a 870 barrel attaches to the receiver, every time you change barrels or even tighten down the circular nut at the end of the magazine, the point of impact will change. But not with a scope mounted on a csntilivered barrel.
  12. just got a B&D little chainsw. Works well for light trimming,
  13. and that Marlin looks like it might be one of the half octagonal/half round barrel models. If so it is a rare bird. Some of them were also made take-down.
  14. Grouse - almost looks like that guy on the right has a Luger pistol in his holster. Hard to tell, a little indistinct on my computer screen.
  15. Grouse- in that Adk. picture, in addition of the two savage 99's, it looks like there is a Remington model 14 carried by the guy on the left of the picture. My ex-wife carried on in .32 Remington for a couple of years. Great brush gun.
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