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  1. Weirdest situation I ever had with scents was with Tinks 69. I had a doe come in to a fake scrape that I had made with a horny 4 pointer following her. She came very close, went over to the fake scrape and grabbed a Tink's saturated cotton ball I had hanging over the scrape and, I believe, ate it. I turned my attention to the buck, and when I looked back at the doe she was running off and the cotton ball and string were nowhere to be seen.
  2. I have sighted in two CVA Wolfs. Both had outstanding accuracy for a inexpensive ML. The second one we used TC 250 grain Shock Waves with the Superglide Sabot. Used two 777 pellets and cci sporting clay primers. Switched this year to White Hot pellets. Same load that I use in my Knight Disc rifle. The wolf will just about give a 3 round group that are touching at 50 yards.
  3. a lot of times they just fall apart when being cut. One of the bigger arborist firms has forbidden its men trom climbing because of that threat. Just got back from a trip to Wyoming. Dead ash from NY through Nebraska and South Dakota. Huge amounts of Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper colonizing the dead ash trees.
  4. BizCT and Crappyice- if making pizzas on english muffins, Thomas makes some "sandwich size" which work well.
  5. I have a Tikka T3 stainless ultralight in 6.5 CR. Shoots very well, slightly less than 1 moa. I know some other folks with the same gun that get closer to .5 inch groups at 100 yards. Slightly stiff bolt but great other than that. Taking it to Wyoming in a couple of weeks. But there are a whole lot of other good 6.5's out there. Savage, Mossberg patriot, Bergara, and a bunch of others. A lot are cheaper than my Tikka and shoot essentially just as good.
  6. Happy B'day. Hope the hip straightens out for you. Former hunting companion had it done when he was about 50 after suffering with it since high school (football injury). He was a new man after that, and got back into deer hunting.
  7. i will never forget. Today in Utica I mentioned the day to several young retail clerks. They all knew what today was. That was somewhat reassuring since most of them were not born when it occurred.
  8. thank you folks for the advice/experiences with the tripods. I looked at both options yesterday. I think I will get the Primos Trigger Stick from Bass Pro, try it for a few days and if not satisfied, go with the BOG tripod. LET EM GROW- Thanks for the tip on plastic innards on the BOG death grip. And I agree that it is fairly heavy, which is a consideration in that it will initally be used in a spot-and-stalk situation.
  9. have any of you folks had any experience with shooting tripods. I'm considering one of the BOG Deathgrip Shooting Tripods or the Primos Trigger Sticks tripods. Are they heavy, are they stable, are they well made. I see them in use in blinds and for crossbows, but our hunting crew does not use them.
  10. Robhuntandfish and Judoka- you guys nailed it with the half moons and riggies. Kinda related to the pizza topic: When I was near Danang, Vietnam there was a pizza shop right next to China Beach hospital and the R+R center. It produced some pretty good pizza (using pilfered American ingredients). The guy that ran it was a Korean who learned to make pizza when in West Virginia going to WVU. He made a fortune from the GI's coming in from the field. He also made some killer Thai style eggrolls.
  11. Robhuntandfish- see you mentioning tomato pie and Utica greens. Beloved by all in this area. Went to a benefit yesterday for a guy with stage 4 lung cancer. Great chow- Had tomato pie and two different Utica Greens. I was watching the plates come back to the tables and greens and tomato pie were on everyone's plate.
  12. I bet Dinsdale got it right, if you have any dogs. Ours are always shanghaiing my shoes. Look in the dogs bed(s).
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