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  1. It is a very niche tree stand. Most often we use it to put up 8 feet where we are going to be driving to (especially if we have had a deer slip out the side a couple of times). Also where we need a few foot of elevation to see down-slope on a ridge and on a flat simultaneously. Or if we are goin back in a couple of miles on Adk. Forest Preserve. At the 8 foot height it only weighs probably 11 lbs. and backpacks nicely. Made of extruded aluminum.
  2. I am looking for a Baker Ladder stand. Made by the same folks that built the Baker Climbing Stand (also know as the Baker plummeting platform of Death). I have one of them that our group uses when we need to put in lightweight stand in a hurry or in a remote location. They have a small platform, come in 3 sections, and lash to the tree with a chain. the sections are like pipe, but corrugated like corduroy.
  3. No plots for me this fall, unfortunately. My mowing guy is running a couple of weeks late, but I will probably just fertilize mowed old field. Been a crazy year and wet.
  4. for cover scents, for a number of years I used skunk escense. Seemed to work but got on everything and promoted rust. Have had deer walk directly to me going into my wind .... but I get a lot of grief from the wife. I do use doe urine and it seems to work somewhat. Used to use Tink's 69. Watched one buck follow a drag line that I had laid down and it came right up to my stand (and no further). Also had a tink's saturated cotton ball hanging in a tree. Just after I was hanging it up, a doe walked up to a scrape that I hung it over, reached up and ate the cotton ball (or at least pulle
  5. Green Drake- May I inquire where in 6K you are. I am astraddle the 6K/5H boundary near Remsen.
  6. Cynthiafu- Postal money order is in the mail to you. My guess is it should be in your Tuesday mail.
  7. Cynthia- how much do you want for the suspenders?
  8. Cynthia- Do I see some suspenders in one of the photos? Are they conventional suspenders (braces) or are they for the waders? If conventional, do they have the leather ends or metal clips?
  9. Nytracker- thxs for the reply. Too far away for me to go get. I hire a guy to brushhog a field, but also mow trails and shooting lanes with the billygoat.
  10. Nytracker- I also rent a Billygoat. Like it but it is a lot more than $35/day. Can I inquire who you rent from? Have also used the DR brush mower and a Craftsman. They all seem to work wekk.
  11. 12 gauge pump, with cantilivered rifled slug barrel, 18 inch open choked barrel (for social occasions) and a 24 inch barrel with multiple screw-in chokes. would be good for any game in the eastern United States.
  12. turkeyfeathers- your mini-nachos look essentially the same as mine, except I use a beef-sausage mix for the meat and I pipe in sour cream before sprinkling on the grated cheese. sometimes topped with a pickled Jalapeno ring. Those Scoops made it a easy dish to make and travel with. This or devilled eggs is my go to party/bbq/picnic dish to bring.
  13. I am afraid some Americans will be "detained" (captured). I think Biden should volunteer to replace some of the captured, maybe like ten of them. Same with Kamala.
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