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  1. just seeing this topic. My Uncle, several of our friends, my cousin and nephew all shot 180 grain Remington Coreloks. If they hit them in the boiler room (heart/lungs) the deer succumbed either on the spot or within 100 yards. Liver hits took longer. Gut shots were interminable but we almost always got the deer. This was over 100 deer and many years. Not my favorite round, but a deer hit resonabley right is a dead deer with a 180 grain. Only problems that occurred were when the bullet went thru the the top of the lungs and did not leave a good blood trail.
  2. number of years ago, I went in to maintain my tripod. got up in the stand and started moving the homemade skirt around. There was 2 wasp nests in it. Got stung twice. Slid down the ladder and ran off. Came back a couple of nights later and gave them a bath in insecticide. Very exciting. My big covered stand has a bunch of bees in it, need to go and hose them down in the next few days.
  3. might want to consider ironsighter scope mounts (see-thru). I have them on my Marlin 336, Work well with a strap on cheekpiece. I have Williams peep sight and can use either. (Also have pop up scope caps that work well)
  4. has apparently passed on.
  5. had prostate cancer about 16 years ago. Had the seed implementation by a good urologist and a good "nuke" doctor. Worked real well. been cancer free since then, get a check up twice a year. Was no surprise since my dad and grandfather both had it. Hope your test turns out negative, but its not the end of life if its not.
  6. and really hot in a classy way
  7. up in Northern Oneida County and Herkimer County, we are having a bumper year for grasshoppers (several species). and the poults are chasing them around the fields. Some broods are small sized, maybe re-nests.
  8. Farflung


    they should be in the pokey until the trial. did they get released with a appearance ticket?
  9. coonhunter- I've had a couple of years that we got a early snow that developed a crust. The beech nuts dropped and the wind blew then into depressions and cradle knolls. I went out with a dust pan and a broom and got to lots of them. And it was years that did not have a lot of worms in the nuts. And ya, the deer were working them hard. Now we seem to get few years with good beech nut crops.
  10. Water Rat- Should that be the "pink" rather than the "green".
  11. porous rocks can explode, like sandstone. Supposedly limestone can, although I've used it and it never has. Granite and gneiss are probably o.k.
  12. And DaveBoone had a good comment about using the NYS Atlas and Gazetteer (published by DeLorme). Lots of natural resources proffesionals have one right by their desks and can give you good leads over the phone if you both have one in hand. you might want to talk to the foresters that are in charge of the different State Forests, they have the best knowlege of each area.
  13. I will be following this thread for hints. My hunting buddy and myself have been asked by a mutual friend to make him into a deer hunter. He (and his wife) are mainly interested in getting a deer or two every year for venison. Should not be hard but neither or us have had to think about how to hunt. We grew up doing it. He has about 150 acres of brushy land with lots of apples to the south of one of my leases with lots of deer. will be able to get him a 6K permit in addition to his buck license. Need to chill him out and make him calm. He wants to use his .44 magnum lever gun which should be o.k. if we emphasis shot placement. so I will be following the thoughts and ideas here to see what obvious instruction we have overlooked.
  14. with my mistrust of horses, you had me believing you till the unplugging.