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  1. A favorite holiday of mine, when all the Irish folk celebrate that great Welshman, St. Patrick.
  2. Gunner - I believe that this car is a 1934 or 1935. It is a Ford, but the grille is the design after the 1932 model B. but that is a great buck!!!
  3. I'd tell folks it is a grizzly bear claw, all that is left after you killed him with a bowie knife and pushed him off the cliff. Pulled the one claw out of your chest and made a necklace out of it.
  4. Haven't seen it mentioned here, but the annual outdoor show at the turning stone is this weekend from Friday through Sunday. I usually go, as much as a break from the winter doldrums as any need for more gear. the name is the Big East Camping and Outdoor Sports show. Easily googled if you are interested.
  5. might want to consider a few broad-based water bars that will prevent erosin but also allow ATV's to pass over them. Maybe the logger put them in, and they do not show on the pictures. And you are right, the deer will love this.
  6. I suspect that the check engine light will go out.... upon impact.
  7. wonder if they are going to eat them Jack rabbits? Neat how they have the one on the hood propped up with the fancy radiator cap.
  8. wonder if they are going to eat them Jack rabbits? Neat how they have the one on the hood propped up with the fancy radiator cap.
  9. don't forget to treat you clothes with permethrin. All of my hunting clothes and my work clothes are treated year round. If you use home-brew permethrin, you should air them out before deer season, turkey season-not so much.
  10. Airdale- when he vetoed the bear/dog season, he said regarding the bear hunters, "let them go out into the woods, and stalk them". He also made a couple of comments to the effect that it was cruel to the dogs. I'm thinking he has never met a bear dog.
  11. Farflung

    Bear meat

    the few times I was given it, I always treat it like pork, in that apparently it can carry Trichinosis. I have had it from very tender and delicious to kind of tough. A friend cans his, and it is quite good. I also have had it as slow cooked with a grape jelly/ soy glaze on it. Was tender and delicious, although probably any meat prepared like that would be good.
  12. with those choke options, sounds like a great turkey gun. Always fun with a new gun to figure out the optimum choke and shell combo.
  13. two questions I would be asking: 1) are the chokes compatible with steel and harder shot (like TSS)? 2) what are the chokes compatible with in terms of aftermarket chokes?
  14. Bears are a pest to the local farmers and beekeepers. Strong electric fences will keep the hives safe (generally). The corn crops are another matter. The bears get into the corn, eat some, but knock down a big patch. I am on the west edge of the Adks, and they are everywhere. the dog guys chase them around, but unless they have a destroy permit, they just tree them, take a photo and let them be. We also have a lot of folks that will set up on a cornfield and get one that way. Still, most of the bears are just random kills when guys are hunting deer.
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