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  1. I don't know if its exactly dedicating my season to, but I always think a lot about two men who were instrumental in my deer hunting career. The first was my dad. He was just a casual deer hunter, but when I became interested in hunting taught me all he knew and took me small game and deer hunting all the time. Most of my friends were not as interested in hunting especially when girls and cars became a option. The second was my cousin who was my hunting partner for many years. Both have passed away, but I think of them whenever I think about hunting or have the good fortune to take a buck.
  2. what foresters did you use for the marking? Are they doing the sales administration?
  3. Has anyone considered two archery seasons. 1- a traditional archery season with self bows, and recurves with no stabilizers, sights, releases and wooden arrows with solid broadheads. and 2- a modern archery season with compound bows with sights, stabilizers and releases. Arrows could be any material desired with any non-barbed broadhead. Crossbows would be included as modern archery equipment. Have traditional archery run from 27 Sept. to 15 Oct. Modern archery would then run till regular big season.
  4. three I have run into over the years that amused me: Fawns Liver Camp, Buckshot Camp and "If its Brown, its Down".
  5. Pete- I worked out of the Lowville office Region 6. Your name seemed familiar but I can't remember when we might have crossed paths. I retired in 2003, worked part time for TNC, and do a few consulting jobs.
  6. nicely done video. When I was a forester for the state, we had thousands of acres destroyed by the 1995 blowdown. Just were getting it taken care of when the 1998 ice storm dealt us another blow. Very discouraging for our guys that had nurtured these forests for their whole career to see a lot of their work destroyed.
  7. someday I hope to have my 30th anniversery. I'll just need to celebrate it with 2 ex-wives and one current wife.
  8. We were in Moose Area 38. Thats near the Medicine Bow National Forest.We were near Albany and Cenntenial. Locals were saying that it seemed odd that there weren't more moose tags since they had increased so much in the past few years.
  9. dmandoes- Was in Wyoming 2 seasons ago. Was there for 5 weeks. Kept count and saw 56 moose (cows, bulls and calves). Saw the biggest moose I have ever seen. He walked between my partner and me. At one point he was about 8 yards away. In the same general area, he chased one of our guys into a bunch of softwood tops. What area did you draw for?
  10. seems like there are a lot for brown lawns. Just saw one town with a watering restriction, there may be more. MMy farmer friends are hoping for rain for crops and hay. But this is great for the young broods of turkey.
  11. For trout in ponds- Lake Clear Wobbler ahead of a streamer or some "garden hackle" For trout in streams- a undressed spinner white bead, gold blade or a Mepps spinner for bass in lakes- original Rapala minnow imitation
  12. If you are interested in this topic and 46rkl's post, you might want to take a look at Wikipedia's definition/discussion of curtilage. Sort of the flip side of the open fields doctrine. Was a hot topic in Pennsylvania for a while
  13. I know a young lady that was going to be the hot nude swimmer in the opening scene. They were casting at a nude beach on Martha's Vineyard. She chickened out at the last minute and her claim to fame disappeared . Still looks pretty good for a old broad.
  14. maybe a yellow crowned night heron? If it is in NY its out of its range by a bit.