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  1. started working haying at age 10, then mowed lawns starting at age 12 (through high school). Worked maintenace during high school, then blacktopping after that. military for 2 years. Logging briefly, then forestry work. Tended bar a couple of places. From age 14 till I retired I was only "unemployed" for 2 weeks, and that was after getting out of the service and before college. Still did forestry and related work for about 10 years after official retirement.
  2. not that I expect much cooperation from our current administration ... but it seems that states with huge amounts of Forest Service and BLM (i.e. lands we all own) should be required to treat the federal lands in such a way that in those areas both residents and non-residents have a equal oppurtunity.
  3. DoubleDose- Thx. for the response. Figure my maximum range to be 350 yds. Not long by western standards, but the winds never quit in WY. Sometimes the winds are in the 30 to 40 mph range. The mirage thing is useful but I need practice I probably can't get around here. And a cloudy, cool day negates mirage. I guess that one of the cheap meters will probably do, just wish I knew someone who has used them.
  4. I am going to purchase a anemometer for hunting on the prairie out west. I find them all over the place in terms of price. They range from $15 for a bunch of no name brands up to $399 for a Kestrel (with a ballistic package). I am leaning to a cheap one as all I need is mph. My concern is if the cheap ones are pretty accurate, and durable for field use (with reasonable care). I have no experience doping wind for shooting, and any input/experience would be helpful.
  5. sorry to hear that you are being let go.... I know a bunch of folks that work for Stewarts. They say the company is great to work for. They were voted the best company to work for in the N.E. (for what that's worth). There wage scale was a little light, but that may have changed.
  6. looks good to me..... but I hope they left plenty of air drainage on the bottom. That's a slow death to most ornamental trees.
  7. just enjoyed a Sierra Nevada Atomic Torpedo (ABV 8.2). Billed as a "juicy west coast double IPA) and it lives up to its billing. Had it with a excellent fish fry with double coleslaw (and no frys). great meal. Turkeyfeathers- saw that you had a Southern Tier 2X ipa in your post. One of my favorites.
  8. i have been getting all sorts of electric bike ads on facebook. I searched for electric bikes on duckduckgoose a couple of weeks ago and have been seeing alot of ads on my facebook feed. Little do they know that I can not afford them. no ads for the chick sites, drat it!!!
  9. my condolences on the passing of your brother.
  10. one of my deer stands has a fallen log that greys like to cross. used to see them fairly regularly, including what I took to be a pair, although this was in early autumn. Was in a tree stand, and a grey climbed a slanted tree till it was almost 12 feet off the ground. Hung out there for a few minutes and then got back down.
  11. rear view of a ruffed grouse that is drumming?
  12. Any details on the shooter? Age, motivations, where he is from, ethnicity, politics? Did he pick the location at random? Previous Criminal record?
  13. cynthiafu- nice bird!!! Congrats to you and bill.
  14. Robhuntandfish- Are their oaks in Fall Brook S.F.? Are they White or Red? I know there are Red Oak and White oak in the Rome Sand Plains near Humaston by fish creek.
  15. St. Regis Mohawks. The area of the hatchery was not part of their ancestral holdings. How do they think they can spear their. This will be interesting from a historical, treaty wording point of view.
  16. this was a hot topic at our Oneida County sportsmen federation on Monday night. We are very against this. Will be interesting to see how DEC and the Governor handle this. It was Hochul that vetoed the legislation that would have allowed this.
  17. Antlers- thought it was. Dragged out my dad's old 98 Mauser with the original stock to confirm it.
  18. very interesting. I had heard of this, but this has a lot of detail I was not familiar with
  19. Chef- Maybe a captured Mauser? The rounded bottom of the pistol grip first caught my eye. Springfield's have a barrel band with sling attachment closer to the breech. Mausers also have the butt plate encompassing the butt (its sort of a metal cup). Mausers front sling attachment is on the side and further forward. Not sure as the picture is a little difficult to see fine detail.
  20. Fast Eddie- The G.I. picture is interesting. Looks like it is a early WW2 picture. Is that a Mauser 98 leaning against the tent? Wearing putties.
  21. I suspect that it will be spot and stalk. Last time, the weather was in the 80's and my main concern was meat spoilage from heat.
  22. glad to see this thread. Will need them in Wyoming in 2023. Going for antelope this year, but I doubt I will need gaiters, except maybe to keep junk out of the top of my boots.
  23. When the top breaks off or is first killed by the weevil, the lateral branches will start to grow.
  24. Possibly the results of a White Pine Weevil attack (they love Norway Spruce) or snow damage to the leader?
  25. the two homeschool groups that I was somewhat familer with seemed to have good parents and (generally) very respectful kids. What always interested me was the variety of reasons that they homeschooled. Some were for a variety of religious affiliations, some were anti-goverment, or quasi-survivalists. Some did not like to quality of the public schools. A few had one parent who was trained as a teacher. A couple of the kids were slightly disabled. But all the parents seemed to work well together.
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