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  1. We have a dog yard that is 60' by 30' attached to the house. A nice gobbler go in there and could not figure how to get our. The fence has 4"by4" opening sheep fence around it. Turkey would try to push through the openings to no avail. I tried shagging it out but did not work. Finally waited till it was at one end and I jumped out and surprised it, It took wing and flew out. Makes me wonder why these dumb birds can be so hard to kill (at least sometimes) in the spring.
  2. Bad stuff for some folks. I'm almost immune, but i realize that can change. A friends mother went to relieve herself when they were fishing and came down with a roaring case of it. My godfather burnt a bunch of it, not knowing what it was, and it nearly killed him.
  3. Turkey choke is the way to go. I pattern at 40 yards, using 1 inch grid paper. Needs to be a minimum of 2 pellets in each square for me to be happy. Usually a lot more, using my 3 and 1/2 inch number 7 Hevi-shot.
  4. Airedale- Thanks for the article. And I believe that other great camps had similar "preserves"
  5. Grouse, do you have a more exact location on the wild boar taken in the Adirondacks. Some of the large estates/great camps stocked large enclosuers with exotic game (elk, other deer species). wonder if this was at one of them.
  6. don't know what they used in the indian village, but I read that the Iroquois mainly used elm bark. years ago, for some mills, a lot of the spruce had the bark peeled before being processed into pulp. They peeled some of it in the woods, leaving piles of bark.
  7. looks like that may be a jacklight in front of the guy standing with the bank blade
  8. latest that I have seen them in upstate NY is March 22. In the yard near Forestport, NY
  9. I might suggest the St. Regis canoe area. Yes you will need a canoe, but you can rent them, along with other gear. Very good fishing for brook trout in the early (ice out) season. Check with the DEC Region 5 website, and that can get you started. There will be a phone number that can get you to their fisheries biologist.
  10. Interestingly, the area that Remington resided in and the surrounding area were and are big 2nd amendment supporters, as is most of upstate. It's another case of downstate and Albany liberal politicos subjecting us to their views. And we are powerless to prevent them.
  11. Grouse - the person with the grouse is a picture of Alvah Dunning, a Adirondack guide in the late 1880's and early 1900's.
  12. Compounds and aluminum arrows, different broadheads Excalibur crossbow, graphite bolts and rage broadhead (actually not a deer but a cow elk) .54 caliber patched and sabot .50 sabot 30-30 Savage pump 6.5 CR Tikka T3 stainless ultra light ..308 Winchester BAR and Tikka T3 12 gauge foster slugs and sabots Ithaca Deerslayer and Mossberg 695 and 870
  13. 2 men and a dog were recued out of Hinckley Lake near Prospect NY yesterday. Evolution in action, only the smart/cautious survive.
  14. Generally, all hunting accidents involving firearms or bows are investigated by DEC. Periodically, (I believe at the end of the year or lscense year) they are put out as a report and there usually a press release. ECO's and the hunter education folk are involved. I think I remember tree stand accidents are also being tallied.
  15. Sad to me as a New Yorker. Not just Hocul's and NY state goverment's stance on firearms, but the tax structure and labor costs. Hopefully they will offer job oppurtunities in Alabama to existing employees.
  16. something I used to do when turkey hunting was to use a short bipod. I use aluminum arrow shafts cut into around 10 inch lengths of shaft with a short piece of smaller diameter shaft as a connecting sleeve that would slip in to connect the pieces. I ran a piece of elastic cord from top to bottom. Worked well sitting. Had rubber judo tips on the bottom segment and was frapped together at the top.
  17. The RONCO Pocket Fisherman. Had them for my two grandsons, before they graduated to Dock Devils. I think the guy that Hawked them on TV was Ron Popeil (or something like that)
  18. regretfully after the NY State Police have taken over background checks for guns and ammo. Lets hope they have the program up and running or have extended the deadline when they will take over.
  19. I'm reminded of a show of the Beverly Hillbillys where Jed and Jethro are shooting flies of a wall at their mansion.
  20. I'm covered everyday head to toe in permethrin. Hope they don't find out later that its toxic/carcinogenic. I use the commercial permethrin from tractor supply. Two things to remember: 1- If you are putting it out on deer hunting gear, give it several days to air out, outside in a breeze. the petroleum carrier will pretty much dissipate. 2- don't stress to much about getting the spray concentration exactly right. Mixing into a spray with water is to just give you more uniform coverage. A couple of coats of spray to the point of the clothes being damp is about right. hen let the breeze dry the garments out.
  21. and here in northern Oneida County. Not loaded, but most trees have a fair crop.
  22. what Airedale said, plus just recently I have acquired a 20 volt battery operated pole saw. seems to work well. I have a gas operated one, but it is pretty heavy for long hauls (as I am old)
  23. Greene Hunter- that sounds like what they used to do in the Revolutionary War. Guess if it works, no sense on changing it.
  24. might want to be careful with this plant. Some level of toxicity in the leaves, although cooking it in 2 waters supposedly makes it safe. Likewise the berries. Not a plant that I want to try.
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