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  1. Luberhill - I usually hold the bottom down with a 2-4 oz. pyramid or other saltwater sinkers. Pulls out of the way to get by, but doesn't blow in the wind.
  2. The shows I looked at last night, were showing a lot of Amazon packages. Are they going to have to route these trains around the inner city? Or possibly use truckers to get them to where they are going.
  3. The War Room (Steve Bannon) and Tucker Carlson had this on Yesterday. Disgusting BS happening in another Blue City.
  4. I have a 12 gauge Deerslayer that I used for years, bought a rifled 870, then a rifled Mossberg 695 12 gauge. Used the 695 for a couple of years, and then rifles became legal in the southern tier areas I hunted. Never really felt hampered by having to use slug guns, as most of my southern deer have been shot under 70 yards. Our group always held a yearly contest that allowed folks to use all the legal weapons for all the different seasons, including shotguns since no one wanted to embarrass themselves, they usually sighted in and practiced with their slug guns.
  5. hoping they work well for you. I use reading glasses and they are a annoyance.
  6. If there is significant proof and not just innuendo and rumors, it should not take 5 years to develop a case. Hope they make this into a "true crime", made for TV show.
  7. if this is your first sewing project, you did a super job!
  8. My experiences: I have a couple, and numerous covered ground blinds. On the best one I used two sections of scaffolding, and then pipe above that. I used pressure treated landscape posts as a floor. framed the cabin with pressure treated 2x4'. Used scavenged metal roofing attached with roofing screws. Windows are plexiglass, and hinged at the top. They swing open and a attached prop holds them in place. I have them so that they are slightly tilted down to 1) eliminate glare/reflection and 2)so the rain/snow slides off. I originally had a ladder but one of my buddies got so he could not climb. So I built pressure treated steps, keeping a shallow angle. This year I put a second handrail on it. I put in a swing out urinal (hey I'm a old guy) that runs via hose to a buried 5 gallon bucket cess-pool. When I put on the corrugated metal roof, I made it with the center removable for maintenance. I originally just put up the platform, with a popup blind on it and used it for 3 years to make sure it was where I wanted it, because when it was built out, there is no moving it. Oh, and I used guy wires to stabilize it because it just sits on the p.t. beams on the ground. I put in a moveable shooting rest that consists of a 2x2 covered with pipe insulation. Inside dimensions are 5' by 8'. I covered the floor with foam and painted the inside flat black. I have black window curtains to reduce the amount of light in the cabin,
  9. As a suggestion: Find the general area that you wish to hunt. Take a ride and look for good areas. Use Onyx to find good looking properties that are not posted and have non-resident owners without camps on their properties. try a phone call to the promising ones. If liability comes up, ensure them that you would be getting insurance to cover the landowner.
  10. finger covers (i.e. finger cots) from the pharmacy work well.
  11. Here's my solution, after years of experimenting. This is still a work in progress, but it has worked well so far. I use 3M Tegaderm Film from the pharmacy. It is a adhesive (one side) plastic film that is is somewhat stretchy. I put a piece over the muzzle, and trim the excess. Waterproof and stays on well. When shot through, usually blows the piece off although occasionally it just punches a hole through. Can not see that it changes the point-of-impact. Instead of balloons or condoms, I used to use Walmart Finger covers (also called finger cots. Look like miniature prophylactics.
  12. Four Seasons- could you post a picture of your handcart/winch rig? Or at least the specs/make of the winch? Is it 12 volt?
  13. chads-I agree with the design of the sling. I've been using a two sling approach for the past 20 years. But what I've used is just to put a second strap on made of 1 inch heavy duty elastic. I only slip this over my head if I'm packing stuff in and need a second hand or if I'm going to be climbing a steep (like hand-over-hand) grade. Turkey run and gun situations too.
  14. Landwaz- in addition to checking for lead, they used to use old skillets to "burn sulfur" (they literally burnt sulfur powder mixed with alcohol) to get rid of mice, bedbugs and insects. Leaves a hard black residue. Probably alright to just scrape off and use.... but I'm a little leary of it as they sometimes mixed some insecticides with it.
  15. Both of my parents were in WW2. My father was in Artillery, first being put in a Massachusetts NG Coast Artillery unit that was changed to a regular field Artillery. Came across day after D-day, and went all the way. Was a driver for a 2nd Lt. forward observer. Got the job as he was a great jeep mechanic. Never talked about it, especially the freeing folks from the concentration camps. Learned as much as I know from his war souvineers and his christmas phone conversations with the forward observer (I would listen in) Mother was a Mess Sergeant in the WAAC. Was in India, supporting airmen that were "flying the hump" in Burma. She talked about her time. One of her sisters was in, though I do not know if she ever went overseas. Our family seems to have been in every war from the French and Indian war. Citizen soldiers, join up then return to civilian life post war. And Pygmy, my mother also outranked my father when they got out.
  16. All the 220's have rifled barrels and every one I have seen (3) shoot really well, Like 2 to 3 inches at 100 yds. If you are in a area that requires shotguns, they would be a excellent choice. I keep a couple of rifled barrel slug guns in case I go to Ohio or a NY county that has not switched to rifles.
  17. many years ago, in my youth, I used to carry a 7 oz. beer along when I was going to be still hunting by myself in the big woods. Would put it in a stream in the a.m. and swing back by there for lunch. would taste pretty good with a sandwich and apple about midday.
  18. I agree totally with wolc123 on turkey and chicken. Breast is o.k. in sandwich's, and chicken thighs if they are grilled. But here is what I wish to say: Happy Thanksgiving to all. We have so much to be thankful for, I know I am. Personally, I am on the way to the Peoples Socialist State of Massachusetts. But they are good folks, just misguided and I enjoy their company.
  19. you can use either your name and address or your license number as found on your tag.
  20. Tikka T3 stainless ultralight. Shoots way better than I do. Just have a DMP for tomorrow.
  21. doebuck1234- may be the light but the neck and head are real dark. Almost looks like a calf elk.
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