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  1. I've seen the very young chicks on 2 instances. Look like a oversized yellowish-brown cotton ball with stubby little legs and a disportionatly long bill
  2. fastedddie- I have the same problem/concern with my regular hearing aids. I strung the two of them together with fine cord and I have a clip that goes to my collar. That said, I find them annoying and fairly ineffectual so I seldom wear them. Annoys wife. Those Axil GS extremes that Airedale has look like something worth trying. Its annoying to have a bird in front of you that you can see gobble but can't hear them. Airdale- do they have the safety shut down that protedts you ears when firing a rifle or shotgun?
  3. and also not to forget those that came back physically and mentally shattered.
  4. chicken manure when spread has a potent odor, I believe from the ammonia in it. Liquid manure is often done anaerobiclly and really smells potent to me. Almost seems like it is "burning" your nose.
  5. grouse- was the photo labelled 1940? Ladies dresses look older than that. Love the photos you post.
  6. skin (dont worry about couple of cuts in the hide, it ain't worth the effort anymore), remove the top loin, 1/4 the deer, Debone the deer 1/4's, cut into steaks and roasts, package in individual family portions, grind trim. Break out the beer. I remove all the "white skin", but the choice is yours. If you have a second refigerator, you can chilll the 1/4's for a day or two to finish up.
  7. be careful going through brush and briars. The fabric will pill and lose its water repellency.
  8. the 250 yard range caught my eye. Most of our local ranges only go out to 100 or 150 yards. Nice if you ever want to go out west.
  9. I was under the impression that they generally had regular muzzleloaders and only had the one air rifle.
  10. hope they find some folks. Good first job for someone going into forestry or wild life management. I went to Colby years ago, as did my son and stepson. Lots of folks that go onto professional positions in DEC and other agencies start here. I know I did.
  11. basically the same recipe that we use, except I usually throw in some red pepper flakes and occasionally use balsamic vinegar. I've been lazy a couple of times and used the saved juice of Bell View Hot and Sweet Garlic Cucumber Pickles as the pickling liquid.
  12. Greene Hunter - that looks like the parking area in front of our local bar.
  13. A favorite holiday of mine, when all the Irish folk celebrate that great Welshman, St. Patrick.
  14. Gunner - I believe that this car is a 1934 or 1935. It is a Ford, but the grille is the design after the 1932 model B. but that is a great buck!!!
  15. I'd tell folks it is a grizzly bear claw, all that is left after you killed him with a bowie knife and pushed him off the cliff. Pulled the one claw out of your chest and made a necklace out of it.
  16. Haven't seen it mentioned here, but the annual outdoor show at the turning stone is this weekend from Friday through Sunday. I usually go, as much as a break from the winter doldrums as any need for more gear. the name is the Big East Camping and Outdoor Sports show. Easily googled if you are interested.
  17. might want to consider a few broad-based water bars that will prevent erosin but also allow ATV's to pass over them. Maybe the logger put them in, and they do not show on the pictures. And you are right, the deer will love this.
  18. I suspect that the check engine light will go out.... upon impact.
  19. wonder if they are going to eat them Jack rabbits? Neat how they have the one on the hood propped up with the fancy radiator cap.
  20. wonder if they are going to eat them Jack rabbits? Neat how they have the one on the hood propped up with the fancy radiator cap.
  21. don't forget to treat you clothes with permethrin. All of my hunting clothes and my work clothes are treated year round. If you use home-brew permethrin, you should air them out before deer season, turkey season-not so much.
  22. Airdale- when he vetoed the bear/dog season, he said regarding the bear hunters, "let them go out into the woods, and stalk them". He also made a couple of comments to the effect that it was cruel to the dogs. I'm thinking he has never met a bear dog.
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