Wounded deer= Venison

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Horrible weather day for the finale this morning rain/sleet/snow/etc.. So instead of trying to drive deer and get soaked my brother and i decided to throw up the pop up ground blind and each face a direction and give it a shot. After a hour or so of sitting my bro had a deer pass by his window without offering a shot due to think brush and what not. So of course we became instantly on high alert. Id say in a minute or so to my right i see a spike horn. It had a bad limp and upon further inspection it was bleeding from its left front leg. So with my buck tag in my pocket i saved the buck from coyotes and finished filling the freezer. It was awesome being able to experience the hunt with someone else and we can both share the memories for years to come. (oh and it turns out we found out the deer was shot on saturday)


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