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  1. Thursday afternoon I was out on state land almost a mile or so back. I had just saw a lone big bodied deer 100 yards or so in front of me and a fawn had just came into the stand of oaks I was sitting in it was just after 6pm. I then heard the distinct sound of an atv. Two minutes later I saw the head lights and two machines proceeded within two yards of the tree I was in, oblivious of my presence they almost caught there handle bars on my climbing sticks. If I wasn’t pissed at that point 75 yards after they got by me they came to a stop and I heard one say to the other “did you see all those deer” . I’ve been thinking about turning them into the DEC but I’m not sure if I want to open that can of worms. Oh I forgot to mention I got it all on my go pro
  2. With all due respect Sir. From everything you have overcome, in my mind you are the poster person for using a crossbow. You have the respect for game you hunt not to pursue it without being competent with a vertical bow, so in turn don’t deprive yourself of the outdoors and use whatever legal implement you can to get in the woods.
  3. Glad your ok. And not to sound like a jerk because I don’t how big you are and I’m on the bigger side( 6’ 220) but this is why tree stands have weight limits, and every year that is in service I’m sure Those ratings decrease. I try to make sure I check stands straightness in the tubes and the welds every year.
  4. It might be best to wait a year or so to get prices on building right now. Material costs are out of sight, a 4x8 sheet of 7/16 osb that was around $8 this spring is now $21 and change at the local Lowe’s.
  5. That’s sweet I have a t3 6.5 with a leupold vx-freedom 4x12 u for sure have a bucket list filler. There’s nothing finer than a tikka bolt
  6. To the point I made yesterday the state is not using its resources to its fullest extent. I live within 25 minutes of Binghamton and there plan if the hospitals get overrun is to add 50 beds in the Broome county Arena. Meanwhile SUNY Binghamton with thousands of vacant rooms sits 3 miles away. King Andy and the other politicians trying to make there name because of this terrible virus need to use common sense. A little logical thinking and they would secure these votes they covet so bad with real leadership. Also again this highly contagious virus does not need to be spread all over the state. Cancer is not contagious and shouldn’t be compared to what is going on regardless of what some slobs may feel.
  7. How many colleges are still in a on campus setting. Every dorm building I have ever been in closely resembles a hospital. How come the SUNY and CUNY dorms downstate can’t be repurposed as hospitals limiting transportation of this virus and flattening the curve
  8. I agree with the economic impacts this will and has had. I just hope cooler heads prevail and the majority of the population realizes the reaction is worse than the virus. I’m extremely worried my 93 year old grandmother may get sick and not be around anymore but I’m more concerned my 5 and 3 year old may not get to experience to life we have all enjoyed because of panic and the ensuing results that will happen. We all need to hold out hope and band together to make sure each day gets better and not worse.
  9. Please calm down man. The panic and the sky is falling mentality is what’s driving this panic. We need to ban together as Americans and not assume the worst. Things will turn back around slower than it crashed but hopefully six months from now we all look back and think how close we got to abandoning are humanity and learn for the future.
  10. I prefer to lurk on here and listen and learn from great hunters like I do on hunting beast and rarely post. Following this thread makes me think most hunters on here think the same and were always prepared for whatever scenario may pop up. It also reminds me of my childhood collecting koolaid points. Otisco Paul has won the grand prize he’s definitely drank the most koolaid of the outdoor community
  11. What a great drunken response! Eli Manning has been an example of a good person. NFL man of the year, never beat his wife, hurt his kids. I’m tired of giants fans piling on Eli for playing poorly look at the supporting cast you can’t throw the ball from your back or when your primary receiver is in a tumultuous relationship with the kicking net. Look back when Jeremy Shockey was on the team you had to bring the A game to beat the giants or just cover the loud idiot demanding the ball
  12. i hunt the first couple of weekends every year in 4O with about 5 other guys so far this season ive seen one deer down there my buddies havent seen any most years we have a few down by now. I think deer numbers are really hurting in that region and overall in the state i live and hunt around 7m and 7p and i havent been seeing close to the usual amount of deer while driving or in the woods. Not sure if its the weather or what
  13. Nice Buck. My first and biggest buck had about the same rack. What kinda broadhead were you using.The reason i ask I shot a doe saturday morning that was quartering too me i hit a lung and liver she went about 600 yards. I had good blood to follow the whole way. I am a true believer in Rage 2 Blades now, and would highly recomend
  14. This isnt a shed but i thought i would add it to this thread. a couple weeks ago my german shepards brought what was left of this guy home. im gonna put it up in the garage unless someone reconizes them and maybe i will return them haha
  15. Have the same model 77 7 mag as the article. Those old red ruger pads are a killer. Swapped it out for a limbsaver now i could shoot it all day long
  16. Dumb, on the way to the butcher tonight to pick up a deer that was finished hit a four point 2 miles from my house. Talk about ironic
  17. was shown a pic of this buck the other day. The story i was told it was over 200 and in the homer area like u said. The guy that showed me the pic has a buddy who shot a monster in the lisle area a couple weeks ago that was estimated in the 180s and like a 21 point. The thing tying the two bucks together, believe or not the two hunters are cousins or so im told
  18. Horrible weather day for the finale this morning rain/sleet/snow/etc.. So instead of trying to drive deer and get soaked my brother and i decided to throw up the pop up ground blind and each face a direction and give it a shot. After a hour or so of sitting my bro had a deer pass by his window without offering a shot due to think brush and what not. So of course we became instantly on high alert. Id say in a minute or so to my right i see a spike horn. It had a bad limp and upon further inspection it was bleeding from its left front leg. So with my buck tag in my pocket i saved the buck from coyotes and finished filling the freezer. It was awesome being able to experience the hunt with someone else and we can both share the memories for years to come. (oh and it turns out we found out the deer was shot on saturday)
  19. No he didnt see where the arrow hit he said he felt steady so thats what i meant by good shot. there was a good amount of hair atleast a handful clean cut with no blood on it. idk me and him only have a three bow seasons under are belts, with fairly good results each year and being ethical responsible hunters not knowing the outcome of this particular hunt has been driving us nuts. Best case scenario now is he sees this deer again alive and well and maybe gets another crack and if not atleast it wasnt killed without being recovered
  20. thanks for the response i should have phrased the question better but what im really interested in is the piece of flesh on the hair i should have taken a picture so others could see it. is it possible that skin could be taken off on a clean shot or is that something that would occur by just grazing an animal? And it was within legal shooting time he was in some evergreens (plus i can only go by his recollection of what happened, whether or not the arrow was deflected or the shot was true is a matter of opinion) Thanks for your input
  21. Hi i have browsed this sight many times but today was the first time i felt the need to post. This morning my brother took a shot at a buck. He insisted he hit it good but in my opinion he shot with to little light, without out a clear shooting lane. Needless to say after three hours of searching the only thing that we found was hair one piece had skin attached to it, it was roughly the size of a dime(the skin that is). I figure that he shot high on the deers back, or skipped the broadhead off a branch and only gave it a real tight shave. did all we could to recover but had no luck no arrow no blood thanks for your time and i will appreciate all opinions and feedback