Turkey trouble

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Only having one place to hunt sucks. The turkey there are impossible. 3 years ago we got 3 gobblers, and these past 3 seasons have been terrible. I haven't shot, nor had a gobbler in range in 3 years. Every time i go turkey hunting, 7 times so far this year, have been the same. Wake up at 430, set up before dawn, hear no gobbles untill 830, and go home at 12. The turkey are there, i hear them gobbling all around at neighboring properties, but they wont come in. I have had a live hen in the field in front of me one day yelping away for close to 20 minutes. Yet no toms. Its becoming more productive for me to sleep in and catch up on my sleep. 

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This will be THE stupidest questions you will hear all day..................have you asked permission to hunt that neighboring land?



If not, why?


Spring gobbler hunting is (IMO) the most difficult segments of hunting you'll find east of the Mississippi, bar none.  Nothing is more humbling than a spring gobbler hunt and nothing as more gratifying than a good spring gobbler kill.   If it was easy, why would we do it ?  Keep the faith.....it'll happen again.  Don't give up, hard work will reap results in time.



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Please support the hunting of Mourning Dove In New York State.  For information, visit nydovehunting.weebly.com/


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