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  1. You guys ever hear of a Ford Pinto?
  2. A 3 or 3:30am alarm, usually a fair amount of walking, bugs and warm temps knocks me for the day too. Maybe at some point I'll get the urge again but I don't have the drive lately.
  3. Lest you forget "Now these Sly + Clever Public Gobblers have been hunted by some Deadly Spring Turkey Hunters." Public is for the Big Boys.......I'll stick with the private, easy to hunt turkey.
  4. Not a keeper but pretty
  5. If someone “fact checks” my numbers and finds a discrepancy, please bring them to the discussion.
  6. 10” crappie is statewide. That I do know…..
  7. I fished Honeoye today and last night checked the regulations. I was surprised to see a 10" minimum on crappie (25 limit) and a 8" minimum on sunfish/bluegill and a 15 fish limit. No limit and no minimum size for perch. Caught a pile of crappie but only a few that stretched to 10" so they all swam away. Sunnies and bluegill were slow.........and not too big either. Just used little jigs and a pencil bobber. A fish dinner was on my mind but no worries, it was fun.
  8. Yes, I had (have?) the owl hooter V8 can call. IIRC it was “Calls by George”? I might have sold it on eBay a number of years ago? And it’s Paul Butski, not Dick.
  9. Understood…….condolences.
  10. “We don’t need no stinkin’ tags”…….. Movie reference, Blazing Saddles for the lugnuts among us.
  11. I’m ready to discuss something really controversial; mandatory backtags for most of the states hunters. Now that’s sure to fire some of you up I hope.
  12. That’s weird. He needs a decent tripod and some more film; almost all cameras these days have three shot burst timers to help get the quality picture most desire. Oh, wait……I wonder if he (or she?) did that on purpose? Lol no way!!
  13. Hit that spot at 11am…….hopefully the hens have left and gone to sit on their nests.
  14. At first I thought you were talking about the guy. “Cat” lol
  15. You sure know a lot of people.......
  16. Here’s a Blue Dog. Familiar with the artist?
  17. Don’t hold your breath on art values. I have a friend who’s a pretty well know artist in the sporting art field. Thomas Aquinas Daly. The secondary market on art can be sketchy.
  18. Take a picture with something to compare them to. Like a quarter, dollar bill folded in half or your favorite a flint & steel.
  19. I’ve seen newborn on May 1st.
  20. OK but what did you have for dinner?
  21. I took a ride with Kathy down to that secret spot yesterday. We took a walk around and checked it out for maybe a canoe/fishing trip this summer. Saw a pile of deer pile out as we got almost to the east driveway! Pretty spot...... (no worries, I wouldn't hunt it per unwritten turkey hunter etiquette)
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