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  1. Be careful of the first offer.... Sorry to hear about the loss. Very happy to hear you are fine.
  2. Yup yup yup to all the above. -figure out the insurance -call the Amish -go shopping
  3. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/name/maude-wilson-obituary?id=49934499 Very sad indeed. I saw Dan at the service yesterday and he was holding up OK, lots of love and support from his family & friends will get him through this difficult time. Sis was a great lady........
  4. I believe it’s the ballistic equivalent of a 280 Remington. If you find ammo difficult to source, the barrel could be pulled, re-chambered, set back and re-threaded by most any half competent gunsmith. Make it a 280 Remington!!
  5. But wait, Al said it a “lively and entertaining thread with good input”. How could it be a troll? You’d need a good thread about nose hair trimming or beer to top this!!
  6. And how do you age your venison?
  7. Now you’re just trying to piss these guys off……
  8. Typically yes they’ve shed by now but not uncommon. Have seen them in early April still carrying.
  9. Before anyone asks, the turkey was outstanding.
  10. It’s quite obvious there is a member here who wants to “Duke it out” with all those he feels are now outcasts. FSW needs to dial it back a notch or “pump the brakes” a bit as he isn’t helping the newer, friendlier look of the forum. Lock it up or unleash the hounds; I don’t care, dinner is ready and I need to carve the turkey.
  11. Give FSW a moderators password and he’ll clean the place up, soon it’ll be just you, FastEddie and him.
  12. Did you sign with a public adjuster?
  13. Lucky me, I get to ask….why did you name the Turkey? And how’d did you come up with the name?
  14. Millions of Butler Creek flip up lens caps have been sold over the last 40 (?) years and most people seem to be ok with them, myself and probably many ex and current members here. Oh I’m sure there’s a few that have lost one or two or they plain wear out (both have happened to me) but no big deal you buy another. They are priceless on those snowy/rainy days.
  15. All good on my end as I’m allowed out noon Friday till Sunday 6pm for browsing the www.
  16. Ohhhhh I think it’s much more complicated for some than others. Put your thumb on a table and whack it with a book, it’ll be less painful in the long run when viewing some posts.
  17. He won’t buy anything. We’ve been down this road a few times.
  18. I checked and found nothing in my stash. Btw, my 7mm-08 brass for my NULA is Lapua headstamp .308 Winchester. I necked it down with no issues a number of years ago.
  19. I MIGHT have some for you but then again I might have gotten rid of them already. I had a Remington 722 in 257 Roberts but sold it a while ago. I’m foggy on what I did with the cases. Ill try and remember to check in the morning.
  20. I checked on work today and the field to the south looks like a barnyard. Also, I don’t think I’ll need to trim the shrubs in front of the yellow house for awhile. They decimated them the las couple days.
  21. No argument from me on the 243.
  22. Ahhh flip of a coin. He asked about a 25-06, I responded in a way as not to change his mind. Personally I wouldn't own one BECAUSE I own a 7mm-08. In the big scheme of things, who cares? Just keep on truckin'.......new guns in any chambering (except those dreaded 223 Remington and 243 Winchester bastards) should always be encouraged. Merry Christmas belated you lugnuts.
  23. Sure, why not? Recoil should be between the 243 and 30-06 obviously and surely tolerable, if not enjoyable DEPENDING on the weight of the rifle. 117gr bullets of good construction will hammer any game you point them at in NYS and most of North America. What gun are you pondering?
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