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  1. Sorry you’re confused. Thanks for your input to this point. Merry Christmas
  2. Thanks for that tidbit but I don't know where else you've hunted but this is the first year NYS has given us the 30 before/30 after. I hunted Pennsylvania for lots of years and never gave it much thought as they had the 30 before/30 after and didn't sweat it with my 2.5x8x36 Leupolds.
  3. Understood. The Tract is interesting......and gets great reviews. https://tractoptics.com/all-products/toric-uhd-2-10x42-t-plex-rifle-scope
  4. 30mm tube adds nothing to light gathering from what I’ve found.
  5. With the addition of the extra 30 minutes at the start and end of each day and the fact that one of the places I hunt has some big fields that the deer will pile out into at dusk I'm thinking on changing out a scope on my primary rifle. A couple evening sits had me on a field edge right up to quitting time and the old Leupold VariX III 2.5x8x36mm is lacking a bit. Yea, if there was snow or a moon lit night it'd be sufficient but it hasn't been either of those conditions for me. A couple friends swear by the 50mm Leupold scopes (older models by 10+ years) but I've been looking at a couple others of late via the web; the Tract Toric UHD 2-10x42 and Leupold VX-5HD 2-10x42. I may not do anything but was just curious on thoughts on light gathering and if I need to just go to a 50mm objective or these more "Modern" scopes with 42mm objectives will give me an optical advantage over the 36mm 2.5x8? Personally I don't like the aesthetics of a 50mm objective especially with a 30mm tube but whatever, I'd consider slumming one.....(TG is going to have a coronary) So, anyone have experience with either scope above or just chime in on your light gathering thoughts. Muchas Gracias
  6. Lots of time left. The big question is; how much gas you got in the tank?!?!? Enthusiasm start to really fall off as it gets closer to the holidays and the cold weather hits. You’re down Amal without Hank in the saddle……you’ll need to step it up a couple notches.
  7. Why not? Not the first time, won’t be the last we have that happen. Probably a Hunter that is passionate about sledding. Plenty of them out there.
  8. I’m just trying to help the guy out but know what your saying…..wink wink. Lol
  9. Go west young man........not too far. Like maybe Bristol?!?!
  10. They have been in the foreground of many Tom Daly paintings. Your brother Lee and Tom busted lots of those babies back in the day!
  11. Few here have ever heard the term “blue magic”. Too bad….
  12. Where you been? Any action for you??
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