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  1. John, how are your friends/acquaintances doing?? If you’ve already updated, I apologize.
  2. That's a fine hobby Larry. I bet an elk bugle tooth would look pretty cool wrapped like that.......
  3. I have 8 @ 145gr but they are 5/16” if you want them, shipping included. (the 4 is partially worn off the bag)
  4. Lawdwaz

    Safety harness

    Cool find Greg...... I do know I never wore anything like that. Come to think of it, that could explain a few things............
  5. I guess I didn't answer your question.....My guy had his own tapes so I didn't have to whip mine out. And yes, I purchased them.
  6. I wanted to get the correct tapes (I know a cloth tape will suffice) and checked a couple places locally with no luck. What I found online was just as expensive so I just ordered from P&Y. This is from P&Y website.......... THE BASICS The fundamental tools required to measure and compute the score of a big game animal are: * Measuring cable (along with an alligator clip) - for measuring the length of main beams and points with curvature, as well as marking base lines. * Lip-end measuring tape - for measurements taken with the cable and for directly measuring points. * Ring-end measuring tape - useful in taking the circumference measurements, because the "zero" reading is inset from the end of the tape. * P&Y Measurer's Manual - a complete guide to the measuring procedures for all big game species. The above items can be ordered from the Pope and Young Club on-line in the store, or by contacting the Club's national office at PO Box 548, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-4144. These basics will enable you to determine a rough idea of the score for a specific animal. To be considered an accurate and official score, the animal must be measured by a certified P&Y official measurer and then the entry materials must be submitted to, and accepted by, the Pope and Young Club for inclusion into the Records Program. To get your Measuring Equipment - Shop NOW!
  7. When you get them back, holler. I’ll bring Tacks, a couple Official tape measures and some beers. We’ll end up within an inch of a official guys back guarantee.
  8. Nomad's wife might have an answer..........
  9. But he's not "anchored and safe" because he has NO NO NO NO NO safety harness on!! Plus, the stand seemed awfully wobbly when he first stepped onto it.
  10. One word........Moog. Thank me later.
  11. My ROI was a whooping $2.00 on my Mega Lotto ticket investment for last nights drawing. Anybody win bigger??
  12. I’m hunting for personal enjoyment so would choose without hesitation the rut. I don’t enjoy early season temperatures or the heavy foliage. To each their own.....
  13. Bucks like that are behind every tree in Region 8......
  14. My goodness, you guys (and your wives of course) are outstanding cooks! I'm sure they taste as good or better than they look...........
  15. LOL, I know what they are referencing but can't understand their "English" dialects. I know my ears are bad but don't know the magnitude of it.
  16. IF....... and I said IF I had a VCR, I'd hunt the garage sales till the end of time for that flick, just to know the the deep emotions you have.
  17. What does it mean (and I'm serious) if I couldn't understand 20% of what they were saying?
  18. I never got into any JW flicks.......actually I couldn't name a single one. Clint would be my favorite between those two, no question. I wonder if age of the poster will come into play here? I'm a spry 59 year old.
  19. That's 1:52 I can't ever get back...........