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  1. Looking forward to your range reports.
  2. Happy Birthday Jason! 40 yet?!?!
  3. You're correct, east side of Goodrich......
  4. Had to be quite a job hanging that beast.
  5. Pretty difficult to judge a deer from a photo. Since the poster said that's what they weighed, you have to assume they were weighed on a decent scale and not assumed to weigh what he stated. Needless to say the accuracy between different scales can vary.....
  6. 217lbs dressed, my biggest although I did kill one other at 205lbs.
  7. Cool.....12 years later. Good find Al.
  8. Well than burmjohn is alive & well, paying invoices and collecting some amount of money for his (or lack of) efforts. I find it incredibly hard to believe that no one has been able to contact him in this day and age and discuss the sale of this joint......
  9. Since you seem to have vast experience with Forum Management, are there expenses incurred here and if so, who’s paying the freight? In the same vein, are profits made and who’s collecting the bags o money?
  10. A good season for me; would have liked a buck with the bow or ML’r but didn’t see the “right” one. Passed a pile with the bow and a few in the late season. Most importantly the freezer is runneth’ over. Lol
  11. Please show where he (or anyone for that matter) has said this site is “a piece of crap”. Im going to reheat my coffee, back in a few minutes. Thanks
  12. lol if me or any other pot stirring POS said this the ban hammer would have come down PDQ. And of course I’m not suggesting that Grouse gets the boot anyway, anyhow I think it’s just funny that he said it. Wait……maybe his account has been hacked?!?!
  13. I’m sure I passed 20+ bucks (within killing range of the weapon in my hands at that time) and I’m no better for it. Lol So much depends on deer density numbers, proximity to hunting grounds, amount of time said hunter has to devote to this and on and on. What animal and how a hunter chooses to fulfill his desire's is a personal matter.
  14. So it’s not exactly one particular buck as you stated but numerous bucks that meet your criteria that you’d kill. That makes more sense…… Btw, many here (and over there) pass lots of bucks for one reason or another throughout the archery and firearms seasons.
  15. I'd just like some clarity to the statement, Al. My belief is he'll clear things up with an answer to the question as he won't duck and run, that's the cowards way out, not his.
  16. Your statement in the other locked thread: "But one will never feel what the word Hunting” really means until one finds, scouts, learns and hunts down one single mature whitetail buck one on one and go until they kill that one buck or bust." I think you're embellishing your skills a bit. One buck and only ONE buck is your target? Any of the other lesser bucks (lesser by just a skootch) cruise by are going to get killed, just that one buck that you've found, scouted, learned and are hunting? You can talk the talk of course about that ONE buck after he hits the dirt but until he hits the dirt he's one of a handful on your radar, yea? (One buck or bust) Hopefully fasteddie doesn't pull the plug on this Q&A thread.
  17. It’d be pretty neat if you posted a picture October 15, 2024 of that singe buck your hunting. That would show your superiority…..
  18. Consider yourself lucky.......
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