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  1. Happy birthday wooly!! Hope you are out finding some antlers today!
  2. Video of me and my brother from opening week of turkey season. Hope you guys enjoy.
  3. Merino wool. Look at minus 33 for base layers. Also pack your jacket in if you are walking far. And go slow stopping to take a rest for a few minutes is a good idea also.
  4. My buddy has one pics seem good but he said pics are clearer on the Browning. I'll send him this thread so he can reply
  5. Hey guys me and my brother hunted hard the first week ad we both got birds down he got a Jake and I shit a nice Tom. Here is some video of the the week. Hope you guys enjoy.
  6. 7 pointer I got on opening morning in 4r at 7:00. Had him at 23 yards with bow but could t get a shot a few weeks earlier. State land deer.
  7. There are momster deer in King's park area but not really on that state property. Might be good early season but once it gets over hunted deer move out of there quick.
  8. might want to check out these also. cheap and seem to get pretty good reviews. You can buy two for the price of a more expensive one and have two out there in different spots to cover more ground. https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/moultrie-a-7i-game-camera.html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=Cj0KEQjw1cS6BRDvhtKL89em1oIBEiQAtZO5x3ZCW_6oTo6YVOrQgGk72_bLOVnV9lMFLuiRzglPzOQaAo-H8P8HAQ free shipping and no tax also. John
  9. Just open them up with a screwdriver and sctach up the disks that are inside. Don't try to break them though because they will shatter
  10. Always had the best luck from first light until about 8:30 and then from 10:30 until 12 in between we refer to that as dead time
  11. You should try this out. Supposed to work very well. http://www.brothersofthebow.com/html/wickedwicks.html Listen to this podcast. He talks about using that method and says he will get a pic of every buck in the area coming to the rope. Im def trying it out have the rope ready just need to get out there and put them up. http://wiredtohunt.com/2015/08/13/the-wired-to-hunt-podcast-episode-67-a-trail-camera-master-class-wdon-higgins/ John
  12. Tried using them for butchering it was a disaster. Never gave me what I asked for and then when I complained he gave me meat from somebody else's deer to make up for it. This was on more than me occasion. Also almost lost my brothers head which he asked for back when he dropped off the deer to be butchered. Will never go there again John
  13. yea i thought he had three beards but when i got home i noticed he actually had 4. It was the best day i ever had in turkey woods. we were on birds from first lite until my friend shot his at 11:50. John
  14. Thanks.. Yea its registered he is a retired cop and does everything by the book. John
  15. Here is a video i put together of me and a friends turkey hunts from May 2nd. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry for the grainy footage on mine it was still dark and camera was barely able to film. Missed the shot on his b/c had to take camera off tripod but still came out pretty good overall. John
  16. Porcupines will eat The eggs also I have seen a ton of them around bye this year both dead and alive.
  17. Try state land I shot both of my turkeys this year on state land and only saw one other hunter in the woods all season John
  18. I think they should close down the fall season and make spring season one male bird until numbers come back a bit. I'm sure there are areas in the state that might still have a real good population but the state as a whole has been on a decline for years now due to rough winters, predators, and bad weather in spring which hurts the nesting conditions. Just my opinion. John
  19. Owl call works great for me. Use it all morning long and to roost at night and works better for me thn crow call. Roosted this guy may 1st at last light with owl call and shot him next morning about 5 min after he flew off roost. My buddy was filming and right after that we went and located another bird with the owl call and he shot him at 11:50 unforgettable morning. Mine had 4 beards.
  20. im with you on this there was talk about this on the LI Facebook page and i dont believe it at all. No way there are fawns being born in Nov or Dec. John
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