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  1. I know exactly where you're talking about. Horse country. Should be able to produce easily the 500 ft setback. But you're going to be limited to shooting birdshot mostly. No singular projectile shooting. So that means no rifle, pistol, etc. But also check with the town hall. They may have more info for you. Also doesn't hurt to get to know your local town pd and let them know when you plan to shoot so they are aware Exactly, and thank you, "no singular projectile shooting" is great information to hear. I wonder if that's a town ordinance, county ordinance, or exactly where that originates. Still feels to me as a grey area, limiting the dispatch of trapped animals to the use of birdshot is just odd. I will have to stop into the town hall, the phone calls get you nowhere. Maybe stopping in person may be more successful. Thank you for your input.
  2. How big is the property? And which part of Westchester. Northern/Southern would suffice if you don't want to give out too much info 65ish acres in northern westchester. Less than half a mile from the county line.
  3. Would love to hear an opinion from him! As far as getting something In writing..I'd have to say it may be impossible.
  4. exactly the same responses I have gotten. I can't find town ordinances for the life of me.
  5. Let me start by saying, I am reluctant to ask this. I have always been the one to be slightly bothered by people asking questions where all they have to do is read the book for the answers. But man, this one has me at a standstill. I had made multiple phone calls, to the local PD, a local who teaches hunters Ed course, and I also spoke with DEC and county police.... Let me try. I just moved to Westchester, from Orange...unfortunately. Plenty of space here, safety zones are not even a question. Can I hunt with a firearm?? I know based on the DEC book, I can not hunt big game with a firearm. Small game? Trapping? Turkey? Predator? Waterfowl?? Now, if I am correct, I can. That leads me to my next question, is firearm discharge banned or prohibited in Westchester by county police? Local police agencies?? If not, I can recreationally shoot in my yard, as well as do all of the above hunting. If I can't, I can't legally dispatch an animal from my traps with a firearm? Man, I apologize for asking this. Maybe somebody can provide some insight, maybe even some contacts to reach out to, links to read, something!
  6. I had this bird gobbling his head off Wednesday roosted on the neighbors farm about 300 yards from the end of the property I'm hunting. He flew downed seemed to be henned up that morning. Fast forward to Saturday morning when I brought my good friend and coworker hunting and helped him close the deal on that bird. We had set up early, and had the same bird roosted the same spot as Wednesday. I had thought nothing of it. Close to 400 yards from our position. Right around flydown the bird stopped gobbling. I gave some nice easy yelps with my wood haven custom glass call, and wasn't hearing any shootable birds In the area. I heard one gobble from that bird that was roosted on the neighbors property and it seemed closer, but I still hadn't thought anything of it. All of a sudden this bird gobbled 60 yards away, he had walked (probably ran) right to us. I had my buddy turn on my red dot, and turn around toward the road. At this point I had turned on my GoPro and got ready to record. I said "your shooting a bird today get your gun up". This bird crosses the road and comes at a fast pace through a small woodlot by the road and into the clearing we are in. My friend had a couple clear shots at this turkey but he kept whispering to me that he couldn't see him through the sight. It was a very stressful minute trying to keep this bird from moving away, and hoping he can take the shot. When I told my friend to turn on the red dot, he had pressed the button one time, which turns it on to the brightest setting. As he describes the whole red dot was covering the bird (as it was still very early and low light). Well he took the shot and dropped the bird. It was exciting and I shut the camera off right away, which I regret because of our insane freakout when we see what this bird actually was. I had gotten my friend his first turkey last year, and was able to get him this beautiful once in a lifetime bird this Saturday May 11, 2019. I am excited to say he will be getting the bird mounted in a gobble off the roost position from Bob at True Life Taxidermy. Bob helped us measure and record the bird to score at a whopping 104 which we will be entering into NWTF database. Here is the video. Congrats to my good friend Aric Blau on this turkey
  7. With temps soon rising...............my mother might be even more disgusted when I am preparing buckets of crappie, squirrel, and rabbit in her kitchen, than in the fall when I butcher my deer on her dining room table!
  8. My bow season was great. New truck, got a nice big doe for the freezer opening week, and October 21st I had this 7 point grunting and dogging some does around. I flipped the bleat can and he turned about 70 yards away and closed the distance for me to get a perfect shot at 30 yards. I have waited 4 years and passed up many opportunities at bucks, but I finally got a shot at one that I knew would put a smile on my face when I found him. I know he isn't big, but he will be the first buck of many in my lifetime.
  9. Davis Sport Shop in Sloatsburg, just for shooting and hunting their goshen location is a lot closer.
  10. Well got a doe today. Haven't had a working computer in a year or more but now that I do, I'm back on the forum. I hunted this morning with my bow and did a little spot and stalk, came up on a doe and her fawn. (which I had the opportunity to shoot last night also) I couldn't get myself to shoot the doe considering the fawn was still seemed clingy and young. So after work today I headed out to a different spot. I may or may not have skipped my English college course after work. I got in my tree around 4:15 and by 4:45 I had arrowed this nice big doe. I had to work fast due to the heat and rain but she's quartered and in the fridge now.
  11. hah! im sure he knew the camera was there he flashed me 3 separate times. Sat today and passed up on a solid 200lb. Although i have yet to get a daylight picture of this bruin, i am dedicated to get him.
  12. Any guesses on the weight???
  13. Only having one place to hunt sucks. The turkey there are impossible. 3 years ago we got 3 gobblers, and these past 3 seasons have been terrible. I haven't shot, nor had a gobbler in range in 3 years. Every time i go turkey hunting, 7 times so far this year, have been the same. Wake up at 430, set up before dawn, hear no gobbles untill 830, and go home at 12. The turkey are there, i hear them gobbling all around at neighboring properties, but they wont come in. I have had a live hen in the field in front of me one day yelping away for close to 20 minutes. Yet no toms. Its becoming more productive for me to sleep in and catch up on my sleep.
  14. I am 15, and have never shot a buck before. I have passed up many spikes, many 4s, a few smalll 6s, and a basket 8. Some people may call me crazy, and it does stink not having a buck under my belt, but i am not going to shoot a young buck. Personally, i wouldnt be proud to call a young buck my first. Hoping one of the many bucks ive passed up, step past my stand a year or 2 later. I am not looking for a giant. Im looking for a mature buck with my bow.
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