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  1. Best of luck to everyone this morning. This is the second season I'll be missing to shoulder surgery!!!
  2. danno, I tore up my right shoulder back in august. Had to have surgery to repair all the damage on 9-17. Started PT last week, will be going twice a week until xmas!!! Missed last bow season due to a left rotator cuff injury, and now will miss this deer season as well!! Pretty bummed
  3. Seems all my honey holes have dried up!!! The last five times out, the woods was quiet as a church!!! Granted we have had a crappy month so far weather wise, between the cold and wet days!!! Staying out of the woods until the last week, seems like a waste of time lately.
  4. Check out my website at maytomwoodworks.com I have some very unique items for the diehard turkey hunter.
  5. Dan, can we buy ammo on-line here in NY?
  6. I prefer a scope as well. Mainly for a couple of reasons. 1} More precise aiming with todays tight patterning turkey loads, 2} they gather light making target identification easier in the early morning light. 3} No batteries to worry about failing at the worst time like with a red Dot site. 4} And mainly, most shotguns don't shoot to the point of aim. So by using a scope, you can dial in the reticle to the center of your pattern. I have been using a scope on my turkey gun for over 30 years now, no issues at all. My scope of choice is the Leupold brand in either the 1x4 or a straight 2.5x which is where I have mine usually set anyway. Noticed if I set it on 1x, the end of the barrel can be seen in the scope which is distracting for me.
  7. Yes it is from Evan's Rod & Gun club Don.....good eye!!! Use to be a member for years then let my membership lapse. Been back now going on two years. Love their range. Looks like they have to finish up the firing range yet road wise!!!
  8. Thanks Danno, I still have my Winchester 1300, will never part with that gun. Most of the gang hangs out on Facebook nowadays. Good luck when you hook up with Chuck this year. I would like to make that trip someday myself. Was out for a walk with my Girlfriend and her dog last August and some idiot sideswiped with his right mirror while doing 40 mph!!! Sheared the mirror right off his car and it through me into the ditch. Got busted up good, back issues and a torn left rotator cuff which I had to have surgery on back in December, The jerk fled the scene, but got caught and was charged for leaving the scene of an accident. Cop told my girlfriend that I was very lucky that his mirror knocked me out of the way, because he was pulled a trailer that stuck out 18" on either side of his vehicle. Lucky to be alive!!!
  9. Picked up a new Stoeger M3500 Turkey Gun last year, but was injured by a car while out on a walk, and couldn't put it through it's paces until this past week. Still on the mend with my left shoulder, but got the ok from my Doc for spring turkey this year!!! Here are a few pics of my new gun. Was using Winchester Longbeard's in the 3" shell with 1 7/8oz of #5's, and this pic was shot at 40 Yards off the bench at my gun club. Really like this gun a lot. best of luck to all the Gobbler chasers this season
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